Arcane Switch

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A knight on a journey is suddenly hunted for betrayal.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Sir Jason Kyne looked to the horizon, for he had saved the day. He finally defeated the vile warlord Malthu and his army of orcish thugs. But even now, Jason knew something was amiss. At the corner of his eye there was a dark shape, and it spoke to him. “This is a lie.”

Jason Kyne awoke in front of a glowing monitor. He was not a sir or a knight who just saved the day, but a test subject wearing a headset in a dark classroom. This was a program using games as a form of conditioning, known as Arcade School. When Jason told the lead instructor about the obscure shadow he discovered, he was told it’s been found at different points in the game even after it was fixed. Where this took place was in the upper levels of a fortified castle, highly resourceful and armed to the teeth.

Two armored guards escorted Jason to a new room, one that seemed to be made entirely from light. Inside stood a young woman who turned to face him, wearing a reflective chain around her head that held a stone in the shape of an eye. But the door had closed and the room was dead quiet as she watched him very carefully. Jason feared his every thought was being monitored. Then her mind seemed to speak directly to him, while an unsettling air crept in.

An assassin named Guy Zeidt has tried to interfere with Arcade School, creating a shade of doubt in the class. Jason was only the third to notice it was out of the ordinary and not a part of the game. Zeidt was last seen in Club Zuutho, a city at the bottom of the ocean…a place teeming with sorcery, created by powerful figures not unwilling to use spells. He must be eliminated before there’s another glitch.

Jason was given a sterling suit of armor, and a sword designed with a cutting laser along its edge. Then a deep-sea drone escorted him underwater towards the city. On his journey, a shark swam past that looked at him with bright green eyes, then its body appeared to blend into the ocean. This intrigued Jason, who wondered if anything more unusual would be found where he was headed. As he had that thought, two strange lights appeared further down. Something big was watching him, and before it a violet wall had formed as if at its command.

When he arrived, Club Zuutho was not exactly the place he had pictured. It was a bright, colorful city with music, various discussions and even laughter. At a glance it was dark, yet a strange aura surrounded it. But it seemed peculiar that no one was using any kind of spell to attack at random. Nothing stuck out as unusual other than Jason with the sword he carried on his back.

Jason had walked into a vastly different world he knew nothing about, and it didn’t feel right to carry out his mission. A woman with short black hair approached him, sharply dressed in a dark uniform with a jacket. Her eyes were silver, and she wore a band-like device that shined blue above one ear. “My name is Neeva, I’m in charge here. You’ve come for Guy Zeidt, haven’t you?” she asked.

Jason saw her and he spoke. “Yes. I’ve noticed an odd glitch, and I came to ask why he’s put it there. Wait a minute…did you know I was coming?” Neeva eyed him with suspicion, then she looked confused. “When a white knight arrives, they storm in to attack our city. They strongly believe they’re correct to do so.” As she said this, Jason looked on and his jaw dropped.

“Zeidt never created this glitch…in fact, we haven’t seen him for about a week,” Neeva continued. Jason looked at the high-tech sword he was carrying, appalled that someone very powerful had just lied to him. “Then the glitch was her doing, and my entire class thinks they’ve come to save the day.”

Neeva showed Jason inside a rave. This club created a strong atmosphere to empower the individual, allowing them to not only levitate in the air, but lift objects from a distance and push or even throw them. Jason thought of the shark he saw with bright green eyes, which then changed its color to blend into surfaces. Then he remembered the sea creature that was watching him, and the violet shield it created.

He knew if a white knight found this club and used its power, they could become a wizard or an armored mage to be feared. Two white knights walked into the packed club, pushing the crowd away. “What do you want?” Jason asked them, as one sternly walked up to him. “Jason Kyne, the Watchful Eye has ordered you to eliminate Guy Zeidt. The one interfering with our great castle. But now that you’ve been exposed to this realm, you too shall be elim…”

Suddenly a bright red laser knocked him on the floor…Jason stood holding his sword, and a green stripe shined on his gauntlet. He just gained experience. The other knight drew a plasma ax and came at him…then he slid straight at Jason in a bold attack. Jason moved at the last second, taking three laser-shots at him.

The white knight was still quick as he spun around, striking at Jason with his ax. But Jason blocked holding his sword, pushed him right back and fired one more laser at the knight. The opponent stumbled for a moment, ax in hand, then he hit the ground. The green stripe on Jason’s arm lengthened, as he was now stronger. He knew the knights weren’t getting back up however, and he was guilty for it. Then he was shocked to see that they weren’t human, but entirely robot-like. Burned wires were poking out.

Jason did not forget the girl in the room that was dead silent. “The Watchful Eye…so that’s what they called her. They kept her a secret to catch us off-guard with her mind.”

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