Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 5

With thick patches of steam bellowing forth from the streets, a dark eerie silence grips the moist air. Whiteout surveys the streets of Leethan- her elite guard escorts her as one addresses her she is pleased ” all is in order the occupants in this sector have been neutralized.”

“Excellent, work Qu I am pleased,” Whiteout declares.

Her phone rings as she answers it she is informed that the army she requested is ready and able.

Excited to hear the news she, heads back to her fortress with Qu escorting her.

“Before I go to oversee this army patrol the next four sectors and eradicate the area, no survivors,” Whiteout dictates.

Arriving to view the new army she requested, Whiteout and Qu walk up and down the rows of countless soldiers.

Again accompanied by the engineers, they slowly inspect the redone product.

“Hm, I see some improvements on design and regeneration,” Whiteout says stabbing on of the soldiers.

“No, again these… things you call soldiers are worthless” she shouts.

“I need perfection, they have to withstand Blaze’s onslaught- not to mention Inkblot and Bloodstain’s attack.”

Following her request the engineers are discouraged once again; Mark is tired, frustrated, and worried for his wife.

La Wanda is all he can think about, his thoughts interrupted by Whiteout “Monica- try harder, perfect the regeneration properties- I want invincible soldiers.” “La Wanda I love you so much” he thinks to himself as his work is now being inspected too- and again his thoughts of La Wanda interrupted by the soothing voice of Whiteout.

“Nice work Mark, I’m impressed… pleased… to see you double your efforts for me to achieve my ok is really quite hard... impossible in fact.” Whiteout continues her rant “Really Mark you should be so lucky as I said it’s that hard to impress me therefore since you have done so well for me- La Wanda is free to go.”

Released Mark is pleased Whiteout gives the ok to release his beloved- “however,” Whiteout says.

“Since it is impossible to please me you – Mark- have chosen to be the example.”

Looking back at La Wanda who is now in Mark’s view she lunges her Katana into his abdomen.

“No! – Mark,” La Wanda shouts.

“God dam you Whiteout- you bitch.”

“Yes - I am; but it’s miss bitch to you.”

“La Wanda, you of all people should know me, after all you are my sister!” she states emphatically.

“Besides, I have always doubted you and your taste in men; and I am not your sister!”

“Just cause your my sister doesn’t give you the right”…

“Guards escort her to Paradise City see to it she is taken care of- I don’t want her coming back hereto Leethan,”Whiteout orders.

Mark still bleeding on the floor is removed while Whiteout speaks to him in his weakened state, “as I said it’s impossible to please me in that right you’ve succeeded yet you have been monitored talking to Inkblot and Bloodstain.” Mark dumbfounded by how she knows denies the allegations.

“No I swear to you I have done no such thing.”

“Mark- I have actual footage of you giving them information to Blaze’s fortress,” Whiteout suggests.

“Mark, you have failed me, you have forgotten the promise?”

“What, what promise,” Mark asks.

“I don’t know of any promise- look Jesus I’m telling you the truth- Whiteout please.”

Mark pleads his case with her; but to no avail she finishes him off with her katana. “Too bad had you paid attention you could have been with my sister- as such you failed to observe and notice.”

“Ready my chopper I will rendezvous with Blaze, and Clorox call them I am on the way.”

“Whiteout-; ma’am Inkblot and Bloodstain are here.”

“This is truly unexpected- how nice of you to drop buy!” Whiteout shouts.

“We are here for Mark, what have you done with him?” Red asks.

“Haha… he’s all yours boys!” Whiteout responds. She tosses his limp corpse over the railing from the catwalk above. His limp body collides with the floor with a large thud landing at Trey’s feet.

“You want him- he’s all yours.”

“No, what have you done!” La Wanda shouts.

“Silence her ill tongue- guards take her away.”

Looking up after examining Mark’s limp body Red speaks while opening his three bladed Katana.

“You really are a bitch- she’s right you know you shouldn’t have done that,” Red announces.

“Ooh feisty- you’ve got an itch’-’so eager to scratch it you have no idea who you are Fucking with,” Whiteout shouts.

“Ha- thought so coward,” she continues softly.

“No you are the fool,” Trey responds.

Stabbing her Red shoves his three bladed Katana deep into her side.

She laughs stepping out of the empty stasis tank behind Red. Who looks to his left to find that the body he stabbed was another one of Whiteout’s guards.


“You missed.”

“She’s a shape shifter,” Red confirms.

“I noticed,” Trey says softly.

“As I said you both are out of your league’- ’now if you forgive me I have a prior engagement with Blaze.”

She continues to address her unwelcome guests, “please feel free to poke around - have a look see.”

The three women arrive to aid Trey and Red, Kyonna enters the room first with Elle bringing up the rear.

“She’s gone you let her get away!!” Wendy shouts in anger.

“We will catch up to her in time Wendy,” Kyonna and Elle say.

Scouring the near vacant room only the scientists and guards remain. Searching for any evidence of Blaze and Whiteout’s link to the WO. They come across as startling revelation, hidden in a black folder. On it a tan seals, the WO’S seal, above that in bold white stamped letters- SBS.

“What the” Elle exclaims.

“Huh you seeing this Trey,” Red states.

“Yes brother I am” Trey retorts.

“What” Wendy exclaims in disbelief.

“Looks like not only are Blaze and Whiteout married; but they implemented project 244,” Kyonna states.

“Look they even implemented the direct orders and hierarchy for order 2413,” Wendy says.

“Project 244?” Trey asks.

“Order 2413 and 244?” Red asks.

“The project was funded and facilitated by”…

Interrupted by Elle and Kyonna, they notice the project’s backer and founder, shocked and mortified they announce their findings.

“What?” Kyonna says sinking to the ground.

“No it can’t be” Elle says walking away.

“By who?” Wendy demands.

Watching as her two sisters’ cry in anguish at the reality and preposterous news invades their very essence. Wendy slowly looks; the rich history of this once proud city Leethan- thrown into darkness. Into the abyss of human crimes, trafficking, prostitution eradication of a certain race; all crimes punishable by one of two ways. The disbelief and realization of just how Leethan came to be in her current sad state; ripe with tears both Kyonna and Elle’s skin tone fades in from the more recent white to their original hue of dark caramel. Wendy now joins in as she too discovers the validity and relevance of the situation- her skin fades tan to dark black. Still morning the news, Red and Trey find out they have a third sister, La Wanda.

“I… I can’t believe it.” Kyonna says to Elle.

“Neither can I - sis neither can I”.

“What is going on- who’s the head name on the list?” Red asks.


Noticing the now natural skin tones of all three women, the guards move in flanking towards the enemy they surround them.

“Serrinnah,” Kyonna shouts.

“So why the tears and screams of anguish.” Weapons drawn the guards strife in towards them.

“Serrinnah-is our mother.” Kyonna shouts as the lead guard look at her and Elle then signals to the second to move in. “Freeze, don’t move put your hands up,” the lead guard orders.

“Why, why would your mother one of the nicest ladies I have ever met- be involved with Blaze and the leader and founder of the WO.” Trey asks still ignoring the guards they carry on.

“I don’t know Trey- I intend on finding out” Wendy confirms.

“Why are you too crying, but Wendy is not?” Trey asks.

“It’s- it’s because- she’s adopted.” Kyonna finishes.

“Wow, I had no idea but why turn - why join the WO,” Red asks.

“I don’t know,” Kyonna and Elle announce.

The guards’ continue moving into position, with a nod they give the order to capture.

Shooting nets from their guns, they quickly strife into the center of the group and capture the three women.

“Put them in quarantine, for inoculation.”

“Excuse me- inoculated from what,” Kyonna demands.

“Why, should we be inoculated?”

Trey and Red both defend the women, to no avail.

“Fire- ’set your weapons down,” a soldier commands.

Taking a direct shot to the back Red is brought to his knees. Stone projectiles tear his skin apart; revealing their oozing wounds this will leave scars. Burning pain the shock sets in as, Trey stands up to turn and fire back he is blindsided by shots. An acute ringing in his ears and blurred vision overtakes his sense he struggling to get up his face meets the butt of a rifle. Slowly coming around, he hears Elle speak to him; but the words are slurred and drawn out in length, as he regains consciousness.

“Hello, wake up Trey- are you ok,” Elle asks.

“Where is Red- no I’m not ok you guys well girls are set to be inoculated,” Trey responds holding his head in pain.

“We are in quarantine Trey- who is Red” Elle demands.

“My brother- we came here together—remember,” Trey affirms.

“Go where Trey,” Elle asks kindly.

“We all of us went to Blaze’s house - we went there in search of the documents -the Information.” Trey continues.

“Only we got a lot more than we bargained for”.


As they sit on the bed, Elle gently starts stroking his back as she always does only, something is different. Her touch cold she’s stroking his back in the opposite direction and the wrong side. After his time and service as head security officer for late senator Phillips, Trey held off eight super agents at great cost to his left side. Elle, always new how sensitive the membrane was on his back especially the left side- the side that inflicted the most damage. In one quick motion, he stands draws his katana and thrusts it in her, only she is now shapeless morphing into her true identity.

“Raven l is should have known it was you.” Trey shouts.

Raven, transforms back into her original physique that of a man and quickly leaves.

“Haha… you missed, still falling for that one all the time”…

“I’ve got the intel, you requested” she confirms to her commander.

“And- I’m listening,” the brash male voice says. Blaze was always quick to the point, thick accented and rifling off on anyone that’s short of perfect.

“They are after the documents, my Guess is the one’s pertaining to you and Senator Phillips,” she states.

“So you don’t know, assume nothing I want facts,” Blaze informs Raven to try harder.

“I want Inkblot and Bloodstain stopped- now the sooner they are out of the picture the better off we will be. They are getting close, they can never know the senators true identity.” Blaze continues to instruct her.

“Do what you have to- be it quarantine or erasure I just want them out of the picture. The sooner the better.”

“Yes, sir I’m on it. May I ask what is so important about keeping the senator’s identity a secret?”

“That’s for me to know.”

“If I’m to do my job sir, than you must provide me with the information.”

“Senator Phillips’s true identity is that of a vampiric nature, his name is Lord Balcham.”

“In route to the said targets now sir.”

“Good.” Blaze continues - as his voice lowers to a more sinister tone.

“Finish the job in a timely manner- you’ll be compensated- fail and you’ll writhe in agony.”

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