Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 4

A beautiful bright morning adorns the hospital room with warm orange hues. The occasional purple fleets across the wall, shadows of the clouds. Kyonna is awake and stares at them intensely- clenching a golden medallion with a blood red Ruby crystal in the middle- strange orange veins burst outward from the center of which is deep blue. Kyonna looks down at it then up again- her son greets her. The nurse chimes in while checking her wounds healing progression.

“Your sister, Elle is here to see you.” The nurse waves her peeking head in.

“Hey baby sis- how are you feeling?”

Kyonna looks at her sister- “sore Elle.”

“Elle- she cut me- that bitch cut me.”

“She left a scar” Kyonna says.

“Come on sis your still sexy you know this.”

“Yeah; but she still touched me too that creepy bitch, Clorox is going to pay,” Kyonna confirms.

“She will pay- rest assured,” Wendy chimes in.


“Yes Kyonna.”

“Show me the ways of your work- please I’ve accepted my gifts.” Kyonna asks. Tears dripping down her cheeks, Elle notices the medallion - enamored buy it Elle asks to see it.

“Kyonna- can I see that Medallion?”

“Yes here, take it!” Kyonna hands it to Elle.

“What the hell!?” Wendy says.

Examining it Wendy pulls it form Elle’s hands- closely stares at the center. She notices little cracks all over it- white in color these lines are in a distinct pattern.

“Huh- What is...” Wendy says.

“A, Is that what I think it is?” Elle asks.

Holding it up to the light, they see a pattern of their city- Leethan.

“Kyonna- did you know there is a map of Leethan on here?” Elle asks, examining it.

“No I didn’t- I just wanted it back T- gave it to me,” Kyonna responds.

“Kyonna- who is T?” Wendy asks.

“T is her man her love.” Elle explains.

“Well this city and our family’s plantation- are on a medallion” Elle asks.

“I don’t know- that’s what I intend on finding out,” Kyonna says.

Elle walks over to her sister who is up and taking her gown off.

“So Elle, listen to me when I say I want to learn to use my gifts- it’s time for me to follow your path,” Kyonna states.

Now fully bare her scar rears its hideous yet sensual head, Elle and Wendy both look at it and her exquisite body.

“Sis it’s too late…

“Please Elle- I’m asking you.”

“All right Kyonna- I will show you and guide you; but you had better pay attention and listen,” Elle instructs.

“Now come on get dressed- I think Wendy is enjoying the view,” Elle smiles.

“Ah come on I love Red, not Kyonna.” Wendy retorts.

“Yes true, but you still love to check out us slender ladies,” Elle laughs.

“Alright you caught me I still like to look every now and then.” Wendy states.

They bump into the nurse- “Please Kyonna you must get back in bed and rest.”

“I’m fine now doc- I just need to get moving.”

The eerie sky reveals a sinister plot, as the thunder cracks through the atmosphere. The thunderous roar, echoes against downtown Leethan. Two lead engineers Jon, and Mark hired buy Whiteout; erect a tower in the central park district, fitting it with large screen projectors, and rudimentary intercom speakers shaped like skulls, with the eyes, nose and mouth the audio cones.With a stark evil gaze these skulls adorn the streets of Leethan- grinning at her inhabitants- bearing the hideous truth that the city is now under martial law. Littering the streets with these grotesque intercoms- the engineers finish erecting the last of these.

“Rain, that’s the last thing we need at this time, is Rain.” Mark says.

“Hey Jon grow a pair- that’s the last one.”

“Yeah -yeah, I got you.” Jon retorts.

“Are you boys done yet?” Whiteout asks.

Snapping to attention- they look at her white suit of armor- staring they look at her face in awe.

“Easy boys you might want to look the other way.”

Her voice swoons their presence, caressing their ears.

“I don’t appreciate anyone staring!” Whiteout says.

“Sorry, maam I just- we just never have seen you with your helmet off,” Mark says.

“Oh- yes I forgot- well go ahead get a close look- boys.”

Together the two engineers gaze upon her unusual beauty- unusual in that she is in fact very worthy and so attractive she could give any current model a run for their money. Yet that’s not it Mark and Jon, stare in shock as they continue to do so she struts up to John. Whiteout, pulls her Katana out- and swings high she rests with her left shoulder directly in front of Mark.

“No one has ever seen my face” She says as Jon’s head slides off the neck, the torso wins the race to the ground as John’s head now rolls to a stop. Whiteout, gives Mark a kiss to seal her promise to him.

“You have tasted my lips now- heed my voice when I say do not tell a soul of who I am or else end up like Jonny boy!” Whiteout orders.

Mark shakes his head in agreement and watches his employer strut off.

Collapsing on the ground- falling to his knees kneeling he breaths deep; tears rolling down his face Mark suddenly looks through his fingers and sees Jon’s head, his mouth agape, staring up at him.

Mark stares blankly- mesmerized by Jon’s taunt- the head gazes soullessly at his partner piercing his soul.

Mark begins chocking; pleading for help his cough worsens, and then quickly dissipates.

“Hey bub get off of the street we are in lock down,” a citizen says.

Helping Mark to his feet the citizen asks if he’s ok.

“Hey pal you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine- thanks,” Mark responds.

“Yeah no problem bub- take care you better get inside the WO is on patrol.”

Leaving him to his business- Mark wanders into the Inferno night club; signaling the bartender- whom is a sleek Asian gal- and orders some drinks. Sitting down at a secluded table in the back, Mark recaps the events that just took place.

“Trey - how are we going to figure out what happened to Leethan.” Red asks.

“I don’t know Red- I have yet to figure out- where.”

“If you want to find out what happened than I suggest you look- in Skai Tower.” Mark says.

“Huh, that’s a business district.” Red interrupts.

“Yes but also the name of our city’s new capitol building.” Mark informs.

“Only- it’s directly under the Skai Tower, they built it upside down, mirroring the capitol- it stretches far.”

“Why?” Red asks.

“To, hide the truth about what they are doing.”

“That makes no sense,” Trey adds.

“They, are heading the government, they are in charge- Skai, Tower is a reminder to us all that nothing is as it seems.” Mark adds then continues.

“Look Whiteout and Clorox are now united and full of greed!” Mark states.

“It makes perfect sense, how else can you gain control of this city- a city governed by a hardened war veteran; plus you have demons, necromancers , assassins, let’s not forget the super natural,” Mark informs.

Red and Trey look at each other- then begin to pry their old friend for more info.

“Mark how do you know this?” Trey asks.

“Because I’ve been forced to, to work for Whiteout, she is evil and persuasive,” Mark states.

“How persuasive can she be?” Red enquires.

“She has my wife- La Wanda hostage- and will kill her if I don’t complete my agreement,” Mark sadly remarks.

“Well we better get to it friend, especially if people are being forced to work for Whiteout.”

“Agreed Red- lets blow this Popsicle stand- let’s start at Blaze’s place!” Red says.

“Blaze’s house is under lock and key- it’s so tightly guarded no one can get in or out without 6 verifications.” Mark in forms them.

“Well we have to try.” Trey move it,” Red exclaims.

“You guys can’t be serious- you’ll be killed before you reach the third wall,” Mark says. Demanding they stay and live to fight another day-he continues his plea.

“Guys going in the front door is suicide, if nothing else you’ll be mortally wounded or worse Dead- then what you won’t be able to fight or to save anybody.”

“Well, do you have a plan-let’s hear it,” Trey demands. Mark raises his right while leaning his head across Trey’s shoulder - pointing to the guards. He comments.

“Actually I do- the guards- we use them to get in.”

Getting up, they leave and immediately are met by the six Guards of the WO.

“Alright- on my mark move in take them out-3-2-1-mark.”

Ariving at Blaze’s house Mark speaks expressing his surprise and lack of approval.

“When I said use the guards this is not what, meant.” Mark shouts. Trey and Red gather the guards’ bodies and tosses them over the wall. Mark still is talking- lecturing them.

“I didn’t expect you to kill them,” Mark says.

In response Trey and Red, lift the heads and bodies of two of the guards to prove a point.

“These guards aren’t life they aren’t even human.” Red states.

“Take a look for yourself, Mark they are androids - robots.” Red continues.

“They aren’t anything but gears and wires, Mark wake up.” Red finishes.

“Who’s side are you on?” Trey asks.

“He has his own agenda-Trey- he’s working for Whiteout to save his love.” Red states.

“Yes - I know that Red; there’s something else - I sense it.” Trey states.

“What are you talking about?” Mark asks.

“I think it’s time for you to leave.” Trey remarks.

“Yes it’s for your own good-Mark go take care of La Wanda.” Red adds.

Leaving, Mark looks back as the two wave him onward. As he crests the ridge and disappears - Trey and Red use their supernatural powers. The thick grey walls of Blaze’s fortress turn to blood red no laden with gaping wounds- the rust colored wall dries and cracks. Trey enters through one of these cracks, as he enters the bloodstained environment, peels away lifting into the atmosphere Red is now in front of Trey; eyes a glow with orange fire- a byproduct of Red’s powers.The power and its- effects dissipate. All is restored to normal Trey congratulates his companion showering him with praise.

“Nice work old friend” Trey say, in kind return Red says thanks returning the gesture-“You’re welcome.”

“Let’s keep moving,” Red states.

Taking turns they trade off using their respective powers until they reach, the central library where the interior corridor is located. Gesturing, Red up to his position Trey just finished scouting the area.

“What’s the plan?” Red asks.

“These guards are everywhere - I had no idea there were this many.” Red says.

“I know we’ll have to use our powers wisely, no room for errors.” Trey instructs.

With the black liquid drawing near, it once again renders everything, pooling on the ground, streams flow upwards to create the street lights pictures and walls. Twisted and warped the mixture of indoor and outdoor furniture, renders the Blaze house a crazy montage. The black ink runs thick, now pooling up. The skeletons on Trey’s hoody now move from sleeves back to shoulder, agitated they try to vacate Trey’s hoodie. Flowing through the halls the ink thins out, now forming the ceiling fans. Trey moves through the area. With Red close behind, the blackness of Trey’s environment is changed to amber. Red’s power is too much; the effects lift Trey’s ink off the walls and ceilings. In a massive cloud of chips the ink which flows from Trey trickles to a halt, now flakes of reddish black remain suspended in air. The walls chip and crack leaving gaping holes in the walls and floor, exposed plumbing and substructures are now visible. The guards are engulfed in flaming aura only visible to both Trey and Red. Moving to the east of Blazes fortress they are greeted buy Elle, Wendy, and Kyonna.

“Ladies, how’s it going,” Red asks.

“The guards behind us in the area have been taken care of.” Elle exclaims.

“Well-well, look at that- hey Trey Kyonna is here.”Red shouts.

“Yes, I see - hey Kyonna it’s good to see you.” Trey says. Kyonna looks at the ground then up again in a shy response and exclaims.

“Why thank you, it’s nice to be seen.”

“Look we’ve got to get inside Blaze’s office which is in the interior corridor,” Elle states.

“So - how far is that from here,” Red asks.

“It’s about 1300 feet,” Kyonna conveys.

“Great just grand, look the signal bands have been tripped; soon there will be more guards.” Trey informs everyone.

The signal bands are a series of three lasers that run along the top and bottom of each causeway. These lasers project a 3 dimensional grid.

“These halls are impassable,” Kyonna shouts.

Elle, Wendy and Red agree- in unison they inform Trey-“She’s telling you the truth look.”

“There hast to be another way in,” Trey says.

With the Ink churning and spooling from his body Trey searches for another way in, his powers converge on his friends, swallowing them whole. Each squirms with fear while they are taken by Trey’s black pools the undertow is too great, and the ink reaches out for each companion. Grabbing each member it tugs them under, each struggling with their comfort of the situation. As Trey pools and swarms his blackness subsides releasing each of his friends the ink sucks back into his body, together they find themselves behind the central library.

“What was that?” Kyonna asks.

“Trey, took us to the other side of the library.”

“Wow, you mean you actually transported all of us to this location,” Kyonna says.

“Yes that’s exactly what happened, sis!” Elle exclaims.

“Sh, quiet- do you hear that?” Red asks.

“What the hell is that sound?” Wendy and Elle ask.

Thick and heavy the distinct sounds of wheezing and coughing resonate through the halls. A stark voice breaks the silence- “I’ve been expecting you” Blaze states angrily.

“The information has to be here” Elle shouts.

“It would be wise to pay attention to your host, as he speaks.”

“Blaze?!” Kyonna shouts-“What happened to you?”

“Kyonna, Blaze is dead sweetie how can you?”

“Kyonna… can you see him?”

Without warning the floor in the center of the octagonal library opens, revealing a rising elevator.

With Blaze in the center and six guards’ to assist, he speaks to address his unwanted guests.

“As I said earlier, it is not polite to ignore your host,” he exclaims.

“But…I… we thought you were dead,” Elle states.

“Dead- no not quite- after I faked my death I went into hiding” Blaze continues.

“Why, you were in love?”

“For various reasons - the faking of such a tragedy has paved my way to success.”

“Kyonna what happened to you?’…’I woke up, the information your friends seek is gone- only memories remain.”

“You of all people, Blaze why… why would you betray us?!” Kyonna shouts.

“Kyonna what are you talking about,” Elle asks.

“That is for me to know- you’ll find out soon enough - now you are trespassing I suggest you leave,” Blaze demands.

“Or I’ll be forced to remove you myself,” Blaze informs.

“Guards neutralize this situation,” Blaze commands.

Moving in from all sides one hundred of Blaze’s finest guards close in on Trey and Red’s position.

“What about the three chicks- what should we do with them?” the commanding officer asks.

“Give them the one two- we don’t need them” Blaze orders.

Standing in silence the guards officer and women look at Blaze in confusion “Wipe them out,” Blaze states angrily.

“Aye, sir command confirmed’-- “DO IT NOW!” The commander shouts.

“Not today Elle,” confirms aloud.

The three women gather confidence; standing in a tight triangular formation- each unleashes their powers. Elle’s power bellows forth, hers is a white fiery army her soulless soldiers March forth towards Blaze and his guards. While Kyonna’s is a demonic entity who goes by the name of Aink- he beckons the armies of her sister’s onward, Wendy has pools and waves of undead servants tugging and pulling her victims limbs and faces. Her undead aren’t whole entities instead they are more arms claws and talons that pull and rip. Together all three women spawn evil itself. Blaze disappears in the firestorm and havoc.

“He’s no longer in the area he has escaped,” Kyonna shouts.

“Don’t worry about him, just hold his guards off we can track him later- Trey orders.

Fighting them, the guards are quickly subdued they continue to search the area for any leads as to the whereabouts of the information.

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