Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 16

The lab is glowing orange from the luminescent lights that line the floor along the walls and stasis tanks. Madeline checks the stasis tanks and the six newly acquired guests they sedated at the manor. Whiteout’s voice breaks the silent thoughts of Madeline speaking into her ear piece she asks “How are our guests?”

“Everything, is good they are in stable slumber. The extraction is going well. Soon we will have the Abanthium and Auscillium.”

“Good, prepare for dinner meet me up in the suite in twenty minutes, I have a surprise for you- well us.”

“Okay love, I’ll be up shortly.”

Tapping the glass on tank twelve, she accidently wakes Inkblot, who blinks and now lunges at her in anger. She quickly steps back and falls onto her, plump tush. Looking around Trey sees they are hooked up to an extraction machine, shaking off his flashbacks which come in droves every minute he looks more in a panic then calms himself, and delve back into the simulation of Westfall to speak to his brother and girlfriend.

“Elle, Wendy, Red listen- we aren’t here in Westfall we never woke up from the sleep at the Manor. Somehow Whiteout and Madeline have tricked us.”


“Listen, to what I’m saying we are in Whiteout’s lab we are asleep in stasis. I don’t know why you two are there; but Red – brother they’re extracting our powers.”

“Shit so this is it then?”

“No, I’m awake Madeline tapped the glass she woke me up. I’ll get you all out.”

“You better hurry, the drones are coming again.” Wendy says looking outside the window over her sister and mother’s projections.

Sizing up the thick glass in his tank, Trey forcefully punches it hard; nothing but a large thud, which scares Madeline again. Again Trey hits the glass harder than last time and it cracks the pink stasis fluid leaks out and onto the floor. Finally breaking it open he pry’s the thick glass open and it shatters into thick sharp shards that cut him deep. Exiting, the blood pools onto the floor and massive holes open he looks over at his brother ripe with vigor, he extracts Red with on swift punch through the glass. The stark white lab, is now stained with black Auscillium the black pooling and oozing forth, Inkblot rips the thick umbilical off his chest and his brothers. Tugging hard he tears it off its moorings, a decent explosion results from the force.

“Bloodstain, here get Wendy out and I’ll get Elle.” Getting the two women out, they look down the row of stasis tanks, trying to find Kyonna and Serinnah. Finally, come upon the two women, Wendy and Elle shout “here- over here we’ve found them.” Floating lifeless the two, share the same tank. Unlike the other twelve tanks in the room tank thirteen is longer, with an oval shaped basin. In the center is a large arm that splits into a Y shape, one claw holding Kyonna’s torso, while the other holds Serinnah’s. The stasis in this tank is bright blue, and several syringes line the tanks basin. Each poking their respective guest “what are these syringes doing?” Wendy asks. Looking and studying the diagnostic readouts Elle, postulates they are using their plasma to enhance the subdermal cortex’s of the drones, in the next room.

“Well whatever they are doing, it’s not good look at them they are weak.”

“Wendy help, me with the shutdown sequence.”

“Elle, what do I do?”

“See, that terminal to your left hit Control Alt F3, go to systems window and initiate shutdown sequence. Trey and Red, I could use you both the pry those claws away from both of them.” Together both Inkblot and Bloodstain, extract the women from the grips of the claws and bust that tank wide open, destroying it and the arm. This time a louder explosion, incurs as a result, rattling the large windows behind it.

“Do you guys have to create such a ruckus?” Wendy asks.

“They are out aren’t they?” Red says in a smart ass tone.

“Can you two stand and walk?” Trey asks.

“Yes I’m still strong, can you mom?”

“Yes I believe so.”

The hallways fill up with countless drones and guards alike. The two AIs is left to run this section. Inkblot and Bloodstain use their abilities and quickly gain the upper hand, destroying and maiming everyone and everything opposing them. “Get the girls out of here go.” Trey shouts, while tearing and enforcer apart, ripping his arm off, while cartwheeling over him.

“Red how are you doing?”

“Good like a day at the beach” he says dismembering three drones that cornered him, to no avail. Firing on them a seven large war drones, unleash an obscene amount of cannon fodder; shredding everything. The large caliber shells tear parts of kyonna’s calf like ground meat. Angry, she turns around and unleashes a massive plasma ball. Which eats everything in here path, clearing the way for everyone’s escape.

“Ah remind me never to piss you off.” Red says in awe of what he just witnessed. The newly formed circular corridor leads right outside to a docked chopper. Assisting everyone in, while Wendy already started the engines; silently the rotors buzz into life and lift off. Everyone aboard as the large cargo door is being closed Kyonna is grabbed from behind and taken out of the chopper. They fly up to Whiteouts penthouse and spray it with 88mm shells, which make Swiss cheese of her pad. Nothing left but bare bone structure of the place. “Come on lets go.” Kyonna shouts. Leaping off the penthouse deck like a linebacker blindsiding a quarterback, Kyonna falls to the ground hard, looks at the drone that snatched her, then back at her ride which disappears.

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