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All of my evil spirits zapped from random bodies worldwide. Grayish, blackened light sprinted from windows and secret passage ways and the Σxits of the synagogues and the chapels and the churches and the cathedrals. Hissing with knowledge and the sneaky dealings of most, they jumped and flew into my very own body, making me whole again, and a vampire once more, and again.

Debris fell towards them as I turned and slapped my hands in front of me with a thunderous sound, and shockwaves sizzled towards the tiny church in a rural area of New Orleans. Ђe shockwaves destroyed the roof and all the inhabitants there within.

Ђey lay like immobile pebbles after being scattered by unwoven marbles.

Ђe children don’t remember the event.

Or remember their parents.

Or remember their names.

A new beginning they shalt have.

In healthy environments.

Ђat’s the least I can do, Mortal…

But for now, someone had to clean up all those dead bodies. §ome of the corpses were piled atop each other, as if the air itself, which a mortal cannot see, decided to cancel their subscription to We Needeth, and the sight of blood usually excited me, but in this instant, since they art dead, there was no needeth for their haphazardly spilt blood, preciously wasted blood was soaking into the fabric of the cushions of the pews, and of the carpet itself.

I opened my mouth after licking my top lip, and lowering my forehead, looking up, sensually, with my eyes, and I raised my hands and released the Call of the Fowl, and a cloud of blackened birds morphed into gigantic vultures, flesh eating animals, and they flapped their wings with black marble eyes, and curvy beaks, and they swooped through the roof and devoured the bodies before the sun could set…

I sat on the Pastor’s throne, on a stage wrought with human blood, fresh in the air, coating the atmosphere itself, and I crossed my legs. Ah! My heel dangle from my big toe again, I lick the blood off of a human skull, and drop it next to the Holy Bible.

I was filled with a satisfying diversion, my eyes taking in blood and gore.

I was happy every single mortal was dead.

But why did I mourn for their surviving children…?

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