Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 10

Outside in the main tunnel the Shadow walkers search for signs of Bloodstain, looking for a special spike in the heat signature left from the Abanthium. “Any signs yet” the WO officer asks, as the intercom cracks the silence, as the voices synthetic again resonate. “Negative, sir nothing.” The enforcer says aboard the Shadow Walker.

“Well keep searching- try all sonic scans and microwaves, and spectrums- they’re bound to turn up” Hargrave says.

“Already, on it sir.” Moving along; six Shadow Walkers searching- each escorted by a squad of enforcers.Ringing in through the tunnel the beam lights from the scanners jut back and forth sweeping the massive nave. Hues, of Red and Blue beam through the cold mist, the beams moving around up down and in a sweeping pattern.

“Keep searching I want them found.” The AI orders.

The WO, still in charge of Paradise city and miraculously running like a well-oiled machine business as usual. “I want them found by weeks end” Hargrave’s voice orders “Move to the next sector.” With the council dead form Lei- resulting in Both AI’s running the entire city. The city on auto pilot, now governed by a computer – the worst scenario now rears its ugly head.

“Nothing here either sir.” The enforcer says. That distinct tinge of mechanical undertones emits from every WO employee.

“Sir, I’ve found no evidence of the party ever coming through here.”

“Someone destroyed our convoy down here, I want them found I’m positive its Inkblot and Bloodstain.”

“Sir It appears our dead have been hit with, some sort of chemical; but there is more. There is no sign indicating that Bloodstain or his brother passed through here- it appears to be the work of Lei.”

“What, do a preliminary scan, and analyze the samples.”

“Yes sir.”

Hearing a large, amount of noise emanating from the throat of tunnel the commander barks his orders “Very well it’s getting late- send out the death squads to pick up where we left off. The hour is getting late; the reapers will be out soon.” Reapers are the elite source of power- Clorox’s personal army. Reapers large sleek armed parasitic drones that can shape shift- this and the fact they can teleport make them a formidable enemy. The grand library of Serinnah’s new house is amazing- new blended seamlessly with old style. Books and holographic imprints, a wealth of information and a complete history of events from WW III and IIII up to now, the library is built around a central computer. Looking to put the pieces together they search high and low. Trey and Red are both overrun by an influx, of memories. The flashbacks bring them both back to the beginning, the pain and the loss. The two relive their nightmares and it starts now. Seeing Serinnah, walking and moving the way she does down the spiral staircase after retrieving some more information and history- has sparked this series of memories. The black wood, desk that Trey and his brother sit at. The room pristine and futuristic in design yet strong hints of early Victorian architecture, the room is lavish. Seated across from Trey and Red, the blonde haired blue eyed assistant smiles and winks at the two men is Kaleema. Raven’s assistant, Kaleema sexy and flirtatious she smacks her gum routinely. “Can I help you two boys with anything?”

“No thank you.”

“You sure now, anything you need you just holler.” Kaleema says winking at them opening her blouse a bit more.

“Kaleema, move along come on there’s work to be done, see to it these two have the proper identification cards and ID’s. Then take them to the lower chamber, and begin testing. No mistakes this time, we need them to infiltrate Westfall.” Raven instructs, leaning in to kiss her on the neck. In disgust Kaleema pushes him away looking at Trey and Red.

“Alright boys – you heard him follow me right this way.”

Snapping out of it for a moment Trey looks at the screen, then over at the grey folder marked SS. “Serinnah what’s that folder under your arm? What’s in it I mean?” Trey asks.

“Well, its sealed I’m throwing it away. SS, stands for Secret Services, of which you both were a part of. That’s all I can say as the file and its contents are classified.”

“Trey, you can sit in here and Red come with me you can sit in this room opposite your brother.” Kaleema says. “Uh, excuse me what kinds of tests are these, why are he and I here.” Red asks.

The stale grey mirror, between the brothers its sheen allowing each other the view of the other yet still the two can’t see each other at all. “Well how come I can see my brother Trey in there yet I can’t see him?” “I don’t know, hun that is part of the first test.”

“What the hell, it makes no sense.” Strapping Red into the chair, Kaleema, tries to sooth his nervousness and rubs his inner thigh high up as she straps him down to the chair. He leans his head back and closes his eyes. She gets up and heads for the door, “hey wait, why am, I strapped to this chair?”

“It says here in this file, the two were abandoned at age 12. Well they have extensive combat training” Raven reads aloud continuing. “Multiple altercations with local law, and state multiple infractions arrests, assault. Blatant disregard for authority perfect these two are just superb, they were meant for this test.”

“Let the test begin.” Raven says over the intercom. Kaleema, looks back at him and smiles blows him a kiss and leaves. Entering the next room she straps Trey down to his chair, only she straddles him, then kisses his neck. The tests will begin in approximately one hour, she whispers to him as she gets up and leaves. Her scent so invigorating, like ripe cherries on a mid-summer’s eve delightful. The doors close and the hum and click of the locks tell all there is no escape. The Gas- Trey remembers.

Hissing noise Trey comes out of the memory again, with Serinnah still talking. “I’ve found some things- here in regards to you both.” Wendy says with a blank look on her face. Ghost white she pulls up the information, on the large screen projector. An article from the “Ashen Tribune,” the short article describes two local heroes; Trey and Arthesis, who save Leethan and her people from the grips of the SBS, a Nazi like super power in World Wars III and IIII. The two are accredited annihilating any and all efforts put forth by the SBS, thus helping ending both wars. Looking even more Serinnah finds another article with the two brothers standing next to Blaze, and two women who are now known as Clorox and Whiteout, the picture was taken sometime before the two became what they are today, as they are shown to be human. Behind them, stands the wreckage of a vehicle, not identifiable and of unknown origins. Elle “Here’s another article” finding new information on the two brothers, another from Providence Post, this one talks about a black ops operation and project and Trey and Red are the primary test subjects. The title of the article Black Site 22. “How could this be?” Kyonna asks “What’s wrong Trey why the long face?”

“Well brother at least we know how we became this way.” Red says continuing to speak “It was Blaze he was a scientist- and he conducted experiments on us both.”

“Yes, and the also means Red he is not our father- like Wendy said.”

Relieved to hear that news Red hugs her and kisses her tightly. While the group continues to search Silva is asleep on the couch behind them.

“Guys get a room- please.” Elle exudes with great annoyance.

“They have as much right to kiss as you or Kyonna- besides its refreshing to see a man love Wendy as Red does.” Serinnah responds. “Elle…”

“I know mom, I’m just stressed and think we all need to focus on the information.”

“Serinnah, is right what do you say we take break- come on sweets, let’s get a room.” Trey suggests rubbing Elle”s shoulders. “Besides we could use a good night’s sleep.”

“I’ll finish up here with Kyonna.”

“You sure?” Elle asks going upstairs.

“Yes, besides her and I have a lot to catch up on.”

“Sounds- good to me mom.” As the family and friends wind down and find time to reconnect and catch up, the WO feverishly searches high and low for them. Leethan, is getting worse by the hour Whiteout and her army make sure of that, she soaks in a special bath prepared just for her to heal her wounds of the day’s events. Lei, that gutless prick will pay for what he’s done; but not as much as Clorox- she thinks to herself. Sinking into the stasis tank Whiteout exhales. Calm and safe her mind is freed of the emotion and she thinks of her next move, the door opens and Madeline makes her way into her quarters. Hearing the door close behind her, Whiteout knows its Madeline- by the weight of her walk her heels click clack on the floor. “I’ve brought Champaign your highness- shall I pour you some?”

“Please do.” Whiteout shouts soaking her stasis bath soothing her reserve and healing.

Madeline, sees the bloodstained scroll that treaty a sore thumb instantly recognizes the signature of the messenger Lei; that persistent SOB she thinks to herself. Knowing full well what it pertains to, for “she” Madeline is to inherit Paradise City. Clorox, a has been like Blaze both were disillusioned to the bigger picture, the AI’s the WO and now Whiteouts power over them as well; all plans to implement the greatest government the world has and will ever know-thinking again. Preparing to rest from the evening, Madeline changes into her nightly attire when the intercom rings. Answering it now out of the tub Whiteout recognizes number and speaks into it “Yes Bellfore what is it?”

”Your highness a guest is here to see you- she insists it’s urgent I tried to stop her she ignored me and is now on the way up to see you.”

“Who is it Bellfore?”

“Clorox, your highness she destroyed your 4 guards.”

“Very well, engage all fail safes and brakes I don’t want her up here.”

“Already done, the fail safes work but the brakes to the elevator have been overridden somehow.” Still naked her assistant loves women and is strongly attracted to Whiteout, who is very easy on the eyes, here brown skin glowing radiates a golden tone. Beautiful, so sweet- mmm nice very nice- Madeline thinks in arousal her breasts swollen perk with delight. The door bursts open in an explosion. “Hope I’m not interrupting you two love birds.”

“Clorox, you…”

“Shut it, sugar plum- I’m here to remind your highness of our treaty.”

“Yes, she is well aware of the situation.”

“Madeline, stay out of this- I’m asking politely.”

“She’s right this is between her and me.”

“For the record Clorox- I inherited Paradise City on the account of your assassin killing the entire council. So accuse me of breaking your precious treaty all you want; but be aware because of your actions you broke the treaty, not me as bound by our blood on this contract.”

Clorox, unaware of this news is silent and weighs her options as to how to reset the treaty. As it stands by the blood bound in the contract and the unknown actions of Lei, brought her to this point. How could this be, Lei is instructed him to follow recon only- never did I order to kill. Silent she sits on the couch in the front room- Madeline and Whiteout both get dressed and head over to her sitting there. The three silent and while Clorox broods, over this news she asks where is the proof. “How do you know this? How do I know it’s not your ploy after all I do know how cruel and mean you are?”

“The council records their sessions, here let me bring it up on the screen. Yes I admit I’m a bitch and evil, cold, calculating, and manipulative- you by all accounts are right- however it was never in my plan to control Paradise City. I’m uninterested in it, and her citizens.”

Playing the early morning video, Clorox is sad and angry not at Whiteout- by all accounts Clorox forgives Whiteout. Yet the anger is in Lei and his actions, “Why?”

“I don’t know much, but the one thing I noticed is that contract between you and I, the one here in my bedroom is not the original we agreed upon. I don’t know what’s going on; but I’m going to find out.”

Clorox, still seeing Lei, murder the council the very one that she herself swore to protect and serve sits still reeling seething her anger- and deep down is happy as she now sees him and Whiteout struggle.

“Still, why go behind my back?”

“Easy, you aren’t my employer.” Lei, answers entering the way Clorox came in, “He is” accompanied by Raven. Raven is a dark gangly figure in a black trench coat. Raven, an old War scientist and officer is the closest thing to SBS. Evil at its core, Raven is powerful and feared-“What a pleasant surprise, three lovely ladies fumbling about over me and a pointless piece of paper.”

“Why, did you kill the council what is your play in all of this?”

“Whiteout, you need to look at the bigger picture if Leethan is all you want, then so be it Leethan is all you will get. Though I see your machines are already running both cities, tip top and with impressive grip over the WO. I’ve come to offer you three an opportunity, choice is yours. Take it or leave it.”

“What opportunity- do you speak of?” Clorox shouts as she stands up again looking at him. His red eyes a glow, he is hooded and ghastly to the eyes. His bright red cloak and hood, rest below his pitch black coat, leather with some white trim on it, he scowls. His presence menacing sends chills up their spines he gazes at the three specimens.

“The opportunity, to work with me and the SBS- we intercepted Blazes plans to capture Bloodstain to acquire his Abanthium. In these findings we also learned of the council’s plans, to head up a mining project. I propose both scenarios, however once the target is captured, we will strap him to the extraction machine, where all the Abanthium will be removed and inserted into the pipeline, for the production of our army.”

“Why, of what importance is the Abanthium to you?”

“My dear, the Abanthium is a parasitic element of which is comprised of crystals and metals unknown to us. The element is resilient, alive and responsive to the host’s personality. This element my dear is the catalyst for our army- the perfect building block for bullet proof drones. Free thinking, enforcers to run the enemy out and maintain order.”

Listening Raven paces back and forth, while eyeing the nice forms in front of him, he thinks perfect these women are so beautiful, skin soft and smooth- pity they won’t last long like this. They shall make fine candidates for the experiment. He walks over to each while taking his thick leather gloves off, and touches their smooth silky skin with his burned bare hands. Each grovels with disgust as he does so. Yes, perfect they are, they may very well survive the ordeal planned, we shall see. He still ponders the possibilities, and thinks of the three Madeline is most likely to survive from the procedure, thus leaving both cities to him and his army which will over run everything and everyone, nothing will stand in my way.

“What I offer you ladies is a chance to be paid and funded amply, if you join me. You Clorox and Whiteout can keep your precious cities. What do you say? Think about it moll it over.”

Silence overtakes the room while the three women think about it. Lei, falls in behind them while Raven stands in front of them.

“Well, what’s it going to be?” Raven swings his trench coat back standing at eases, in staunch military fashion waits for an answer.

“What you mean come up with an answer right now?” Madeline shouts, gets up and walks over to Whiteout and stands.

“I’ll accept your offer- on one condition I get to kill him and his brother.”

“Count me in also.”

“Well, Madeline that leaves you. Take it or leave it however Whiteout, to your request to kill them both- I cannot allow. You see we need them alive, for without that none of the Abanthium can survive.”

“Alright, I too will accept your offer.” Madeline finally agreeing while Whiteout scowls at him and his denial.

“Very well, I get to bring the in- also she Madeline is to remain my servant.”

“Ok, than it is done- I shall now leave you three love birds to your prior arrangement.”

Walking out Raven squares them all up, from head to toe and up again, than heads out through the destroyed door. Lei, leaves close behind cutting each of them as a reminder.

“Remember ladies cross me, and you will wish you hadn’t.”

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