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When Oliver walks in on the mysterious quiet girl forming an escape plan, he makes a deal with her. He said he wouldn't tell anyone- if she brought him along. Hesitant at first, he manages to break down her walls and gain her trust. All alone and on the run, living on the streets of a big city, what could go wrong? And what happens when the two find out that there is a group making meta-humans out of special kids with dormant traits containing powers? **I have a bad habit of discontinuing books so if anyone wants to later rewrite this story but better or continue it if I stop writing, please ask me first. I found the picture for the book cover on Google it is not mine**

Scifi / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
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A tall man with slick black hair and a fairly muscular build walked up to a large metal door.

‘Scan complete, you may now enter’ A robotic voice said after the man scanned his hand. The circular metal door opened in a spiral motion as the black-haired man stepped in. There were large tubes that looked as if they could fit a human inside, many of them lined up on the walls. Decently large tables were around the room with two metal rings at the top and bottom of the table, as if used for binding feet and hands. The room held a dark, eerie atmosphere with the slightly flickering dim lights and the soft glow around the dark room.

He walked to the end of the room and, upon putting his key in, a keyboard came out of a slit in the wall. After typing something, one of the several tubes filled with strange glowing white liquid opened. He smiled, a dark glint in his eyes. His deep voice echoed across the lab, “Now my youngling, you must arise.”

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