Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 12

Waking to the sounds of faint high heels clanking down the hall towards the door then stopping, more silence ensues. For what seems like eternity, Trey is now unchained and free they pull the bag off his head, he chokes the enforcer picking him up by the neck with one hand. “What have you done, with my friends and my brother?” The enforcer looks deep into Trey’s eyes, ripe with anger he burns, catching fire, quickly Trey is brought to his knees. Sharp burning pain, spiders its way across his back hit with an electro staff. “Ah.”

“Bring him to interrogation again.”

“Yes sir.”

“Get up, come on Trey lets go.”

“It’s Inkblot to you shit head.”

As they walk down the narrow corridor the hallway and surrounding area vanishes. What was concrete and brick are now blotches and pools of ink oozing and running to form the environment. The black runs thick the constant stream from the gargoyles above to the ground is a stark reminder of the oddness of this place, yet familiar they have been here before. Trey gets up standing tall. He strife’s through the hall avoiding the crowds of workers.

The Auscillium, makes its way over to Red unchaining him- “it’s too late the Abanthium is already gone, extracted. Shit, to busy piddling around with Whiteout. Brother I’m sorry- I’m too late.”

“AH, huh what, where am I.”

“You’re in Xero or Raven’s base, careful bro you’re not well rest now.”

“Oh, I feel so weak.”

“That’s from the loss of Abanthium, they have taken it from you.”

“Just give me a minute, bro give me a minute or two to regain my energy.”

“Alright, I will hang tight then let me check on the rest of the crew.”

Trey getting up leaves Red, who is signaling him to go handle business.

He leaves, and quickly changes into liquid form, and spreads through the area. Seeping through the floors ceilings and walls, in twelve minutes time he covered the entire base.

“Dam, no signs of them or Raven,” Trey continues to look for everyone.

Bright white light emits from the tile and brick walls while the blackness remains the mortar and seems of the unearthly environment. Red regains some strength and heads out to pursue those who have done this to him- he looks over the large machine. Shaped like an X, with needles all along the center, the immense amount of pain the slow agony of the process rendered him unconscious from it.

“They will pay.”

With little warning to Trey the environment changes, the blackness stops flowing- crusts away as red hues push through. Peeling and chipping to the floor the blackness ceases to exist, what was once known to Trey is now gone. With the white lights still emitting its iridescence most of which is now stained with blood and deep red hues that now streak and blotch holding everything in place. Trey, strides through the area, now shockingly accompanied by his brother “I thought you lost the powers- you been blessed with?”

“Believe me I thought so too.”

The two now wage war on the facility and Raven, the WO, Whiteout steps into the narrow corridor just a head of Inkblot who now falls to his knees.

“You ok, brother?”

“Yeah, I I’ll be fine- just give me a minute keep going.”

“Alright, I’ll come back for you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Looking back he sees his brother overcome the power that Whiteout had on him, he picks her up by the neck and tosses her against the concrete wall ahead of him.

“Oof.” She exhales, he speaks to her “Whiteout, I’m going to ask once and only this one time. Where the fuck, are my friends?” She starts laughing in pain her chuckle is labored.

“I’m not playing around Bitch.”

Coughing up blood through her cracked helmet she stutters - “I told you its Mrs. Bitch to you,” Whiteout says. She gets up and swings her Katana at him, cutting him deep- the black pools out and drips steadily to the floor. He looks at her steps forward, though hard as her power is still strong and lunges his fist into her abdomen. Pushing her away, Trey continues on past her.

That was too easy. He thinks to himself not paying any attention to it- he again transforms into liquid this time going down the elevator to his right down 89 stories to the bottom- I didn’t think to check down here.

“Well, well what have we here?”

“Serinnah, thank god I’ve found you were are the others?”

Standing there in an offensive stance, legs slightly agape, her long brown legs glisten, as she tries to seduce him.

“Look I don’t know what your play is, but I’m here to rescue you and your daughters- now please tell me where I can find Elle?”

Her heels clack on the hard cold floor as she struts up to him, striking him square in the jaw with her nun-chucks. Spitting blood her tone is not what he is used to-“how dare you ask me over me, that woman is dead you killed her just like the others. You will pay.”

Confused and shocked at what he heard, he delves deep into the Auscillium, slowly the picture revels the truth. Hitting her square in the jaw, she shatters to the floor “nice try Bitch, Whiteout is toying with you Trey focus.”

“I’ve got to find them.”

“There fire I want him dead.” The voice shouts the 15 enforcers line the wall, along with 5 droids. Trey unleashing his fury runs along the wall then ceiling. Dealing the worst to these cretins, suddenly the droids split and tear apart they squirm to the floor and behind the mayhem Elle, Wendy, and Kyonna stand there- “What took you so long, hun?”


“Never mind, I’m just glad to see you alive- where is my mother?” Elle asks smiling.

Kyonna walks around the bodies, like a badass she has that don’t fuck with me walk.

“Hey Trey, good to see you” -Kyonna rubs his chest as she walks by, “Ah you too.”

Looking shocked he looks over to Elle, “What the hell was that about?”

“She has reached her potential- her power is immense that and as a result her confidence is in full spectrum.”

“Look where, is your mother- I can’t find her anywhere.”

“She is tied up at the moment, her death near and soon will end up like Silva.”

“Lei, what have you done with them?”

“I didn’t do anything to them- I merely strapped them to the assembly line- Silva has met her fate already; but your mom has yet to meet hers.”

Out of know where a rumble shoots from around the corner behind Lei, Red and his Abanthium the army lurks behind Lei. He in turn quickly dissolves into thin air, and then reappears to the left of Red, stabbing him with his blade. “You are too predictable,” he says catching Trey in midflight by the neck. “You are all too predictable and weak.”

“Let him go, dickhead you mess with my sister’s boyfriends long enough.”

“Oh, little one what do you plan to do about it? You are weak like you husband T I killed him he was a bitch.”

“You will pay for that” Kyonna says holding her hands out, as a large amount of gravity is sucked into her hands, she holds them up creating a massive ball of it so strong it becomes a singularity. Sucking, in nearby objects her anger at the news her love is dead by Lei’s hands is more than she can bare- she has always detested him, the unwanted touching and unfriendly kisses the buildup reaches a climax. Rearing back and throwing the mass at him he is devoured, vanishing without a trace. Red still takes on the enforcers of the WO, fighting them off, “Finished yet?” Trey asks waiting, “Hold that thought.” Knocking one of them down the shaft, a loud yet faint thud, and the enforcer is crushed “Yes now I am.”

“Finally, can we go?”

“Clorox!” Red, shouts as she turns up behind Kyonna.

“That’s my, name don’t wear it out-.” with a knife in her hand she stabs Kyonna, in the side in the very scar that she left last time. She falls to her knees again, this time flames jut out of the fresh wound and heal her instantly. Turning around Kyonna hits her with a gravity punch that knocks Clorox into the wall, she now rest unconscious in the gaping crater.

“You asked for it Bitch.”

“Were mother?” Wendy shouts. Looking they open the doors down the hall entering the large room, dim white lights turn on- the clank of power surging through. White tile walls that reach halfway up with walkways on top- allowing for the projects to be policed the WO, is notorious for slave labor. The room is evidence of such authority, yet the SBS is prevalent here as well. Where they find the room full of enforcers, standing one by one next to each other tracing the entire perimeter of the wall, the army guns locked on the group as they enter. “We are surrounded.” Red says not aware its clear to the others.

“No shit- Red.”

“There up there- Serinnah.”

Looking up they all see her bound and badly beaten- blood heavy and thick has formed a puddle well below her feet. Stripped of her clothes her once beautiful brown skin is bare gaping with sores and pain, the girls saddened sob and whimper. A mass quiet engulfs the large room- “I see you found your mother- pity she did not agree with our new direction.”

“Raven, what have you done?” Prepared to answer, Raven motions for Hargrave to come in, as the group walks closer they notice the hologram projecting the enforcers. Strange there are none. Red observes “why are you our father head of the SBS, joining forces with Hargrave and the WO?” Seeing the room and Hargrave enter through the thick metal doors Inkblot and Bloodstain are suddenly overrun with memories and information and flashbacks begin to incur: The ripe stench of blood and ozone- combined with the daunting task of lying still. Hargrave, subjects them both to unimaginable torture. Only pain and suffering- this very room these very people- Raven and Hragrave, even the guards all the same.

“Quite simply, it’s a matter of survival.”

“Who’s survival?”

“For the record I’m not who you think I am.”

“Brother, he is the enemy.”


“He is right- Bloodstain. See, that fateful night you happened upon the alien wreckage you and you brother Inkblot, took the contents out. Brought them here to this very room- this very lab, for R&D; Raven tested the specimens, poking and prodding.”

“Testing for what?”

“To see if in fact, the element was what it had appeared to be.”

“Which is what- you need to explain it cut to the chase.”

“The element and the specimen are one in the same, finding that both Auscillium, and Abanthium are key components in building of Life.”


“Both the elements prevalent in you and your brother, are Carbon 3 based life forms.”

“Parasites? Carbon- what’s this got to do with the SBS, and the WO?” Red asks.

“Not entirely, yes it acts like a parasite- its pure energy and is the very basis of life. As it’s the liquid enables the microorganisms to live, the closer we looked the more we realized there are two separate chemicals, to this catalyst; Abanthium and Auscillium.”

“Ok; but you just said that you aren’t my father- who are you then? What, is Hargrave doing here?”

“I’m getting to that.” Hargarve and I are of the same origins, we are the hosts to both the Abanthium and Auscillium. The day you and your brother pulled two bodies from the wreckage that was me and Hargrave. So I am alien, just like him we came here on a mission from our home planet to help us carry our races on. If the real Raven was your father, then I am sorry for your loss but we killed him, to take on your human form.”

“So, you…”

“Yes, that’s right Whiteout, Clorox, Lei, Hargrave, Blaze and I, are all alien.”

“So why replicate Blaze, my father Raven, Serinnah, Hargrave, Lei and Clorox- why duplicate them?”

“Because, your girlfriend’s family is the link to all of this- in fact two families are at play here. Inkblot and you Bloodstain your family, has been with Serinnah and Ishtan. Clorox is your mother or was we killed her and Raven, to gain access to certain assets.”

“Her Drones” Trey interrupts.

“Precisely Elle, Wendy and Kyonna along with Serinnah, even Silva -that bloodline we needed as well to gain control of the two cities which discovered the truth. Thus why things are now the way they are.”

“So, Elle, Kyonna, Serinnah and my love are alien- and the 4th war has restarted?”

“No, well Serinnah was the only one duplicated, yet we kept her alive to run Paradise city, while her clone or alien twin ran Leethan. The War restarted after you two came returning to Leethan, by coming back the time line reinstated as if the war never stopped.”

“How, we have no control over time, neither does our Auscillium or Abanthium.” Trey interrupting the conversation again.

“True. Right you are however the vehicle that was found by you two, that is a time machine by taking the contents out of the ship you respectfully altered the future and past, creating a loop in time. A paradox if you will. Because, you removed the contents of that ship, you there by altered the state of everything.”

“How- that is impossible.”

“For you Bloodstain, and your brother Inkblot you may not comprehend. It’s quite simple really; you removed the contents of my ship while it was still heading to its proper destination.”


“That’s right it was technically still in, motion. Though you could not see it moving it was indeed heading for its destination. So fun chatting with you really- however we want our elements back- and by doing so you really need to die.” Moving out from behind his guards, Raven signals the attack. What where once holographic projections surrounding them – the enforcers come to life and fire on them. They split up, Elle and Wendy flank left Trey and Red head right. Inkblot and Bloodstain wipe out the forces in the room, by releasing their power and furry. While Elle and Wendy pursue Hargrave and Raven, getting close they just miss them by seconds in the elevator. Kyonna motion less, stands unscathed in the middle of the room- when a massive bright white ball engulfs the room, the soldiers enforcers and drones all melt away, flesh peeling away in large clumps- then vanishes. The light hitting everyone with such force a great wind tears the flesh away; even Elle, Wendy, Inkblot and Bloodstain are knocked back and missing chunks of skin. Kyonna untouched transforms into her original identity, her natural state.

“Whiteout- I should have guessed it was you, what have you done with Kyonna?”

She’s right here, lover boy.” Throwing her limp body across the room, Inkblot catches her, then quickly sets her down, after which he is subdued by her power. The tremors in his legs and arms caused by the power, as a result he shudders weak and overcome, Whiteout moves in close to him ready for the kill. “You Inkblot are at the end of your life- there is no one to save you now. Even your brother drained of his Abanthium- can’t help you.”

“Is that so tell me how is it that I’m still here able to thwart any attempts by you?”

Red standing near her as his power flows forth- strands of red liquid progress around his body, jut out like swords and fingers to Whiteout, in his grasp Bloodstain unleashes his power overtaking Whiteout. She falls prey to the Abanthium, the army within him claws rips and pulls her under – the monsters are too much swallowing her whole.

Faint cries carry forth from deep within only they have brought Whiteout to the other side beyond the grave.

“You’ll pay for that Bloodstain.” Clorox says quickly subduing him and his power, like Inkblot he can’t overcome his nemesis’s power- she proves to be too much. Inkblot now free for the moment from Whiteout, capitalizing on this grand opportunity, to destroy Clorox once and for all Bloodstain.

“I suggest you drop my brother, let him go.” Inkblot shouts, now free from Whiteouts power he moves in to subdue Clorox. Hitting her with an upper crushes her chin- knocking her hard against the wall. With a large pop and thud, the wall crumbles behind her. With Whiteout dealing in unearthly realms- from Bloodstains terror, the result has freed Inkblot from her grip. Able to move freely he now unleashes his Auscillium, the tumultuous liquid swallows her.

“You are going to die.” Inkblot says, looking into her eyes as she is now scared his power to great the thick black garbs her by the head throat and torso like claws, they rip her apart. Killing her, the blood splats and soaks into Bloodstain’s feet, brought back to life he awakes.

“Ah, alive again.” Bloodstain says brought back from the brink of death. Searching the room for Wendy and Elle nowhere to be found, in the hail of bullets and shells he looks searching the perimeter for any of the women.

“Over there brother they went up the elevator.” Inkblot shouts fighting off the hordes of enforcers.

“Thanks.” Heading out and up at a rigorous pace Bloodstain climbs. Inkblot finishes off the enforcers and drones, and quickly uses his power to yank Whiteout back into his unearthly hell, as again his liquid over takes her. Faint screams ensue from beyond the floor of the facility as Whiteout gets the shit kicked out of her. He seeks out Bloodstain and follows, his path up to the penthouse.

“You are a fool to fall for such treachery; Inkblot and Bloodstain are wardens of the state wanted by the WO.”

“You Hargrave are finished, you are the imposter and you shall pay the ultimate price,” Elle shouts hitting him with a blast of hell’s fire he is knocked hard against the thick plane glass of his penthouse suite. Falling 18 stories down he is caught in mid fall and whipped back into the adjacent building, tumbling head over heels he looks to find Raven who sets him against the far wall. Standing up they both look back at the building and the threat no pending the two can’t help the ensuing thoughts race through their mind. If word gets to Lord Balcham, shit is going to hit the fan. By all accounts it already has. We will be doomed sentenced to exile.

“Balcham, is on the way here in two days’ time.”

“The time has come, we have got to execute the plan regardless of this petty squabble, get to the extraction chamber, and start up the mining equipment.” Hargrave, telling Raven the plan is still in play, given the distraction the time loop must be broken.

“I agree the sooner we get to our objective the better, this debacle has cost us time.” Raven gets to his feet with Hargrave, hailing a WO helicopter. Lei, still alive is flying the outlandish chopper. As they start off a swarm of glass engulfs the vehicle- “what is it Lei, punch it lets get out of here.”

“I can’t something is holding us back,” Lei shouts looking back he sees Kyonna standing there her amazing control of gravity is keeping the chopper from flying off.

“Come on lets go, our window of time is running out if we don’t get to the equipment we are going to miss our opportunity.” Lei’, acknowledging the situation asks Raven who is now the copilot to fly, as he jumps out the side door and teleports to her location. Lei, appears just in front of Kyonna ready to pounce at full speed when he is blindsided by Wendy.

“You’re not going anywhere, dickhead.” She says walking up to him, still dazed she kicks him square in the jaw breaking it. “Don’t fuck with me or my sisters.” Jumping up to striking his chin on the way down, this time with the crest of her shin the force splits his face open teeth and blood fly outward.

“You’ll pay for that bitch.” Lei, spatters the slurred speech spitting blood all over the place. Still dazed and wobbly he manages to sneak in a backhand. “That one will leave a mark” cracking her cheek open. Fits of rage pour forth from her as she swings in the air and grabs his head, bringing him crashing down hard she introduces his face to the granite floor. “Face, meet floor,” she shouts and continues the introduction “floor, say hello to your new friend.”

Lei, out cold and unconscious bleeds out as Wendy turns to thwart the drone’s attack, only to be grabbed from behind and knocked clear across the room; Lei standing there cracks his neck.

“That is the last time you’ll hit a lady, especially my baby.” Bloodstain says picking Lei up by the ankle and in one swoop, using him for batting practice. Pummeling a large stone pillar with his head, back and forth back and forth sixteen times he does this then tosses him like a rag doll into the large central computer. A large crash shakes the building’s foundation, from the impact of Lei hitting the large console.

“Jesus, baby I think you killed him.” Wendy says walking over to Bloodstain, who then finishes the job, ripping his spine out and tossing hard into the chopper. A large explosion ensues from the impact Raven and Hargrave meet their fate a fiery baptism the flames eat them whole, consuming their flesh. “The heat feels good- sooths my body,” Bloodstain says happily looking into his loves eyes. The battle finished the group reunites, and gathers more information trying to put even more of this puzzle together. Elle and Kyonna go back to get the basement to get their mother.Pulling, Serinnah down her limp body flails to the floor she is hurt tired and still unconscious.

“Come on let’s take her home.”

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