Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 14

Waking in a cold sweat, Trey pants in excitement as the adrenalin courses through his veins, the Auscillium lurches over the bed and walls, caressing everything including Elle who is asleep next to him. How in the hell, the facility Xero my brother and I walking to it than being captured, Lord Balcham, Trey thinks. Waiting for us plotting something but what is it? Waking, she sits up starts to comfort him “Baby what’s wrong?”

“I had a nightmare, a vision of things to come, or things forgotten I don’t know.”

The cold concrete floor cold and damp his visions still ensue after he awoke form his sleep. What the hell, is going on? He thinks as the thoughts run through his head, now smitten with a splitting headache, the visions cease to exist.

“Trey- hunny please, tell me what’s going on?”

“I woke form this nightmare, and know I’m seeing visions- I can’t explain.”

“You too huh, I’m having the same thing happening to me.” Red chimes in.

“What are you doing in here Red?”

“I heard you from the other room- so I came in to see what was going on.”

“Strange Trey, look I saw us at another facility hidden within a labyrinth, called Westfall. They had the device, and a strange dark figure was with them.”

“Red, I too had the same dream, we were captured after sneaking into the exhaust vents.”

Wendy now in the room next to her sister interrupts “what is going on? I picked up on some of the visions Elle I’ve seen this place we have been there before. In high school, mother knows.”

“She is sleeping right now – in the morning we will ask her. Right now we all need some rest, we will put all the pieces together tomorrow.”

“Elle is right we can’t do much at this point, look its hard; but we have to get some sleep Trey.”

“Yeah, your right all of you are.”

Heading back to bed the brothers lay down next to their lovers, in close comfort everyone falls back asleep. Like clockwork they all fall into the realm of dream. The ripe pungent smells, of burning flesh the stench that comes with it, thick chokes the midnight air. Red, screams as the Abanthium is injected into his veins. The horror now in full swing overtakes them all- this time Elle, Wendy and even Trey are experiencing the same dream. The pods of odd sizes, the vampire legion grown, and taught to fight and adapt- for what purpose- Trey thinks aloud.

“We can here you.” The dreamscape continues the restless night will prove too much to bear.

“Lord Balcham, the device is staged and ready.”

“Good, see to it that it is guarded I have a strong feeling, it’s going to be stolen tonight.”

“Yes my lord, we will triple security.”

Leaving, the security details are increased and Raven, meets Lord Balcham halfway together they enter the central elevator. Fearing the worst they head for the secret office in the back. “Why are we, back here Lord?”

“Because I don’t trust anyone and what I’m about to tell you is highly classified. I was sent here from a distant planet, sent by my people here to ensure the destruction of all human life on this planet. The Auscillium and Abanthium, within the time device, are set to mix. When combined they create a massive parasite you and your people all will perish, riddled with disease this parasite will feast on your flesh and bone. I cannot reverse this, what is done is done.”

“Are you recanting, your orders my Lord?” Raven, closing in on Lord Balcham, unknown to his lord he is not human he is a Vampire disguised as Raven.

“No, this is my burden mine alone. I fear the mining and the extraction of the elements from Bloodstain failed. The device can’t work, not without the proper mixture of both liquids.”

“Hmm, I see so what do you propose to do, Lord Balcham?”

“We must kill Inkblot and Bloodstain.”

“How do you propose to do this, the extraction of the Abanthium didn’t work, and I’m positive that the same will be said for the Auscillium. We’ve tried to kill them before nothing has worked.”

“What about Clorox and Whiteout?”

“Whiteout has been shaken; Clorox is MIA off the grid.”

“Well find them both we need them.”

The secret tunnel to Serinnah’s Manor has proven to be difficult to locate, yet it’s been found. Opening the sealed hatch, the two massive gun turrets engage, firing on nothing yet shredding everything. The cloaked figure enters severely and mortally wounded bleeds out, leaving a thick red trail all the way to the steps of the manor. Ringing the front door, the figure falls to the ground and the cloak is deactivated.

“Hang on, Elle, are you expecting any company? Is anyone expecting anyone?” Kyonna asks aloud.

Looking around at everyone, as they shake their heads no, they question what and who this is at the door.

“No, none of us are. Hang on we will back you up.” Elle says signaling the others to the door with her youngest sister. Moving close they signal her to open the door with a nod. Nodding back Kyonna readies herself for the worst, she slowly and methodically opens the door and there hunched are two women bloody and near death, Kyonna shouts in shock. “Madeline, Whiteout- what the hell are you two doing here?”

“What?’- Red and Trey exclaim swinging the door open fully, the red blood pools on the grey stone steps turning them blue. Thick and rich deep hues of blood, “They are dying.” Trey exclaims.

“Good let them.” Kyonna says with anger.

“No, they came here for a reason and it’s not war.”

“Than what is it they want Trey?”

“Regardless they need serious medical attention; looks like the cannons did their job. Come on get them to medical in the basement.” Elle looks at the brothers, then Kyonna in bewilderment she shrugs and heads down with Wendy, to prep. Hours later both are recovering from their respective surgeries, and are lying in a makeshift ICU, to the right of the surgery area. White and blue drapes hang from curtain rods, the concrete floor and aluminum tables stained from the procedures.

“How are our two unexpected guests?”

“Good, stable though I noticed they were beaten badly; and must have staggered here to then be pummeled by mom’s defensive system.”

“So the cannons didn’t do most of the damage to them.”

“No, the initial damage was sustained to the back, torso and face. Upon scanning both Madeline and Whiteout severe brain trauma and massive hemorrhaging, bleeding internally.” Red hearing the news thinks of his Abanthium and the power he and his brother unleashed on Whiteout.

“Could it have been me and my Brother” Red asks.

“Not likely our bout with them was Wednesday, these wounds I just described are today.”

“Clorox? She could have done this.”

“Not likely Red, she is formidable yes; but incapable of this. Plus they are close partners, though they never admit it.”

“Well then we wait, until they are able to explain” Trey suggests.

Days pass, as the two get stronger, and Serinnah already fully recovered removes her bandages with the help of her daughters. “Ok ready mom, on the count of three. One, two, two and a half…”

“Enough piddling around girls come on.”

“No peeking three.” They unwind the last bit, her eyes still closed she slowly opens them, revealing a long spider like scar; which spreads and splits and spreads some more. It covers her entire body. Like a jigsaw puzzle you can trace the white scar all over. Though evident on her face, you have to look closely to see it.

“My god, girls what happened to me?”

“Oh, mom its -it’s not that bad” Kyonna exclaims, in a reassuring tone.

Serinnah examines her new appearance with sadness, and yet comes to appreciate its beauty. Raven, whatever have you done to me? You have failed I’m still gorgeous- and fully capable. She says to herself as she runs in place and jumps, with no pain. “Well whatever they did I don’t know.”

Coming into to speak to everyone, Red opens the door “Our guests are awake and in somewhat good spirits. If you’d like to know what happened to them I suggest now maybe the perfect time.”

Heading down to the basement, they see the two sitting up looking at the wounds and scars, Elle speaks out.

“You’ve been through a lot.”

“What how did I get here? You saved me, saved us?”

“Yes, you were carrying Madeline when you happened upon our steps. Believe me I’m not thrilled about it; but Trey and Red talked me into it- well all of us did anyway. So what happened?”

“I.. we got to our base of operations. My headquarters, and not only did my own droids turn against me; but Raven was there. Him and this Lord Balcham, both tried to sway me and her to again join their forces.”

“Again?” Elle asks.

“Yes the second time in a week- the first time was at my penthouse suite.”

“Why would Raven and this Lord Balcham, sway you and your droids? I also thought your army of was impenetrable.”

“Yes they are, yet somehow Raven managed to hack them and Raven beat me and my love half to death.”

“Then they are not impenetrable, he found a way.”

Trying to stand up, Whiteout falls to the ground, she still coughs up blood. “Come on back to bed you go.” Wendy insists while helping her back into bed.

Suddenly flashes, visions of what they are doing here flash through her mind, Wendy staggers and quickly runs to tell Red and Trey. Kyonna, picks up on the vibe from Wendy, and readies herself and whispers the news into Elle’s ear.

“Why, come here?”

“I was in a bad way, we both were I had nowhere else to go. You saw how bad we were the state we were in. With Raven and this Lord Balcham, they are in control of everything. I had to come here, like I said it was the only chance I have. I, we need your help everything has turned even I’m not in control.”

“Hmm, well I see your up and moving when you feel strong enough you will leave. Oh, one more thing how did you find out about this place?”

Madeline knowing the answer interrupts “I followed you, the night of the fire in the tunnel. The noises you heard were of me trying to find cover.”

“Why- us why here and most of all why now?”

“Because she needs to gain access to us to lure, Serinnah out into Westfall.” Trey and Red intrude on the conversation answering for her while coming down the basement stairs. “Isn’t that right, Whiteout.”

“No, that’s not true- I came on my own accord to resolve and set right things I had done in my past. Surely people can change, please you must believe me.” Looking deep within her Elle, searches for the truth finding no such indication of her validity “You are lying. Who sent you?”

“No one sent me, am I pissed about you and your brother kicking my ass yes; but I’d much rather come here. In the face of my enemy ask and beg for assistance. He plans to wipe us out the entire human race, wipe us clean off the face of the earth. I’m sorry but what in the hell is that contraption, and what’s it doing in Wendy’s hand?”

“It’s a poly-meter, its scanning your body for heat differences also nervousness or accelerated breathing. In essence we are scanning you to see if you are lying.” Whiteout and Madeline both checkout and are telling the truth, as the groups shortly finds out that no hidden agendas exist and the truth is reviled.

“Ok, you are free to stay until you are well enough to leave. You came here though seeking our help, with what may I ask do you need from us.”

“Wendy, Elle please I’m asking for your help in destroying the enemy. Lord Balcham and Raven are Vampires from another time and another place. Their race has sent Lord Balcham to find a new suitable home and wipe out the dominant life for on it then take it over.”

“Sounds like an alien invasion, great just like the sci-fi books and movies.”

“No, only they have lived here on earth for thousands of centuries.”

“When, I never heard of them or of this.”

“They are from the future 200 years from now they exist- they evolved.”

“Evolved from what?”

“Us humans!? Look the war seems to be ending; but the WO and SBS are now in chaos the war will start up again in 8 months’ time and wipe us out. The eradications have already begun; they are using the pigments from us all to create a new biochemical. This new weapon, attacks the nervous system from the outside in. Teeth skin organs and heart the last to change; it turns the victims into vampires or even worse.” Whiteout pulls a disc from her bosom, that she hid places it into a nearby computer. On it the video is played, one of the experiments that is going on at Westfall, confirming her story they nod and listen, as she shows more.

“Hundreds of these videos are on this disc- they aren’t just stopping there they did the same thing to animal’s even children.” She shows those videos too.

“God enough please” Elle shouts crying, Serinnah and Kyonna holding her.

“Ok, so what’s the plan? You mentioned Westfall; well that is where Inkblot and I were born. Like this new age experiment, we were also an experiment the E factor; better known as the Elimination factor, better known to all as the E squad or Zeros. My brother and I were the last resort when everything else failed we were sent in to annihilate.” Red and Trey convey.

“We need to get into Westfall, get the time device and get out. Once we have the time device we destroy it.”

“How do we do that?” Elle asks.

“We dismantle the center take it apart, by doing this the two know elements become unstable and explode.”

“Sounds risky, and the paradox and even my brother and I what happens to us?”

“That I’m afraid I don’t know same for me.”

“That’s reassuring,” Red states, looking over at his brother “Great.”

“Everything changed the night that craft crashed, the war the enemy and even you two, Inkblot and Bloodstain. Even for me that night changed every single thing.”

“Yeah about that why scan Serinnah?”Kyonna asks.

“I saw her for 9 months, observed her watching- I scanned and replicated you Serinnah because I admired you and you were beautiful. I was drawn to it so I wanted to replicate it and her. I was sworn to protect that device, and ensure life would go on. Lord Balcham, was my partner became enthralled with its power and the possibilities now seeks to rule all.”

“Sounds familiar don’t you think Whiteout that’s no different than you.”

“True, only I did it to protect everyone from the real threat.” Thinking about it the group adjourns upstairs to discuss the idea. After 5 minutes they all come back down and agree to help them on one condition she releases her slaves, and help come up with a way to add pigment back into everyone’s skin. “Fine, it’s done.”

She promises looking into their eyes, and shaking hands.

“So Trey and I will head in the front door.”

“No the scanners and gate keepers will see right through you and you won’t make it.”

“Even I won’t make it none of us will. Only the purist of heart can pass through honestly that leaves three possibilities.”

“No only one honestly, Kyonna has the purist heart I know. Her love knows no bounds, that coupled with a huge heart and great strength- I’d say she is the only worthy one here amongst us.” Elle says, looking over to her little sister.

“AWW, really thank you sis- I love you too.”

“She enters, the gate keepers will let her pass then, we make our move, entering from the lobby windows high above. They are roof mounted, can’t miss them they are pyramid shaped. Then we take out all the guards out and get the device.”

“Well let’s get some rest we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“Before you adjourn for the night, I must go and prepare for the battle I must get to the penthouse I need weapons and my armor.”

“We can fix your gear that you have worn and you have two katanas’ here. Not to mention four pistols.”

“Well, if you insist are you up to it?” Elle asks, as Wendy gives her a shot in the neck.


“Sorry, it’s something to take the edge off.”

“Yes it’ll be tough and slow; but I’ll manage.” Getting up she falls forwards slightly, Madeline ready to accompany her stands. “Madeline, sugar It’s best you stay here I’ll catch up with you both tomorrow.”

“You I suggest, she goes with you.” Wendy states, sticking Madeline in the neck also “It will help, keep you both going.”

Sleeping, they all get much needed uninterrupted slumber. Relaxing and peaceful and serine as Elle and Wendy show their surprise guests to the door Madeline and Whiteout leave.

“Remember, hit the signal on the gate as your sister enters we will be there then we can over take them.”

Leaving the Manor Madeline and Whiteout hobble along slowly, bandaged and limping along Madeline speaks to her lover. “Do you think they bought it?” Looking, back they see that they are now out of view from the Manor.

“Well, I believe so yes and Kyonna will be in our grip.”

The two still talking walk normal, and begin to transform back into their original state that of Raven and Lord Balcham.

“Why is she so important, why are we after her?”

“Because she is the key, that medallion she took from Blaze. That has never worked until she adorned it we need her to open the device, then the bridge to our people will be complete; thus allowing them to cross to here. In other words we are saving our species from the Cataclysm that our world faces.”

Walking from their restful slumber, the group readies and prepares for the invasion.

“Guys Madeline and Whiteout left, last night.” Elle informs Trey and Red.


“They, she and Madeline insisted on gearing up with new armor and meeting us there.”

“They have armor here and weapons, they could have used.” Red exclaims, with Trey nodding in agreement.

“Yes, I told them this- however Wendy managed to inject them with the neurotoxin and tracking device we shall know what they are up to.”

“Well lets be prepared, it could be a trap.”

Heading out, Red and Trey instruct the women to follow at a distance and to prepare for back up to them.

“We may need your help, Elle and Wendy so please be prepared for it.”

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