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Being powerful was the standards. From being a lab rat to a WG's enemy, Ezekiel Hawkes has been through a lot. He may be cold but he has the softest heart. He will never let the fools end the happiness of his loved ones. He learns that solo is not always the answer. Can he truly be the chosen one?

Scifi / Fantasy
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3001 was the year of collision and war. Around half-millennium ago, discoveries of hybrids, which were humans with a mixed DNA of one or two species, spread like wildfire. Before anyone knew it, different varieties of hybrids roared across. William Charles, a hybrid with wolf ears and tail along with snake teeth, was elected to lead the organisation which ruled WG. WG was a short term for ‘World Government’. It was decided in 2560 to have a group that controls the World since each country for itself was a devastation that led many to their death. The population increased worldwide and maintaining the law was near to impossible, thus there was an urge to have a WG which can seize power at the top and help out. Little did they know that they had malicious intentions which were unknown to the world.

But it was also the year in which a key was bought to Earth. The only key the overpowered Government was afraid of.

It was among the crowded hospital, a boy was given birth to. He was expected to scream like the others and yet, he made no such disturbance. Confused but delighted, his mother smiled with joy, he was, after all, her firstborn child. His father came in with relief and sat beside his wife. He fished out a marvellous necklace and fixed it on the smooth neck of his newborn son. He kissed his wife and discussed what to name him. They looked like a normal, perfect family. One can wish to be a part of them.

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