The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 11: The Power Grid

Dayvon was grabbed by a vine while he was with Angel and Luis in the vine room. He managed to break out of the grip of the vine by freezing it. He broke out and went inside a vent that was much warmer than the actual lab itself. As he got further in the temperature kept going up but never to the point where it was going to burn Dayvon. Dayvon finds out that the lab is powered by geothermal power but he is just trying to get back upstairs with his fellow crew.

Dayvon gets out of the vent and lands inside the pump room a loud engine noise is heard but it’s just the generator doing its job. He sees an ivy and then throws the shadow blade into the ivy’s mouth killing it. He goes through the first door he sees and he sees an elevator but it has no power to it. Little does he know is that the elevator was the same elevator Maria tried to use before. Dayvon turns back and begins his search for the power switch to activate the elevator. Oh his way back several salamander troopers spawned out of nowhere but they prove to be no challenge to him. One of the pipes leaks and blows hot gas onto Dayvon burning him slightly. Dayvon says “Damn this shit burns gotta find some ice later to cool this burn down.” He would have used his freezethrower but it had no rounds in it. Dayvon finds a mini elevator which takes him down to the floor below him. After going down he sees several slimmer eggs which he blasts away and behind the eggs was a power supply. Dayvon says to himself “A power supply probably what I need to activate the elevator.” Dayvon begins to find where to use the power supply at.

Dayvon sees another elevator to his right which takes him down to the bottom most floor of the lab. He sees several salamander troopers, iguana enforcers and sentry drones waiting for him. He takes out many of the aliens but the sentry drones get too close to him and explode onto the transformer next to him. The blast is powerful enough to destroy the transformer and even electrocute Dayvon a bit with the arc flash due to the explosion. Dayvon is knocked out for a minute or so but is able to get right back up. However the path was blocked by the flames of the exploded transformer, from what Dayvon could see it was a switch of some sort. However Dayvon needed to find a way to shut off the flames and his freezethrower was out of the question. Dayvon tries to page the others but to no avail no response by any of the other crew members. Dayvon says “Shit no go on the radio, better find a fire extinguisher before this fire gets out of control and burns this place up.” Dayvon went to find a way to shut off the fire blocking his way.

Dayvon went back upstairs to explore the other rooms he had skipped while at the same time dealing with any aliens in his way. In the first two storage rooms he found nothing of use, but in the third room he found an extinguisher and some rounds for his freezethrower. Dayvon took the supplies and went back to the fire to try to put it out. Dayvon approaches the fire and uses the extinguisher while the fire did go away for a few seconds but it came right back on. To add insult to injury the fire extinguisher was mostly used up and was the only one he found. Dayvon says to himself “Are you kidding me these guys only have one extinguisher and it's used. Well its times like these where you need to take desperate measures." Dayvon uses his freezethrower to freeze the flames in place and is able to get to the switch safely. He pushes the switch down to power up the elevator but the elevator has to be turned on from the main control switch in the main power room upstairs according to the instructions. Dayvon is ambushed by sentry drones from behind him as he is leaving the area. He quickly gets to the elevator and gets upstairs before the drones explode destroying the elevator for good. Dayvon says "Hopefully I won't have to go back down there." Dayvon continues to look for the main control room.

Dayvon spots the control room on an upper platform but the platform is broken and Dayvon is unable to reach the platform from where he is. Dayvon sees a box behind him that he would be able to use to help him reach the platform. He pushes the box below the platform so he can reach the control room. However when he is pushing the box slimers popped out from the shutters and one got on him starting to bite him. Dayvon is able to kick the slimer off his legs and is able to kill off the slimers. He climbs on the box and jumps up to the platform then uses all of his upper body strength to climb up to the platform. He enters the main control room and while activating the elevator a BattleGlooba climbs up from the depths of hell to where Dayvon is. Dayvon says "You son of a bitch you want me come and get me. Come on big guy come on!" The BattleGlooba pushes Dayvon into the machine causing it to malfunction. Dayvon notices this particular BattleGlooba doesn't have a chaingun and instead is trying to grab him. Dayvon gets up quickly before the BattleGlooba crushes him with its big foot. Then Dayvon positions himself by the grate where this is a pool of lava and thinks by having the BattleGlooba chase him he can get the creature to fall into the lava. He says in a cocky but yet nervous tone and takes a deep breath "Come on big guy you know you want me come on!" BattleGlooba chases Dayvon and at the last minute Dayvon drifts out of the way barely getting out of the way. Dayvon says "Sucker!" BattleGlooba falls to his death in the death pool of lava.

The main control generator was starting to malfunction and was starting to go out of control. There were several small explosions going off and then a big arc flash went off. Then an automated voice says "The self-destruct sequence has been activated repeat the self-destruct sequence has been activated this process cannot be aborted, all employees report to the emergency car at the bottom platform. After the voice stops and goes into a loop Dayvon gets paged by Angel who says "Hey what in the hell did you do, are you nuts. Shit!" Dayvon responds angrily "Hey listen bro I was pushed into a generator by a BattleGlooba I had no idea this machine also controlled the self-destruct sequence. I'm sorry my man!" Angel replies "Its fine my bro but listen I need you to find us a way outta of here I got some loose ends I have to tie up here. I've seen an emergency exit here if you can find a Mo Disk let me know or if that elevator we saw at the start takes out of here somehow let me know ASAP." Dayvon replies "Cool I will".

Dayvon goes into the elevator and takes it up but notices a keyhole for a master key that would take them to the emergency exit.

Dayvon is able to activate the elevator and head back upstairs but how the situation has changed. Angel and Commander Clash try to get Luis to the medical room and meet Maria and Fabian. However the heroes now had another obstacle which was time. They now had to find Quentin before the lab self-destructed along with the hopes or Earth's survival. The sliver lining was that the heat ray was no longer a concern since it was going to be destroyed along with the lab. So for the heroes they had only one concern, survival!

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