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The Earth Shifter

By Kookie All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi


Amber Barritt is broke. She and her friends are nearly out of money and they all are looking for jobs after finishing their last year in college. Each in his own way. But what would they do if they knew that the Earth will soon stray out of its orbit, away from the sun and will be moving with a slower rout without a single sign of life on it? But on the other hand there's a secret way to prevent that from happening and the only ones capable of shifting the Earth back to it's orbit is Amber and her group of friends with a little help of some unusual talents. Could Amber be The Earth Shifter? WARNING: THIS STORY ISN'T FOR THE PEOPLE WITH NARROW IMAGINATION!

Chapter One

The Earth will stray from it’s orbit .

It’ll be moving with a slower rout.

In a year the human race will be extinct.

I heard the sound blarrring from the TV as I was laying on the couch I must’ve fell asleep last night while I was watching national geographic. And yes, I’m that boring type of girl who watches national geographic every night and actually enjoys it.only the geology shows, though.

The science of Earth has been a complete obsession for me since I was a kid. I always felt connected somehow to the Earth.

I kept hearing this news about the change in the orbit of the Earth and sat straight on the couch feeling ready to start my day.

All the program was doing is blaming the Earth on what’s going to happen soon to us and I’m pretty sure that if the poor thing could talk. It will definitely defend itself with the extreme heaviness of the humans. I don’t balme it. I’m sure the scientists will figure it out before it’s too late.

I brushed my teeth while looking at my reflection at the mirror. Most of my days when I look at myself in the morning after a long night sleep I find that I have got the exact good look of the last day bearly getting a bad hair or a messy makeup stains all over my face.

Well, that was one of my lucky days which I’ll get to spend my morning time eating as much as I want and watching TV instead of trying to scrub the makeup of my face and dealing with my hair issues.

I wash my face. I have that kind of an extremely pale face and platinum blond, nearly white, hair. But I’ve got a blueish flashy orbs that stands out for all of that paleness. And that’s why I always settle for a slightly dark lipstick with my wavy long platinum hair. That’s how I like my everyday look to be.

I then put my clothes on not forgetting the bracelets, the most important thing. Bracelets are basically my obsession since I was a little kid. I’ve so many collections of them with all shapes, fabrics and colors. But there’s this one brown leather bracelet I would never take off there’s a Surf word carved on it’s wooden middle piece. It’s the last thing he gave me to keep it safe for him. I kept rubbing it lovengily.

I hope it’ll be a good day.

I was practically running down the street early in the morning the I’ve lost track on time while watching tv. I am going to be late for my job interview.

I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve gone to job interviews. The cold morning breeze was incredibly refreshing and getting me out of this stressful state. My mind only filled with the hope of getting a good job.

I can’t lose another chance. I have to prove to my family that I’m capable of handling my own life responsibilities. I can be reckless and crazy at sometimes, okay maybe my whole life, but I believe that I also can be a grown up. I mean, how hard could that be? I only have to find a decent job and make some money to live with. No sweat, right?

I reached the huge company with the glass front. I run through the words I’m supposed to say and take a deep breath to calm my nerves down.

I can do this.

I kept chanting in my head. I think I’m ready now. I make an attempt to open the glass doors and get inside to meet the cold air of the company and glance around me. All I see is sharply dressed agents working everywhere trying to hide the tiredness from their faces.

I find working really hard to do according to my extremely lazy personality. I grew up imagining that once I’m out of college I’ll find myself some easy job including getting a beautiful tan on the beach and having great time in resorts.

But here I am facing the cruel reality with no warm sun or beach resorts. I do want to work but not restlessly all the time.

I move towards the reseptionist ,who seems to decide to wear all the makeup colors this morning, and tell her my name. She gives me instructions on where to go and who I will be meeting as an interviewer with a weary smile. I thank her and move to the office with some confident steps.

I knock on the door and then enter when I hear a woman’s permission. She’s sitting on a desk and typing on the keyboard with a red hair pulled up in a tight bun. She doesn’t even look at me or answer. So, I kept saying “Hi” till she finally looked away from the screen huffing a puff of air and tells me that she’s the secretary. And that I should wait, with a very annoyed smile as if I was distracting her from her work with my presence. Regardless that I am supposed to be her work.

No need to act all high on me only because she has a job. I’ve had many secretary job requests. But I declined all of them ,not because a secretary is a bad job. It’s not. At all. It was only because I wanted something that’s good enough for all of my geology studing years in college. If I wanted to be a secretary I could’ve been one. And also if I started with a secretary job I’ll be stuck forever as one.

I sit on the brown leather couch and wait with patience hoping for the time I get to have parties with my friends all day and night again and not having to worry about our futures. It really sucks to be an adult. It’s like getting all the fun sucked out of your life. I miss my old careless one already.

The grumpy red-haired secretary receives a call and then tells me that I can get inside for my interview. I moved towards the closed white door but as soon as I was going to get inside someone opened the door from the inside and walked out. He was a guy nearly my age dressed like a gentleman with a black suit and dark brown gelled hair. He had the grey eyes thqt looked almost real but I could make out that they were only contacts, extremely natural looking contact lenses. I think he’d look a lot like more of his age if he dropped the suit.

Our eyes got locked together for a second he had that disappointed look on his face he must’ve got turned down. He mumbled something that sounded like: “The old man won’t hire you.” As if it was a fact.

“What?” I asked in disbelief but he was already walking out of the office with his hands in his pockets. I stood there dazzled for a moment, hesitant if I should take that guy’s words seriously and just go home, which is completely fine by me.

But no, I must try at least. I’m sure I’ve got enough potential for this job. And why should I listen to the talk of a disappointed and depressed guy? although he didn’t look even that disappointed in a sad way more of it in a careless way.

I collect all of my courage and enter the office...

A middle aged man is sitting on a huge wooden brown desk. I’ve always hated that moment it’s like having your exam at the last year in college; filled with anxiety.

I greet him politely and then sit on the chair opposite to him. He looks at me with a forced smile.

“Hello, you must be Miss Amber Barritt” He says.

“Yes, of course”

He then held my CV papers in his hands silently. He kept staring and ruffling them. To say I was nervous is an understatement I was playing with my fingers uncomfortably trying my best to hide the nervousness of my face.

He finally put the papers on the desk and glanced at me.

“I believe these are some impressive CV papers,” He started. A smile crept on my face optimistically.

I will finally have a decent job.

“The only problem is that you’re so young for this job we need someone with long-aged experience. I’m sorry.” He says the words in a monotonic way like he has been saying the same thing for years.

I felt my blood starting to boil. It’s like having all of your dreams floating up above the sky and then Bam! All of them came crashing down to the ground.

I just can not take anymore rejection.

“T-That’s it, really? You’re not going to ask me any questions like how am I going to make the world a better place and stuff like that?” I asked angrily.

“No, this is your first job. And I already told you we need someone with much more experience than yours. You’re not qualified enough for this work. ” He answered impatiently.

“Well then, I hope that you’ll find the one you’re looking for in a thousand years! Because you just let her go.” I snapped at the interviewer. I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m not getting the job anyways.

I stood up from my chair and started making my way towards the door when I heared him saying:

“You know if you want to get a job you should act with a little more maturity, young girl.” His voice was calm with a hint of anger.

“Well, I’m done with all of this mature acting. And if you’re not giving me the damn job; Then I can do whatever I want!”

I smack the door fiercely behind me and walk out of the company feeling almost collected, but as soon as I’m out I feel a single tear escaping form my eye. What did I just do? Usually I’m nice and polite with poeple I guess it was stress.

I feel like I should go apologize from ‘The old man’ but I’ve got all types of problems to deal with right now.

I find myself a seat on the bus stop because I’m not going to afford a cab right now I’m too broke for it.

I look next to me to find the same guy who told me about ‘the old man’ not hiring me and remember that he also might have got denied. He was typing something on his phone.

“What did he tell you?” I start getting his attention. He looked up from his screen seeming to repeat my question in his head and then sighed.

“He said: Son, you’re so young for this job. We’re looking for someone with a good long aged experience’” He said mocking the interview man at the company. I laughed at him.

“He told me the same thing. I mean, I really can’t understand how these companies think. I can’t just wake up someday and be an old grown up scientist with long-aged experience who pulls her hair into a tight painful bun and wear extremely hideous suits.” He looked at me surprised by my little outburst.

And then started laughing. I wonder why he’s laughing. It’s not funny. But whatever I don’t care his laugh is infectious. I laughed so hard till my eyes teared up and my stomach hurt.

“Wow, It really feels good to laugh.” I haven’t realized how much I needed it. “Thanks.” I told him wiping my tears away. It’s just now that I remembered that I don’t know who this guy is or even his name but I feel like I’ve been knowing him for years.

“You really got rejected a lot, don’t you?” He asks.

“More than you think,” I answer him.

“I forgot to mention my name, it’s Amber. Amber Barritt,” I shook his hand formally.

“It’s nice meeting you Amber. I’m Aaron Campbell.” He introduced himself smiling.

“Campbell? That’s a Swedish surname ,right?” I asked it’s a catchy name. I like it.

“Actually no, it’s an Irish one from North Ireland,” He explained.

“You’re Irish.” I state.

“Only some distant roots in my family,”

“Cool,” I smile at him.

“Thanks, Um... Do you want to get some coffee? It’s pretty cold today.” He says as soon as my bus arrives.

Amber Baritt“You know I’d love to, but I’ve got another interview in...” I stop to glance at my watch to find out that I was already going to be late, again. “Shoot! gotta run. No time for coffee sorry. Wish me luck.” And then I ran into the bus, smiling.

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