Hello, Slavery

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In this highly controversial satire, the United States is in an alternate universe called the United States of Dick. In this society, men are the masters and own women as slaves and treat other nationalities and sexualities as second class citizens. Dick Van Cock is the main character and he is the Dictator's son. At eighteen, he is living the life and has no problems. His life completely changes when he meets Nina Hill, a new black girl at his school. They quickly fall in love, but with this love comes great responsibility and drama. This is a modern day futuristic version of Romeo and Juliet that will both shock and enrage the reader and make them think.

Scifi / Horror
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This book is dedicated to Feminism

“Two households, different in dignity,

In terrible USD, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean, From the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-crossed lovers take their Life; Whose insubordination overthrows

Do with their Death bury their worlds’ problems. The fearful passage of their Death-marked love, And the continuance of their worlds’ rage,

Which, but their savage end, nothing could remove

Is now the decades old revenge of our stage;

The which if you with patient ears attend,

What here will miss, our toil will strive to mend”

“Oh, say can you see by the dicks’ saggy balls?

What so proudly we hailed at the cums last birth?

Whose dick and balls destroy every cunt

Over the rape, who was right and who was wrong?

And the dicks’ saggy balls, the cum bursting through the air

Gave proof through the night that men are superior to cunts

Oh, say does that dick still wave

Over the land of the rich and poor?”

-USD national anthem

“The USD is the shit in my toilet. It’s sewer time, bitches.”



In this current age, known as the Dark Age, there exists a rich and powerful land called the United States of Dick (USD). They are the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. Nobody has more money than them.

Money is the drug of the nation, some might say.

Though this is all very true, the USD is full of idiots who don’t know they’re idiots.

The USD has many problems: shitty healthcare, shitty schools, shitty laws, and shitty politicians.

It’s pretty much shitty everything.

One problem stands out the most, though: men rule the nation, while they keep women, known as cunts – locked up as slaves!

There is no man in the USD who doesn’t own a cunt.

The cunts clean their dishes, make their beds, wash their clothes, and even suck their dicks, and fuck them whenever they want.

Pornography is now reality.

If a cunt says no to a man, she will most likely get raped or beaten.

If you’re shocked, you really shouldn’t be. The USD has always had a problem with slavery. First they enslaved the savages, known as Indians. Then it was the blacks, known as niggers. And then it was every race (except white), gender (except men), and sexuality (except straight) that you can think of.

It’s a wonder how they made so much money in the first place.

The cunts have tried uprising before, but all has failed.

It’s believed that one day a man and a cunt from different backgrounds will join forces and liberate the cunts from the men.

Rebellion sounds so sweet to them.

At night, the braver cunts meet in abandoned buildings. They call themselves Feminists. They can’t tell their husbands or boyfriends that they are Feminists. It’s illegal to be a Feminist. It’s punishable by rape and execution on live TV.

If you ever plan to visit this country, you must have the following things to become a success: white skin, money, and a dick.

Other than that, you’re as good as dead.

“The White House has always been white.”


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