Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 11

The manor is quite, the WO still searching for them gains no ground on their investigation. Serinnah and her companions can hear Hargrave’s voice barking orders. Kyonna and her mom catch up while still sifting through article after article finding more puzzles than pieces.

“Huny.” Kyonna not hearing her mother speak keeps sifting through the information.


“Yes, mom.”

“Sorry you were there I had no idea, you felt so strongly about dad.”

“It’s ok mom, I’m sorry for judging you I honestly thought you left for good.”

“Well that makes two of us, I love all of you very much- I didn’t expect that thing to clone me or duplicate me. Its mimicking me and my voice.”

Trey, Red and Elle come down after their rest with Wendy lagging behind.

“Any other information,” Trey asks.

“Yes Trey a whole lot- only…”


“We have found more puzzles than pieces.”

Showing them what they’ve found Trey starts in along with the others-

“I couldn’t stop think about the wreckage- the unknown technology and the project experiments that were conducted on us.”

“That is the source of all of this- I’m sure of it.” Red affirms, slapping Trey’s right shoulder.

“We find out those answers we can better understand our purpose and place in this world.”

“Yes, well put brother. The SBS and our abilities might lead us down the right path to all the pieces before us.”

“Guys.” Wendy and Elle say. “We’ve found something.”

Ignoring them Trey and Red continue their rant at the biggest puzzle “why us, who are we and where did we go wrong? Project, scrapped after failed attempts.

The War’s end- or just the beginning?”

“AHM, gentleman- enough I believe the ladies are trying to tell us something useful!” Serinnah shouts addressing the two brothers.

“Take a look at this, the picture there do you see it?” Elle asks.

“No I’m not following you.” Trey says looking at

“Yes, Elle I do see it Trey look closely at the picture.” Pointing to the picture directly in front of the head scientist- the memories fresh in their minds; the stench of ozone, blood and burning ore- Trey squints to remember his name visualizing the hell and misery they went through. The slate greyness of the room overwhelms the senses, screams of agony Trey looks over to his right sees his brother chained. Like him they are stretched out and shackled to metal brackets, blood trickles a steady flow the pitter patter of it hitting the concrete floor. Looking more Trey notices a black tube hooked up to him his blood running out one side to a machine, and on his left the black entering him, burns. The Steele tables polished and pristine, the reflections reveal his hellish affair- his eyes gouged out, deep cuts across his eye sockets and cheeks, blood is no longer droving downward, just the hot blackened liquid. Yet somehow Trey can see it all. He looks once more to his big brother- his affair worse much worse. Burned every 45 seconds, his body ripe with stench the blood from himself mixed with Art’s and combined with a parasite. Strange, agony and hellish screams from both of them. “Keep it down guys, I have guests” Trey still in a hypnotic like trance- continues to remember the hell, but what was his name? “Who the fuck are you?” Again flashbacks ensue, “Please everyone come in join us, I shall show you the power of Abanthium in Art, and Auscillium in Trey.” Grimacing, at the hideousness of them both the women cringe, “Why are they like this heir doctor?” A beautiful blonde woman asks please madam call me Dr. Raven.

Dr. Raven.” Trey jolts out of his trance shouting his name.

“Yes, I too remember.” Red says “Son of a bitch.”

“What is going on?”

“Auscillium, and…”

“Abanthium.” Red states finishing Trey’s statement.

“The experiments we signed up for were to spear head the Wars efforts to control the two substances found from that alien wreckage.”

“Only, Red and I didn’t volunteer- like the paper led us to believe- we were selected.”

“What are you talking about, what the hell is Auscillium, and Abanthium.”Silva asks; now up from the noise and commotion.

“The two elements found at the crash site Red and I- were sent to investigate- it the crash site full of contaminants.”

“You were selected because you were exposed to toxic levels of the radiation. Look this article says you two ended up at the hospital, were treated and pronounced dead at 3:30 am.” Reading the articles further it says continued at the bottom with an article reference number- 43:12. Scrolling through the articles in the holographs and on the computer they can’t find it. However Silva plugs it into the computer’s central core, and notices a distinct shape in the center a void where a key goes. Asking for Kyonna’s medallion, she places it in the center void- and it lights up. Unlocking all of the missing pieces to the questions as to how everything came to be- including article 43:12. The article pops up; standing out the group now huddles around it- in awe of its contents.

“It says here, Blaze was an assassin Raven took your bodies brought you both back from the dead- to conduct brutal experiments on you. For some reasons not explained when both of you extracted the contaminants that a time shift occurred- thereby renewing the War’s.”

“Look here according to this article it was last week and we are still at war.”

“Well that explains some of it.”

“Serinnah, how do you figure?” Kyonna asks- “According to the article and from what I’ve seen we are still at war, World War IIII.”

“Look I get that; but what you are missing is the WO, the presidency me and whoever is involved in this all is covering up two facts. One, aliens are present now and then- the crash site proves it and the two elements now present in both of you. Two, that’s why they are covering it up- by them posting and advertising perfection and peace, they hide from the world behind the Veil because the world would freak out flip all chaos would ensue if the truth got out.”

“Well true, mom but there is a third reason look here; Raven is Trey and Red’s biological father.” Kyonna ads, shocked at the findings. “It appears Blaze saved you both from the wreckage, and to cover up his footprints he used the duplication machine to pose as an imposter. Meaning by him duplicating himself, he covered his tracks to you preventing the SBS or the WO from finding you. He wasn’t your father he was your protector.”

“Look here is another picture of the SBS, and the WO posing together- with…”

“Whiteout and Clorox on the very same racks you two were seen on.”

“Hargrave, and Raven together.”

“Find them both- I’ll double your salaries’ and triple your bonus to the one who finds Inkblot and Bloodstain.” Hargrave, commands looking to his two lead enforcers, and nods as if to say I mean you two. Moving on, ahead one of them picks up a signal recognizing it as the signal of the medallion, being used she signals the five men closest to her to the hidden door. “I have their location sir, we are moving in now.”

“Good, Ayla you will be amply compensated.” Looking over at her lover, and companion Ike she ads “Sir Ike and I found them.”

“Very well than- as promised your credits are being forwarded now as we speak.”

“Raven, we are close now we should have your subjects within the hour.”

“Good, once you have them take them in for interrogation.”

“Very well, as you wish.”

As the group, finishes up the articles and closes the computer and Silva removes the medallion Elle senses something “Kyonna hide that, put it somewhere safe- please don’t look at me and second guess me- just find a secret place now hurry.”

The doors blow up inward as the breach has worked, feeling the threat Trey’s skeletons dance lashing angrily at the enemy. Huddled together they all stand in a close circle- “Freeze!” Ike and Ayla shout as the backup arrives.

Each enforcer quickly fires a dose of neurotoxins at them, stunning and inhibiting their abilities. With them motionless they are captured and quickly taken to headquarters.

The door slammed, with an ear shattering clank.

“Hello Mr. Johnson- I am your advisor” as she pulls the black bag off Trey’s head.

The tall slender woman sports a shapely figure covered by her business skirt and blouse. She leans into his area to whisper secrets for none to hear. She leaves after the brief exchange with him. In walks another tall slender woman this one wearing a stunning red dress with a grey blazer. Strangely the two stop and glance at each other in passing, as if the recognize one another. Walking to front of the room she sits directly across from Trey- Mrs. Johnson is now in full cover undetected to the other woman.

“Tell me again how you came to possess this information?” she says.

In the room next to Trey Red flails from a hard left hook, Red lunges forward in his chair, the hit knocking him out cold rests as Lei walks out “He’s all yours doc.”

“Good strap him to the extractor, then prep him some more – it will take at least 6 hours before we can begin.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sitting in the old stiff chair Trey adorns a black hoodie with

Skeletons on it, the design is intricate and shape shifts with his mood.

Dancing and ever changing these bones appear angry and hostile at their surroundings. Blacker than the darkest nights sky his hoodie engulfs his presence giving him the appearance of a shape or a shadow. His eyes glow, burning white flames of passion his purpose is unclear he shifts forward, in the rustic chair.

“I like your smile; you’re far too attractive to be a lawyer- ’tell me what your name is?”

“That is not, protocol I ask the questions you will answer” she demands.

Trey hearing, Red next door getting the shit kicked out of him- gets angry. Decides to toy with her- I’ll have fun with you bitch-he says under his breath.

“I’m sorry what-was that? again’-′ how did you come to possess this information?”

“I like it when you get angry, it sends pheromones out, I can smell them.” Trey says continues he indulges his senses-“Mmmff-ah the smell of fear.” Silently she glares at the mirror behind him piercing it with hatred; she snaps too and demands recognition- they all have been here and done this before.

“You should show a little respect- once again -how did you get this information?”

“That is not why I am here bitch- look I told you that’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“Trey- in order to acquit these charges you must tell me how you came about this information” using a more seductive soothing tone.

“Like I said that is none of your business- tell you what you convey to me who wants to know, and I’ll tell you.”

“I do- the people do- they have a right to know.”

Silence overtakes the room in a thick choking presence, eating away the noise that persisted from her question and sounds of Red in agony. Sinking further into his to his chair, his hood falls back revealing his hellish affair his eyes glean with anger “You’re pissing me off.”

His face- stark white with deep black cuts dripping and oozing down they create his attire. She studies his face and only now begins to see the subtlety of the skull painted on his face. Ever flowing the black ooze drips onto the table as he hunches over to study the false document now placed before him-and laughs at its accusations “Ha, you’ll have to do better than that.”

“Possession of the disc is the sole property of a very large and nameless enterprise’-’Trey how did you acquire the information?”

“Aha, the truth finally we are getting to the point but; bitch we have been here and done this once before.

I’m not saying anything to you. You are not as you seem this place is not in existence- it is a projection form your boss’s mind. The two cities Leethan and Paradise City still at war, you hide the truth from the world. You do so because you are afraid- that the people will destroy all you have built.”

Next door Red, is strapped into the extraction chamber, “Prepare the machine we have 4 hours now until its ready.” Red looks around blurry eyed at first and then crisp clear images are in plain sight, images that now haunt his mind- and likely ones he won’t soon forget.

Massive hall, long and wide he sees pods of varying sizes “What, where am I?” –Red asks chained to the machine.

“Your name currently in here-in this poor excuse of an interrogation room is Madeline. Hired by Raven you Clorox and Whiteout agreed to this,” Trey exclaims.

“Ha, is that so?” Glaring through the thick mirror at Clorox, finding out she has been keeping secrets- her mind dwells on the obvious problem. Bitch, hording the first, born- sure isn’t your job; but have some decency and be secret about it. While Trey silently, uses his Auscillium, liquid to flow through the entire facility gathering all the final pieces to this puzzle.

“Yes, the WO, and SBS are teaming up- they want Red and I, they want the Auscillium and Abanthium from us. The Auscillium from me- to inject the first born with, and you want my brother’s Abanthium to help mutate the process, ensuring the transformation isn’t rejected. ”

“Is that so? The information Inkblot where is it and where did you get it?”

“You are an agent working in deep cover for Raven. The only plausible explanation is you need these elements to build the perfect army and using kids as the test subjects. ”

Getting up the woman, looks back at him and signals to be let out of the room.

“I can see this is getting nowhere, guards.” Buzzing the door opens.

Exiting the room the door slams shut, she is met by a tall slender female who is dressed in white armor and a faceless helmet devoid of eyes and heavily armed; she looks at Madeline, quick to point out the obvious.

“Why are you staring at me?’- ’I’ve done all that I can.” Madeline, points to her lover and boss.Whiteout angry strikes her down with a back hand.

“I can’t be to blame for the fact your plan failed, Madeline, that’s for going behind my back monitoring me. He has found out who you are don’t fail the boss again.”

“Put him in the holding chamber, oh and Madeline put the bag over his head again.”

Sitting there, bound to the wall three thick massive chains bind him to the floor wall and ceiling. Heavy silence overtakes him, gripping the room he listens for signs of his brother, nothing only the occasional tick of the dialysis machine working to extract Red’s Abanthium and the occasional chain scrapping the concrete floor as he moves. Trying to find comfort, Trey continues to reposition himself only to find more pain. More silence, as he falls asleep weary from the day's events.

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