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The world has broke into war it's the year 4071 an alien civilization has stumbled apon earth in search of a new planet after there own had been destroyed , Isis has to make sure that the humans win the war and restore there planet but she doesn't know that danger lurks nearby.

Scifi / Romance
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She stood infront of the mirror looking at herself while she loaded the two guns in her hands , she was a soldier now this is what she had trained for her whole life , the war had came sooner then expected but she knew they had enough resources to win , she sighed walking away from the mirror going out of her cabin she opened her door and fresh air invaded her lungs as she breathed it in smiling , she looked around her eyes roaming around the crowd searching for him , her eyes quickly locating him , he stood there laughing with some of his good friends he didn't see her and she thought she shouldn't bother him , she decided to take the walk without him ,she would be back soon anyways.

It was almost sunset and she was already far from camp but she kept going , soon she became tired of walking and she stopped , she saw something standing between two oak trees it was a person most probably a guy , he came out to veiw so she could see him he was tall with pale skin and had grey eyes he was wearing the same military uniform as she was but something seemed odd about him and at the moment she couldn't quite place a finger on what it was she quickly brushed that thought away telling herself she was probably just being paranoid "hi" she mummerd not exactly sure what to say "hey" the stranger replied a short awkward silence following "what's a pretty girl like you doing out here so deep in the woods?" She blushed at him for calling her pretty then she looked around , it was getting dark and she had really gone deep , she hardly recongised where she was the trees seemed to go on for forever darker and thicker "I'm not alone I've got these" she said taking out her two jet black guns smirking at the stranger "ohh I see , it's getting late and it's not safe in these parts of the woods , my place isn't very far from here , you can crash there for the night" the stranger offered with a shrug "that's really nice of you but I don't think it's okay for me to follow a complete stranger through the woods in the middle of the night" she stated feeling slightly cold as the harsh wind blew on her face "So your just gonna wait here till morning? Without the moon out you won't be able to even retrace your steps back to camp" he was right she thought plus she had left her phone back at camp she didn't want to die in the woods especially with the war going on "okay fine you win let's get on with it" she dramatically rolled her eyes at him as they both continued there journey they talked for what seemed to be forever about there lives outside there bloody jobs they seemed to connect in some way , they stopped and looked at each other she looked into his eyes they glimmered in the darkness like the stars there was just something about them "kiss me.." she suddenly blurted out suprised by her words her eyes widened it was as if someone or something had compelled her into saying those words , they didn't sound like her own , the stranger did as he was told , he kissed her , the kiss was soft and it left as fast as it had came she couldn't make anything out of it , the stranger was now looking at what seemed to be behind her , she turned around to see what he had been looking at and that's when she saw him standing there besides a war ship with a gun pointed right at the stranger , she looked in his eyes studying them multiple emotions ran through his hazel orbs , emotions she couldn't make out , his face was straight he sold nothing and then without any warning he shot the stranger she was startled at his actions , she wondered how long had he been standing there if he had seen it all , she felt sick of herself emotions crashing on her like a hurricane , he came closer to her his eyes flashed with hurt but was soon replaced by another emotion she couldn't read , she didn't know what to say so she said the first thing that came into her mind "I wanted to take a walk- I..I lost track of time and I lost my way-.." hot tears were streaming on her cheeks he looked at her and he kissed her , he kissed her hard and then pulled away looking dead into her watery eyes "your mine! Only mine! I don't want to see you with anyone else you hear that" his voice was deep and cold filled with hurt , she was lost in his eyes and his words had hit her hard , she expected him to shoot her too for him to hurt her instead he kissed her why? She smiled at this , she stood there and watched as he walked away heading to the ship she followed shortly after she was still stuck in a haze , he opened the door for her she couldn't look at him she felt..a lot of things at the moment and he seemed cool from the corner of her eyes she could see him smirking and she felt her cheeks flush and then suddenly "why did you shoot him" she cursed herself for asking such a stupid question "he was the enemy" he replied dryly not bothering to look at her , silence followed after she wondered if he had shot the stranger simply because he was jealous of him and that he was hurt and she remembered what he had said to her back there "and because I care about you" he stated looking at her she smiled , she knew exactly what he had meant and she was happy that he had been there for her.

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