Violet's Heart - Book Four of the Torian warriors series

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Chapter Eleven

They pushed through the thickness of the jungle for hours without any more dangerous encounters. Violet seemed to know exactly which way to go, which was a relief for Keel.

His entire body was on high alert, looking for anything that may want to hurt her.

His studies of the Dense had taught him a lot about the plants and wildlife that called this place home, but all the knowledge in the world couldn’t prepare him for actually being there and facing it.

He hacked away a dense bush, holding the branches to the side as they moved past. At Violet’s gasp, keel released the bush and spun to face her, his daggers at the ready.

“What is it?” He whispered, scanning the trees around them.

“It’s beautiful,” She sighed, pointing to the small lake a few feet away.

It looked to Keel like a small drinking lake, with crystal clear waters the color of her eyes. He could see all the way to the rocks at the bottom.

“It’s a drinking lake.”

“Is it safe?” She asked, turning hopeful eyes to him.

Keel lowered his blades and moved slowly closer to the water. He opened the ridges on his nose, taking in all the scents around them.

There was the faint hint of a few creatures, but nothing recent.

“I believe so. I don’t smell anything close.”

“Is the water safe? Are there fish or crabs that will lay eggs under my skin, or something?”

He raised a brow and met her eyes. “The only thing that burrows into the flesh and lays its eggs in a host is the Ice Burrow fly.”

She stared at him, her head shaking as he spoke.

“I was kidding. But sure, why not flesh burrowing flies that lay eggs inside you.”

“They are winter insects. It is not the season for them now. You do not need to worry about them.”

“Well that’s good. So, what about the water? Is it safe?”

“I have purification disks, so we will be able to drink it.”

“I was kinda hoping to go for a swim.”

“Oh. Well, let me check.”

Keel moved to the banks of the small lake and searched the waters with a keen eye. All he saw were a few tiny fish that were completely harmless.

“It should be alright. There are a few little Mapa fish, but they will not hurt you. They feed off the algae growing on the rocks.”


He turned and had to catch his breath when he saw Violet already stripping out of her uniform. The dark purple bruise on her side worried him, but her movements were not impaired by it, so he felt sure it would heal without problems.

Once she was down to the tiny black underwear he’d had a good, long look at the day before, she smiled and walked up to the edge of the water.

Turning to meet his gaze over her shoulder, she asked, “Are you coming?”

Keel had to fight not to run to her. He took one last look around them, then nodded.

He couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. Stripping down to his undershorts, Keel placed all their clothes into the tightly sealed emergency bag, making sure no tiny insects could get in, then went to her.

Violet stood on the edge of the water, looking out at the sparkling surface with a small smile.

Turning to him, she asked, “Are you sure it’s safe?”

“Yes. If there was anything dangerous to us in these waters, the Mapa would have been eaten.”

“Okay,” She reached out and took his hand, before gently pulling him with her into the cool water.

The lake turned out to be deeper than Keel first thought. As they waded into the center, the water rose until it was up to Violet’s waist.

She let out a nervous chuckle as she paused, turning to face him.

“Are you alright?”

“It’s cold… But really nice.”

Smiling, he stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her slim body. Holding her tightly to him, Keel placed a long, slow kiss to her lips.

Violet groaned, pressing herself more to him.

Without warning, Keel lifted her off her feet and fell backwards into the water, making Violet scream before her voice was cut off as her head went under.

A moment later, they both broke the surface.

Keel helped her find her balance on the slick rocks, loving the sound of her laughter. “Did I hurt you?”

She met his eyes with a wide smile, “No. That was awesome. I needed that.”

Keel pulled her closer again, unable to take his hands off this small human female. He knew that what he was about to do was a bad idea. This was not the time, nor the place for it. But he couldn’t help it. Violet was so beautiful, so sexy… and she wanted him. She’d wanted him for years, just like he had with her.

Bending, he kissed her again. This time it was deep, passionate, and filled with all the longing and desire he had inside him for her.

Their tongues danced together, making his arousal reach a fever pitch. Unable to hide the effect she was having on him, Keel pressed his rapidly hardening shaft into her belly, letting her know exactly what it was she was doing to him.

Violet moaned, pressing back against him, making a bolt of pleasure shoot through his body.

Before the mission to Earth, Keel had had a few sexual partners. Not many, but enough to know that he really enjoyed the act. But none of the other females he’d been with had ever gotten him this worked up.

Breaking the kiss, he lifted Violet against him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hot core pressing into his length.

“I want to pleasure you, Violet,” He breathed.

“You do? Here?”

He nodded, his lips crushing down on hers again. Moving carefully over the wet rocks, Keel walked to the other side of the small lake and eased Violet down into a sitting position on a rock.

Without breaking the kiss, he pushed her back until she was leaning against a larger rock behind her, leaving her spread out like a feast for his enjoyment.

Keel moved his lips down her neck, his one hand gripping her thigh at his hip, and the other behind her back, protecting her smooth skin from the rough rock.

Violet’s slim fingers ran through his hair, making his shiver at the delicious contact.

Kissing his way slowly down her neck until he reached the gentle slope of her breast, Keel paused and looked up.

Violet was watching him with wide eyes, her chest rising and falling with quick pants.

“Do you want me to stop?” He rumbled, his body a live wire with arousal for this woman.

“No,” She whispered, pushing her chest up until the wet fabric of her bra brushed over his lips.

Unable to deny either of them the release they both needed, Keel leaned down and pulled one of her breasts into his mouth, bra and all.

Violet gasped, her back arching even more as her legs squeezed tightly around him.

Shifting until his shaft was pressing against her barely covered core, Keel began to slowly and gently rub himself over her. It was strange for him to do this, and the fabric between them felt different, but it still felt better than anything he’d done before. And it was all because the female he was with… was Violet.

Releasing her breast, Keel moved to the other one, taking it into his mouth in the same way he’d just done. He wished he could feel her bare skin on his tongue, but he wanted their first time to be in a bed where he would have all night to explore and please his mate.

Violet groaned, her hips moving to his rhythm. He could tell she was close to release. Her body was tense, her breathing erratic and the soft moans coming from her would send him over the edge in minutes.

He released her breast and kissed his way back up her neck, taking his time to lick and softly bite her tender flesh as he did.

He was getting close to release as well. His cock was so hard, he would have been able to pound a hole in the rock beneath them with it.

Releasing her leg, Keel slipped his hand over her heated skin until he found the hem of her thin panties. He ran his fingers over the inner curve of her hip, making Violet squirm against him. They both groaned as a bolt of pleasure rushed through him. His cock throbbed against her, demanding its release.

Shifting on the wet rocks at his feet, Keel pressed harder against Violet’s hot core, rubbing faster as he slammed his lips to hers again.

Violet threw her arms around his neck, holding onto him tightly as she writhed with every stroke.

Finally, after a few more painfully pleasurable strokes, he felt Violet’s entire body go tense and she tore her mouth away to cry out.

Keel bit back his roar as his balls drew up and he felt his whole body jerk with the release of his own orgasm.

They both lay there, in each others arms, panting.

If this was what it was like with Violet without actually touching her or being inside her, then he couldn’t wait to feel her warm, soft pussy around his aching shaft, filling her over and over again.

“Oh, wow,” Violet finally gasped, “That was incredible.”

He smiled, “That was just a taste of what’s to come.”

She met his eyes, “Did you… um?” She blushed that adorable dark red color as she tried to look at anything but him.

He chuckled, “Yes, I did. It was so much better than doing it by myself.”

Violet’s brows rose and she smirked at him. “By yourself, huh? Do you do that often?”

He shrugged, easing off her, then helping her off the rock. They both sank down to their waists in the cool water to wash off.

“From the day I met you, I knew the only female I would ever want to be with, would be you. But I’m still a male, little fighter. And males have needs.”

“How often?”

“Every night for the last two years. Sometimes in the morning as well, while I shower.”

“Really? Wow. You better be careful, I heard you could go blind from too much of that.”

He chuckled, “Blind… a medical improbability… Crazy with need and lust if I don’t, a certainty.”

Violet came over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body against his.

“I love you, Keel. I’ve told you that every day for the last year. I hope you know that I mean it.”

He wrapped his arms around her and placed a long kiss on the top of her head. “I do. I love you too, Violet. With everything that I am.”

They stayed like that for a long moment, before Keel finally said that it was time to get out and continue moving.

As much as he hated having to leave this tiny piece of paradise, they couldn’t stay here forever. Sooner or later, something would come to this lake to drink and find two unarmed and naked meals just sitting in the water, waiting to be eaten.

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