The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 14: Incubators and Time Warps

Maria continues her journey through the black hole time warp looking for anyway to get out. However Maria continues to get weaker by the second begins falls out and she starts to think that this is indeed death itself that she is facing. She begins to say goodbye to the world including Angel her love interest since the beginning of the journey. Then a white light appears breaking through the various colors and shapes. All of a sudden Maria is out of the time warp and she falls on solid ground...

Maria finds herself out of the black hole which was the ride from hell in Maria's eyes and she finally finds solid ground. Maria still dazed from the warp lies down for about five minutes to regain her equilibrium. Maria says "What the hell was that about? It was like I was on LSD or speed." The Elder God to Maria's surprise shows up and he explains to Maria about the black holes. The Elder God says "Maria my child it's a miracle you are still here, you must be careful next time." Maria says "Why? I didn't even want to go inside the hole." The Elder God says "These black holes are hidden from view while some of them will warp you to another part of the alien base like which you were lucky to find. However there are others that are "True" black holes which lead you to an infinite time loop of despair which the only way out will be your death or that is what death will actually look like." Maria replies "Now you're scaring me how do I know what holes are good and which ones will kill me." Elder God says "Unfortunately I cannot tell you what holes are which, there are too many of them; the best way to tell is to do what your heart tells you to do." Maria says "Well at least I'm alive, best thing is to avoid them at all costs." Elder God says "That works as well but I get the feeling you will have to cross another warp to get to the anti-matter ball. There's nothing I can do here so I must leave, you have been warned. Good bye and good luck!" Maria says "Thanks for the warning Elder God, great now I got to worry about breaking the space time continuum." Maria finds herself in a small ship ready to touchdown at another space base.

The ship lands at the base Maria goes through the first door and she sees a group of sentry drones ready to strike. Maria simply closes the door in front of her then the dumb drones explode. Maria says "For robots they are sure really dumb." She does through the door and sees a turret right above her; Maria shoots it down then proceeds. Maria moves into a semi-dark room then a door opens revealing some alien troops, Maria shrinks them then crushes them. She sees a switch then the room lights up but several sentry drones come popping out. She tries to shrink them but the shrink ray has no effect on the drones since they are made of metal. Maria runs away to avoid contact until she sees a hiding spot to avoid them. When the drones see that the coast is clear they begin to move away and back to where they came from. Maria says "Wow that was a close one!" She sees a couple of salamander troopers standing around, to conserve her shrink ray she takes them out with her machine gun. Maria tries to go on but she bumps back and says indifferently "Oh a force field no wonder, ah gotta find a way to shut it down like I'm surprised." Maria goes on to find a way to shut down the force field.

Maria sees a couple of walls gets discouraged then begins to walk back until she hears a loud noise. She turns her head back and sees the walls begin to come down along with another part of the base. Maria says in shock "What the heck? Wait I should be used to this already I forgot nothing in this world is gonna to follow the rules." Maria waits for the walls to finish coming down to go inside, the room has flickering and flashing lights. Maria finds some more shrink crystals for her shrink ray and some more ammo for the sub-machine gun; an iguana enforcer tries to ambush Maria but she shrinks the enforcer quickly then crushes him. She moves on to a dark blue room with several salamander troopers including a couple of teleporting troopers. Due to the room being dark Maria had some trouble seeing them; the troopers attacked her from both sides. One was ready to slash her but with pure instinct she elbows the slashing trooper then shoots the other trooper down. Maria says "I'm getting too good for these guys; that must be the switch there." Maria presses the switch and looking at the camera she see the force field has disappeared. Maria goes beyond the force field and sees a sign saying "Incubator". She says "This must be the place where these alien scum's are born and begin their life of terror. It's time to get to the root of the problem!" The room had many vines similar to what was at the laboratory so the gloobas in their own way were trying to say these were their lands now. Maria sees a group of slimer eggs and poisonpus's surrounding her on both sides of the hall.

Maria says in a comical tone "Oh my old friends poisonpus I missed you guys. Trying to give birth to your evil spawns, well not on my watch." Both poisonpus's shoot poison towards Maria but she jumps to dodge the shots while at the same time shoots down one of the poisonpus's. The other poisonpus moves towards Maria and grabs her but Maria with her quick thinking shrinks the poisonpus and says "Thought you had me huh? Now do you still have me? I don't think so!" Maria crushes the poisonpus and then empties with great emotion her sub-machine gun to destroy all of the eggs. Maria says angrily "Now who dares to come out and challenge me? I think its time to get rid of your whole species!" Maria moves to the left hall sees a sentry drone and destroys it with relative ease. Maria finds more ammo for her sub-machine gun and a yellow keycard but she sees something even more disturbing. She sees a colony of slimer eggs and poisonpus's guarding them, then says "Looks like this is their little breeding grounds time to put it out of order for good." She goes to the other side of the hallway and finds a door inserts the keycard then heads inside. A turret, an iguana enforcer and a salamander trooper are inside the room. Maria grabs the iguana enforcer from behind and then uses him as a human shield. She then uses the enforcer's chaingun to take out the turret and trooper; finally she rips off the chaingun off the enforcer and uses the blade of the gun to slash the enforcer. A switch can be seen, Maria presses it and then the water level rises.

The water level is not the only thing that changes the walls that were on each side move down and now are able to be accessed. Maria climbs up the small wall up to the platform, from the platform she can see a waterfall leading down to a pool. Then cracks of eggs can be heard those would be those of slimers being born into the world. Maria tries to take out the poisonpus's from a safe distance and while she gets a few poisonpus's and slimers a sentry drone tries to sneak behind Maria. The drone while it doesn't hit Maria but it forces Maria to drop into the water fall down into the pool. When Maria is dropped underwater she sees a whole army of poisonpus's and right away she resurfaces and to the platform. When Maria gets to a platform she feels a hard bit on her shoulder until she realizes that a slimer is on her. She grabs the slimer and throws it to the ground then steps on it. She then says "Eww this thing is slimy and creepy. That's what that monster on the train was? It was a combination of these creatures coming together to make on freak of nature?" Maria shoots each slimer one by one, some are hard to hit because they are floating on the water. Maria jumps towards where the eggs were hatched finds more shrink ray crystals then continues her way up the gooey alien grass. She shrinks the poisonpus that was upstairs and makes quick work of it.

In front of Maria was a strange alien looking switch, she presses it but she sees nothing happen. Perhaps that switch was just placed there for decoration. When Maria gets to the other side a poisonpus and a sentry drone show up then begin to attack her. Luckily the sentry drone during its attack exploded onto the poisonpus causing it to explode to pieces. After that Maria was being shot at by a turret but she had no idea where the turret was located. Maria then peeks out and sees the turret up in the upper right corner of the room. She then peeks out and shoots the turret until it's destroyed. Maria sees a switch that wasn't there before; she presses it and all of a sudden the grass wall opened up. Beyond the wall was yeah you guessed it more slimer eggs and poisonpus's; however Maria had an idea to take care of the glooba mess. Maria shoots her shrink ray several times till all the eggs and poisonpus's were shrunk. Maria would then say "Hmm even at regular egg size these eggs still look disgusting, I wouldn't eat them even if I was paid to do so. I could see why these eggs would cause a health epidemic. These aliens are going to pay for messing with my food!" Maria then proceeds to the next door and more poisonpus's are behind the door. Once again Maria uses the shrink ray to dispose of the poisonpus's with ease. Maria then enters an elevator which says "To the USS Cadet defense station" and she pushes the button to start the elevator.

Maria is able to cheat death but only by a hair of my chiny chin chin. Maria was lucky that the black hole she was pulled into was not one that would put her in an infinite loop of hell. All it did was put her in a different part of the space base. However how does Maria know that she is back where she belongs and that she is within reasonable distance of her friends? Who's not to say that Maria may still be inside the black hole or she may have been transported to a space base in a totally different dimension or she is not in a whole different world. While Maria may feel like she's back in the virtual world but she maybe in a forever space base or one that has no exit and she will be lost forever never to be found by the others. Unlike getting killed in the virtual world by a physical force if one gets trapped in a infinite time warp that person will never come back even if Earth is restored because in essence they are in another dimension. Despite all of the questions Maria has in her mind and what the Elder God has told her, Maria has no choice but to keep moving in hopes of finding the others.

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