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Convenient Timing

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In the southwestern US, a menace is on the loose, and it makes its final stand in a convenience store.

Scifi / Drama
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Convenient Timing (Short Story)

“Hello, everyone, on this gorgeous Friday, this is Tina Ren, sorry to interrupt your current programming, but this is breaking news coming from Roswell, New Mexico. Apparently, history is repeating itself in a supposed,” the reporter paused and smiled a bit, “a supposed alien threat amongst the town. Various reports have come in describing the creature, and even a local claimed he saw someone with a camera but that person was spat on by what seems to be quick acting acid and unfortunately perished. This local also revealed that he thinks that this alien menace is disguising itself among us, a lead in which local authorities are investigating. Security is tight here and police are taking no chances with multiple pat downs to now what appear to be scanners. Let’s see if we can get closer,” Tina beckoned the camera to follow her when she found a rather rotund grey-haired, but clean shaven cop with a black haired but pale skinned young cop beside him. Tina walked up to the older one, “Sir, can you give us an update on the ongoing investigation.”

“There is none, but we are trying.”

“Sir, what exactly are you scanning for?”

“Scanning? Mam, these are common metal detectors.”

“So, this creature is has some sort of metal?”

“That is something we are considering.”

“What else are you considering?”

“No comment.”

Tina signaled the cameraman behind her to cut and turned to the older one, “Robert, you know me, right, Tina?”

“Yes, I do.”

“So you know how much this can mean to me? Can’t you spare me a little more detail? That little detail could give me a promotion.”

“I’m sorry, Tina.”

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it, Robert!”

“Look, Tina, I know you’ve been working very hard…”

“Don’t baby me!”

There was a pause, “Tina, I’ve nice and generous to you a very long time, and you can’t expect me to do that all the time. And it’s your promotion, your problem, now fuck off.”

Tina stood there broken but then stormed off with her camera man.

“You think you were too hard on her, sir?” the rookie said and followed Robert on the sidewalk.

“No, George.”

“Do you even know what you are up against?”


“Well, can you at least tell me what these detectors are for? I examined them and they don’t-”

“They’re full body scanners. There’s and LCD on it if you move that hatch.”

George was slightly taken aback, “Oh, so we’re not going up against something that follows standard procedure?”

“No, we aren’t. But whatever we do or do not see that isn’t normal, do not brag about it. We are trying to keep this off the record as possible and it is not in my hands to tell the public or not.”

“It usually isn’t.”

“Hm…huh. What did you say?”

“Oh, you know, I’m sort of following the town history. It is kind of odd that they first reported saucer on that day, and then switched it to balloon the next day, don’t ya think, sir?”

Contrary to what George was saying, Robert suspected that George was giving off a somewhat passionate but non trustworthy vibe, “You better not blab.”

“I won’t,” he said casually.

“I’m serious.”

“You always seem to be, sir.”

Robert sighed, “Just call me Robert for the time being.”

“Okay, Robert.”

Robert sighed in slight annoyance and then gestured his right hand over, “Now, we are going to be checking up and scanning that convenience store there,” he walked and entered the store, “Hi, everyone, we are first going to do a pat down of everyone here. If you’ve all heard the news, you know why. If you haven’t heard the news, there is something on the loose in this town spitting acid at things that takes a good number on your skin, and I don’t think you want to be in the way of it.” A smooth-and-blonde-haired to neck length and pale skinned young male cop came behind the agape door, “Hey, Bernard, George.”

Robert looked back, “James, what are you doing here?”

“Back up.”

Robert shook his head, “We’re fine.”

“Not according to the latest reports. And I think it left a trail of dog carcasses nearby here. Started the search?”

“About to.”

James shrugged, “Well, I will just stay here to stop anyone who makes a run for it, because apparently whatever this is, does, a lot. You have fun training my little brother.”

“I’m right here, you know,” George said.

“All right, everyone, just line up in an aisle and George here will pat you down,” Richard stated.

The five store shoppers lined up in aisle with the last one turning around by the frozen section as George came up to the first one in the aisle. It was a slender mid-twenties Indian women dressed in a tee, sweatpants, and white tennis shoes. George proceeded to pat her front and then back down, “Just keys in the front pockets?” she nodded, “I thought so.” The second was a skinny pale teenager with a combover, large glasses, and striped and collared shirt, khaki pants and tan dress shoes and George patted him down. The third was a large and fat black skinned woman who had some jeans, sandals, and a flower-graphic shirt on and a look of sass on her face. “I am uncomfortable with this,” she said.

“With the situation o-or?” George stammered.

“The entire situation.”

Robert called out to her, “Mam, we are only doing this for the safety of others. We want you to help others feel safe.”

“I don’t care.”

“Do you want me to pat you down?” Richard asked.


“How about me?” James asked.

“O-h, yes, you.”

George rolled his eyes as James gestured Richard over to the door as the blonde moved his way through the aisle and George stepped up the aisle to make room for James. James patted down her, “Oo, oh, I love the way you move your hands,” she said. Once he was done he gestured his brother up, “You’re up, George.”

The black woman looked at George as he made his way up to the forth person, “I think you,” she looked at James, “should be doing this instead of him.”

“Well, it’s his training, mam, it’s better to experience,” James made his way back up the aisle and joined Richard by the door.


George made his way over the fourth person who was a petite hispanic woman in a pink shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes and he patted her down. The last person he was greeted with seemed unusual. Whether it was a he or she it was rather rotund dressed in jeans, white shoes, red hoodie, and with a ski mask and sunglasses. George thought he’d could play off it, “I think you’re too far down south for all of this,” he patted down the figure’s chest.

The figure shrugged, “Well, I think the AC in the car is broken and was just making a quick stop in here.”

He patted the front of the belly, “But the sunglasses?”

“My eyes are sensitive to types of light.”

He nodded as he patted the front of the thighs of the figure. However, Richard was looking back over and was suspicious and made his way down the aisle to George. Once he got to George he was done patting down the front of the figure, “George, don’t you think this is suspicious?”

“Yeah, he said his AC is broke in his car, he is in here for a quick pick up, and the sunglasses are for his sensitive eyes.”

Richard scrunched his mouth and shook. “I’m not buying it. Sir, I’m going to have you remove that mask.”

“Okay, but privately.”



Richard sighed and turned to walk to the cashier, “Can I have the key to the restroom, please and thank you,” the cashier handed him the key and he walked back and gestured James back to the door, “Turn around sir,” the figure turned but Richard had his hand to his holster in case, “Walk slowly to the bathroom down left and around the aisle, George, stay on guard right behind him.” Richard followed George who was behind the figure leading them into the bathroom.

“Now, how come he get the privacy? I didn’t get the privacy? Were y’all embarrassed?” the others in the aisle line shrugged lightly as if not to feed the sass of the black woman who just said that.

Richard and George followed the figure inside as it opened the bathroom and there was a pause, “Well, George, are you going to pat down the back? I only saw you do the front side.”

“Right,” George started below the back of the neck as the figure outstretched its arms. George then smoothed down the back and down toward the figure’s apparent wide muffin top of skin to the buttocks. George then felt the side of each ass cheek and then moved both his hands and smoothed up to down of the center of the buttocks, then rotated his hands and felt under the ass cheeks starting from the center out to the sides but felt the figures curved back up the body to the center of the top of the ass cheeks and then smoothed the figure’s ass cheeks down again.

“George, don’t you think that is enough?” Richard figured that George was going into some sort of sexual trance.

“I apologize.” He smoothed his hands over the bottom of the figure’s ass cheeks to the bottom of the legs and then moved them out from the center and back up and last from the sides and back down.

“Sir, we would like to remove that mask and ask you some questions.”

The figure turned its head to his right side, “I’d like to first.”


“Because I know this is a misunderstanding.”

Richard scoffed, but the figure continued: “Please I insist.” Richard gave him a stern look, “Fine.”

“Have you worked on the Roswell Base in nineteen-eighty five?”


“Level 03.”


“Sector One?”

“Then I will hand you over my other identification. Not to the young one, I don’t know if he’s been there yet.”

“He hasn’t. Have you?”

George shook his head, “No, I haven’t, but sir…”

“Move away and turn around.”

“What did he mean by other-“

“That’s an order,” there was a pause as George stepped back and turned to a wall, “And no peeking either, George, I’ve had enough funny business from you today,” the figure reached into his right pocket into his wallet. It held the left side of the wallet with it’s left hand and reached into the wallet, grabbed an ID and held it back to Richard. Richard walked up to it and took it, “I’m going to have to make a call to someone I can trust to double check this.” Richard watched the figure nod lay his hand off his holster and grabbed his walkie talkie, pressed a few buttons and then spoke into it, “Hello, this is Officer Richard West, does Rodriguez read?…Well, get him on please…thank you. Hey, Rodriguez, are you near your car?…Well, I need you there to check on something…Great, now search subcategory NT three one ten, number three nine two…Who is it?…Thank you.” Richard shut off his walkie talkie and gave back the I.D. to the figure, “You check out. Your boss know you’re down here?”


“But you’re being discreet about it?”

“As much as I can.”

“No trouble?”

“Not that I know of.”

George struck a quizzical look and turned his head back to the side a bit, “I’m sorry, what are we talking about?”

Richard struck him with a stern tone, “Quiet, George! Do you happen to know what acid spitting beast is here in Roswell?”

“Yes, but they are quite the tricky bunch, hiding amongst common things like crowds so much. I still haven’t seen one in normal form themselves, but I do know they cling to a host until the host is killed. But one thing they are is very, very, careful and good at covering most of their tracks.”

“We’d appreciate your help in trying to identify it.”

“I’ll try.”

Richard sighed, “Okay, you can turn around now. Now, I hope I haven’t put misplaced trust in you, but this is Yerneley Zunteley,…he’s a sort of police on other planets, from time to time, he’s a non terrestrial officer, that’s what ’NT’ stands for. I’ll leave it for Yerneley to decide whether to take off his mask and sunglasses to see what he really looks like.”

There was a slight look of glee on George’s face, but he composed it a little bit, “Please do.” Yerneley used both hands to lower his sunglasses, his right hand to remove his sunglasses and let them hang in his hand on his side and his left hand to pull the ski mask off his head. Yerneley’s head was grey, bulbous, had almond shaped but green eyes, and had slits instead of a nose and a noticeable scar starting just below his right eye and running up and diagonally across and above his left eye. George moved his eyes down to up, “Don’t you get hot in that?”

Yerneley shrugged, “Wasn’t expecting to stay long in this shop.”

George lightly nodded, “You look familiar, like one of those greys.”

“I am.”

Richard was looking on but he felt like this was going on too long, “Okay, let’s not stay forever here,” Yerneley put one of the handles of his glasses in his r ight pocket and used both hands to put his ski mask and then used his right hand to get the right handle of his glasses around one side and his left hand for the other. He then reached back and put his hoodie back on, “Now, let’s go back the same way we came in, Yerneley in front with George behind and so on.” Yerneley walked to the door with George behind followed by Richard. George took the chance to lean close by Yerneley’s shoulder while he walking quickly, “Nice ass, by the way,” in which Yerneley turned his head to the side a bit and replied, “Thanks.” The store was relatively quiet and George, Yerneley, and Richard saw James at the door and the cashier at the register and all three were making their way over to the aisle but the floor was all covered in acid.

“It was here!” Richard exclaimed.

“Yup.” James said, but Yerneley was suspicious of the green slime dripping down from James’ sleeve, but he had sunglasses so he expected James wouldn’t have noticed.

“You surely didn’t let him go, did you James?” Richard asked.

“Naw, he killed everyone in here and then himself,” he shrugged, “Don’t know why he left us two.”

Yerneley felt the need for a casual intimidation and shrugged slightly, “Does seem sort of odd, doesn’t it?” He looked over to the cashier who was clearly a bit shaken and glancing at James often.

“Sir,” Richard was shaking his head to Yerneley, “Let us do our job and investigate.”

James leant back on the door, “That is a good idea.” Richard walked over to the pool of acid and leant over to Yerneley and George and whispered to them, “I’m suspecting something is up-“ an acid ball shot right through Richard’s skull as he felt back hard onto the clean but concrete floor behind him, and Yerneley looked ahead and saw the agape mouth of the cashier who had an easy clear shot of both of Yerneley and George. A gunshot fired beside Yerneley as James had laid a headshot right through the cashier’s head into a green splatter on the shelves of cigarettes behind him. George, however, had dropped the gun and was trembling after seeing Richard being shot and him shooting another person as Yerneley dropped down with him below the aisle shelves.

“Ha ha ha, we played you all for fools!” James exclaimed in glee, “Ah, James is here no more, George, and he won’t be ever, even this Reticulan scum knows too. So, what is it George? Are you going to kill your brother or let him continue on this murdering spree. Clock is ticking. I’m only here so the Reticulan doesn’t help others in understanding what I am, but you choose.”

George was still shaken but looked out left of Yerneley’s sight and pondered what to do but then turned his head right a bit, “What if I kill the Reticulan, what will happen?”

James leant back and bared a wide gleeful smile, “Then I will leave and spare you.”

George turned a little more to the Reticulan, but the Reticulan pleaded, “George, please think about this.”

“I have!”


“And I don’t have time for more!” James exclaimed.

George lay and pressed the top of the gun against his head. He then removed the gun and let it drape in his right hand as he slowly got up. He then fiercely pointed it at Yerneley, “Get up!” and Yerneley did so, “You said his kind was scum, didn’t you?”

James grinned, “I like the way you think.”

George winked at Yerneley as he turned on his left heel quickly with the gun to where he spun and shot through James’s head. Jame’s face sprung into a slight shock as the glass door behind him cracked from the bullet and green slime leaked from the back of his head. George slightly turned back and slowly collapsed to his knees and sliding the gun over to his right. Yerneley got down behind him too on his knees, understandably worried but unsure of what to do, but he slowly inched his way over and gestured George over. George looked over to his right and slowly inched over to Yerneley. Yerneley put his arms around him. The hug was a long but a comforting hug but both slowly got out of it and then Yerneley spoke, “There would be no easy way out of that, that thing would eventually kill him. There was known way to stop it.”

George was broken but determined, “Doesn’t mean there isn’t!”

Yerneley slightly shrugged, “Well, if you have been to a lot of places and still looking for a seemingly hopeless cure, you’d know, which a lot races are. I’m sorry.”

George glanced at the floor momentarily, “I know, I need some room.”

Yerneley grabbed the key from his right pocket and handed it George, “Here’s the bathroom key, I need to call this in.” George took the key, got up walked down the aisle to where he first patted down Yerneley but then turned his head to the left a bit, “Call it in?”

“Well, someone has to,” Yerneley listened to George stop and pause for a while and then walk to the bathroom. Yerneley sighed to compose himself just a bit more as he shifted over on his knees and reached and grabbed the walkie talkie out the right side of Richard’s body. Yerneley then got up, turned around and then walked down and around a bit to the wall beh ngled it against his mouth in his right, “Hello, is Rodriguez there?…No, this isn’t Officer West, but I’m in the system…Rodriguez knows the system…thank you…Hello, Rodriguez, this is Yerneley Zunteley, number three nine two under subcategory NT three one ten…Well, there was a shootout in the convenience store Officer West was ordered to check. There was two acid spitters that had disguised themselves as James and the cashier. The cashier had unfortunately shot down West but George here shot him down…This was the right thing to do since I have seen what these species can do…Once these species cling and infect a host, the only way they die is if the host dies…George did know that…I told him…I was asked by West to assist him and George was in close listening distance…Yes, this discussion was in a secure area…In the bathroom…James was shot by George…George is still shaken up. He seems traumatized in what just occurred, but I’m guessing he hasn’t experienced it?…Yes, and I can understand the trauma of shooting his own brother…Yeah, it has, hasn’t it? I also think the acid spitters took out some people in the store, four to be exact…No, I didn’t see them pulling names, nor did I, I only saw their backs…Yeah, it is going to be hard on him…All right, that sounds fine, I’ll get him out of here and then me and then you can do your investigation…” Yerneley turned off the walkie talkie and got up and walked back down the middle aisle to return it to Richard’s body. He then went down to the aisle closest to the door and grabbed James’s legs and dragged him down the aisle a bit with green slime streaking the floor and then placed him on the floor. He then walked across to the back and to the right where the bathroom and knocked, “Hello?”

“Come in,” George responded and Yerneley walked in. Under George’s eyes were wet with tears as he was looking at himself in the mirror and then turned his head down a bit and right to Yerneley.

“George, I’ve talked to Rodriguez and told him what happened. He’s currently blocking off a block and is going to receive you left down the street and then going to direct some people that are going to help you.”

“Why do you think I need help?”

“Because I know you just went through something very hard you had to do.”

George stooped, “Yeah, hey, do you have phone?”

Yerneley struck a confused tone in his voice, “Yeah, why?”

“I want your number.”

Yerneley sighed, “I’m sorry, I should only limit my human contacts to military and government only.”

“I’m sort of that!”

“Not really.”

“I can be.”

Yerneley made a frustrated sound, “Don’t guilt me into this.”

“I can keep a secret.”

Yerneley took a deep breath, sighed, took out a piece of paper and pen with his left hand out of right hoodie pocket and used his left hand as support for the paper where he wrote down his number. He then returned the pen to the same pocket with his right hand and then walked and reached over to George, “Here you go,” George reached over and grabbed it, “Want me to grab your gun?”

George nodded slightly and Yerneley walked out and retrieved his gun from the middle aisle and came back and handed it to him in which George took it and put it in his holster.

Yerneley turned back around and propped the door open, “All right, let’s go.”

George remained standing still, “I can’t go back in there.”

“Rodriguez is here for you, you have to go.”

“I can’t.”

Yerneley sighed, “Do you mind if I guide you?”


“Just close your eyes,” Yerneley angled his right arm back to George, “grab my wrist, and let’s go.”

George stood there somewhat puzzled, “Okay,” he walked forward and grabbed Yerneley’s wrist.

“I had to move your brother, he was in the way.”

George stood there at first shocked but then sighed, “Okay, go…like a mid level speed walk” Yerneley directed George through most of it but toward the door he slowed down, “We have to be careful with the door,” he looked back over his right shoulder and saw George give a nod to go on and Yerneley slowly opened the door and then pulled George outside while he held the door open, “Let go and stay there,” George let Yerneley’s wrist go as Yerneley got around the other side of it put still holding onto it so it doesn’t slam and shatter until it was fully closed again. He then walked up to him and placed his wrist back in George’s hand, “All right, a little further and then you can open your eyes.” They both walked a little further as Yerneley saw what looked like Rodriguez waiting for them, “All right, open your eyes, Rodriguez is ahead.” George opened his eyes and ran over to him, stumbling a bit on the way. Rodriguez saw this and directed him with his right hand behind him where a police cruiser lay waiting for him. He then approached Yerneley, “I.D., please.”

“Of course,” Yerneley reached into his wallet pocket with his right hand and placed one edge of the wallet in his left and retrieved his I.D. with his right and handed it Rodriguez and he took, inspected it, and returned it to Yerneley and he returned it to his wallet and pocket.

“Well, he looks like shit,” Rodriguez remarked, Yerneley knowing he was referring to George.

“You’re not staying, of course,” Yerneley shook his head, “Well, Yerneley, do you think that was the last of the acid spitters?”

“Well, how many were reported?”


“Let’s hope so.”

“We appreciate the help from your race, but relationships are still a little iffy there. Well, speaking of that, you have Paxy as a boss?”


“How is she?”

Yerneley shrugged, “She’s…manageable, sometimes.”

Rodriguez smiled, “Say no more, she won’t know about this.”

Yerneley nodded, “Thanks.”

“Sort of, convenient timing for being in the same store as the acid spitters.”

“Not intentional.”

Rodriguez nodded and smiled, “I know, I trust you.”

“I should go.”

Rodriguez outstretched his hand, “Nice to meet another one,” Yerneley shook Rodriguez’s hand in a short but firm grasp and then released, turned back and walked away with Rodriguez staring, “Nice ass, by the way.”


“Sorry, it’s just I see the stick thin ones of you guys so often,” he saw Yerneley look back and wave his arm from side to side a bit and then back to his side, “Safe travels, Yerneley.”

Yerneley looked back and nodded, “You too,” and he turned the corner on his right and walked back to ship.




Yerneley Zunteley:

Um, hi?


Oh, I’m sorry, this is George, George Bunn from the convenience store on Friday, I wasn’t sure whether to call or text.

Yerneley Zunteley:

Well, hi, how are you?

George Bunn :


Yerneley Zunteley:


I only assumed you wanted my number in case you needed help with what happened.

George Bunn :

I still feel ashamed, guilty of what I did.

Yerneley Zunteley:

Did you tell your family?

George Bunn :

Yeah, but I think they don’t like me.

Yerneley Zunteley:

I’m guessing it’d be hard for them to digest, did you tell them what they did if those things stayed in your brother to them?

George Bunn :

Yeah I did and a few other people. It’s just I feel like crap each and every day about it, not just about doing it, but how it’s affecting others around me.

Yerneley Zunteley:

It shouldn’t always be easy.

George Bunn :

I guess so.

Can you show me your ass?

Yerneley Zunteley:

I can’t sext because of my odd skin tone and head shape.

George Bunn :

Well, then, send me some clothed stuff.

-15 minutes ago-

Are you still there?

Yerneley Zunteley:

(Video Message)

George Bunn :


Where’d you learn to clap that ass?

Yerneley Zunteley:


George Bunn :

Come on.

Yerneley Zunteley:

I used to dance at a club.

George Bunn :


Yerneley Zunteley:

Used to.

George Bunn :

Is that vid new or old?

Yerneley Zunteley:

Just made.

George Bunn :

So you still dance?

Yerneley Zunteley:

From time to time, to entertain myself.

George Bunn :

(Video Message)

Mind dancing on that?

Yerneley Zunteley:

I didn’t ask for that.

George Bunn :

I thought I’d return the favor. Are you impressed?

Yerneley Zunteley:

I’m no judge.

George Bunn :

Just answer the question.

Yerneley Zunteley:

Look, George, I thought this number would be for talk among friends.

George Bunn :

Oh, you think me feeling you up longer than usual Friday and saying ’nice ass’ wasn’t going to lead to something like this?

Yerneley Zunteley:

I thought that was a compliment.

George Bunn :


Yerneley Zunteley:

Yeah, but Richard stopped you.

George Bunn :

And if he didn’t and I continued would you submit to me?

-15 minutes ago-


Yerneley Zunteley:

I think you’ve gotten a little too ahead of yourself, we’ve only just met.

George Bunn :

Oh, you wanna take it slow, like usual.

Yerneley Zunteley:

I’m guessing you have had some relationships but I might be wrong?

George Bunn :

Yeah, a lot of them said I was too fast for things.

Yerneley Zunteley:


George Bunn :

But one day I will tame you,

my dear Yerneley,

and you should be a fine assed space whore.

I dear say.

Yerneley Zunteley:

Okay, you.

George Bunn :

Have you been following the news on Roswell?

Yerneley Zunteley:

Don’t have to, I’ll be at the funeral.

George Bunn :

You will?

Yerneley Zunteley:

Yes, Rick worked at the base and it is a closed funeral too, isn’t it?

George Bunn :

Mmm hm.

Yerneley Zunteley:

And I’ll be out of disguise though.

George Bunn :

In what?

Yerneley Zunteley:

The same thing in the video I sent.

George Bunn :

Nice. A spaced out distraction.

But we’ll talk in person too, that sort of distraction too.

Yerneley Zunteley:

Of course.

George Bunn :

You still haven’t answered my original question.

Yerneley Zunteley:

It does look a bit above average, so I guess you can say I’m impressed.

George Bunn :


Yerneley Zunteley:

That’s just a compliment.

George Bunn :

Oh, okay.

Yerneley Zunteley:

You are going to work at the base, aren’t you?

George Bunn :


Yerneley Zunteley:

More spaced-out potentials friends, hm?

George Bunn :

Yeah, thanks.

Yerneley Zunteley:

Work is buzzing, I’ve gtg. I’ll see you Saturday.

George Bunn :

C ya.

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