The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 10: Arctic Laboratory Hell

Our heroes just survived the horrors of the main tower and gained a new ally (Fabian) for now at least. Although there’s no question of Fabian’s loyalty, our heroes still act with a bit of caution towards him. Meanwhile the hills surrounding them were melting away although not as fast as before. The snow had stopped completely, winds were completely non-existent and the sun was shining brightly. While the weather was calm, the action was about to get even tenser for our heroes.

After barely getting out of the main communication tower alive our heroes are back outside and are on their way to the laboratory. As they walk Angel introduces Fabian better to the others when it comes down to his identity. After the others are properly introduced to Fabian they arrive to a small compound of cabins. While the cabins looked empty and quiet in reality they weren’t. The gloobas launched a surprise attack on the heroes, the heroes were outnumbered mightily. However the aliens were being shot from behind by an unknown person, along with the stranger the heroes are able to repel the surprise attack. Angel asks the stranger who he is; the stranger replies “I am Commander Jeremy Clash but people always call me “commander clash” what are you intruders doing here?” Luis responds “Intruders! We’re not here to do anything crazy, look at who your real enemies are! If it wasn’t for us…” Angel cuts Luis off “Luis bro keep your cool this guy is just a bit nervous. Commander Clash please excuse my friend's outburst we are here to stop the aliens from melting off the ice cap here, the story is much more complex but I know you might not really care.” Clash responds “No apology necessary I’m the one who needs to apologize, you see I’m in charge of keeping this area safe and free from any intruders.” Maria asks “Hey you should tag along with us; we sure can use an extra hand we’re on our way to the laboratory.” Clash says “Sorry but I like to do things by myself and besides my crew needs me back in my outpost. Sorry but I must decline your request. Now if you mind…” Dayvon says “You kidding me bro right? Everything here is melting but you rather keep your ego than save the world, you don’t get it…” Angel calms Dayvon down and says “Leave him he’s obviously blind to the actual consequences. He’ll be back, don’t worry about it once he wakes up to the truth.” Luis responds “He better wake up ASAP!” Angel, Maria, Dayvon, Luis and Fabian continue their journey to the laboratory. Meanwhile some rouge polar bears begin to go after the heroes Angel and Luis shoot a few down but more keep coming. The five of them see a small cave to their right and decide to go inside to hide. Each of them find a hiding spot and stay in their places until the bears leave. Maria says “These aliens even have control of our beautiful polar bears, God damn it!” Angel says “Yup in the future of the gloobas polar bears will no longer be our friends and that’s only the tip of the iceberg if we fail.” All of them see that the coast is clear leave the cave and continue on their way.

Eventually the heroes get to the laboratory or at least the entrance of the lab. Angel says “This building is big but we need to stick together for this one, too risky to split up without any means of contacting each other.” Dayvon says “I agree with you on this one.” Then everyone says yes in unison. They proceed through the gate which surprisingly is easy to get through with no problem or any gimmicks. Luis says “That was easy enough; well here we go guys we got company!” All of a sudden gloobas from all directions start to approach the heroes. Luis and Dayvon take the right side, Angel and Maria take the right while Fabian found a turret and helped out whoever needed the most help. It was a long and bloody battle then a sentry drone crashed into Fabian causing him to fall along with the rubble. When the other four check the condition of Fabian he was unconscious and did not move but still breathing. The heroes go inside the laboratory and place Fabian in a security room with a bed. After a few minutes Fabian is able to regain consciousness but Angel tells Fabian "You should relax here for a little bit, one of us will have to stay here with Fabian until he recovers and we come back." Maria quickly says "I'll stay here with Fabian." Dayvon and Luis look at Maria with a surprised face, Dayvon says to himself "Hmm I'm surprised she wants to stay here instead of going with Angel but I better keep it to myself." Then says out loud "Ok sounds good, hey three radio's just what we need to keep in contact." Dayvon then says "I should get one, Angel takes the other just in case we get separated and one for Maria." The heroes test the radios, the radios work just fine. Angel says "Ok sounds like a plan to me, don't worry Maria and Fabian we'll be back when we find out what's going on." Maria tells the three "Please be careful out there, I'll lock the door just to be sure." Angel, Dayvon and Luis begin their adventure inside the laboratory.

Maria and Fabian meanwhile stay behind in the security room until the others return. Fabian begins to tell his story to Maria of how he found Angel in the wilderness left for dead and how he had taken care of him. Maria says "Thank you so much really I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You remind me of my brother Fabian you almost look like him. Are you my brother?" Fabian says "I wish I was but sadly I'm not, you seem to take a liking of Angel." Maria responds "Yeah I think he's cool and I took care of him as well when he had gotten hurt." Fabian says "Are you sure that you are just "cool" with Angel or are your feelings deeper than that. Listen if they are its fine I won't tell anybody I promise." Maria asks "You promise now? If you break it I gotta hurt you." Fabian replies "Yes I'm sure I'm not the one to tell tall tales or myths." Maria says "Well whatever that means? To be honest I'm in love with Angel ever since I met him. He just funny even when he's serious I just love it when a guy can make me laugh." Fabian asks "So why did you not go with Angel if you love him?" Maria replies "Believe it or not that's a good question; I guess I'm just afraid to tell him... Ah I don't know he may already have a girlfriend already." Fabian says "You won't know until you ask and what's the worse he can say? NO. Besides the sprits are telling me that Angel feels the same way about you. Let me ask you does he protect you more often than the others?" Maria responds "Yes he does and he tends to treat me very well but I think he does that just to be respectful because I'm a girl." Fabian says "No my dear you aren't mistaken Angel does loves you but he's like you scared to ask or say anything." Maria says "You're right about being scared I did tell Angel that I loved him but he was still unconscious he probably didn't hear me. Ah damn it." Fabian says "Take it easy my friend there's no rush tell him when you feel the time is right you'll know when the tine is right." Maria happily replies "Thanks even though you're not my real brother but I feel like you are my brother. Now rest up you gotta get better, don't worry I'll stand guard." Fabian falls asleep as Maria awaits the return of Angel, Dayvon and Luis.

Angel, Dayvon and Luis enter the main hallway of the lab which is three bridges with a middle room; the room surrounded by a massive area of pipes and electrical circuitry. The three walk up to the middle room which has a sign that says "power core" only that there was no core inside. A couple of sentry drones pop out of trap doors but they are easily defeated by the heroes. One hall with a shade of blue reads "East Area" another hall with a shade of red reads "West Area" and the other hall with no shading was the hall they just came from. The three decide that they will stick together instead of splitting up. They first go into the "west side" hallway door and then they see a sign in red letters stating they are in the west area. They try to open the shutter door right next to the sign but it doesn't open. That's because there is no power to the switch and the door itself. Angel says "Hmm looks like we got to activate the power core to open this door." They head to right and find two doors one of them locked from the other side. They head to the door that opens and find there are slimer eggs ready to hatch, so they begin to crack the eggs to prevent slimers from being born. They destroy the eggs but slimers sneak from the shafts and one of them get onto Luis and it begins to bite Luis. Luis says "Get this piece of shit of me or I'll be his next meal!" Dayvon uses his freezethrower to freeze the slimer and Angel punches it to pieces. Luis says "Good riddance! I though I was a goner for a moment there, eww all this fuckin slime is annoying!" The three investigate the room and find nothing of interest except a ventilation shaft. Angel decides to go in by himself since he is the only one that can fit inside the shaft. It's a short run to the other room where he gets into a melee fight with a couple of salamander troopers; he defeats them easily and then finds a lab keycard for the lower level. Angel opens the door then finds it was the locked door in the hallway; Angel calls the others to come out.

Angel says "Well let's go explore the east side now, I found a keycard for the lower level but where it leads to I have no idea." The three head for the east area but are met by several flying salamander troopers; Angel easily takes care of the troopers with the "devastator" weapon he found which blows all of the troopers and their body parts fall into the black hole of death below the bridge. When the heroes get to the hall leading up to the east area they are met by iguana enforcers, Angel doesn't use his weapon due to the explosive nature of his weapon and close proximity of the aliens. The three get into melee combat with the three. Dayvon gets slash slightly by the blade on the enforcers chain gun but is able to recover and rip the chain gun off the enforcer then uses the blade to cut the enforcers head. Angel jumps up; He lands on the enforcers head and uses his lower body strength to twist the enforcers head backwards which causes the enforcer to fall off the bridge. Luis gets into a boxing match with the iguana enforcer then punches out the heart of the enforcer and throws it off the bridge. The heroes head toward the east side of the laboratory. Angel calls Maria on the radio to give her an update on his progress.

With Fabian and Maria in the security room waiting for Fabian to recover from his injuries, Maria is relieved to hear that Angel and the others are still alive. Maria reveals her feelings for Angel to Fabian who vows to keep the secret until the time is right. Meanwhile Angel, Dayvon and Luis begin to explore the lab running into a dead end in the west area now going to the east area to investigate. The three search for three things: the anti-matter ball, Quentin himself and the heat ray that is heating up the polar ice caps. However what other secrets lie for our heroes and are Maria and Fabian really safe inside the security room?

Angel, Dayvon and Luis head inside the east area hallway they meet a few aliens and kill them off. They run into a couple of locked areas including a door and another shutter. Angel says "Shit another locked door, we gotta get power here or we aren't going anywhere." The three spot a door which has a bit of permafrost as they enter the room the three notice that the room is pretty cold. Dayvon says "Damn it's cold in here!" Angel tells Dayvon "Get a grip will you! Experiment room hmm." The room contains the same alien creatures inside capsules that were frozen as they were being experimented on, probably to increase their overall attributes. Luis picks up a weird capsule which reads "nitro hydroxide can be poured into the power capsule." Dayvon finds a machine to place the capsule and the machine reads "Capsule will contain nitro hydroxide which will power the laboratory but caution is required. Running with the filled capsule will disturb the molecules and result in explosion." The machine fills up the capsule with the nitro hydroxide and Angel asks "Who's going to be the lucky one to carry this?" Luis and Dayvon give Angel the mean look, Angel says "Fine I'll carry it but you guys gotta have my back!" The three head back to the hallway core to place the capsule in the core but as the instructions read Angel must not run or risk exploding.

The three get to the main hallway when they encounter a group of aliens. Angel throws his devastator weapon to Luis and says "Use this I can't make any sudden moves, cover me!" Luis and Dayvon take care of the numerous flying salamander troopers and iguana enforcers. The three make it to the core area; Angel begins to insert the capsule into the core. However a salamander trooper throws his shadow blade aiming for the capsule and at the last minute Dayvon blocks the blade with his freezethrower then freezes the trooper. Angel inserts the capsule then the machine grabs the capsule, makes a loud noise then stops with the console reading "Power has been restored to areas that had none before." Angel asks "So what do we do here, do we split up or do we stick together?" Luis says "I say we stick together this lab is looking very funky." Dayvon replies "I have to agree we gotta stick together here, it'll be much harder for the enemy to take us out together." Angel says "Ok that's all I needed to know, on we go!" Angel and company head to shutter that was once down powered, Angel hits the switch. The shutter opens and a couple of ugly looking plant monsters with vines as arms are found; along with a few slimer eggs and a horrible odor. The plants spit out an acid looking substance and the trio jump out of the way. The plants moved very slowly towards the trio; however Angel sees their weak spot when they open their mouths. When one of the plants opens their mouths Angel launches a devastator missile into the plants mouth and the plant explodes. The other plant uses its vine to grab Luis; the plant opens its mouth ready to bit off Luis's head. However Dayvon throws a shadow blade that he stole from a salamander trooper into the plants mouth. The plant then goes down, its vines start to dissipate and blue blood can be seen from its corpse. Angel uses the devastator to mop the floor with the slimer eggs; Angel takes a closer examination of the plant. Angel decides to call the creature "Poison Ivy" and says "Great! Now we got plants trying to kill us, theses glooba bastards have gone too far!" Luis says "I agree but gotta give them credit for their creativity." The trio goes into a room cover by a huge live vine, they notice as long as they stay away from the walls they cannot be caught by the vines. They kill another poison ivy along the way and then they climb down a ladder leading to the lower levels of the lab. However when all three make it down, Angel and Luis go through the door while Dayvon is caught by one of the vines on the walls brought to an unknown location, when Angel and Luis realize Dayvon is missing they begin to search for him.

Angel and Luis head back to the vine room and look for Dayvon but he is nowhere to be found. Angel says “NO! We lost Dayvon one of those vines must have gotten him but why do I not hear him or see him?” Then Angel hears his radio beeping, Angel picks up the radio. It’s Dayvon, Angel responds “Are you ok Dayvon where are you?” Dayvon replies “I’m fine Angel but that vine sent me up to a much lower part of the lab, probably the main power area. I’m going have to fight my way up back to the main lab, you guys go on I’ll be fine.” Angel responds “Fine as long as you’re ok let me know if anything happens.” So Angel and Luis continued their journey into the lower part of the west area of the lab. They meet up with some aliens that they kill easily. Then the hallway expands to a big waiting/plaza area and a BattleGlooba awaits the two. Angel and Luis defeat the BattleGlooba with Angel distracting him then Luis getting under BattleGlooba to shoot him in the groin with his shotgun. Angel sees a big blast door with a console to the side the console reads “This door is used for emergency exits only but a MO Disk is required but will only work during a class one emergency.” Angel says “At least we have an exit planned out if anything goes wrong.” Angel and Luis then head into the monitor room where they can see all the cameras or at least the ones that are working Luis spots Dayvon on one of the cameras tells Angel to page Dayvon but the radio gives off static when calling Dayvon. Angel pages Maria just to reassure her that he’s fine when finished Angel tells Luis “Dayvon must be too far down for me to page him, looks like we just have to go on and see what we can find.” Angel and Luis continue until they see a door which reads “Lab A-2” they go inside where they are greeted by a large group of glooba aliens.

Angel and Luis get into a gunfight with the aliens which composition consists of salamander troopers, iguana enforcers and boar cops. The gunfight lasts for about 20 minutes as the heroes use the duck and shoot technique, once the area is cleared Angel’s heart starts to pound hard. Luis says “Yo that means the anti-matter part is close by lets search here.” Angel says “Here it is that was easy enough. So what does this keycard lead us to then, hmm perhaps it leads us to Quentin.” The duo gets out of the lab area and they see another hallway that they had missed before. At the end of the hallway slimers begin to drop from the ceiling which the heroes kill off. Also a door can be seen cover in vines and a card reader. Angel inserts the keycard and the door is unlocked, the two head inside the room. The room is covered in green vines which they come to find out is actually glooba grass and they see two poison ivy plants camouflaged within the vines. One of the ivy’s shoot’s poison spit at Luis and hits Luis but Luis feels no effect besides getting wet. Angel turns on the heat inside the room and the plants begin to burn then turn to ash. Although Luis felt no effect from the spit at first but then he begins to get a sharp pain in his stomach and his head begins to spin as the poison had started to take effect. However Luis says “Don’t worry Angel I’m fine just a little pain in my stomach.” Angel says “If you say so. Look a computer.” Angel sees a computer that he reads and it says “Access to the research lab area. To activate the door press enter.” Angel presses enter then the computer says in order to open door two fingerprints are required at the console.” Angel says “That’s where we’re heading that’s probably where they have Quentin held up at. You sure you are ok Luis?” Luis gives Angel the thumbs up. So the two of them head to the east area until Angel sees the camera by the security door where Maria and Fabian are in and sees alien troops approaching it with the alarm sounding at the same time.

Angel quickly pages Maria and says “Maria if you can hear me you need to get out now you’re not safe there anymore, the aliens have found out we are hear and are ready to break inside the security room.” Maria says “Oh shit Fabian get up!” Fabian says “What? What’s happening?” Maria replies “We need to get the hell out of here the gloobas are ready to break in here!” Then she asks Angel “Where should we go?” Angel says “Head towards the elevator and try to get to a safe area until I get back.” Maria says “Ok”. Maria comes out of the room to confront the aliens and says “You want a piece of me?” Then she empties her machine gun till all the aliens are dead and says “Take that! Come on Fabian we gotta get going before more of these guys come.” Maria and Fabian head to the elevator but it’s down. Maria pages Angel and says “No go on the elevator no power to it.” Angel responds “Shit Dayvon may have to activate the power for the elevator from where he is but he’s too far down for me to page him. Tell you what meet me by the east area hallway which is the blue hallway beyond the lifting door. We will discuss what’s going on when we’re there.” Meanwhile Luis passes out on the floor, Angel says “Luis! Luis! Damn the poison must be taking effect. Wait the door next to the shutter door in the east area led to a medical room. Well I better get moving before the poison consumes Luis.” Angel carries Luis until Commander Clash comes in and says “Looks like your friend needs help and sorry for my attitude.” Angel replies “It’s ok as long as you understand who the enemy really is.” Angel and Commander Clash carry begin to carry Luis who gets up but is on limited strength towards the medical room in the east area.

Angel, Dayvon and Luis vowed to remain together but the gloobas had different plans for the three of them. Dayvon ends up in the power grid section of the lab, too far down for him to communicate with Angel or Maria. Angel and Luis find the 2nd piece of the anti-matter ball, however it comes at the expense of Luis getting poisoned by an ivy. Little does Angel knows is that Luis has been infected by a virus which in ten minutes if it isn’t removed Luis will turn into a poison ivy. Maria and Fabian are forced out of the safety of the security room as the aliens have sounded the alarm and are now in hot pursuit of our heroes. With the 2nd piece of the anti-matter ball recover our heroes now have to be concerned with is rescuing Quentin and stopping the heat ray from doing any more damage to the ice caps in the virtual world which in turns happens on Earth itself.

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