Inkblot & Bloodstain

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Chapter 8

Cold and wet the dreary night sky is filled with the sounds of Whiteout’s voice resonating through the speakers prized aloft the towers she had installed.

“This is your new president your new savior, this great city will stand as a glorious bastion of hope- to all who seek to reside here. Leethan is now on the cusp of a glorious future, one of peace and glory. As the rest of the world destroys itself- they will realize the great paradise Leethan is and see Ashen rise to power once again!”

While her voice carries on in speech, Leethan and her people reveal a sinister plot the truth prevailing, in the wet cold black of night. The WO, soldiers with their skull shaped helmets and four reddish orange eyes pierce the night sky. Again hearing creepy tones that make up a inhuman voice bark orders “Move it, get in the vehicle.” Leethan streets have not been rebuilt, she is in a bombed state despair and anguish her face- bares this pain. Shattered and torn, her people cry out pleading to a distant aggressor- who’s only purpose is to destroy and enslave. Another soldier shouts, its voice crackles the thick air “Give up your child- and move over there.” Above in an unknown language marks a line, in plain English equates eradication- the other lines signage again equates to depigmentation of all. Hundreds fill the lines, shoved in like cattle heading to slaughter, the people panic and trample each other. Those fortunate enough to die in line are the lucky ones.

On a distant bridge Clorox and a few of her guards, look on this treachery observing the events and the unlawful disobedience to the treaties, her and Whiteout had made weeks ago. Furious, smacking her lips loudly, and tonguing her teeth cleaning out the night’s meal- she hails her assassin- “Track them and if you get the chance to kill her do it” she glares at him as she gets into her sedan “without hesitation end this and end her life” Leaving the sedan squeals off in a rigorous fury, the blue grey of the car is unique only two in existence, its wide stance and stealthy look is unlike anything seen.

The assassin activates his tracking sensors and stealth, now cloaked he disappears- speeding off on foot. Sitting watching the fire dance and crack, pop with loudness the heat is nice and comforting. Red thinks about Wendy, eyeing her beauty he can’t help thinking about her revelation today. No, it can’t be that would make her my sister no my gut my instincts are good and it would have shouted out- screaming at me. Shacking off the thoughts and doubts, he sits in close to the group abandoning his watch for the time being. Trey and Elle, found food for the night “tonight’s meal White Stag steaks.”

“Huh?” Serinnah exhales leaning over to see what Trey and Elle found- without missing a beat he responds “Deer.”

“Oh, I never have had Deer hope it’s good.”

She stutters staring at Elle’s boyfriend, enthralled and confused as to why the hidden face. Secretly, hiding in a deep hood pitch black all you can see are blueish silver eyes. Eyes that burn, small flame like fingers jut and dance- they glean from such passion which radiates outward- she can almost make out his face.

“Mom it’s not polite to stare.” Elle says as Kyonna looks up to them from the staring at the fire- thinking about her son and his safety.

“Sorry dear, I don’t mean to stare at him – excuse me what’s your name?” She asks politely, cocking her head to get friendly and maybe catch a glimpse at the secret engulfed in black. He looks to his love and then to Serinnah, in a deep voice he answers “Trey, ma’am- my name is Trey.”

She smiles and gives him a welcoming stare; he hasn’t gotten that for a long time not from anyone other than his love- “Its short for Treyhag- mom.” Elle chimes in.

“Oh, sorry and the big guy is he your friend- what’s his name?”

“Arthesis- Red for short and Trey is my brother.”

“Oh, nice two families brought together.”

“Mom, you’re prying.” Elle’s tone and demeanor reveal an immature side- though she is 32 her youth shines through.

“Elle, its ok she doesn’t know us.” Trey and Red assure. Serinnah now examines Red’s strong massive built body; in awe of his manly features she studies the wounds that never stop bleeding. Occasionally hitting a patch of dried caked mass, like burned skin on a chicken wing. She then looks back to Trey, “were did you both come from, what I mean to say is what are you both.” Serinnah realizing she has just crossed a threshold, no one dared to ask even Elle in all her strength and boldness never pried. Looking up at her Trey and Red both, reveal their affair to her, showing off their bodies face, and abilities. While irritated at the question, they aren’t upset – more understanding, as it can be confusing for a mother, and a president.

“We are assassins, going to high school before both WW III, IIII- attending…”

Serinnah interrupts them both-“South Bend High better known to us locals as Interim.”

“Yes that’s right, look not to creep you out us- Red and I we are supernatural we exist here but; in an alternate plain.”

“What do you mean- are you saying you both are ghosts?” Silva interrupts in confusion.

“No, look we both have unnatural powers we were formed.”

“How?’- ’if you don’t mind me asking.”

“That ma’am is an unknown, to us all we know is we woke up on the battlefield our missions had ended and we are this way as you see- not human.” Pulling his hood back Trey stands, as Red now next to his brother. They both reveal their true nature now, a thick black liquid pools and spires hisses and drips, in a controlled manner all over Trey’s body. Red similar, only his flakes off and burns sending fiery blood like cells into the area around him. Serinnah, Silva and Kyonna stare into Trey’s hellish affair, curiosity grips them tightly, his eyes- aglow burning brightly flare outward like the sun, only the light emitted is platinum. Red too has fierce orange eyes that reveal a flaming spirit with in.

“You know our real names, our human names.” Trey says holding up his arm, showing them the black liquid crawling up to his hand -“Our unearthly names are our true identity now, and may shed light on your confusion.” Red, transforms into his alternate state, the red liquid spools out as he turns into this form speaks to the three who are awe struck “I am Bloodstain, my brother there the is Inkblot.” Changing back to normal form Trey covers his face, his skull like face changes constantly, the women realize while human the two appear more alien like, like they are from another time another place. Red throws the deer steaks on the grate above the fire. High heat emits from the pit, the steaks pleasant smells and hiss, in a musical medley that soothes them all.

“Were did you learn of this, your past I mean on the battlefield and high school- yet why can’t you remember how you came to be like this?”

“Don’t really know- that’s why I came back to Leethan to find out and for Elle.”


“I love her, in the process of our reunion,” Trey looks to his love, reaching out for her hand which he now holds continues “Red and Wendy are a couple.”

Kyonna smiling says- “nice I’m happy for you all- yet I sense something is troubling Red.” Interrupted by the comment he turns a deep purple from the comment. Realizing, the situation he clears his throat to explain his distraction- how am I going to tell them- what will they think there is no way Wendy is my sister. He thinks to himself – here goes nothing.

“Back there when Wendy- you said Blaze was your father…” A great pause ensues as he tries to find the words, searching his feelings he decides to face his fears and speak of his findings.

“Yes, we’re listening.”

“Well Wendy’s father is Blaze that means she is my sister.”

“Trey Back at the fortress, when we use our power to find the information I came across the realization that Blaze was my father.” Wendy, getting up from laying now sits and leans forward to address this information. “That’s a false hood- I had no siblings none what so ever this I can promise.” Red, squints and continues to explain- “I saw it I saw him standing with the WO, the picture I saw was of him, and me standing together.”

“Hmm, well I seriously doubt this Blaze I knew left behind a living will, to my mother- though it excluded me there were files showing his bloodline.” Wendy, looking at him now- “These files contained DNA samples letters from Arclight hospital confirming the findings, I was the only child Red- no other blood or adoption was never confirmed.” Relieved in some aspects of this news, he stills feels an odd emptiness – how could I not be Blaze’s child- I saw the pictures myself. Why- he thinks to himself.

The central corridor is over stuffed with Leethan civilians. Now displaced and without homes, they are forced into slavery after depigmentation- these are the lucky ones. Whiteouts voice still cracks the silence – the same dialogue as before. An eerie calm is clinching the morning air, a sad song of somber embrace. The sun cracks the dull grey sky. “Near I can tell Is Blaze is on the move, sire” Madeline reports to Whiteout. The WO clinches the city in tight grip, as armies of engineers’ erect hologram projectors. The sinister lies continue, aligning these projectors around each building and rubble pile they project a pristine, city scape even the roadways and alleys are projected the same way. To outsiders, the city is back, and stronger than ever. Hidden behind theses facades the oblique truth that Leethan; is ripe with destruction and putrefaction. Whiteout has deceived the Delegating authority.

Her prize coming to reality, while the people delve in great pain and suffering “Good keep a close watch on him- Blaze can’t be trusted anymore.”


“One more thing, my dearest Madiline.”


“Don’t call me sire- it is and always shall be your highness.”

Streets are laden with beauty the trees align the main highway on either side creating a natural tunnel. Hints of gold and white platinum as Paradise city is made up of unknown elements. Her structure the cities capital square gleans brightly yet reveals unearthly architecture. The signage still unreadable, essentially says “Welcome to the Greatest City on Earth”. Streets are clean and spotless; her people carry on like no wars ever existed. Happy and full of life this hub of commerce bustling and busy yet peaceful and quiet; yet while this beauty serene and peaceful an eerie quiet, too quiet as somethings amiss. Maybe death in the air, or some unknown evil looms overhead, the ambiance of Paradise city has always been a gloomy one. Maybe the city and her people are so caught up in the everyday life they have forgotten what it’s like to live. That’s not it either, this doom this weight of a great secret hiding in plain sight. Unlike Leethan, Paradise city is new only 10 years old. Risen out of Leethan’s fall at the end of the War her people all too familiar with Whiteout and her intensions try to ignore it, though impossible. Serinnah, the president oversaw the completion of this city, in honor of her late husband Ishtan, his legacy complete- the city stands. Though no one could expect the invasion that ensued, within months of the war ending, the Paradise city was overrun by a new enemy. From where they came no one knows they came, Ishtan couldn’t have predicted this outcome. He would turn in his grave- she thought. Not even the world was ready for this, even both Ishtan and Serinnah taking every precaution available. Not one person in place; from the President own down to security saw this one coming.

Four towers, reaching into the sky higher than any buildings, so massive and tall these four towers don’t match any architecture, around. Resembling, massive wedges triangular in shape only misshapen and asymmetrical they stand on end. The narrowest part the nose towards the city, the largest and at the top; splitting into a “V” in the middle, with large pods and towers stacked and staggered inside this v shape. These towers scattered throughout the city arrived shortly after the War ended. The sunlight peeks around the towers, black and gleaning as though they were obsidian, they loom above; engulfing the streets below with a dismal ambiance of doom. Occasionally belching out streams of mist which acts like swarms of Bees, angrily moving and spreading like some disease, it’s alive; the WO’s personal military fleet flies sorties five times a day. Marked with the same unreadable language that’s on the gates in Leethan, only this is a brand a marking, the WO.

“Plans are in order, the army is almost complete all we need is the last piece and we shall bring, Paradise city to its knees,” in a brash voice Blaze addresses the counsel.

The council 12 members in all, speaking in their native language the 12 members and Blaze, reminds them of the history of events that led up to this. 6 females, 4 males and 2 AI’s, only Tharon, Lizben are allowed to speak for the women; while Hargrave, and Novak speak for the men. Just as Kyonna told Serinnah in the tunnels then addresses them, on where to find the missing pieces.

“Counsel, it is with great pleasure I find the elements you seek.”

“Abanthium, there are several places Deep within this planet that will suffice, bring us plenty.”

“What of the Auscillium- where can we get it? Remember we need it to complete the vampires’ growth process. Without it, all of the incubates’ will not live.”

“That too has been found.”

“What about the humans?” Councilwoman Tharon interrupts.

“What about them, after all it was they who took it from us long ago. - They shall pay for that.”

“Need I remind you Blaze are human yourself.”

“At what cost- killing them and mining their planet for the Abanthium, and its opposite Auscillium is not solving anything?” Blaze counters the idea continuing- “I have found an almost endless supply of this Abanthium and Auscillium that you speak of.”

“Is that so Blaze- you’ve found an exorbitant amount of both?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Council, it is in your best interest to listen to Blaze- as the Triad is watching us all.”

“Nonsense, the Triad has been a nuisance since they allowed us to be a part of their alliance.” Novak says leaning in for another chance to look this human, the one they call Blaze in the eyes. While Hargrave, turns to point out his actions defending Blaze interjects, Novak.

“As I recall you- sir were the one that pushed for such a move- sighting the facts and stating our survival hinges upon it. Correct me if I’m wrong; but you Hargrave, Novak and Lizbin make up the Triad.”

“Whiteout, tell me why are we listening to this man, this human thing, he and his kind are irrelevant, they are pointless dull creatures.” Hargrave, shouts at the idea of a human finding the elements they need. Blaze, ignites his eyes flames jut and jostle outward liking his brow, he is ripe with anger at Hargrave’s comments.

“Blaze, your feeble attempts at intimidation are amusing.”

“Pointless, the only thing seeming to be pointless is you and your race coming here to our city imprisoning everyone and giving the rest of the world the false idea that Leethan is bigger and better- That Hargrave is preposterous.” Blaze pissed reveals his true nature, molten skin glazed in hells fire he now burns brightly.

“Haha… your display of this crude nature, is noted for the records- may the AI’s note this action by Blaze.”

“Would all of you stop bickering- this gets us nowhere,” Lizbin shouts – getting the attention of the council and continues. “This massive amount of Abanthium you speak of- tell where is it located?”

Moving to the center podium, and activating the hologram readouts and video, “Here, test subject 42- the Abanthium you seek is in him.”

“What- in him, this is impossible.”

“What’s so impossible Tharon- Bloodstain has all the Abanthium we need his body replenishes it at a faster rate than we can extract it. Same process will be done for Inkblot.”

“What makes you so sure they have the necessary amount?”

Tharon leans back in her chair orders the AI to analyze Blazes data- confirming the findings, the two AI’s then convey it to the council.

“The data and findings are correct- both subjects produce enough of both elements to sustain life for the next 350 hundred years per subject; if you were to extract it all at once.”

“Interesting, tell me Blaze how are you supposed to defeat them and get both said elements?” Lizbin asks speaking for everyone else.

“I purpose we capture him- we bait him using Wendy.”

“How prey tell do you manage to do that.”

“Protocols and assets are already in place.”

“And what measures are those?”

“That’s for me to know-council.”

“Blaze, if you want our approval then you’re going to need a plan,” Lizbin stands out of her chair leaning on the table in front of her; while the other council members lean forward. Some scoff and others shout. The room which they are in is octagonal; the grand mass is centered in a circular table like a ring. Black with Red edges and scars the table is a direct product form the Abanthium the red streaks, and Auscillium the black material. The two presenters stand in the middle, of the table, Whiteout and Blaze. Whiteout looks over at Blaze then the council- and reveals their plan.

“I have agents in place as Blaze suggested earlier.”

“Who are these agents?”

“Silva and the president’s guard- they are with the target as we speak awaiting orders.”

“So why the secrecy- Blaze?” Hargrave reacts questioning him. Blaze looking at Whiteout nods at her then answers the question.

“Because, someone on this council is against the idea of his capture, for the Abanthium,” Blaze shouts fully aware, that the council and their race, needing it for Whiteout’s army. Unlike, Whiteout the council is predominately vampires’. Bloodthirsty, they are the last of their race not typical in the traditional sense; they crave the epidermis layer of human skin. Removing 90 percent of this layer were they consume 9 percent; the rest of which they use to incubate their victims with it- creating their army of parasitic replicas.

“Hargrave- why are you insisting on mining this verse the subject?” Blaze asks looking directly at him.

“Yes that’s right- we need to mine it from the center of the Earth, by doing so we have the capability of building a base and colonies for our army.”


“Look that would free up the core where the Abanthium resides, and we will be able to hide this army deep within the Earth’s crust.” Lizbin interjects, addressing the question to Blaze’s inquiry continues “however, Blaze- your idea poses a unique chance an opportunity to rid us of one of our longtime adversaries yet we still have a problem.”

“What’s that?”

“His brother Inkblot, how do we get past him.”

“Whiteout, his antagonist has the ability to drain his power- thus rendering him useless.”

The council conveys only Whiteout and Blaze, stand waiting for the deliberation to end. Paradise city, Serinnah’s new city in lockdown, with an unknown visitor looming above. Paradise city was completed five years ago, the new towers have been looming since three years ago- form today- Silva thinks to herself.“ The deer steaks almost done, Serinnah how much would you like?”

“Half of yours please- or whoever can’t eat all of theirs.” Sliding his dagger under the steaks to flip it he searches for clean objects to serve these on. Finding, broken slates of glass Red cleans them off, hands them to Trey who then divvies up the portions. Hearing mechanical wining and screeching in the background Serinnah scared looks with a question on her face.



“Drones sent out looking for scarp parts- they won’t harm us.” Elle says, reaching in for a taste.

“Mmm, this is good- really good babe.”

“Yes it is – where did you learn to prepare this” Kyonna asks “Its delicious.”

Wendy confirms with an orgasmic exclamation “Oh this is so good.”

Red a sucker for voice is hooked and reeled in by her expressions. Dropping half his steak on the ground he stares at her, in reverence. Her lips pouty, her larger bone structure weakens his knees always buckle around her. “You alright there buddy?” Elle, noticing her effects on him laughs.

Serinnah, even comments “I think she has you wrapped around her finger.”

Embarrassed, Red turns a purple tone- “What cut me some slack guys I love her I’m crazy about her.”

“Yeah, we know – we aren’t being mean, it’s just obvious.” Kyonna, exclaims finishing her food- “where are we sleeping I’m tired.”

“Kyonna hunny you ok it’s still kind of early.” Serinnah pries.

“Yeah I’m ok. I know mom I just miss him, and my son; but mostly him I haven’t seen him for two years now.” She pulls a picture of them both out, her man T blonde haired blue eyed handsome sexy in shape. Daddy I miss you my love, my Paul Walker she calls him. Her son, beautiful and bright eyed loving strong kid teary eyed she cuddles her pillow, wondering if her beloved King will return, and her son’s safety.

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