Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 1

The oath: Do you INKBLOT & BLOODSTAIN, solemnly swear to serve and protect this City of Leethan. Protect her and her citizens from, evil, tyranny and all unrighteousness. From this day forth, the day you both Treyhag, and Arthiesis were born; this day the 15th of July 2024. You, have been vested this day, with a great gift and great responsibility. While you are assassins to Serinnah you are also, appointed guardians of Ashen, and her people. Ashen being the Province, and Leethan a sister city to Paradise, in Part you Inkblot and Bloodstain are to protect this Triad.

Present day 6/12/2041-

The door slammed, with an ear shattering clank.

“Hello Mr. Phillips- I am your advisor.”

The tall slender woman sports a shapely figure covered by her business skirt and blouse. She leans into his area to whisper secrets for none to hear, then leaves after the brief exchange with him. In walks another tall slender woman this one wearing a stunning red dress with a grey blazer. Strangely the two stop and glance at each other in passing, as if they recognize one another. Before entering into the actual interrogation chamber she stops to introduce herself to Mr. Phillips,

“Hello, how long is this going to take? I’ve got more pressing matters to attend to?”

“Oh, really not that long sir not that long at all. I’ll be joining you while the interrogation of, one Treyhag is being conducted.”

“Very well you may begin”- Mr. Phillips instructs as the two head into the room. Walking to front of the the desk she sits directly across from Treyhag- Mrs. Johnson is now in full cover undetected to the other woman whom is on the other side of the mirror in the listening booth. Silent blank stares, ensue the ambiance of the room changes from a bubbly calm to a silently pressured journey into hell. The pressure too great until the silence breaks.

“Tell me again, Trey, how you came to possess this information?” she says.

Sitting in the old stiff chair Treyhag adorns a black hoodie with skeletons on it, the design is intricate and shape shifts with his mood. Dancing and ever changing these bones appear angry and hostile at their surroundings. Blacker than the darkest night, sky his hoodie engulfs his presence giving him the appearance of a shape or a shadow. His eyes glow, burning red flames of passion dance and trickle forth. His purpose is unclear. He shifts forward, in the rustic chair.

“I like your smile, you’re far too attractive to be a lawyer- tell me what’s your name"- he asks looking over her shapely figure.

“That is not, protocol I ask the questions you will answer”- she demands.

“Again’-′ how did you come to possess this information?”

A wide stagnant grin- stretches across his darkened face.

“I like it when you get angry, it sends pheromones out, I can smell them,” Trey says. Taking a whiff of her, he indulges his senses-“Mmmff-ah.”

Silently she glares at the mirror behind him piercing it with hatred; she snaps too and demands recognition.

“You should show a little respect- once again -how did you get this information?”

“That is not why I am here.”

“Trey- in order to acquit you of these charges you must tell me how you came about this information,” using a more seductive soothing tone.

“Like I said that is none of your business- tell me who wants to know?”

“I do- the people do- they have a right to know!” she shouts.

Silence overtakes the room in a thick choking presence, eating away the noise that persisted from her question. Sinking further into his to his chair, his hood falls back revealing his hellish affair.

His face- stark white with black lines dripping and oozing down they create his attire.

She studies his face and only now begins to see the subtlety of the skull painted on it. Ever flowing the black ooze drips onto the table as he hunches over to study the false document now placed before him- and laughs at its accusations.

“Ha, you’ll have to do better than that.”

“Possession of the disc is the sole property of a very large and nameless enterprise’-’Trey how did you acquire the information?”

“Aha, the truth finally we are getting to the point Madeline.”

“You are not as you seem this place is not in existence- it is a projection form your boss’s mind.”

“Your name currently in here-in this poor excuse of an interrogation room is Madeline. You are an agent working in deep cover for Whiteout,” Trey responds.

Getting up the woman, looks back at him and signals to be let out of the room.

Exiting the room the door slams shut, she is met by a tall slender female who is dressed in white armor and a faceless helmet devoid of eyes and heavily armed; she looks at Madeline, quick to point out the obvious.

“Why are you staring at me?’- ’I’ve done all that I can.”

“I can’t be to blame for the fact your plan failed,” Madeline points to her companion.

“He has found out who you are don’t fail the boss again.”

As they walk down the narrow corridor the hallway and surrounding area vanishes. What was concrete and brick are now blotches and pools of ink oozing and running to form the environment. The black runs thick the constant stream from the gargoyles above to the ground is a stark reminder of the oddness of this place. Trey gets up standing tall at just over 7′ he strife’s through the hall avoiding the crowds. Bright white light emits from the tile and brick walls while the blackness remains the mortar and seems of the unearthly environment. With little warning to Trey the environment changes, the blackness stops flowing- crusts away as red hues push through.Peeling and chipping to the floor the blackness ceases to exist, what was once known to Trey, is now gone.

With the white lights still emitting its iridescence most of which is now stained deep red hues that now streak and blotch holding everything in place, stained with blood. The presence of a long lost companion, a brother in arms and soul awaits Trey ahead. Were Trey is tall and ominous; this being waiting in the courtyard resting in a fountain dwarfs Trey in every way. The 8′10" 500 lb man sports blood red body armor. Twisting and winding its way throughout his body and in other areas meets a crusty end eaten away, revealing flesh. Charred in areas and skinless in others, covering over three quarters of his body, Red is in constant pain- past the point of feeling. The exposed portions of Trey’s contact, is eerily human like muscle strands exposed bleed steadily- his face , “well he has none” yet still his eyes sunk deep into their sockets.

“Brother, it’s been a long time.” Red says.

“Far too long” Trey responds.

“Well- if this is a pleasant surprise” a female voice cracks the cool dry air.

“Looks like a family reunion- Leech.”

“To right you are- faithful one- well the lack of one is more appropriate,” the female voice says. Echoing from all directions getting closer, Trey and his companion draw their Katanas; unearthly their swords are unlike any adorned by humanity. Trey’s swords pushes through his forearms and wrists, liquid in their state they harden leaving gapping wounds on his arms that bleed profusely. Red, has two swords each with three blades below each other every blade is set 15 degrees below the above one and are shorter as well- together they create a crescent moon shape. They stand back to back ready and waiting Art’s armor activates ripe with energy shutters to life.

“Ah Red I’m flattered at the gesture; but have no time to play,” the female voice says.

Walking towards them she draws near- everything turns to white in her wake. Coming into view Trey falls prey to this anomaly; her white devastation embraces him gripping him tight.

“You alright Trey,” Red asks.

“Yee ah, I think so,” Trey says kneeling.

“Why so, serious Red?”

“My name is not Red – Bitch not to you anyway.”

“Arhtiesis you of all people should know- that’s not my name’- ’BITCH is my nick name.”

“Whiteout, and don’t call me Arthiesis either!” Red shouts.

“That’s more like it,” Whiteout says ignoring the last bit.

“Well you both have the most uninventive names; I mean who goes by Bloodstain or Inkblot, also known as the skull brothers.”

“Your one to judge.”

“Bloodstain, you have no idea besides I bored with this pitiful conversation.”

She is white like her guards, she is equipped with stealth armor, and Ninja suit perhaps in some distant future. Her armor is sleek caressing her form. Amazed Bloodstain, checks her out every time they meet yet her beauty stops there, he can’t stomach the fact she’s in front of him.

“Ha, I must be going- off to my new empire which awaits me- you might want to check on your brother Inkblot.”

He doesn’t look so good.” Disappearing she evaporates until nothing is left, no trace of her or her companions.

“You ok now?” Bloodstain asks. Inkblot already on his feet responds.

“Yeah-I’m better now come on we’d better get moving.”

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