The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 12: Escaping The Arctic Core

Our heroes realized that they only had a limited time to rescue Quentin assuming he still is alive; then they needed to make sure they were outside the lab when it would eventually self-destruct. Angel was with Commander Clash getting Luis to the medical room hoping to get him back to health. Meanwhile Maria and Fabian were making their way to the east area just finding out their time was melting away. Time was of the essence would they all get out or would they perish for ever in the virtual Arctic forever. It is now or never!

Angel and Commander Clash get Luis to the medical room and they also met up with Maria and Fabian. However there was no time to celebrate and greetings, Luis was still unconscious. Angel got Luis to the bed and commander clash booted up the x-ray/virus scanner to see what Luis had. After the scan was done Commander Clash says "Looks like Luis has the ivy virus." Angel puzzled asks "What is that? That can't be good at all." Clash replies "No it's not good Luis only has 10 minutes before the egg inside of him hatches and Luis will turn into one of those plant creatures. The only cure is down in lab A-2 where an antivirus can be found. Hurry you got to be quick!" Angel says "Fine" then talks to Maria and says after opening the shutter and sees the console to open the research room. Angel tells Maria "Hey listen I'm going to put my fingerprint on the console and then you put yours which should open that door. You and Fabian will have to go it alone here. I gotta get the antidote for Luis." Clash says "NO! I'll help her out I know the place better." Fabian replies "I'll stay here with Luis, please Angel and all of you be careful out there." Maria says to Angel "Good luck sweetheart!" With that our heroes would split up once again.

Maria and Commander Clash entered the research room and they teamed up to take out the aliens in the room. Then Maria hears a familiar voice it was Quentin! Maria and Clash head to Quentin and they free him from a surgery table where an operation was about to take place. Quentin says to Maria "Thank God you are here I owe you my life. Where's every one else?" Maria tells Quentin "Angel is getting an antidote for Luis who was poisoned, we found another survivor who is guarding Luis in the medical room." During the conversation an ivy was sneaking up to Maria from behind. The ivy was getting ready to bite off Maria's head until Commander Clashed pushes Maria out of the way and says "NO! Maria!" Commander Clash would get Maria out of the way but in the process sacrificed his life as the ivy bit his head off. Maria and Quentin could only look in total shock and Maria says "No Commander Clash he's gone but he saved my life that was supposed to be me. Don't worry Commander Clash I'll avenge you! Hey plant worm over here!" Maria grabbed a flamethrower and set the ivy on fire killing it in the process. Maria finds a MO Disk exactly what Angel needed to open the blast doors downstairs. Then Maria gets a page from Dayvon who had her on a 3-way along with Angel. Dayvon tells the two "Hey I found a Master Key for the elevator to reprogram it to take us to the emergency platform." Maria says "Great hey Angel I found a MO Disk what should I do with it and I found Quentin but..." Angel cuts Maria off "Great Job! Maria I want you to give the MO Disk to Fabian. I, Fabian and Luis will take the blast door downstairs. I want you and Quentin to go back to the Elevator and help out Dayvon. I shouldn't be long. Now Maria what did you want to tell me before I cut you off." Maria in a sad tone says "Commander Clash... he's dead... He sacrificed his life to save mines." Angel replies "Damn it the little I knew about him. Well he's our hero at least for today lets do this for him and the others we've lost." Maria goes back to the Medical room and gives Fabian the disk. Maria says "Here Fabian we going to go help Dayvon out, Angel shouldn't be too much longer." Fabian responds "Ok I'll be fine here good luck you two." Maria and Fabian head to the elevator to meet Dayvon.

Meanwhile with the self-destruct message looping Angel has his sights on one thing the antidote. Angel rushed through the west area hallway dodging the vine whips of the ivies almost if he was doing it out of pure instinct. Then he jumped down from the top platform down to the bottom platform in the vine room not having any care of how far the fall was he just kept going. He used the devastator weapon to clean up the waiting room/plaza of the alien troops that were there. After that he sprints through the monitor room and continues until he gets to Lab room A-2 where he found the second piece of the anti-matter ball. He gets to Lab room A-2 and heads for the vaccination machine. Angel reads the instructions for the chemical mixture for the antivirus; eventually Angel is successful in making the I-Jolt antivirus. Angel says "Cool the antivirus better head back hope I'm not too late." Angel also finds a MO Disk for the blast door in the waiting room. Angel then rushes back to the medical room to give Luis the antivirus. Angel gives Luis the shot of the I-Jolt then prays and says "Pleas lord look over Luis and protect him I pray that this vaccine works." After a minute or so Luis opens his eyes then gets up and says "Wow what happened? I just passed out in the middle of the camera room. I feel a whole lot better." Angel tells Luis "You were poisoned by that Ivy, I went to get the antivirus and by the looks of it you have been cured. Remember Commander Clash he actually helped me to get you up here but his deed was in vain as he was killed by an ivy." Luis replies "Damn for a douchebag to start he was still willing to give his life for us; I think we simply misjudged him." Fabian says "I'm glad you are ok Luis now lets get out of here before this place blows." Angel, Luis and Fabian head for the emergency exit in the waiting room.

Maria and Quentin meanwhile head to the elevator to go meet Dayvon. Dayvon had already found the master key for the elevator. Maria and Quentin meet Dayvon by the elevator. Maria tells Dayvon "Ready to get out of here sucka?" Dayvon says "Very funny for a girl looking for a hit but yeah lets get out of this joint." Quentin says "Ah you two can't seem to stop fighting even if our lives are depending on it and we still got two more pieces to look for." The three head inside the elevator and Dayvon uses the master key on the elevator. So instead of the elevator heading back down to the power room it instead heads for the emergency platform. Once the three get to the platform they see a train used to transport the employees out to safety. The three get into the train, Dayvon heads to the cockpit of the train and notices it needs to be powered up. Maria and Dayvon decide to leave Quentin figuring he is safer in the train than inside. Maria tells Quentin "Listen you stay here you'll be safer in here Me and Dayvon are going to see if we can get this train started and here take this laser pistol in case any of those gloobas try to get inside." Quentin says to the both of them "Be careful out there." When Maria and Dayvon get out of the train the automated voice is heard louder saying "Warning ten until detonation! All employees should be entering the escape train." Dayvon says "Crap we only got ten minutes until this bitch explodes. We gotta get moving!" Dayvon and Maria go up the set of stairs where they kill off a few aliens along the way. Then they go down to the other side towards the back of the train, they see a blue and red plug used to bring power to the train car and rails. Then they head to the train power console just beyond the next door.

Maria and Dayvon arrive at the train power console and they plug in both plugs. The machine says there will be a short 2 minute delay until the power can be fully restored. Maria says "Two minutes damn well anyway the time should past when we get back to the train." While the two head back to the train their progress is halted by a BattleGlooba that was covered in flames. While the outside of the BattleGlooba's skins begins to melt but the BattleGlooba begins to grow claws out of his hands and his face becomes even uglier. Dayvon thought he had killed the BattleGlooba but the BattleGlooba didn't die in fact it has mutated into a stronger form. This BattleGlooba was known as BattleGlooba 103. The BattleGlooba takes a swipe at the two and the two are able to dodge out of the way. Maria and Dayvon take shots at the BattleGlooba but none seem to have an effect on BattleGlooba as he was still standing strong. BattleGlooba slaps Dayvon towards the wall then turns his attention to Maria. BattleGlooba takes repeated swipes at Maria with Maria able to dodge every swipe until he traps her in a corner. Then BattleGlooba grabs Maria getting ready to squeeze her until Dayvon throws his blade to BattleGlooba's head and BattleGlooba drops Maria then he bulldozes his way towards Dayvon. Dayvon says "Shit what's going to kill this guy, we can play tag all day but we're running out of time." The automated voice says "Five minutes until denotation" Maria and Dayvon look for a way to take out BattleGlooba while at the same time trying to save their own hides.

Angel, Luis and Fabian meanwhile begin to make their way to the blast doors downstairs at the waiting room. Angel inserts the MO Disk and the doors open. Angel says "Well this is our ticket out of here. Let's go!" When the three go through the doors they go through a small hallway then find themselves in an experiment room full of unfinished creatures or possibly embryos of them. Angel arrives at a huge elevator door he presses the button to call the elevator. However the elevator is taking its sweet time coming up, then the ceiling above the elevator begins to collapse then a green monster comes up. Actually this green monster was the creation of the slimers back in the main communication tower that kept growing and our heroes were forced to run away from. Luis says "Holy crap that shit is disgusting that's what we left living back at the main tower?" Fabian says "It's a freak of nature!" Angel says "That bastard's got a big mouth and I mean that literally as well!" The green monster code named "Protozoic Slimer" was the end result of matured slimers fusing together. Protozoic Slimer shoots green slime towards Fabian and the slime traps Fabian on the wall rendering him immobile. Then it shoots an acid spit so toxic it melts one of the capsules along with the embryo. Angel says "Oh crap this thing means business!" Then Angel and Luis started to shoot the slimer with is falling apart slowly but surely. Luis says "Don't celebrate just yet this bad boy is transforming!" The slimer turns into a lizard like monster with spikes in its front and it begins to pursue Luis and Angel. Fabian was cutting his way out the slime that had covered him he watches Luis and Angel getting chased by the slimer. He also notices that he and his crew only had 3 minutes until the lab would explode. Fabian pushes one of the capsules in the direction of the slimer to slow it down. Then the slimer jumps up and tries to crush all three of our heroes but the heroes expect the crush attack and get out of the way. The slimer shoots acid spit and our heroes hide behind the capsules but the capsules melt. The amount of hiding spots was beginning to dwindle down fast. Then Angel sees a weapon behind a small glass the glass says "Use in case of an emergency Caution: Weapon shoots out 240 Volts of electricity!" Luis breaks the glass with his fists causing his knuckles to bleed a bit and Angel grabs the zap-gun. Angel says to the slimer "I bet you'll ready to get all juiced up, hope this gives you a spark in you otherwise pathetic life!" Angel shoots the zap-gun with the recoil so bad that is sends Angel back quite a bit but the slimer was starting to weaken. Angel shoots another shot from the gun and finally the slimer goes down then begins to rot. Then the elevator finally comes up and Angel says "Finally about time it only took forever for this elevator to come, everyone ok?" Luis and Fabian answer yes to Angel's question. Then the three go into the elevator and head to the emergency platform that the other had already discovered.

Meanwhile Maria and Dayvon are having a tough time dealing with Super BattleGlooba with their weapons having little effect on the creature. Then an unknown male voice screams out of nowhere "Here take this!" The unknown person throws down a Missile Launcher but the rocket filled with A-Jolt which was developed to defend against alien attacks if one were to happen. Maria grabs the launcher and tells Dayvon "Keep him distracted while I get a shot at him I only got one shot." Dayvon kept the BattleGlooba distracted until Maria is able to get a shot at the BattleGlooba. Then Maria sets up and says "You lose big guy!" then fires the rocket at BattleGlooba. Then the antivirus kicks in and BattleGlooba falls down then the antibodies eat up his flesh. Maria says "Wow can't believe that we got out of that one but who was that man, could it be Commander Clash? No probably not." Dayvon responds "Well guess we're never know now or maybe the launcher just fell and you were hearing things." Maria replies "Well whatever it is we got to get going we're running out of time." While Maria and Dayvon make their way to the train; aliens begin to attack the train or at least break in as a last ditch effort to save themselves. Quentin shoots a few of them but they keep on coming he says "Come on you two I can't hold them off for much longer!" Maria and Dayvon get to the train and Dayvon says "You guys aren't escaping on my watch; lets clean up this little mess before we go!" Maria and Dayvon shoot the last of the aliens then make their way into the train. Dayvon heads right to the cockpit and starts up the train, while Maria heads back out to open the doors to the tunnel. The train starts up then Angel, Luis and Fabian catch up, everyone gets into the train. The train begins to move out of the platform after a few seconds the train speeds away while the lab was starting to self-destruct. Dayvon says "Yes! We're out this bitch and the heat ray is going to the junkyard where it belongs." Maria says "You said it ah it's time to relax finally!" Luis says "That was a close call!" Fabian says "We did it guys we stopped the aliens!" Angel says "No it's not over we still got two more parts of the anti-matter ball to recover, we have just slowed down the process but I will say this much Fabian is correct we have stopped the flooding." The train continues on its way and our heroes were starting to get comfortable during the ride. All of a sudden an alarm goes off on the train then our heroes wonder what's going on now...

Our heroes have managed to get the second part of the anti-matter ball, rescue Quentin and inadvertently destroyed the lab along with the heat ray. They have all endured long painful journeys to get to where they're now. Angel however had a funny feeling that it wasn't over that they were not scout free yet that one more thing had to happen. Everybody else however assumed that it was over until they figured out where to get the next part of the anti-matter ball and they were starting to rest up until the train got to its final destination. An alarm goes off on the train, indeed something was not right with the train and our heroes would not be able to celebrate just yet.

After hearing the alarm our heroes went into panic mode, Angel says "Everyone just calm down ok maybe it's just means we're getting close to our location." Maria says "I don't think so we better go check it out." Angel says "Fabian, Quentin and Maria you guys stay here the rest of us will go and check out the back of the train. Hopefully it's just a small train issue." Angel, Luis and Dayvon head to the back of the train then they hear the door behind them click when they try to open it the door was locked. Angel says "Hey what gives?" Maria responds "I don't know the door doesn't want to open now." An automated voice said "Warning Biohazard danger imminent this train will detonate repeat this train will detonate." Dayvon says "Yo you gotta be shitting on my pants right now!" Luis says "Well so much for a small train problem, looks like one more big fish needs to be fried." Angel says "We gotta stop this train it's too dangerous to jump out and we can't leave the others inside. If I'm right the emergency brakes should be in the back lets go!" The automated voice says "Two minutes until denotation."

The three guys head to the back of the train looking for the brakes but instead a vine popped out of the top of the train. Angel, Luis and Dayvon start to walk back slowly until the creature exposes himself. It was the slimer they thought they took out back in the lab; Angel says "Jesus Christ you gotta be kidding me this thing survived? No way can't it be!" Dayvon replies "I guess he isn't done with us yet." Luis says "Attack with all we got its going to take all of us to beat this guy once in for all." The slimer now had vines on the train and had a big mouth it was preparing to sallow our heroes alive, it used its vines to push itself forward. It kept pushing forward the three try to get out but the door is locked behind them. The three start to shoot the slimer but as much as they shoot the creature the closer it kept going. Angel sees a recharging station on the train to recharge his zap-gun he places it there it says it will take 30 seconds to recharge. Angel, Luis and Dayvon continue to shoot the creature to slow it down. The heroes try to hold back the creature till the zap-gun can recharge, the creature grabs Dayvon pulling him towards its mouth. Dayvon says "No! You are not going to eat me today you slime ball!" Angel grabs the zap-gun and says "Your right Dayvon its time to spark things up Angel shoots the creature twice and the creature's vines retract freeing Dayvon. Then the slimer begins to turn color from green to a dark brown. Angel says "We can only hope that's the end of him, but we can't get to the back now. There has to be a set of emergency brakes in the front." The door opens and the three try to get to the front of the car but the door is still locked. Then the alarm gets loud for a second then the automated voice says "Warning one minute to denotation each cart will detonate repeat each cart will detonate one by one." The heroes find themselves in a world of trouble.

Angel screams to the others inside the car "You gotta stop the train we don't have much time!" Maria says "We can't the door to the control room is locked!" Angel says "Shit!" Dayvon says "We gotta get on top of the train that thing is still alive!" Luis says "No way!" The three of them climb up to the top of the train while the slimer was breaking into the front car. Maria sees a hole leading to the control room and begins to crawl inside. Fabian ask "Maria what are you doing?" Maria replies "We gotta stop the train right?" Quentin looks at the creature and says "This is not good I think we're done." Fabian sees a grate that opens to gain access to the bottom of the train and tells Quentin "We're no done yet I see a way out of here, as for you slimy come and get me if you can!" Quentin and Fabian quickly open the grate and get under the train then hold on for dear life. Maria gets to the control room of the train and says "Hmm which one of these buttons is the right one." The automated voice says "45 seconds until train detonation." Angel, Dayvon and Luis get to the top of the train, Angel says "Son of a bitch that thing is persistent!" Angel, Dayvon and Luis eventually get to the top of the control room where Maria is and open the grate on top of the control room. Maria says "Angel?" Angel replies hit the red button behind you!" Maria hits the red button then the brakes begin to apply and the train comes to a halt. The automated voice says "30 seconds to detonation." Quentin and Fabian drop down to the ground; Quentin says "Finally the end of the tunnel!" Fabian says "Let's go!" Angel picks Maria up from the control room and then the rest of the crew gets off the train. Quentin asks "Where are the others?" Angel replies "Here we are! Come on we gotta get out of here that train is about to blow. Damn that bastard just won't give up!" Everyone runs towards the end of the tunnel.

Everyone is sprinting towards the end of the tunnel, while the slimer had broken through the entire train. The automated voice began the countdown "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1" Then the train explodes along with the slimer, the explosion pops out of the tunnel outside. However every one of our heroes made it out alive and well. Fabian says "There she goes down to the depths of hell where it belongs." Maria tells Angel "You look terrible Angel." Angel replies "Yeah I think it's fair to say each one of us looks terrible and we are only halfway through." Luis says "Damn you're right we still need two more parts of the anti-matter ball, this adventure made it seem like it should had been the end of a movie already." Everyone laughs at Luis's joke. Then the Elder God shows up.

The Elder God says "Well done my children you have gotten the second part of the anti-matter ball. I've come to you because I know where the third part is. The third part of the anti-matter ball is on the moon." Angel says "Let me get this straight we go to NYC then to the Arctic Circle then to the laboratory of hell now we gotta go to space?" Maria says "Yeah how are we going get to space from here where we're in the middle of nowhere!" The Elder God says "No need to worry I've been able to break into the world more than before probably because of the progress you humans have made. I've made a warp to the nearest launch facility back at the Tiberius launch facility." Dayvon says "Cool now we get to kick some alien butt in outer space." Elder God says "I must warn you though outer space is the gloobas territory they maybe well prepared for you or more like waiting for you." Luis replies "I'm sure they're waiting for us even as we speak." Angel says "Elder God before we go I need to say something." Elder God says "Very well." Angel tells Quentin and Fabian "Quentin it's going to be too risky to take you with us we need you to be alive. So I'm going to have you stay here with Fabian most of the aliens are gone now that their lab of hell is now an artifact." Quentin responds "Fine whatever will ensure that we will complete our mission. Besides I'll start developing the formula for when you do get the anti-matter ball in its entirety." Fabian replies "I would be honored to watch over Quentin the smart one." Angel says "Thanks guys! Ok Elder God we are now ready to go." The warp is created Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis all head inside the warp while Fabian and Quentin head back to Fabian's cabin.

Our chosen ones are halfway through their mission they now possess two of the four pieces of the anti-matter ball. Angel has made the move to leave Quentin behind to stay with Fabian to ensure no harm comes to Quentin. The heroes find out their next adventure will not be on the Earth or at least virtual earth now they head to space where the gloobas are developing a death ray capable of destroying many cities in one shot. Commander Clash will forever be remembered as Maria's savior and once Earth is restored it's safe to assume Maria will show her gratitude to Clash. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis head to Tiberius station to prepare to launch into space. What will our heroes endure in space in a world where gravity will no longer be a factor, what new allies will they make and what new enemies will they meet in space?

Only time will tell. At least our heroes would get a chance to relax during the ride into space assuming no surprises take place.

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