Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 15

At the hidden gate Red and Trey are stopped by Wendy, who is running towards them at full speed.

“Guys Serinnah and Kyonna aren’t here they must have left last night.”

“What, did Whiteout take them?”

“No they must have left not more than two hours ago at 5 am.”

“No she’s gone without us to Westfall.”

“One other thing.”


“I don’t know when or how but Silva is gone.”

“Yes, she’s been gone awhile, for about a month now.”

“You suppose she has something to do with it?”

“Hard to say, Red come on lets go.”

Hours later the two arrive at Westfall, searching the perimeter it’s just like they dreamed. From the hidden catacombs all the way to the layout and guard patrols, “This is too eerie I dreamt this just two nights ago.” Red mentions, hunching over to hide.

“Yes, I hear you same here bro. All right, so its sucks but the best option we have is the exhaust port behind that group of 6 guards.”

Heading for it they stop dead in their tracks, and notice Kyonna entering the front gate. “Shit we aren’t even in position we’ve got to move now- Trey call for Elle and Wendy- do it now.”

“On it, well come on let’s get down there if we hurry we can enter the front and help her.” Running down they make the gate but Kyonna has already made it past everything. Surrounded by guards, of both factions the SBS, and WO as a lead officer addresses them- “Freeze, Inkblot and Bloodsatin, we’ve got you surrounded come with me.” Following, the guards they look and see the device. “Now” Inkblot shouts in a blink of an eye all hell breaks loose. The two, begin wreaking havoc on the guards and personnel. Taking out all of them in a matter of minutes “Come on bro back here, she went this way.” Finishing off the enforcers that now flood the premises Inkblot tears them apart, the Auscillium flowing freely like ink from a fountain pen. Slowly the security teams enter only to meet their doom.

“Alright let’s move, Bloodstain did you see where she went?”

“No, but I’ve got her tracks we can follow.” Tracking Kyonna’s steps the run into a dead end. “Bloodstain what’s the hold up?”

“I can’t relocate her tracks, it’s as if she disappeared yeah rechecking there are no more of Kyonna’s tracks anywhere.”

“Well there hast to be.” Looking around the two find nothing, even after looking above them nothing – where in the hell did she go? - Inkblot thinks to himself.

“Hang on, if the track stop here and nowhere else than that means this is a door or elevator. So she must be underneath us in a lower section of the facility. Just a second let me try to pry these doors open.” Seeing the seams underneath them, it’s clear they separate. Bloodstain, grips it with his fingers and using his immense strength tries prying it apart, to no avail. “Dam it won’t budge.”

“Well we can come back later for her, we need to get the device. We have a window of opportunity let’s take advantage of it” Inkblot suggests opening the large metal doors.

“It’s just in here.” Moving in and holding the door for his brother Bloodstain now lest go and the two doors clap together with an ear shattering bang. “Can you be any louder?”

“Sorry I didn’t expect it…”

“It’s too quiet, how come nothing is active?” Entering further into the expanse they find it empty and abandoned. “It looks like no one has been here for at least 60 years maybe more” Inkblot announces and continues. “Stranger still, is it exceedingly futuristic way beyond anything we have seen.”

“Yeah agreed, we must be on the cusp of both worlds ours and theirs.”

“Meaning the vampires?”

“Yes I think this is their realm, their reality the one that Whiteout spoke of.”

“Maybe so, well here is the device lets grab it and get back out of here” Bloodstain says.

“Right, ready on your side?”


“On three, we lift and get out of here with it.” Heading back out through doors they came from then enter the room that had been cleared earlier. Still no visible signs of their mayhem, and chaos, nothing not anything all that is here is an empty expanse barren landscape. Only large pods like the ones in the Xero labs are found here thousands of them; stretching as far as the eye can see. The slate grey for ground met with a tinge of yellow orange, a hellish sight. As they continue moving to the doorway the environment changes with them still baron and the grey stone laden with pods.

“Ah, man what the hell?” Trey shouts with frustration.

“Ah, shit bro the device.”


“We are carrying it with us and essentially carrying the bridge along with us so it’s always migrating with us; because we are carrying it along.”

“Ok so I guess our only option is to destroy it like Whiteout suggested.”

“Well, hang on what if we used our powers, to change our environment like we do and enter that way” Inkblot suggests.

“Well here goes nothing.” Transforming the environment quickly changes, the device falls through Inkblots black liquid pools only to fall through another pool elsewhere.

“Dam, it didn’t work. Hang on let me try something else.”

Trying again, Inkblot manages to lose the device in an alternate dimension.

“Bro, come on your killing me, I’ve got this.”

Bloodstain, unleashes his Abanthium the legion of nightmares hidden within elevates out and pulls the device in, only to be rejected. Spit out, like a chicken bone.


“Yeah, I thought so.”

“Well looks like we are going to have to destroy it here!”

“Yeah, you read my mind- I have no idea what’s going to happen?” Inkblot says to his brother and continues on. “But whatever happens, if the worst does. If we don’t make it has been real.”

“Yeah real shitty if you ask me, haha. That was a joke.”

“Yeah, I get it your mild attempt at humor to divert the stress away from the situation.” Bloodstain looks into his brother’s eye’s and says what’s really going through his mind.

“Look like Whiteout said we have no idea what to expect, this could very well be the end for us both. If it is I just want you to know, it’s been a pleasure working with you.”

“You too, bro>” Trey says looking over at his brother.

Together they both pick up the device and unscrew their respective ends, dismantling it. As they continue a massive blue light emits form the central core of the device, engulfing everything in a blinding coat of blue. Brightness reaches far beyond capacity overwhelming as the silence deafens the senses; the two continue to unscrew their ends, hues of white spike through the area as its unstable now until all is gone in a flash. Silent and deadly the force unleashed is equivalent to that of 40 times the Castle Bravo device. A massive wind storm ensues then sucks back inward, then out again. Undulating waves of outward force followed by massive amounts of gravity which sucks in everything; then hiccups and the winds blow everything out again. It does this for several minutes each wave getting stronger than the last until it ceases. In the rubble that’s strewn everywhere; the pods are all gone destroyed as a large pile of debris moves, out pops Bloodstain with Inkblot looking on. Standing next to his brother, the two gaze out at the wake of destruction now before them.

“Jesus, what the hell was in that?” Bloodstain asks.

“I don’t know but I think we better get out of here; because it looks like we are about to be hit by a second wave of aftershocks.”

Looking out in the distance at the center of the crater, they see an even larger wind storm headed this way. “Holly, shit get that door open now.”

“Yeah I’m on it. Ok get through come on move it.”

Jumping through then holding the door Bloodstain, grabs Inkblot who’s pants are caught on debris, and throws him through to his side. The doors close just as the shock wave hits.

“Thanks, bro I owe you.”

“Yeah don’t mention it. Well at least we know where we are now.”

“How’s that?”

“We’re surrounded and in Westfall’s central hub.”

Looking around both of the brother’s relieved to be back in familiar territory.

“Freeze, both of you on your knees.” The lead commander shouts. “Slowly drop your weapons- now!” The SBS guards and WO, enforcers move in and bind the two and escort them to the pyramid chamber.

“Hey, Trey look familiar is that what you’ve been dreaming about?”

“Yes bro how did you know?”

“You aren’t the only one with clairvoyant tendancies.”

Both the brothers still in their heroic states, their bodies ooze and pool of Abanthium and Auscillium. Greeted by Raven and Lord Balcham, “Gentleman do come in, make yourselves at home. I furnished all your needs.”

“Lord Balcham, I don’t know what your plan is but you will not survive the day.”

“Really, I beg to differ- we have the piece to the puzzle (Kyonna), and her mother and managed to capture you too. So am I missing something? The two great assassins from time, brothers in their own right Inkblot and Bloodstain, captured and soon to be erased from the pages of Leethan’s history and more importantly the Triad’s books.”

“So you two still think you have the upper hand?” Lord Balcham asks.

“No they don’t but we do.” Elle and Wendy interrupt, and unleash hell on the SBS and WO. Everyone engulfed in a firestorm of demonic proportions. Clawing, and gnawing, the arms of the two women’s powers unleashed. Ripping thrashing and slashing through the armies. Leaving only Inkblot and Bloodstain, unscathed, Elle and Wendy stand to greet their men.

“Thanks, baby.” Bloodstain says grabbing Wendy pulling her close and kissing his love, as he changes to his normal figure.

“Elle, thank you for coming all I could think about is you.”

Pulling on his hoody she fixes it and cleans him up, brushing his shoulders off removing the debris. “Aww really, pumpkin you are a mess. You do know mister, you let Raven and Lord whatever escape.”

“Shut up, and kiss me sexy.”

Kissing, the two embrace for only a brief moment, as Elle pushes Trey away remembering her sister and mother.

“Where are my sister and mother?” She demands.

“I don’t know we followed them both in here but they are nowhere, we’ve looked everywhere.”

“Yeah no trace of them.”

“Shit, so what now, they have to be here.”

“Looks like more drones are coming, in come on quick hide.”

The drones scan the area, ignoring the dead that are strewn everywhere; they seem to be searching for something else.

“What are they searching for?” Wendy asks.

“I don’t know they aren’t interested in us.”

“Oh, that’s why they are power drones they search for power leaks, and fix them. Look see, the electrical conduit there, it fixes the line.” The drone welds the conduit repairs the line and whisks off.

“Let’s find Kyonna, Serinnah and get out of here those mention shadow walkers will soon be out in droves.”

“Yeah there is no doubt that the enemy runs deep and is designed to run without a governing body.”

“Is there an end to this madness?”

“I don’t know Red; but one thing for certain there is still more to be done.”

“We’ve got to get to Kyonna, then ensure Serinnah’s safety.”

“Yes I too agree we must get moving; but where to?”

“How about retracing our steps back through Westfall.” Trey suggests.

“Try prying that door open form earlier, the one in the first room.”

“Alright; but do you remember where it is- Trey?”

“Ah, no because we haven’t been in this room before. Hang on, let me check.” His eyes glow and he transforms back into Inkblot, the Auscillium spooling outward, rendering everything black. Searching every room in the general vicinity he locates the large round door in the floor. Coming back he lets everyone know.

“I’ve found it come this way.” Leading them through a narrow expanse, they emerge at the door were they first entered seeing Kyonna.

“Alright on the count of three, pry ready. One, two, three go.”

Prying, and straining the ladies jump in and help too all four of them working hard at it; it starts to open. “There keep on, Wendy and Red push that side, and Trey and I will push this side.” Elle instructs.

“Yes its working, almost there.”

“Yes, finally got it.” As the doors roll all the way open, giving way to a large staircase, they all follow Red. “Do you see any more of Kyonna’s footsteps?” Trey asks.

“Yeah I’m picking her trail up again- come on this way.”

Moving further along down the maintenance corridor it opens up into chamber with three rooms attached. There on a table lie, Kyonna and her mom Serinnah. Bound together, mother on top of daughter with several tubes attached to both Kyonna and Serinnah, lay motionless and unconscious. With six total tubes and one large umbilical piercing both their necks, “what the hell is going on here?” Elle asks. I don’t know; but it appears that the blood from Kyonna is going into her mom and vice versa, then being mixed in the large tube and sucked up through there. Looking up it a large machine built into the ceiling.

“Whiteout, that bitch is behind this.”

“Maybe so it’s hard to say- hard telling what’s real and what’s not.”

Looking into the window they see a large expanse, a screen that extends from far below to the top of the window. “What is it Trey, what do you see?” The group asks, as flash backs from a distant past come into light, hitting him like a freight train.



“It’s another trick made to think we are rescuing Kyonna.”

Picking up a chair and pummeling the two women, Elle shouts at Trey.

“What are you doing stop it!”

Trey turns around, revealing the two women are nothing more than a synthetic appearance of both Kyonna and Serinnah.

“Wow, so what the hell is going on?”

“That is precisely what I’d like to know – Trey, bro please if you know something please tell us.”

“Ever since we entered the doors and breaking that plane behind you, bro, on the floor; things aren’t as they appear to be.” Trey, pointing to it behind Red’s legs who turns and sees the beam of yellow pierce the darkness. Trey continues talking sharing information. “That thin yellow beam you see, things haven’t been the same. This room is a simulation chamber meant to throw us off the real trail of Kyonna and Serinnah. Yet for some reason I keep having flashbacks, triggered by something; one this is for certain we’ve been here before.”

“Yeah, I hear you brother the very same thing is happening to me. It’s the place that haunts us; this place is filled with so many visions of pain and suffering.” Red adds remembering too.

“Well whatever it is that’s going on, we need to find out the answers. The sooner we know the sooner we can find our mom and sister.” Wendy announces trying to stay focused.

“Where are Whiteout, and Madeline?” Elle asks.

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