Enigma One of Utopia-84 (Book 1)

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A secret past. A dangerous future. After many years of nuclear war and genocide, the world is finally at peace and the balance between good and evil has been restored. No longer will man be subject to blood lust, anger, discrimination or foul deeds brought on by irrational emotions and unnecessary choices. What is yours is ours and what is ours is yours. This is the tried and true motto for Utopia-84— a safe haven for all to live and thrive under the watchful eyes of the Taskers— a race of bureaucrats and lawmakers at the forefront of this Utopian society. People are now free from curiosity, choices, and rebellion. The new world order has finally been established. And yet, not all is right in Utopia 84— a young woman on the cusp of adulthood can feel a growing unease. Enigma One goes against the flow of ideology and laws founded by this Utopia and dare to think for herself and feel powerful emotions no one should feel. She is a Mulatto— a mutt born from outlawed interracial coupling with a keen mind and unsettling blue eyes. Her past a mystery, her future all but planned out for her, she must rush against the clock to discover the haunting secrets of Utopia 84. There are no friends here in Utopia 84. There is nowhere she can hide. There is only Utopia 84.

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Prologue-1: A Brief History of Utopia-84

In the beginning, the world had been glorious…then chaos struck. In the time only known as The Before all manner of chaos and destruction reigned. War, rumours of war, natural disasters, plagues, death, hatred and corruption. Then the Collective had taken over— putting the world to rights and recreating it within their own image of moral living and laws, starting first with the people.

The people of The Before were constantly at each other’s throats, killing in the name of one religion or another, sacrificing children, land and other resources in the name of some god or perhaps cultural dictates, patriarchal doctrine, and racial prejudice. Black against white, brother against brother— a international genocide that spanned the globe. There had been two great World Wars, followed by smaller concentrated ones within what had once been called Asia, Europe, and even the Pacific Islands. There had been pacts made, treaties signed, and organizations created to reinforce the ideal of world peace. This, however, could only stand for so long against the face of greed and moral corruption. Rulers— kings, elected representatives, chiefs and sultans all— tried to find ways to bring balance and peace back into the world…and all failed. That is when a man known as Shadwell Neil Obsidian came to the forefront and established The Collective.

Resources were scarce, sea levels rising as the polar icecaps melted into oblivion, causing animals and sea creatures to near the edge of extinction. Fertility rates dropped as the aging population increased, causing overpopulation and limited living space within the cities, also allowing disease and illness to rise. An elected official from the Before, Bernard Otis, had attempted to do his best to bring his country to heel by implementing new laws in regards to health care, the environment, and overall use of his country’s natural resources; however, he had been met with much resistance from various political factions, known as Republicans and yes, even several from his own political party, known as Democrats. He had tried and failed to bring much peace to his country and, by extension, the world.

Perhaps he had been a good man, a kind one at that— patient, loyal, and understanding— but ultimately was painted as a coward by many. Soon, he and his family disappeared from the annals of history— his memory alone remaining as a reminder of cowardice and failure. Soon after his demise, Obsidian and his Collective took control of the country, their ideals on family planning, racial segregation, and radical overhaul of the geopolitical and ethical system sending the world into a downward spiral before petering out into a perfect calm.

Drawing from the texts of philosophers, psychiatrists, scientists, and world leaders from the likes of Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and Adolf Hitler, The Collective believed that eugenics and euthanasia was the best course of action for stemming the tide of overpopulation within the cities and cutting down the aging population to a manageable number. With political figure-heads like President Phineas Klumpf, another one of his mandates that went into full-effect was the vigorous enforcement of racial segregation— dividing the races into distinct groups based upon their racial and ethnic heritage. Each group would live, abide, and trade within their own designated community with limited interaction with other groups while engaging in strict rules in regards to bodily proximity and manners.

Those that had chosen to disregard Obsidian and The Collective’s teachings and mandates had become ostracized and left to burn when the final War of the Races had befallen the world. Even now, there were scattered Utopian communities across the world: safe, policed, and guarded by the Storm Runners and the White Cliffed Walls. Of course, there were still those who managed to slip through the cracks of society or were somehow or other dissatisfied with the status quo. These people were the dredges of Utopian society— unchecked, wild, lawless Revelers. They were to be feared, mistrusted, and— if even a suspicion rose of a neighbor or comrade being one—reported immediately, as there was always a chance to have your lot in life made better.

Based on race and ethnicity, the new Utopian order was broken down into districts:

White: Western and Eastern European descent (District 1)

The Medici: Mediterranean descent (District 2)

Grey: Mixed European descent (including American and Canadian, New Zealand, South African, and Australia; District 3)

Obsidian/Black: African, African American descent (District 4-A)

Mob: Indigenous people of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Caribbean (District 4-B)

Verdes: Pacific Islander/Polynesian descent, including Maori (District 5)

Azure: Southern Asian descent (District 6)

Rojas: Native American and Alaskan natives (North and South America; District 7)

Naranja: Spanish/Latin descent (District 8)

Gold/Gorudo: Siberian, Northern, and South East Asian descent (District 9)

Sands: Arabic/Middle Eastern and Central Asian descent (District 10)

Brown: Israeli/Jewish descent (District 11)

Clay: Mixed races (District 12)

For the sake of propriety and preservation of pure bloodlines, rules of proximity were put in place to keep bloodlines from being tainted. Though there have been cases of unlawful couplings and revellings taking place, no child born out of such lawlessness has ever been kept hidden or created without prior knowledge of said incident. For there are eyes everywhere, no stone unturned or person above reproach— no one can escape notice of Utopia-84.

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