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Carnage Rising

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They are the Angels of Carnage. They were created to destroy and rage wars across the cosmos. They were looked upon like Gods, with no comparison, as they drowned entire civilizations in blood and tears. But things take an unexpected turn when the Angels of Carnage are stripped of their ruthlessly powerful influence and Kaden an Angel himself, finds his only hope at survival is to take refuge on a Planet called Earth. He only ever meant to hide his days out on this planet, until his people would safely gather once again. His intent wasn't to bring a war to Earth. Become humanity's ally in the process. Or fall into a utterly pure love with a woman who might be more than what she thinks she is. But perhaps even a ruthless heart full of Carnage can be altered, even if it goes against everything he's ever known.

Scifi / Fantasy
Jean Winslet
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“You mistake my generosity for regret. I only offer my assistance because it suits me.” I hissed.

The rich color of thick dark blood had bathed my sword in its slimly, moist presence. The silver metal of my sword was now reeking of a stained crimson red, its metallic features drowned behind bloods invincible reign. It’s hot and wet dripping content had been splattered and sprayed across the gold and white armor of my bodysuit. And my wings were a pearl white, yet they had been stained in streaks of blood.

“Your generosity is worthless. You and your people are evil. We have heard the tales of the galaxy and the reputation of Angels like you. We don’t need you anymore.” They spat their words towards me and the rest of my army who stood behind in superiority.

I smirked, “Ooo worthless? Harsh. Yet mistaken. Careful what you say because from what I can see...” I took a glance around,“I’m the smartest man in the room, so anywhere you stand now is your tomb.”

“Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?”

“My reasons are my own. Do you want our help or not?”

The leader of the people of Advena glared at me with conflict and hesitation, “If we do decide to accept your help, what is necessary of me and my people?”

I smiled, “It’s a simple arrangement actually. Do a few chores for us and you get our flesh and blood in the help of a war to save your people.”

I watched the facial expressions of the Advenaians, and it was clear that shock was spreading among them and I saw in that very moment they questioned their leader and his integrity.

“What kind of chores?!” A Advenian solider nervously yet boldly shouted far from behind their leader, “Knowing your people would have us commit terrible, torturous actions against the innocents of this galaxy. Which would only result in us losing allies and respect. A partnership with you, is no win for us at all.”

I smirked,“You’re outspoken. I applaud your bravery.” I addressed the solider who spoke out,“But it won’t save you, and if you work my nerves I won’t hesitate to enslave you. For your sake, I’ll look past your behavior, you should be lucky that I even chose to be your savior.”

The leader of the Advenians found a sudden confidence that appeared without warning and spoke towards me with anger inflicted on his tongue, “Your arrogance is annoyingly blinding. But you’re forgetting one thing. What me and my people are facing, is what you were born to do. You were created to destroy, you know nothing else. Why should we trust you? You are the Angels of Carnage.”

I licked my lips and smirked, “I don’t have to give you a reason why. Your despair will do it for you. And it’s funny that you need my help now, and if you listen to me maybe you can make it out.”

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