Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 2

Entering the warehouse district, Whiteout examines the day’s specimens, while her team of engineers and scientists accompany her. The tall glass tubes 5 feet in diameter, extending from floor to ceiling- 15 feet in height. The lab is a large expanse, light blue trim in a white and grey enclosure, with the sporadic octagonal tile fading in to a smooth tieless floor in areas all around. She walks slowly, pointing out mishaps and flaws her two guards close behind.

“Sever this one- it’s not good enough-this one is not bad needs more

“Enhancements?” she asks.

“Yes- yes- no- failed- try harder.” Signaling her guards to slice through the tanks- thus destroying the equipment and specimen.

“Wait, these can be redesigned from the state they are in.” The lead scientist interrupts and continues.

“Ah, maybe if we had more information on what we are supposed to…”

“I gave you the specs- the Intel and the artifact, I thought that was all you needed.”

“Yes, but…”

“No, unacceptable- you are the top people the head of your class- figure it out.”

Her stealthy armor, a byproduct of the potential of the team, glistens in the light. One of her guards lingers to oversee production.

“So how long has it been Trey-five, six years?”

“That sounds about right’- ‘I was away far too long brother’--’Art sorry I left you and Emerald to deal with the estate.”



“It’s alright Trey- please call me Red. I’ve always hated my first name.”

“That’s right I had forgotten brother it has been far too long.”

Walking along Sentinel Park where they decide to cut through the wooded section to their home. They continue to talk catching up on forgotten times.

“You know you left quite a mess- and with our city changing’- ’it has been hell.”

“Literally” Red states continuing the conversation.

“We might want to think about selling the manor and moving.”

“Oh come on Leethan is our home- always has been- besides how bad could it…” Trey stunned finishes his statement. “Be?”

What was once glorious and proud now stained, tainted with the soreness of hell. A now opened wound that bleeds darkness an eerie gloom lingers rearing its ugly head over this wretched waste. Ripe with ashen tears that fall like sleet- she’s lost her glean. Streets littered with filth piles of ruined buildings dot the landscape. In the stark grey sky an apparent eyesore- reveals the lack of a skyline- other cities idolized.

“I told you- this is a shithole now- look at Tank’s dinner- it’s practically demolished.”

“What about my girl’s house is she- is it there?”

“Yeah man she’s there her place is still standing.”

“I have to go see her.” Trey stops dead in his tracks to look at Red.

“What now, we have to get out of here the sun is coming up.”

“Yes now, Elle is my girl- my rock I must see her it has been far too long.”

“If she’s still in love with you,” Red pauses.

“Yes she is.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because- I told her I had to go and one day I would be back.” Wading through the rubble- the two reach the loft were Elle lives.

Entering, they quickly move up and out of sight, a damp air chokes the air.

“Musty smell -Is that mold?” Trey asks

“No brother that is Bleach,” Red says looking back.

“The last thing we need is to run into her- ok there’s the door.”


“Straight ahead- Red.”

Standing ready to enter the door jolts opened.

“Get out there and find my merchandise- you gutless prick.” the female voice shouts from inside the room. A savory, tone falls on Trey’s ears engulfing him in a tingle that pierces him to the core. How he loves the sensation, it reminds him of happier times- as he steps in a glass shatters on the wall next to him. Her lengthy slender frame is soothing to his eyes, perfection -her form is exquisitely strong yet sultry. He swoons over his girls curves tall and lengthy she stands 5′ 10" a 135lb woman, Trey’s mind wanders God I love her, he thinks to himself. Unaware that her lover has just entered she shouts louder- “I said get my...” As she turns to face the door.

Trey responds with a smile- “Baby,” her tone easy and soft.

“I told you I’d come for you.”

“I know sweets, thought you’d be 20 minutes sooner.” Elle says, as her clairvoyant skills take over. She can predict the future long before it happens; but only when it pertains to her and Trey hidden within her tattoos.

“Got caught up,” he says.

“Yeah, Whiteout- that Bitch,” Elle shouts.

“How do you know that?” Red asks.

“My tattoos silly- they’re in constant change and reveal the circumstances and faces of those me and my man interact with,” Elle says. She lifts her sexy leg to show Red. Her tattoos burn white smoke dances form the images as they change-she quickly lowers her leg.

“Do they hurt?”

Tonging her man, while if full embrace she chimes in.

“Every time,” Edging Trey back, she smiles again speaks to Red.

“Hey Arty I’ve got something for you.”

“Uh, what’s that,” Red says still in full glare of Elle’s excellent shape.

“Ok you can come out now,” Elle says.

In steps a 6′ 1" Brunette. Adorned in tight blue faded jeans and a black top- she is more sultry and sexy then Trey’s girl. Wearing 5" black stilettoes she is sexy. Art traces her 39" inch hips and can’t help but notice her swollen bust- her voluptuous figure is captivating. Her face and milky white skin the ultimate. Adorned with natural beauty her crisp green eyes seduce Art in a trance.

“Hi there I’m Wendy.”

He stares at her full pouty lips and face perfection.

“Arty!” Elle stomps her foot.

“Huh- um oh high.”

“Mm you weren’t exaggerating he’s a big boy,” Wendy responds.

Walking to the sliding doors that lead to the guest area- she looks back.

“Hey Arty, can I call you Red- I like it better. Wendy coments and continues-“What do you say you come with me?” She whispers.

“Hey Wendy, I know you to well.” Trey says.

“Yeah Trey we were- a wild pair, huh” Wendy retorts. Remembering that she is a wild bundle of energy- Trey instructs her.

“Go easy on him.”

“I will, I think he’ll be ok.”

“Wendy”… Elle says.

“Alright- Elle.”

Sitting down at Elle’s desk she wraps her arms around him- and watches him research. Looking into what happened in the 6 years he’s been gone, Trey digs for answers.

Thumbing through page after page, Trey finds that after the World War the organization known as the WO, took over the Government’s R&D department.

“Who is the WO?” Elle asks.

“Why, did they take over the R&D sector of the Government?” Trey asks.

“What the hell is Protocol 13?” Elle says.

“Project 244,” Trey adds.

A stern female voice cracks through the silence-“Keep moving, time to relocate the remaining citizens- “I want them in the camps by noon,” the female dressed in White, shouts over to the officer.

“Hell is what they want hell is what they’ll get.”

“It shall be done my lady,” the officer replies.

“Good see it through to completion’-’no squawking on this one.”

“The WO or World Oppressors, have always been the cause for the war Trey” Elle continues.

“They caused Leethan to perish, my home town’- ’Your home town bringing it to an Ashen heap- a pile of nothing.”

“Elle calm down, I am as upset as you- I didn’t expect a third World War either,” Trey quibbles.

In a ghostly gaze, Elle forgot her long time love- her man was gone for 15 years and not 5 to 6 years. Neither, Red nor Trey understands what happened to them and for how long.

“Trey- honey- this is the fourth World War.”

“What- no,” Trey sinks into his chair.

“You and Red have been gone for 15 years.”

“You-you look so young you and Wendy”…

“How is…”

“Remember baby, Wendy and I, we are clan- we are…”

“Necromancers,” Trey finishes.

“That’s right almost- we are timeless just like you and Red.”

“Elle and I, we aren’t Necromancer’s.” Wendy says.

“No; but you are both supernatural.”


Elle confirms his response with a firm yes. The skeletons on Trey’s sweatshirt change forms now as he broods, bathing in his hate and distain. They aggressively move, slithering around from forearm to spine and back again. Trey’s garments turn white as his ink drips, pooling onto the floor, the stark black liquid runs creating a new realm, Elle watches as he’s found again. . Much like the interrogation, he contemplates the hours- and days he and Red have missed. Elle, walks the newly formed halls and area, Wendy joins her.

“Trey you all right,” Red asks.

Trey shouts across the liquid scape, so Red can hear.

“I’m ok Red, turns out you and I have been gone for 15 years, and the fourth World War has brought our home town to its knees.”

“Shit, I see it,” Red incurs.

“See what Hun?” Wendy asks.

“The documents- the information that Whiteout wants it’s- ’it’s over there on the desk next to the General,” Red states.

“I can almost reach the.”

Walking through the decayed hall Trey’s ink cracks and peels- Red moves through the destruction. Bombed, shattered and heavily beaten walls stretch, reaching for the sky. The skeleton remains of the surrounding buildings reveal themselves as Red walks through the corridor, ducking under and climbing over debris.

“Trey, I can almost see the documents,” Red shouts.

Quickly a hand drops onto the desk blocking Red’s view- of the information. Tracing the hand up to its rightful owner, Red is stunned to find it belongs to.

“Blaze!?” Red shouts.

“At ease soldier.”

“The WO why?” Red shocked looks at him.

“Stand down, back away from the desk slowly.”

“Blaze- it’s me Red, why are you here with the WO?”

“Lieutenant - take this thing to the circle bind him, he is a traitor!”

The desk and lines of people, soldiers for the WO begin to blur fading. The black ink disappears, running back to its origins. Red is caressed by the cracked and smeared blood which lifts off floating upwards until all is back to normal.

“Why are you so concerned with the Information- what are its contents?

“Wendy- that is what we are trying to find out,” Elle says.

“That man-Lieutenant Blaze- Red you knew him?”

“Yes, Wendy I knew him.”


“Red- Wendy is asking you how you know him,” Elle states.

“Red,” Wendy snaps.

“He’s my…”

“Father,” Trey finishes.

Trey stands up from his resting position at Elle’s computer.

“Blaze is our father- Red why didn’t you tell me.”

“I had no idea- Blaze was involved in the WO- Trey.”

“Look Trey I know as much as you right now- I just found out.”

“We’ve got to find out his connection,” Red emphatically states.

“Why, what’s his purpose?”

“Trey- I don’t know.”

The black sky turns three shades of blue.

“Midnight is upon us we’ve got to get off the streets before, the agency known as the SBS cracks down on us; we are 3 hours past curfew.”

“When is curfew?”



“They do it to keep us off the streets, so they can harvest.”
“Harvest what?” Red asks.

“They harvest, their specimens’ the skinless form they are to become Shadow Walkers. That is their future; they are building a civilization, to carry on their genes and to sustain the future here on Earth. Come on keep moving lets go.” Wendy and Elle explain.

“The girls are right; we’ve got to move quickly.”

“In here.”

“A warehouse,” Elle asks.

“You have any better ideas,” Trey responds.

“Well, after you sweets,” Red states.

Wendy looks at her man with a big smile and enters.

“The sewers are blocked, along with the streets Elle- this is the only way?”

“The roof tops we could go up there,” Elle says. Looking up she quickly notices the guard’s towers.

“Yeah, ok your right there is no other way- lets go.”

The guards outside continue their patrols, strange and twisted the guards are 16 feet tall, skinny- eerily thin their skeletal structures exposed.

“Great. Hunters,” Wendy announces.

Resembling malnourished entities, they are built for stealth Hunters are effective guards and killing machines. Insanely strong their muscle strands are exposed. Flesh, bloodied and exposed has grown a transparent membrane over it. Alien shadows clunk through the city, revealing their twisted forms. They scour the city searching for any signs of life, sifting and pillaging. With their staffs’ in hand unleashing thick black clouds of smoke, this haze engulfs the city, soon the mists will bring plagues and disease. Capturing, those not immune to its deadly hand; causing a poisonous infection, this Smokey haze eats the flesh rendering its victims skinless. These victims, are now hosts for an even greater evil, they give birth to the Shadow Walkers. Shape shifting agents of evil, Shadow Walkers the new vampiric breed of man.

“How did our city get into this mess’- ’What the hell happened?” both Trey and Red ask.

The bleak looks upon their faces the, guards take notice aware of movement they continue on- finally masked by boilers and generators.

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