Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 9

Cleaning up Red and Trey finish and let the fire burn down then fall asleep. Trey, ready for sleep lays a blanket for him and Elle, when he notices Serinnah’s guards press their ears, then draw their weapons throwing sand Trey signals Red after witnessing this suspicious activity quickly the two, spring into action thwarting any and all attempts they had at subduing the two brothers and their companions. Shocked Serinnah, springs up and addresses them as Silva interrupts. “Serinnah, aunty you side with these two assassins these two are wanted for treason of the highest order- after the war ended they were confirmed killing and destroying Leethan.” In disbelief still Serinnah looks to the two, and both of them appear dumbfounded and shake their heads a confirming no, “That’s not possible.” Red says. Serinnah, already knowing the real reason for Leethan’s fall “That Silva is a lie and you know this.” Red and Trey using their full power to gain the upper hand subdue and control the situation more so.

“Silva?” Kyonna shouts- “Why are you now siding with the enemy?”

“I have no choice in the matter- sorry I’m following orders.”

Elle, interrupts Kyonna’s inquisition “Silva what are you talking about?”

“Elle, they have my family they will kill them if I don’t bring them in.”

“What orders and who are they?”

“The WO, and SBS they forced me to use Wendy and Elle to bait you.”

“You keep my name out of this bitch, if you know what’s best for you.”

Elle pissed at all of the lies and backstabbing, has heard and seen enough she unleashes her undead powers on both Silva and Wendy. Gripping them tightly, she pries asking her what’s going on “Wendy- how could you?”

“Elle, I had nothing to do with this Silva is using me as a scape goat- to get out of the situation, which is more than I can say for you.”

“What I had nothing to do with this either, it is all Silva and her team. I promise you.”

“Then put me down, sis because I’m as innocent as you.”

“That’s a lie- you’re using us to sway him to come with the WO.”

“Shut up enough, you both know better.”

“Know better, know better than what?” Silva, scared as Trey moves close in to her he reaches out for her puts his hands on her head. Thick black liquid veining out from his hand, pools out onto her head and face lost in this pool the truth is revealed and her brainwash lifted. Trey, finds out every piece to the puzzle from this.

“Wendy, she is telling the truth…”

“But no way, I love him I would never...”

“You both are, she was brainwashed and force fed lies.”

“What, why are they after me?”

“Red, the WO, Whiteout, and Blaze are behind this.”

“They want your Abanthium- and plan on hunting you and extracting it from your body.”

“Order 2413- the killing off of me and the capture of my brother.” Trey, tells the group as Red kills the guards on Elle’s orders as they tried to also take Serinnah’s life.

“Well we know now brother the information, and orders.”

“Red, none of us could have known – Whiteout sent the agents and Blaze is our father.”

“Eww, that means my baby is my brother?”

“No, Wendy your father is not the real Blaze – he is an impostor.”

“Wait- what two Blaze’s.”

“Yes Wendy- two I don’t know why; we must find out.”

“We still don’t know what this key is and what it unlocks.”

“Kyonna, Serinnah both of you- keep a close eye on Silva she may be cleansed; but I’m not taking any chances.”

Red startled by this revelation, slumps on the ground Wendy stroking his head and neck with her long fingers. Her nails send tingles down his spine making him feel better, he thinks of why he came to be this way. Trey, sensing his brother’s thoughts responds

“I don’t know how we came to be with these powers; but I promise you we will find out.”

Moving out now towards the door they stop to look over the gauds, they move some try reaching for their weapons. Red unleashes his anger and kills them all.

“That should do, we should be free from trouble for a while.” Kyonna confirms kicking one of them in the head with her stilettoes. The bone crunching blow, left blood marks on her shoe and in anger kicks the other one-“ That’s for staining my new suede shoes.”

“Feel better?”

“Yes Red as a matter of fact I do.”

“One thing is clear we have got to find the real Blaze.”

“No you won’t find him because he is dead.”

“Serinnah, how do you know?”

“Wendy, that same night you saw Blaze tear your picture up- the same night my husband died- is the very place and time the replica took Blazes life.” Serinnah, looking at Wendy “When Ishtan arrived at the manor, an hour before hand he noticed and saw Blaze rummaging through his desk; he then saw the replica come in offer him solace in return for his soul. You see Ishtan, needed to restore peace with Leethan, that thing offered him some way out; but being a fighter my husband refused the offer and Blaze came in- putting an end to their dispute shot the man the replica in turn fired back mortally wounded Blaze and copied his form.”

’So, the man you saw to be Blaze was the replica.”

“Yes mother I understand; but my father left me as a child abandoned me- so he is dead to me.”

“Ladies, pardon the interruption; but we must get going- the dead guards back there they have transmitters. They, send a signal out to headquarters- more enforcers are in route we must leave now.”

“Fine, we will have this discussion at a later date.”

With the WO, now in control of both cities the council continues to deliberate.

Deciding on Blaze’s plan- to acquire the Abanthium their deliberation ends and the council speaks- “You have one chance- to bring us this man- fail and your plan will be cast out along with you- in exile.” Blaze says nothing in return of their comments. Whiteout escorts him out, to the tarmac were a Helicopter waits. Unusual, the chopper is unearthly in design yet still reminiscent of what the world is used to. Hey is whisked off, flying over an adjacent building Clorox’s assassin reports the plan. After eavesdropping on the entire conversation from afar- Lei flips off the Skyscraper and dives into council’s room via window. Slicing and dicing he tears them all apart, walking up to Whiteout, who is now sliced in quarter’s he pulls her mask off- only to find an imposter. “DAM- Kuso nisemono.”

Heading out to the window he calls Clorox- “Shiotobi ga koko ni wa arimasenga, aibu-shi wa, kanojo gas ono meinudearu basho o mitsukeru yo ni narimashita.”

“English please.”

“Whiteout is not here, returning to base.”

Looking out across the city, Lei stands on the 650th floor, of the blackened tower looking at the advance of the cityscape. Jumping, he glides down and out of sight- his wing suit working flawlessly.

“Whiteout, the specimens are ready and waiting your approval.”

“Good- I’m heading down to the labs now” addressing her newly appointed engineer to the position of head overseer. Whiteout, moving down the long shaft the elevator takes a while to reach terminal velocity- as it works on gravity to conserve as much energy for the specimens. Waiting are the team of engineers, programmers and artists who appear excited and nervous- remembering her last two disappointments. The doors wine as they open and out steps Whiteout, and is greeted by her team-“I trust you are ready to view the product.”

“Yes I am after inspection I shall require a demonstration.”

“Very well- right this way.”

Walking along, the floor is activated and up comes the first specimens- “Oh pretty, nice and perfect they are indeed much better. I’m pleased so far” –She strikes one with her katana the sword breaks shattering into pieces. “Nice”

“The alloy is denser and stronger than before.” Her team announces.

“Good ready them for testing.”

“Already done, your highness – their systems online and in standby.”

“Deploy them.” Whiteout, taps her gauntlet and activates the computer, uploading new data from her central AI her machines are ready- to engage their new targets. Larger than the first two lines of prototypes the drones are mechanized warriors. Inhuman and menacing the resemble alien life, three eyes on the right side and a larger one on the left – their asymmetry, is ominous bringing the team into a shiver of fright. Expecting a sparing sessions between the prototypes the team is shocked when -she unleashes them on Leethan.

“What are you doing- they’re innocent people- stop you’ll kill them.”

The drones quickly overrun the streets of Leethan, and over take the capital buildings, with oppression and malicious intent. Pushing, shoving, breaking and tearing their way to power and control over the city. Streets amass with devastation, even the WO come to submit to the drones.

Even WO, officers and enforcers, thrown in the prisons, with the population Whiteout’s voice rings through the streets of Leethan once more- “From this day fourth my army is the law of the land and I its master and commander. This marks the day when, a new system and new government- swipe its strong hand over Leethan and the WO, this is the day my rise to power is complete and you all submit to my power- my rule- my law.”

“You can’t do that- what about all the suffering this far?”

“Shut it- I’m in control now.” Leaving her team in silence she enters the elevator and says “Nice work all of you- your product is perfect and you out did yourselves for that I am grateful.”

She pushes a button on her wrist gauntlet and summons- Madeline “Send the shadow walkers I want Inkblot and Bloodstain found.”

“Clorox has sent her personal assassin after you- the agreement you had with her has been breached.”

“Never mind her pitiful gains they get in the way of the bigger picture.”

“Send Xi- to stop her and Lei.”

“I want them eliminated.”

“Blaze is waiting for you upstairs, your highness.”

“Very well Madeline meet, me in my quarters tonight.”

“Yes, your highness.”

Exiting the elevator after reaching the second highest point below her quarters, Blaze stands waiting “To what do I owe this unexpected visit?”

“The council is aware of your debacle today- and my failure in capturing Bloodstain.”

“Yes I am aware which is why I went ahead and followed through with the orders we agreed upon.”

“They will throw us both in exile.”

“No need to worry, Blaze my systems tell me the council is already in exile-“

“?” Reaching to a remote to holographic projector, she activates it. Whisking to life in eerie sounds, the images of the council are confirmed they indeed are dead.

“Dead, Blaze they’re all gone.”

“But how – how could this be Whiteout you promised.”

“Well it wasn’t me, lets replay the events leading up to the massacre shall we.”

The replay confirms that Whiteout was not the culprit, “Lei” Blaze says. Clorox’s number one, henchman the tip of the spear Lei a half-breed part lurch and lycan and cybernetics Lei, is deadly.

Trained as a child in the Vietnam War, he was just 8 when he started. He was sought out by the Koga after they discovered his Japanese heritage. By the time he was in high school he was a Shinobi with a confirmed 23 kills, he is now loyal to Clorox after being saved by her. Saved from a fiery hell after his death by the Koga- who deemed him too dangerous, Lei serves Clorox faithfully and in debt.That’s right anyone who lives in the province of Ashen is dead.

“That bitch, first she sides with us than stabs us in the back.”

“Relax, Blaze it’s to our benefit.”

“How so?’ Blaze asks walking to the large window in front of him, glancing out he turns again to face Whiteout- who for the first time ever is now out of her attire. Revealing a nice shapely figure, Blaze heats up, “hot under the collar” Whiteout asks. Blaze walking closer to her “yes a little” leaning into to kiss her neck, just one taste of this soultry goddess. I love the way her caramel skin oozes golden delight in the morning sun, he thinks to himself.A glint of light pierces through the window, glistening brightly off of Whiteouts left thigh, Blaze turns to see what it is crashing through the window Lei, drives his sword through the back of Blaze. Missing Whiteout who quickly adorns her armor helmet and all, lunges out of the way still hunched over Lei twists his katana 180 degrees and forcefully pulls up swinging like a golf club. Blaze’s body limps to the floor his left shoulder folded open, and agape the wound is deadly from his kidney up he is left filled bleeding on the floor.Whiteout lunges at Lei, in flight swinging her two katana swords, grazing and cutting him- a first in over two hundred years. Lei, forces his blade through her right shoulder and into the marble wall behind her. Pinning her he leaves a bow tied scroll and quickly removes his katana and exits the same way he entered and dissolves into black dust. Gone, that SOB will pay the only thing I did was cease control of both cities. She removes the blade from her shoulder with a bit of fight, and by walking herself up to the Tsuba of the sword pressing her shoulder against it she dislodges the blade from the wall. Swiftly pulling the sword out, she falls to the floor in agony dropping the katana, hitting the floor with a clank the sound and tinge of the blade and Tsuba dancing. The scroll now separated from the hilt lays torn and bloodied. Still ripe with sharp burning pain Whiteout manages to grab the scroll and open it, to read.

By decree of the highest order of Ishtan, you are found in violation of the treaty XXIV. This, the binding agreement between Clorox and Whiteout signifies the partnership. Agreement I Whiteout- will agree to rule Leethan any way deemed necessary. Clorox, will rule Paradise city and the inheritance hers by right. Shared power of the WO, signed contract in agreement by both parties named. This contract now active and binding holds this treaty, this agreement and the parties named accountable. Any breach of this by either named party will, mark and sentence the name of the culprit to death. The party, named the culprit will have 72 hours to reinstate the order of things named above, after which the contract will be reinstated.

How could this be, this is not right Clorox henchman killed the WO council who oversees both cities, Whiteout merely inherited the role. “Dam it, that bitch set me up- oh that Bitch will pay.”

She looks over to Blaze, still bleeding out- “where the hell is he?”

The real Blaze is somewhere this one is an imposter, why the secrecy?

The deer steaks seem to have helped rejuvenate the, the group as they move into the main tunnel. A cold dampness over takes them, the crisp air soothing to their lungs as it seeps into their body their speech spit clouds. “It’s getting cold- I should have dressed better for the occasion.”

“You couldn’t have known sis, besides you always love showing off your sexiness any chance you get- even if that means freezing to death.”

“True- I can’t help it God made me this way.”

“Yes he made you but doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it.”

“Really Elle- your giving Kyonna a lecture about life at a time like this”


“Elle, your one to talk.” Red interjects “You are just as hot.”

Blushing by the compliment, Elle’s skin turns from white to a golden brown her natural born pigment shines through. From embarrassment, her hair changes too, a purple tone now exudes her present main.

“Ahm” Wendy punches him in the ribs for that one.

“A guy can look, besides nothing ever compares to my boo.”

“Aw, thanks sweets I love you to.”

“Your welcome, I love you more.”

“There will be plenty time to flirt and catch up- right now it’s time to focus.”

Serinnah, stops and searches the tunnel for the entrance, running her fingers across the bricks looking for the hidden seam. “Mother what are you doing?” Kyonna asks. “I’m searching for the hidden door, it will take us to the manor- remembering that night they lost their father Ishtan, and the fact she heard them talking Kyonna addresses mom “Mother, the night dad died we lost the house it burned to the ground.” Serrinah, finding the passage presses the wall as it opens she turns back to her third child “Kyonna yes you are correct however a year later, I had another built in its place- the same layout and design just…”

“What?” They all follow her through the passage, and a massive expanse opens and suddenly they are outside again. The passage closes behind them only the strong sound of the vacuum working to seal the door shut.

“It’s better than before, it has been updated.” Serrinah says looking back at her daughters she stands in the entrance to the expanse, motioning them through with her hand to the manner.

“Wow, mom Its…” Wendy lost for words- Elle finishes her sister’s expression.


Hearing screeching Red shouts softly “Shadow walkers on the other side of that wall- there is not much time to linger let’s move, hurry.”

“We’re safer inside the house.” Serinnah adds.

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