Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 3

Haunting shrills and groans, echo- resonating out alerting those nearby. The black mists choke the night air, filling it with pungent urine filled stench. Aggressive and swaying towards their position, the Hunters punch through the concrete. Pummeling, and tossing the stony chunks like building blocks. Sounding squeals and screams of hate and distain burst their ear drums filled with agonizing pain- bringing them to their knees.

“Ah, the pain is too much- Trey- do something.”

“Elle, I can’t- I’m pinned,” Wendy announces.

“I’ve got you,” Red states.

Picking up a chunk of concrete that was lying across Wendy’s legs he frees her.

“Get out run go,” Red orders.

The Hunters continue ripping the massive warehouse, pillaging its skeleton, weakening the structure.

“There, we can get in through here.”

Elle points to the maintenance elevator to their right.

“Watch out Shadow Walkers Wendy,” Elle shouts.

“Yeah I see them Elle,” Wendy responds.

“What the hell are Shadow Walkers?” Red asks.

“Shadow walkers are human like parasites, they exhaust their captives; extinguishing the soul leaving their prey hollow.”

“Elle now turns back into original color a black woman.”

“Trey gazes at his beloved.”

“Quick move in here!” Elle commands.

“You never told me”…

“Would you have loved me the same if I had,” she responds.

“Why-Yes I would have loved you,” Trey retorts

“There are very few of us left, Whiteout has seen to it that my people disappear,” Elle continues.

Trey who used to ogle her, now finds himself enthralled in her beauty, only it grips him tighter locking him drawing him into a new exciting realm- he can’t stop looking at her.

“Hey, lover boy snap to it there’s plenty of time to check her out later,” Red states.

“Let’s move now!”

“Yeah your right, the Hunters are still approaching,” Wendy shouts with excitement.

“We’ve got to get-into the central corridor,” Red adds.

“Shit the Hunters have found us- quick make a break for it.”

Running past the warehouse and into an alley at the far end of the capitol- They once again find silence. The Hunters now 1500 yards east are gone headed in the opposite direction. Seeing a neon sign, Elle and Wendy are now in familiar territory.

“Psst- Guys in here we’ll be safe here,” both Wendy and Elle say.

Exiting the alley they find themselves, inside a hot spot- of activity a strip club. Necromancers – everywhere- all the people glowing as if on fire. The men are silent focused on their respective entertainment - the women well they are Black for the most part some mixed other races.

“These are all that’s left of my people- my kind,” Elle says.

Wendy know turns into her natural self, her skin caramel colored her tattoos bleed out again into their original colors reds and oranges now permeate in the central designs- which depict her and her sister standing on the gallows.

Red- stares aimlessly at her- like Trey a whole new passion ensues.

“Why, did you keep this from me baby?”

“Because Trey this city is at war with itself, the white people are now agents of Whiteout while we all of us remain here. In this club, this is Nitro Inferno. This safe haven was established by me and Wendy right after you left- that’s when the irradiation began. We are Necromancers, Whiteout wanted us gone and when she found out we are the marked we then she began to change us all,” Elle continues.

“We, she and I have marks distinct marks, our skin are ebony allowing these marks to be pronounced and easy to spot,” Elle and Wendy explain.

“Which is why, you always saw me as white I had to show you we had to show you that this town is no longer our home; this city is corrupt and it’s all because of Clorox, and Whiteout.”

“It’s because of the marks we bear, this whole town bares these marks, every one every color Hispanics, Whites, Asians and now it’s our turn,” Wendy sadly states.

“You’ll be converted to what?”

“Trey, to be converted to transparent- which every other race has been. That’s part of Whiteout’s plan- and for some reason the information they seek is in your head- both of your heads, and we must find a way to reverse her control on this city,” Elle conveys.

“You bare these marks too.”

“You both are the keys to this whole thing,” Wendy concludes.

“I don’t know about that, how and why remains to be seen!” Elle replies.

Looking at her man she sits on the table, and closes in leaning towards his face- ’I’ll help you hun- I love you always have.”

“As do I, Elle,” Trey responds.


The Hunters continue to stand guard poking and prodding the occasional stragglers back into line. Six rows of people each -200 people wide. Six gates where the captured enter- shoved into position. Unusual, this sight is for there are no people at all the captured are shadow walkers, and Wiccans. A sooth subtle female voice resonates over the area, “Welcome to the World Order, you are now one of us- please converging in one of the six lines you see before you.” Looking on a mother and child see a large sign above the central gate- “Paradise City.” The young mother looks down at her itinerary and it matches the sign. Unaware of their danger in the future she smiles at him and walks through-as a sexy voice continues-“Please leave all personal items at the counter when you arrive, then step to the right for area processing and personal identification. Place you right index finger, in the center of the pad. “Press firmly” a small sample of your blood is needed- thank you your process is complete step through the gates and enjoy Paradise City.”

The young mother steps through and proceeds across the street, into the park she sits with her 5 year old son. Having found a park bench, all is strangely quiet, too point of dead silence. She puts his coat on as the weather starts to darken, her son freezing- cold a shivering.

“Freeze-put your hands up-do it now,” a heavy thick voice demands.

Looking back to see who’s commanding- ordering her to the butt of the rifle meets the temple of her skull- her son crying on the ground- over him is taken from his mother. She is shackled and thrown into an armored vehicle, marked with the undeniable emblem of the WO. Tears running down her face, the red light reflect off of her ebony skin-“Where are you taking me,” she demands. Looking through her personal tags they find a name.

“Where are you taking me,” she demands again.

“Shut up Kyonna- you’ll find out soon enough.”

“Kyonna, please have a seat,” A stark male voice cracks through the silence.

The young woman sits down in a leather lazy boy- in front of an elaborate desk- rubbing her wrists she glances at the fresh bloodied marks left behind. Her wrists still sore and in immense pain- strong smell of bleach- choke the office air, pungent and thick it’s exasperating.

“What do you want with me where is my son?”

“Kyonna- so beautiful yet so- never mind you are here because we want information.”

“What information- I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Your sister ELLE- where is she?”

“I-I- don’t understand?” Kyonna says.

“Your sister is of value to me, she owes me something she took from me -therefore I want it- I want her.”

He truns to look at her- instantly she recognizes him- Jon?” she asks.

“Yes- Kyonna it is I.”

“You left after my father died- why?”

“It’s complicated,” Jon responds.

“You are his brother- you broke your promise to my mom- to me and now…"

Slapping her with the back of his hand he hits her so hard she falls out of the chair.

“Shut up- Kyonna, oh look what you made me do- I just want the location of Elle.”

“Jon- I don’t know I haven’t seen my sister in 17 years,” she continues.

“Besides what makes you think I’m going to give her up that easy,” she says

Jon falls to the floor bleeding out and dead. Kyonna panics and nudges him crying she shouts.

“Jon” Kyonna says-“Shit so much for the inheritance”.

Looking up Kyonna sees a stark white female figure behind where Jon stood. Madeline reaches towards Kyonna aids her up to her feet- and politely strikes up a conversation.

“Poor, poor Jon- such a waste of time, hello I’m Madeline- you my pretty are going to tell me where your sister is.”

“What’s it to you Bitch?”

“Well she has something of mine and I want it back.”

“I don’t know where she is like I told Jon, I haven’t seen her for 17 years.”

“Well, can you at least tell me where she left the briefcase?”

“I haven’t seen that case in 20 years.”

“Yes,” Madeline eggs on.

“The Black and Grey leather case- with the embroidered letters S & I?” Kyonna asks.

“Precisely, that’s the one,” Madeline smiles.

“Elle never had it and she never got it- Blaze has it.”

“Blaze keeps that thing, under lock and key- guarded by his two of his best assassins- the Gunn Bros.”

“Oh, so why tell me,” Madeline enquirers.

“Because- I’m curious, and your kind of sexy kind of hot- but mostly curious.”


“Curious as to why a skinny white bitch would come in here- kill my man, and proceed to buddy an angry- black woman like me.”

“What?” ’Jon is your husband?” Madeline continues.

“But- I thought you two were arguing?”

“A play Bitch- we were acting a play- you know -Rehearsing.”

“Your bruise I saw him hit you.”

“It’s all fake -it was to be our greatest achievement our last play together,” Kyonna states crawling closer.

“So Madeline - tell me what is it you really want” Kyonna asks standing up.

“Tell- me why should I give you my sister the case or any of it,” Kyonna continues.

“You are the lie Madeline - you the Advisor- tell me to give you the case.”

“That case is long gone ha I’ve never even seen the case ever.”

“Madeline - I know you work for Whiteout, but why stay with her when you should be my partner- my lover- you owe me that much.”

Madeline, stunned looks at Kyonna, knowing her loyalty is to her lover Whiteout- her main squeeze- Kyonna the ultimate seductress is to clever for her own good. He eyes ablaze with bright orange glow- burning and searing. Her seductive pleasantries- swoon her prey into idol bliss-

“My loyalty is to Whiteout “ Madeline confirms.

Madeline is too weak to resist her and thusly now abides her every command.

“Madeline,” Whiteout says via intercom.

“Madeline - are you still there?”

“Madeline - God dam it she’s not listening.”

A white mist fills the room were Kyonna addresses Madeline- swelling it reaches out choking the air to the point that Kyonna can’t see anything now. Swift movements the only sound-the ringing her ears from a set of flash bang grenades, hit hard on the temple she is cuffed.

“Uh Ahh-“Kyonna screams waking in a cold sweat. She has trouble slowing her breathing finally calm after sometime and cool she gathers her wits; she gets up looks over at her son and enters the bathroom.

“God dam Nightmares,” Kyonna whispers aloud.

She brushes her teeth and while doing so opens the bathroom window- and gazes at the scenery Paradise City. Clean peaceful and quiet, Kyonna always wanted quiet. Thinking on the day, Kyonna gazes back at the barrier the great wall that separates Paradise City - from Leethan. She thinks of her sister – Elle. Unlike her sister Kyonna is normal yet she always heard it from all three sisters.

“You should become a Necromancer- you have the most power.”

“Elle, you were the one that liked that shit,” Kyonna whispers again.

Returning inside to dress- she finds three soldiers in her room- one of which has her son hostage.

“Hello Kyonna,” The lead soldier says.

“Who the fuck are you?- Let my son go now.”

“Ah such a wasteful mouth you have-you really should show some manners.”

Unnoticed sitting the corner is Clorox, Kyonna looks at her- finds her to be eloquently repulsive.

“This is my city you are in- we don’t use that language here.”

“Come sit down- next to me sweetie,” Clorox politely demands.

“Kyonna is nudged over to the chair next to her enemy- my- so pretty.”

“What do you want?” Kyonna snaps.

“I want you to tell me where that case is.”

“What case?- I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Kyonna responds.

Gently caressing her half naked body Clorox runs her white fingers up her entire body to her neck- and clenches it.

“I will say it again- where is the case, the one Blaze has?”

“Oh that one,” Kyonna says.

“Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about’- ’Where is it?” Clorox demands.

“Such a beautiful child- and a handsome young boy- if you don’t tell me where my case is or else,” Clorox suggests.

“Then what Bitch?”

“Then you choose, I’ll hurt that exquisite body of yours- or kill your son.”

“No- don’t hurt my baby.” A soldier strikes the young boy in the temple.

“Please no- You- Bitch get your hands off of me - let him go.”

“Then tell me where the case is!”

“I told you before Blaze has it at his headquarters.”

“I’ve said it before- you just don’t listen- god dam it Bitch please,” Kyonna announces.

Clorox takes her blade out- the knife glistens in the morning sun.

Pushing it in to Kyonna’s side- Clorox moves it up slowly then speeds up.

’Ah- uh! “Kyonna screams.

“I told you Kyonna that body so exquisite- is scared now- for good.”

“Let’s go move out,” Clorox orders.

“What about her?” One soldier asks.

“Leave her-leave the bitch to die,” Clorox demands.

Sirens alarm- notifying the patrol droids of the incident, medical staff are informed - within minutes they arrive. Kyonna, is unconscious and in shock lying on the floor her son leaning over her.

“Is she okay?” Medical assistant asks.

“Yeah she will be fine but her body will be scarred,” Medical director answers.

“Dam shame she so beautiful! That body of hers,” Medical assistant voices.

“Trey- you’ve said nothing all night what’s going on?” Elle asks now sitting next to him.

“Nothing just a hunch baby-just a hunch,” Trey says softly.

“Hunch - About what,” Elle asks.

“Your sister Kyonna is in danger- well she was she is safe now.”

“What- who- where is Kyonna?”

“She’s at St, Luke’s in Paradise City- she’s recovering,” Trey states.

“?!” Elle looks saddened.

“It’s ok Elle, her body has been scared deep but she’s fine- Elle Clorox paid her a visit,” Trey continues.

“Clorox was asking for the case- the one you have.”

“Trey, baby I had no idea.”

“Elle it’s time to give it back - your sister was cut for it.”

“Elle- baby common- you have to give it back,” Wendy says.

Elle now saddened and under stress cries for her sister Kyonna- her skin changes from white at arms hands and legs to black- at her face fingers and torso her pigments blend together. Her long straight hair is blonde with hints of her heritage mixed in her black hair stripes the blonde. Her tears are like acid they eat the table- she can’t help but think about her baby sister- Kyonna.

“My sister, in so much pain,” Elle cries.

“What’s so special about that case?” Red asks.

“That case is what this whole thing is about- the information.”

“Elle have you opened it?” Wendy asks.

“No- I haven’t,” she responds.

“Well- what are you waiting for?”

Elle gets up still grieving over her sister’s encounter- she makes her way to the case. Picks it up and walks back to her friends still wiping the tears from her face. Elle sets the case on the table- sits down to open it with her key. Slowly she opens it to find two pieces of paper, a small booklet and a golden key.

“What that’s all that’s in this?” Wendy says peering over Elle’s shoulder.

“Clorox cut Kyonna for this shit?” Wendy asks shoutting.

“Elle confirms-’There is nothing else in this case.”

“Huh,” Trey and Red say.

“There is nothing else in this case!”

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