Abducted Love

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When Darley Vance is abducted by an underwater colony of aliens living on planet 🌍 Earth, will she be able to give her heart to Rebion, son of their leader?

Scifi / Romance
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I gasp for air, but something keeps me from taking in a full breath. My chest and lungs throb from an invisible layer that seems to press down on me. My eyes go wide and the whole room spins as I look out through the tears that stream down my face. My mind tries to wrap itself around what must be going on.... even in my partially conscious state.
I'm only sure of one thing.....

Maybe I've been in an accident....

I hear muffled voices coming this way. As I fade in and out of the darkness I try to hold on to pieces of what they are saying.
"She seems to be struggling with the change in altitude.... you are aware that some of them are unable to adapt to the change."
"That should not be a consideration for the Vatron to consider. His heir has chosen this being as his craya... you will stabilize her...." her stoic voice shot through me.
I am hooked up to some kind of machine.... slowly I start to breath a little easier. I am engulfed in darkness... fading into sleep.
I don't know how long I was out.... when I came to, my eyes open slowly. I am in a room I can only describe as sterile perhaps modern. Everything is white and has an acrylic sheen. The brightness hurts my eyes.
An automatic door opens and in walks a woman. She is tall and very slender. Her hair is crystal white and her eyes are haunting... almost as if they have no color. She speaks to someone outside the room. I recognize her voice from earlier. "She seems stable... we should let him know." Her voice is cold and matter of fact. "Hello..." I try to say but it comes out as a whisper. She doesn't seem to hear me and is checking some sort of device I am hooked up too. Alarm rushes through my body as I see the device as it seems unlike any technology I am sure that exists. She notices my shock and pats my shoulder. "Remain calm, I mean you no harm.... you are important to our people." What!?
I must have blacked out again.... when I opened my eyes back up. I see a familiar face. My best friend is holding my hand. A sigh of relief.... but where were my parents?
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