Violet's Heart - Book Four of the Torian warriors series

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Chapter Four

The rest of the lesson went by rather quickly. As new as this subject was for Violet, she really enjoyed it. She’d worked hard to study and learn everything she needed to know. Keel had spent hours with her, helping her understand it all and learn about the different Galaxies, solar systems, planets and so on. It was a lot of information, but it was fascinating to Violet.

When the class was over, Violet and her friends made their way to the large eating hall and had lunch. Later, Violet sat at her desk again, this time waiting for the Species Differentiation teacher to come in, when something strange happened.

At first, it started as a headache at the base of her skull. A dull throbbing that grew until it felt like her head was about to explode.

Closing her eyes, Violet rested her head on her arms on the desk and took slow, deep breaths, trying to ease some of the pain.

A flash of a vision burst in her mind, making her jump. It was quick, and unfocused, but she knew exactly where it had come from. All she saw was a bright light inside a white room. There were thick metal bars on one wall, with heavy looking chains running over the empty white floor.

She could smell the sickening scent of disinfectant, like you would at a hospital, and a cold chill made goosebumps run over her skin.

There was another sharp pain in her head, making her groan, before what felt like a red hot poker being driven into her leg.

Violet screamed in pain, falling from her chair and scrambling back to try to get away from the agony throbbing in her thigh.

Another flash ran through her vision, this time of three large males holding long poles as they came towards her.

A loud, ear piercing screech echoed off the white walls, and another burst of pain erupted in her leg. Violet screamed, holding her leg in both hands as though it were happening to her. Tears were streaming down her cheeks but she couldn’t stop them.

Tamna and Golva ran over to her, panic filling their faces.

“Violet! What happened?” Tamna asked, looking at where she held her leg.

Violet tried to speak, but before the words could come out, another vision filled her mind. This time it was more of an information burst, rather than an image. She saw the thick, tangled vines of the Dense. A massive, deadly jungle close to the equator of Toria.

The image moved, running fast over the damp mulch, a sense of panic and fear filling her.

A moment later, she saw an old looking, black stone building. It was a single story, with no windows and one solid metal door.

More pain exploded in her side, making her feel dizzy and unable to take a breath.

The flashes continued, her mind showing her in vivid detail as the same three males from the previous flash came towards her, each one holding large weapons. One of them fired at her, a stinging pain flaring in her arm. Then another shot, and another. Violet was getting dizzy as the image in her mind stumbled and fell to the wet ground.

The last thing she saw before the images faded was a female coming out of the black building. Her light blonde hair was in a tight ball at the nape of her neck, her cold, dull grey eyes narrowed as she said something Violet didn’t hear.

Once the flashes were over and she could take a deep enough breath, Violet saw that most of the class had come to see what was happening. Once she looked up and they saw the red tear marks on her face, most of them backed away. Only Tamna and Golva stayed by her side, concern twisting their faces.

“Violet? Are you alright?” Golva asked.

Violet took several long, deep breaths to try to calm down, before she spoke.

“I’m fine.”

“What happened?” Tamna asked.

Violet shook her head, trying to process everything she’d just seen and felt. She knew exactly where those flashes came from, and what they meant. Spot was in trouble. Big trouble, and he was reaching out to her. He’d shown her where he was, and what was happening to him.

Getting to her shaky feet, Violet stumbled away from all the eyes fixed on her and ran for the door.

She bolted out of the classroom and ran as fast as she could to the large doors of the academy. Even as she moved, she could feel the mental pull of Spot calling for her. It was like a beacon summoning her in a direction she didn’t know.

Sprinting towards the public shuttle service platform on the other side of the wide park, Violet tried to calm her racing heart enough to focus. There was a definite pull on her mind, but it came with pain, fear and anger. Whatever was happening to Spot, he wouldn’t last long.

Violet paced as she waited for the shuttle to arrive, her mind scrambled for a plan. With her sisters and all the males leaving for the command vessel any minute now to meet the delegation, she had no one to turn to. Not that it mattered. She was more than capable of saving Spot on her own. A lifetime of training prepared her for any fight. And training with the Torian warriors for the last year made her confident she could take on whatever she would find.

Sending out a comforting wave to Spot, she watched as a large transport shuttle lowered to the platform. Getting on, she found a quiet place to stand and watched the scenery out the window change as she made her way out of the city and towards the Keep.

As she exited the shuttle at a public stop only a few yards away from the main gates of the Keep, Violet watched as one of the sleek royal shuttles shot into the sky from behind the huge building. It rose quickly into the air, before it vanished into the soft white clouds.

Her sisters were gone. So were all the males she could turn to for help. There was nothing else she could do now, except go find him on her own.

Jogging over to the main gate, Violet waved a greeting at the guard. He frowned, a confused look in his dark eyes.

“Lady Violet? What are you doing here?”

Violet faked a smile, hoping he wouldn’t see the urgency in her eyes. “I live here, Jura.”

Jura blushed, “Yes, I know that… I just… I thought you travelled with captain Keel.”

“My lessons ended early today, so I thought I would take the public shuttle home. Are you going to let me in?”

Jura paled and rushed to open the main gates for her. She gave him a wide smile and forced herself to calmly walk up the stone path towards the Keep.

Once she was out of sight of the guards at the gate, Violet took off running towards her bedroom. Taking the stairs two at a time, she made it into her room just before another vision hit.

Spot was laying on the cold floor, his body throbbing with pain all over. She could see one of his long black legs laying extended out in front of him, a large bloody hole above the second knuckle.

Whatever was happening to him, Spot was getting weak. She could sense it. He was fighting to stay awake, to give her as much information as he could, but he wouldn’t last long like this. Whatever or whoever was doing this, was going to take him apart piece by piece. And it looked like the piece had already been taken.

Tears welled in her eyes as she focused on sending him a loving, warm mental embrace.

The flash brought with it an intense pull towards the far corner of her bedroom. It was the direction Spot was calling her in.

Fighting past the phantom pain that came with the vision, Violet threw open her wardrobe and began packing in a few supplies. Part of her training at the warrior camp was weapons training. That meant that she had been assigned a custom made pair of daggers, like all warriors were. Each set was made especially for the warrior they belonged to.

After grabbing her belt from a draw, she slipped the daggers into their sheets and reached for a leather wrist harness that held six small, silver throwing knives.

Keel was a master at throwing a knife, and he’d been teaching her how to do it for a while now. The strap and blades were a gift from him on her eighteenth birthday.

Throwing in a change of clothes, Violet took a moment to change into her warrior uniform. It consisted of long black pants made of some kind of super strong material, thick, heavy black boots, and a black long sleeve top. On her sleeves of the shirt were the Torian symbols that spelled her name on one sleeve and her rank on the other.

Once she was dressed, Violet grabbed her backpack and swung it over her shoulder. All she needed now was some water and food. Who knew how long it would take to find Spot. He could be anywhere on the planet.

With that thought, Violet paused with her hand hovering above the door control. She needed transport. Using the public shuttle service wouldn’t work. She had to find her own rise.

Closing her eyes, Violet let out a sigh. This was going to suck, but she had to do it. Besides… Everyone was on the command vessel by now. If all went well, she would be back at the Keep before they all came back, and Keel would never know she borrowed his precious, beautiful, and probably very expensive Air-Bike.

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