The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 13: Spaceport

After Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis get through the warp then find themselves at the Tiberius Launch Facility. Luis remembers this is the same place where he had stopped a rocket from hitting NYC, but this time they were at the other side of the facility. Surviving members of the facility prepared the heroes with the proper equipment and then the heroes were escorted to the rocket to be launched to the moon. After all the preparations were made the countdown began for the launch. After the countdown the rocket blasted off and began its journey to the moon. While the rocket was in motion the heroes relaxed and began to talk about their experiences. Two and a half days have passed since they began their journey. Maria was getting ready to reveal her feelings for Angel but before she got the chance to say anything, a missile strikes the rocket…

An automated voice says “Warning a foreign object has struck the rocket and has broken through. This rocket will make a crash landing.” Maria says “Never mind Angel we’re about to crash!” Angel tells everyone “Fasten your seatbelts everyone this is going to be a rough landing!” Dayvon says “Lets see if we even land on anything.” Luis says “Yeah knowing our luck we might just land on a black hole and end up on a strange land.” The rocket began to descent down at a rapid pace until it makes a crash landing. Angel asks “Everybody ok?” everyone responds that they are fine. The heroes grab a weapon from the rocket and began to explore where they had landed at. When the heroes get out of the rocket they realize the moon was still a distance away but Angel sees a long path to the moon. Angel says “This is probably the international space station and the aliens have gotten possession of it trying to build their death ray to destroy major cities from right under the noses of everyone on earth.” Dayvon says “True but I’m sure we can stick it to them here I feel like a lot of their production is coming from here. So we can weaken these guys big time.” Luis replies “Watch out alien ships coming our way!” The heroes enter the space base before the ship can shoot them.

The sign says “Welcome to Spaceport” then the same enemy ships attack the base shooting missiles into the base, while mechanical sentry guns try to defend the base. Angel tells everyone “We’re in for a long trip in outer space. The heroes begin their investigation seeing a force field and a room used to communicate orders all of the workers were already dead. Several salamander troopers are found guarding the area but our heroes easily take care of them. Maria spots a switch which deactivates the forces field and our heroes continue on down the ramp. More troopers are found then are killed by our heroes. They enter a room with a force field surrounding a pool of water but when seen up a platform can be seen, possibly a futuristic elevator. Anyway Angel and Maria go up the small elevator to take care of the troopers upstairs, they spot an access card reader. Dayvon and Luis go down to the storage area where a couple of iguana enforcers pop up trying to surprise the two. However the two were prepared and shot them at sight, Luis says “Nice try but we know how to play that game already!” More iguana enforcers show up below Angel and Maria, they both jump on the enforcers and in unison slash their necks. Luis finds the keycard while Dayvon finds some pipebombs; Luis uses the card to open the elevator while everyone hides just in case there’s a surprise behind the door. Then a few iguana enforcers come out of the elevator walking slowly looking for any intruders, Dayvon says in sign language for everyone to hold their position. Dayvon throws a pipebomb at the three enforcers then detonates them then boom the enforcers are blown to pieces. Dayvon says in a cocky tone “Killed three ugly lizards with one explosive stone. Well let’s go into the elevator and see what’s next.” The heroes head up in the elevator.

The four of them take the elevator up to the next level up. When they get upstairs they see several iguana enforcers coming at them from all sides. Dayvon freezes several of them, Luis uses his shotgun to take out more enforcers, Angel uses his devastator and Maria uses her sub-machine guns to finish off the iguana enforcers. Maria says “I think we cleaned house over here, now all I need is a mop and broom.” Everyone laughs at Maria with Angel replying “Good one sweetheart. I’ll bet you no one would even dream of cleaning this green blood up.” Another enforcer comes out Luis shoots it down but at the same time he shoots an explosive barrel causing part of the wall to explode off. Angel checks inside the shaft and sees a pull down switch they hear a loud noise from an unknown location. The four head up a ramp and kill some more aliens. They find four circular switches and they play with the switches till they get the right combination (1-Red. 2-Red, 3-Green and 4-Red) then hear a chime. However they have no idea what the switch activated, till Angel seen the force field surrounding the middle pool area was gone. Angel and the others decided just to move on to the next door figuring the pool had nothing of interest. A couple of iguana enforcers drop from the ceiling but Luis blasts both of them in the heads. The following door was locked and required a red keycard to open it. Angel says "Crap looks like we've gotta go swimming to find that card." Everyone looks at Angel silently then Angel says "Fine I'll go but all of you cover me to make sure none of the bastards try to jump in for a swim." Everybody heads to the pool downstairs and Angel dives down underwater sees a switch, hits the switch which opens a small wall behind him.

The wall behind Angel opens and sure enough the red keycard is inside. Angel grabs the red keycard then resurfaces to see his friends in a gunfight with enforcers looking to ambush him. After the last alien is killed Angel says "Thanks for covering me guys! I got the red keycard lets get on moving." All four of our heroes head back to the door to open it with the keycard however the floor underneath them was slightly brighter than the rest of the floor due to the light. After Angel opens the door with the keycard Angel, Dayvon and Luis enter the next room Maria was just behind them. The floor underneath Maria opens and Maria falls through the floor; the floor closes quickly so by the time the other three turned their heads Maria was gone from right under their noses. Luis asks "Hey where did Maria go?" Angel looks and screams "Maria! Where are you?" no response was received. Dayvon notices the notch on the floor and says "Hold on this door is a trap door Maria probably fell down question is where she end up?" Angel replies "I don't know but we can't stay here to find out I'm sure we'll bump into each other again like we always end up doing." Then Angel says in his head "Maria the love of my life I hope you are still alive, I can't wait to tell you how I feel about you." Dayvon asks Angel "Hey earth to Angel, are you gonna to wake up from that dream you're in?" Angel replies "Oh sorry about that I was thinking but anyway let's get moving." Luis asks "Thinking about what? How much you "Love" Maria, Angel I know and you know that you are in love with her." Angel responds "Fine it's true I do have feelings for her but I don't want you two blabbering about it till I'm the one who tells her, is that clear?" Dayvon and Luis give Angel a stern look and the three proceed to a red color elevator.

Maria falls through the trap door and finds a new gun with a green crystal inside of it. She sees a couple of enforcers then she uses the gun which shoots out a green laser shot that shrinks them. Maria in shock says "Whoa that is hot one shot and all of a sudden I'm the big dog around here. Heard that baby iguanas I'm bigger than you and I finally get to do what I been dying to do to you guys." Maria takes her foot and stomps the two shrunken enforcers crushing them in the process. Maria says "Squish! How does it feel to be the pip squeak, doesn't feel too good does it." Maria moves deeper into the hallway until she sees a black hole, she says "Oh shit let me not go in there!" The black hole began to suck Maria in, Maria tries to fight the force but the black hole is simply too strong and it sucks her in. Maria gets sucked into the black hole and says "What the hell is this purple, blue and red am I on LSD or something? Oh wow now I see clocks and ugly faces oh God did I just get stuck in an infinite time warp breaking the space time continuum. Did I just go into another dimension?" Maria fights the strange objects attacking her as she tries to break the time warp.

While Angel, Luis and Dayvon able to get out of spaceport just fine with their hides. Maria on the other hand has fallen into a trap and while she was able to defeat the enforcers however a black hole has swallowed her. In the real world Maria would not have to worry but because this was a "virtual" world the world doesn't have to follow natures law adding to that is the fact Maria is in space. Outer Space is a dimension that is still relatively unknown to us despite our advanced research. Maria fights her way in the black hole which is always been called at least by the legend "space time continuum breakers". Could this be what death is an infinite loop of colors and shapes that one cannot break out of? Is Maria experiencing death itself at the current moment, is Maria seeing what normal mortals can not see. Or has Maria broken the space time continuum and gone to a completely different dimension.

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