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Fire and Ice: Not Everything Nice

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What would you do if your world got turned upside down? June is your average teen (or as average as you can be in this world). She doesn't have a lot of problems and is a straight A student. The worse she has is bullying other than that Life's been good. Well that was before she met Alex. Alex is a mysterious boy who doesn't have a place to belong. Who works for a very dangerous man. When this two meet each other. Will they get along? Or will they destroy each other?

Scifi / Adventure
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June (Part 1)

I never really understood my name. I mean I understand how I got my name. My mother and father gave it to me. What I don’t understand is why June? Out of all the names to give and all the months why June. I don’t like June. I don’t like the heat of the sun on my back. I hate the way I sweat when I’m walking somewhere. I hate everything about June. So why name me June? I can’t really blame all the things I hate about June on it, for I don’t like Summer. Everyone says I’m crazy and that I don’t like vacation or days off of school, but I do like all that stuff.

I’m an Icey as people would like to say I have Ice powers. They are all kinds of powers now. I mean the aquatics, the terrains, The readers, and many more.

We live in peace with the humans the ones with no powers. We made a treaty with them saying that we are all human with the same rights. The treaty also states that we are not allowed to use our powers for harm unless for self-defense or if we’re part of the military or defense. It’s pretty normal though for people to have power. Sometimes it’s shocking when somebody says they don’t have powers. I mean we know there out there, but there’s are very few. The reason for that is powers is a dominant gene over human which is recessive, so it’s more likely for you to be a person with power than one without.

I walk around my neighborhood with people using their powers in everyday life. Picking up trash, Chasing a cat, Knowing what food you want, and everything else. That’s just what people do. You know that’s at least how I thought life was, but sometimes things change.

My life used to be the same routine as always. Every day and every night it was always the same, but today it was different. A type of different I don’t like.

I woke up like usual and got dressed in my favorite clothes (there not my favorite anymore).

I went downstairs to find my parents as usual. It’s a Friday which means my mother is cooking Pancakes for breakfast. My father is at the counter already sipping his coffee and reading his newspaper. I told him no one reads the newspaper anymore, but he doesn’t listen. I sit at the counter my same spot as usual.

My older brother probably already left for work. The dishes are already clean and there’s a note under a cup filled with orange juice. It said:

Dear June,

Hope you have a nice day. And try to be polite to people it’s okay to open up. Also, talk to the first person you see that is NEW

From your dear older Brother,


P.S. TRY not to talk smart to them and make them feel less of themselves that never makes friends

That’s my brother for you. He used to be the only irregular in my day. He always says this though have a nice day or week. Try to make a new friend and he says I say to many as he would like to say smarty words. And he always challenges me to meet someone new though I think that’s a total waste of time. He says I need to be more open or as I would like to say socialize more. He does this as an act of love, but sometimes I swear he’s torturing me. Especially when he’s with me. He always pushes me to some stranger that I always have to apologize to in the end. But that’s what older brothers are supposed to do they’re supposed to love you and torture you and sometimes overprotect you.

I start to drink the cup of Orange Juice while my mom keeps working on the pancakes that about to be done in a few minutes. While it finishes up she makes the plate already with two bacon and two eggs on the plate. Bacon on the right side and eggs on the left side, so the pancakes can go in the middle. She puts the syrup on the counter and starts putting pancakes on plates.

I look out the window to our backyard. Our neighbors behind us have kids that play outside all the time when they have free time. Since it’s a school week there not out there and the tree that grows in my backyard looks like it stretching on their side to try and steal something or the kids are terrains and made the tree stretch on their side.

When my mom places the plate in front of me. The pancake has a smile on it like it always does. She has been doing this since I was young.

When I finished I wipe my mouth. Then go grab my bag from the hallway. I go back to the kitchen and kiss my mom and dad goodbye. Where my mom says “Goodbye sweetie” and my dad says “Have a great day at school” like they do every day.

As I walk out of the house and go through my driveway where I see my mom’s car and my dad’s police car is parked. I walk to the sidewalk and make my way to school.

High school is a strange topic among grow-ups. You’ll hear some say high school was the best time of their life which means they had to be popular or were super-rich. The ones that say high school was the worst time of their lives are the real people. The ones who don’t have a lot of money and think that education can get them out. The ones that get bully and picked on. Those are real people who went to high school.

I get all kinds of stories from my family. My dad was on the football team, so he was popular. My mom, on the other hand, was not really popular and got picked on by some girls. My older brother was right in the middle. People like him, but not enough for him to be popular. Some people didn’t like him, but not enough where he was unpopular. I liked to say he was a lucky one. There’s not a lot of people that get right in the middle. Most get either side.

Now me. On one hand, I’m kinda in the middle though I lean more to the unpopular side. I get picked on by some girls. I told my mom, but she says to kill them with kindness. I told my dad, but he says to ignore them and show them no emotion eventually they’ll give up and move on. I’ve tried both of those things. Neither of them worked. If anything I looked like a fool.

My brother when he used to go to school would stand up for me, but now that he doesn’t they got worse and increase in how many times they do it to me. They do it Wednesdays and Fridays.

They really mess and hurt me sometimes. One day I cried when I got home I rushed to my bathroom and locked the door. I made sure I didn’t cry too loud in case my mom or dad came home, but my brother found me and help me clean up.

That day they thought it would be funny to put trash in my locker and backpack. Then they even dump some on me. I rush home as fast as I can with everyone’s laughter behind me. My brother asked a question that I think about a lot.

“Why didn’t you do anything?” Sometimes I really don’t know. Especially the really bad days. Why don’t I do anything? I contemplate that in my head so much I give myself a headache. But I go to the same conclusion. I’m shy and if I do anything it will be for nothing and I’ll be the one in trouble and they’ll be free. So I choose to do nothing.

It makes my brother really mad that I choose to do that and sometimes I see him try to go to my school, but he can’t solve this problem I am just going to have to deal with it like the rest of the universe.

When I get close to the school. A person pops out in front of me and makes me scream, but I realize it was just Deen.

Deen is my friend she’s a little rough around the edges and has a weird style, but all around she’s a good friend. Deen has been my friend since the being of high school. She was there for me after the very embarrassing day. She even did a little revenge by dying their dirty blonde hair into a hot pink color. It was so funny. It took them two months before they actually got all the pink out. Deen hates all the girls. She says they’re the reason the world is, so chaotic sometimes.

Deen is a shifter. She can shapeshift into anything she sees which means it’s hard to know where she is, so she thinks it’s funny to scare me a lot.

“Hah, you should have seen your face,” Deen says laughing so hard she has to clutch her stomach like she’s having a stomach ache.

“Hardy har har. Let’s go we’re going to be late for school” I say walking past her.

When we finally made it to school. Sunny was sitting on the steps waiting for us with a smile placid on her face.

Sunny is a reader. A person with mind-reading powers. Sometimes I’m scared of what I thinking around her because she could hear my thoughts.

She became my friend last year. We were study partners for science and we just clicked. Sunny is very optimistic about everything. She never really has a bad day or thought.

“You guys are late, but I’m fine with that I have a free period this morning,” Sunny said smiling her always smile. She got up brush off her skirt and we went to school.

I don’t think you really want to hear about school for I went through everything like normal. I went to my first classes and then hit lunch where I got bullied and Deen got revenge by dumping their lunch on them as a random person.

Then after I went to my other classes I went to my club. I am part of a Bookclub after school. This is good because Sunny is part of the newspaper that meets after school. Deen is part of the track team which practices after school.

When everyone was done with their clubs we met outside of the school. Like always Deen was late. You think if you’re part of the track team you wouldn’t be late. As we were walking out I realized I forgot some of my stuff in the library.

“Oops I just realized I forgot some of my stuff in the library,” I said turning around.

“Will wait for you,” Sunny says with a smile on her face.

“No, it’s okay I can walk home by myself. You guys go ahead I don’t want you guys to be late” I say.

Deen shrugs her shoulders and says “So be it, but call us right after you get home. If you don’t I probably think you got kidnapped or something”. “Of course ” I say going into the school with my friends looking at my back.

There are two things I regret now at that moment. The first thing I regret is that I forgot my stuff which has never happened before that day. The second thing I regret is that I didn’t say yes when they wanted to stay with me.

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