Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chaper 17

The hallways are long- pristine -lifeless the grey marble glistens in the warm hues of artificial light. The blue tile- spotless and adorned with intricate patterns of a tribal nature the blood on the walls a dead giveaway lending to the notion that the unspeakable has taken place, “Inkblot and Bloodstain.” La Wanda says she always knew her way around the labyrinth. Passing, a security check point policed by both the WO, and SBS-that’s strange two global super powers working together. That’s unheard of in this day and age. I wonder what their agenda is, why – Wanda thinks to herself.

“Hey Wanda- you were supposed to be off buy now- what are you still doing here” Stacey asks.

“I got caught up in extra work- besides you could use a second pair of hands in there.” Pointing in the next room over, there are two more bodies. The two seasoned detectives enter the residents.

“So how was your date -Stacey?”

“Don’t even go there- not tonight” Stacey barks. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Well excuse-me for asking.” Wes replies.

“Sorry- just no date we both got caught up in some work. ”


“Now what’s that supposed to mean?” Stacey asks.

“Like I said before all work and no play makes for a dull life.”

“Yes, I know”

The crime scene is gruesome, worse than the last two. Blood drips from the apartment ceiling, body parts strewn across the floor, and the ripe smell of decay thick and moist. The intestines of the two victims are strung from the ceiling.

“Weird” – Wanda says aloud.


“Who has an apartment inside of a military facility such as this?”

“Yes and stranger still, the two greatest threats to Leethan Paradise city, the SBS and WO together” Stacey adds taking blood scans.

The two young detectives continue, examining the grim scene- nothing not one shred of evidence anywhere.

“Have you found it interesting that other detectives have gotten their badges” Wanda asks.

“Yes-I have-but I’m here now focused on the job.”

“Wanda, shine the blue light over here please.”

“Sure thing.”

“Thanks I appreciate Wanda.” Stacey adds.

“Your always welcome Stacey, hey come look at this.” Wanda says.

Looking over on the far wall- they see a plastic like substance.

“Strange I have never seen anything like this,

I’ve triple checked the scanner- no known materials found.” Wanda informs Stacey.

“Really, interesting- I’ve never seen it either.”

“So what is this place called again?”

“It’s Westfall, I believe.”

“Thanks Stacey, I have to enter it into the computer’s log. Don’t want Sparrow to get upset, we both know what that means.”

“Yes Wanda I do, know- which reminds me how’s your twin- Kyonna doing?”

“She is good, thank you.” Laughing out loud while shaking her head Wanda informs Stacey of the news- “she accepted her natural gifts as a Necromancer” Wanda says “Just like me too much.”

“Really, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.” As they clean the cell and surrounding guards stations the two are interrupted “Quite, get to work we don’t need you lingering around.” The two look at each other and continue their investigation. Seeing the size of this facility, the two investigators can’t help but notice the device and its actuators ticking away. Still heavily guarded by a mixture of guards from both the SBS and WO, Stacey nudges Wanda; pointing to the device, and the two sets of foot prints going down the hall, behind each set a wake of destruction and death.

“Wish Wendy and Elle were here to see this one.”

“Why is that?”

“Well they have firsthand experience with this type of thing.”

“How’s that Wanada?”

“Well for starters this is the work of Inkblot and Bloodstain, second they are an item, Elle is very much in love with Inkblot, and Wendy has the same feelings for Bloodstain. The only thing is, while the two brothers are assassins they are vigilantes, so at this time I’d like to ask them what is going on. Yet, we really need all the pieces; it looks like their style only there are huge signs of vitrification.” Unseen the three heads of state enter the room, Raven, Hargrave and Lord Balcham.

“Your primary concern is to find out why they did this and move forwards from there, this is not a murder investigation. I asked you to come to help locate the device, its urgent you do so cordially and as quickly as possible- your lives depend on it.” Pulling a Karver special from his pocket, the large pistol is of unearthly designs, nothing man made that’s for certain. With three long pointed barrel and configured in a triangular shape, with a rail system on each barrel, along with cooling coils and electrodes for charging. The two detectives, know it’s a weapon and since get to the investigation. Gripping this instrument of death, in his hands Lord Balcham emphasizes the urgency of finding the device “I want that device back here in this lab in four days’ time or else.”

“Or else what?” Wanda shouts. Holding the pistol up, without thought he pulls the trigger, hitting Wanda in the shoulder knocking her down, she screams. Three large wounds now appear on her shoulder. Stacey, runs over to her partner “you had to ask.” Leaning over her, Wanda replies “you know me had to call him out I’ll be fine just give me a second or two.”

“As I said find the device return it to its rightful place in four days’ time.”

Lord Balcham and his party leave, exiting Raven stops at a group of drones, and orders them to shadow the two, “make sure they stay focused, if they get out of line or off track, give them a jolt.” The 6 drones acknowledge and move into various positions and watch the investigation closely.

On the streets of Leethan, a quiet calm overtakes the city, empty and barren her history more evident. The War has taken its toll once again; Inkblot and Bloodstain stand confident looking over Capitol square.

“The day is a new brother, we have done the impossible.”

“Red, we still have a long way to go let’s get back to the house.”

Heading back to the manor they are unaware of the new threat, a new enemy lurking in the distant future, “I have them in my sights Lord Balcham.”

“No just stay back and monitor them, keep a distant eye on them when the time comes make your move.” They continue on through the park, and down the large storm drain to Serinnah’s house to regroup, the two can’t help thinking about her and how the SBS and WO want her and need her. “I know what’s on your mind, looks like we will have to protect her and the family now. We’ve got to get Kyonna back.” Red says looking back at his brother.

“Yes we will keep a close eye on them and Kyonna too we will have to find T and bring him up to speed on the events ahead. Regardless we are going to need help; he and his squad of mercenaries can assist.”

“Yeah, I hear you and agree T will be pissed to learn that his wife has been captured by Hargrave.”

“Red you and T were friends right?”

“Yes still are.”

“However there is no time for that we are going to have to get her ourselves. Plus T and his squad are on a mission, something about removing the head of the snake from his past. A faulty mission his commander sent them on.”

“What was that?”

“That snake who ever she is I don’t know parts of the documents he showed me where badly damaged her name the commander starts with an O ends with an X. Anyways she sent him to kill his wife her mother that being Kyonna and Her mom Serinnah.”


“What’s that look for?”

“O and X. Haha, only you, lets go.”

“It was a good idea.” Red says in response.

The enemy following Inkblot and Bloodstain at a distance still monitoring their every move Lei reports,

“Following closely, just give the word and I’ll make my move, my lord?”

“Not yet Lei, remember we need Serinnah alive she is the key to everything, hold off until I give the word.”

“Yes my Lord, as you wish.”

“Don’t look back Red but Lei has been following us for the past two miles.”

“I had a feeling, Lord Balcham wants Serinnah in the worst way, almost like his life depended on it.”

“Yes, brother, that answer will reveal itself in time. Well, what do you say should we kill Lei, this time or just wait?”

“Fuck it, let’s end his life and prevent lord Balcham from getting any closer to Serinnah.” Red states looking at his brother, the fire in his eye’s burning brighter than ever before.

“Alright then, let’s fucking end this shit.” The gears in Trey’s head are spinning he is in deep thought coming up with a plan his brother can’t help but ask.

“What are you thinking?”

“I got an idea. Red, do you trust me?”

Lord Balcham sits with Hargrave and Raven as they plan out their next move. Raven speaks cordially to Lord Balcham, “we need to sway Serinnah into giving us the key, it’s the final piece to the device.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, Raven you need to retain a stronghold on Whiteout and Clorox both. In fact as I recall you said they were dealt with, you personally said you would kill them. So far I’m still waiting for you to make good on your promise.” Silence overtakes him as he broods over the vow he has made, wondering if Lord Balcham will kill him by weeks end.

“Never the less, we need Serinnah alive she is the only one who knows the code,” Hargrave states looking over at both his allies.

“As soon as we have this code we can begin to build our civilization the way we need them to be.”

“Yes this key holds the essential ingredients to building life, more specifically the very DNA code to man, controlling it means controlling our greatest threat.”

“Yes Raven I am well aware of your thorough knowledge and research into Human Engineering, which is why you are here with us on this rock.”

“Lord I was…”

“I get your point, which is why I put a bounty on her head.”

Lurking above the meeting room Inkblot and Bloodstain, listen in undetected as they use their respective powers to blend into the surroundings. It’s always nice to be able to take liquid forms and mimic ones surroundings-Trey thinks to himself.Fully cloaked the two silently they wait for the perfect moment to strike. As they are hidden well on the floor acting as part of the facility, Inkblot behind Lord Balcham, and Bloodstain in-between Raven and Hargrave. The West door opens to the room- the servant brings in the days meal. Serving Lord Balcham and his two guests” Mmm, looks good Useph- tell me what is today’s special?” “White meat, with red wine sauce sir”Useph says.

“Nice, good job Useph it’s delicious.”

“Thank you sir” Uspeh says in response to Hargrave. Smiling, Lord Balcham looks over to his faithful servant knowing that his two guests dine on human meat. Unaware of the threat no in the room and the dish they dine on the deliberation continues, “We must get the code or else our attempts at replicating, vampiric life is lost.”

“Refresh my memory- why are we trying to duplicate this form of life when we have already succeeded in duplicating it synthetically?” Hargrave asks.

“The synthetics are a waste they can’t retain any body mass and their diseased, the Auscilliuim eats the bones and brainstem away.” Hargrave, scoffs hearing Raven talk about the synthetics program being a failure. Leaning back Lord Balcham, sips his blood wine and enjoys a newly lit ciagr, after finishing his portions of meat. Steady drips of blood ooze onto the table in front of him. The steady thud of the blue blood, irritates and captivates their attention. Tracing the drips up to the ceiling where Lei’s body hangs down, “Lei?” Hargrave shouts.

“Just what the hell is going on here?” Raven asks angry and enraged, the thought of his number one henchman dead by some unknown means tears at his whit.

“Is this another one of your tricks, lord?” Raven asks looking at Balcham.

“Not mine no, I thought you said Lei was capable.”

“It appears that we underestimated our opponents, skill and they are quite capable.”

Hearing the compliment from the three Inkblot and Bloodstain appear “Your end is at hand, tell me where Kyonna is.” Bloodstain says.

“What makes you so sure I’d tell you Trey.” Lord Balcham speaks- “you’ll have to find her yourself.”

“Again I told you my name is Inkblot- my friends call me Trey.”

The three stand up and before any can, turn to see what has happened to Useph they are cut open. Inkblot stands over Lord Balcham, with his battle sword drawn he chops his head clean off with a thud. The heavy blade sticks into the wooden floor leaving it where it lay Inkblot turns and slices him into fish bait to make sure. While Bloodstain, annihilates Raven and Hargrave dismembering them both leaving nothing but the torso. The two reach for the central candle lamps that burn in the center of the spread, and throw them on the ground; engulfing everything in fire. The flames grow with every breath, burning hotter and hotter as they lick the wooden floor. The loss of their captors is at an end, Leethan can now begin a new age as the SBS, WO and Lord Balcham a new Chapterbegins, the tyranny and oppression is over. Not for long- we still have to take out those towers- the brothers think. With Whiteout and Clorox still on the loose- they will be back someday- until then the WO and SBS must be wiped out.

They head to where they saw Kyonna last, and look as she walks towards them with the drone dragging behind her, along with Whiteouts armor. Crashing behind her are the towers, the four black towers that stood so proud now tumble to the ground, appearing out of the carnage are Wendy, Serinnah, and Elle.

“They won’t last for long, brother, with those towers gone and destroyed, all the AI gone wiped clean the drones won’t last long at all.” Already the WO, and SBS are crumbling. Look both armies are now inoperable.” The oppressed coming out of their hiding spots, the sewers were their home for over 6 years. The sun bright sears the transparent’s skin, the thousands of them cover up in torn garments. The new day brings joy and a new hope to all of Leethan and Paradise city.

“Shall I capture them?” Whiteout, unhappily asks.

“No, we shall let them be yet keep a close eye on them. When the time comes, then we shall destroy them.” Whiteout instructs as she watches from, the one tower that wasn’t destroyed. Invisible to the naked eye, her headquarters are now in control of the Province.

Watching, the group and Inkblot and Bloodstain walk off, heading for home; Whiteout can’t help but think. Soon, I shall gain my city Leethan back. First I’ll kill Clorox, and then Inkblot and Bloodstain, lastly I sweep Kyonna off her feet she will be my new love. Someday; but not today victory will be mine. She thinks as she buries her beloved lover and faithful servant, Madeline.

The day ends on a glorious note, Inkblot and Bloodstain both look back. Aware of the immediate threat.

“Clorox is watching us!” Red states angrily.

“Looks like Whiteout is still alive too,” Trey reacts.

“Well what do you think, Trey should we kill them now?”

“Nah, they will be back in a few years’ time, Red. Until then, I say we rest.”

“Ok let’s head home.”

“Sounds good to me, until next time- we will be ready.”

The blue lights of the monitors flicker, as Clorox gazes at its contents. The cameras she has placed pick up everything; she taps the screen nervously then turns it off. How could they have possibly known? Her faithful servant enters from a door behind her to ask her instructions “Clorox- my lady what shall we do with all of the first born?”

“Bathe them cloth them all and see to it they are well fed. Then look through their dossiers, look for the son of Lord Balcham, and find Raven’s daughter.”

“If they are here we will find them.”

“Good see to it you do.” Turning to leave the servant heads for the door, Clorox loves women especially those of the dark skinned and slender variety. Her servant, fits the bill to a T, she swoons her grace her and form skin laden with black golden beauty. Clorox adds instructions “Silva, when you find the two kill them.”


“They are the direct bloodline to the rulers of the future world; they are responsible for the extinction of man. They are meant to inherit Earth- kill them.”

“Aye, my lady what about Inkblot and Bloodstain?”

“What about them did I not just say forget it. They are free to go.”

“Aye, your chopper is waiting.”

Showing her out, Silva helps Clorox into the helicopter, closing the door Clorox grabs her by the wrist “please join me everyone needs love, a place to call home.”

“Thank you for the offer really; but my employer to whom I loyal too is now dead. Besides I’m not into women I love men.”

Smiling Clorox changes into her new form, Senator Phillips.

“Oh, senator!” Silva says embarrassed her black skin glows she continues “in that case I’ll take the week off.”

Arriving, at the senator’s house Silva tells him she’s going to take a shower, slip into something more comfortable. While she goes up stairs Clorox transforms back into herself, smiling in the mirror she pauses and thinks. Almost got Kyonna and Serinnah, tomorrow I shall find them and hunt them down myself. Hearing a large crash, and thud Silva runs downstairs, to see a silhouette of a man standing over, what should be Senator Phillips’s body. A silenced M249 saw pointed at him, Silva screams runs towards the body only to find out it’s that of Clorox. The massive custom silencer and muzzle break are red hot from the pressure and size of the rounds. Crying, she looks up at the shooter, a strong handsome white male of 5’10” in height looking at her.

“Mission completed bitch. The next time you or any of your employees have me kill my Queen Kyonna, and my mother in law is the day all hell breaks loose.”

Looking at Clorox who’s now gurgling and coughing up large amounts of blood, she looks him dead in his eyes.

“Clorox, we’ve never formally met, I’m T and these are my men, the squad you sent orders to, well you already know. This is Donte and Nick my brother in laws alright do what you want with them. Oh, one more thing, where’s my son?”

Back at the manor, Serinnah and the girls get a meal ready, cooking and bustling busy bodies; the three sisters hard at work while mom sets the table. Stopping, for a moment to look at her family, her daughters happy even Wanda here happy, the two men Elle and Wendy have found seem to be a great fit. The doorbell rings and everyone stops what they’re doing “mom, are you expecting anyone?” Elle asks.

“No not that I know of,” Serinnah responds.

“I’ll get it.”

“Kyonna wait, it could be Clorox or Whiteout, we don’t know!”

“Elle, Wendy guys I’m fine its ok, I got this, look here don’t let my pie burn. I mean it, I’ll be back shortly.” Looking back the pie is smoking Elle and Wendy both shout “Shit!” Everyone quickly flocks to the oven while Kyonna heads down the hall and opens the door looking back at the kitchen shouting.

“Look don’t make me come in there…”

“Daddy!?” Hearing her, they all quite down and slowly go to the front door and look, at who it is.

“Baby girl, oh I’ve missed you how’s my queen my hot chocolate?”

Tears stream down her face, she jumps into his arms, and he embraces her hard and long, as they kiss everyone behind them claps and is happy. Moving into to greet T they finish hugging she starts wiping her tears, away.

“Ah you might want to hold that in, I’ve brought something err someone.”


“Oh, baby I’ve missed you two so much. Are you ok?”

“Yeah mom I’m fine, I missed you too.”

She starts balling happy her two men have come home. Everyone hugs shakes hands and greets moving inside the house, all is well and the future is bright.

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