The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 15: Warp Fusion

Maria still wonders if she is still in the same dimension after her first experience with a black hole warp. Meanwhile Angel, Dayvon and Luis go up a big elevator which then stops and the three get out exploring. The three do not have knowledge that there exists black hole warps and have no idea what to expect going forward. Then they hear strange robotic noises…

Angel screams “Look out sentry drones!” The three jump back into the elevator while all four drones crash into each other therefore causing them to short out and fall to the ground. The three were scared to get next to the drones having no idea if they were still going to explode. Dayvon throws a piece of metal at the drones, nothing happens. Dayvon says “Looks like we are safe to go through.” Angel says “Cool, let me try to page Maria to make sure she’s ok, Maria can you hear me? Damn all I get is static she’s nowhere around guys, all we can hope is the best for her but be prepared for the worse. Well we gotta keep going.” Angel, Luis and Dayvon head to a big hallway where there are two elevators on opposite sides and a door in front of them. A trap door opens with sentry drones popping out; with the combined efforts of our heroes they easily defeat the sentry drones. They first head to the middle door where they find a couple of salamander troopers and a window with a force field which shows a spinning cylinder with an elevator in the middle. Angel says “Wonder where that elevator goes?” Luis says “Well we can’t get to it from here, we gotta find another way.” The three head to the elevator to the right of them, they go inside and the elevator goes down by itself. A small explosion breaks open part of the elevator and a small area is revealed. It’s an area that is full of salamander troopers, when the troopers are killed our heroes notice the area getting smaller. Angel spots a keycard within the small crawlspace, but he was the only one able to reach it so he crawls inside and recovers the keycard. Angel says “Got the keycard, lets just hope that elevator still works.” The three head back to the elevator.

Luckily for the three despite the explosion the elevator is still in working order and they are able to get back up. Our heroes meet some iguana enforcers which Angel takes care of with his devastator weapon blowing them into pieces. The three proceed to take the elevator on the other side of the wall, once they get down they are met with a wall of laser trip mines and a couple of iguana troopers waiting for them. Angel dives perfectly through the opening between the lasers. He instructs them to wait up that he has a plan. Angel blows the first enforcer up and then kills the other enforcer with his laser pistol. Angel instructs the two “Now I want you to take the elevator up, cause this dead enforcer is about to go up in pieces if you get my drift.” Luis and Dayvon take the elevator up while Angel throws the corpse into the trip mines causing them to explode. Angel says “Boo ya! Alright guys its safe to come down.” Luis says impressed “Impressive Angel gotta hand it to pretty ingenious never would’ve thought of that.” Angel says “Thanks but lets get on going.” Angel and company find the door that needs the keycard, Angel uses it and then the door opens. The door reveals another elevator the three of them jump in and go up. When they get up they go into a red hallway which goes from dark to light looping. They’re surrounded by sentry drones, Angel and Dayvon take one side while Luis takes the other side. Dayvon and Angel take out the sentry drones on their side then help out Luis to take the last remaining drones out. After that Angel gets a page he answers his radio a voice says “Hey Angel are you ok?” Angel says in his head “Is that Maria? Or am I imagining things?”

Angel, Dayvon and Luis find themselves on a defense ship as Angel sees the planet of Earth or at least the virtual version of Earth from a window when they first entered. Meanwhile back on actual Earth on national television; the president has decided to legalize glooba experiments in area 52, the public are shocked when that decision was made saying what made the president say that. The gloobas had made a virtual copy of the president of the U.S. now being able to control what the president says and does without anybody being the wiser on why. Our heroes have no knowledge that the president of the U.S. has been copied and taken over, who knows what destruction will come down on Earth, is this trip to space a diversion for the gloobas to start taking over Earth with their clones? Meanwhile Angel gets a page from his radio with a voice similar to that of Maria’s but is it her?

"Angel are you there is me Maria, do you read me?" Maria pages Angel. Angel replies happily "Yes it's me Maria I'm glad you're ok where are you?" Maria responds "I have no idea where I am, all I know is that I'm somewhere in the USS Cadet Defense Station." Angel says "Oh that's where we are you shouldn't be too far from us." Maria says "Thank goodness I thought I was in another dimension for a moment. I'll tell you more when I see you. I'm just glad I'm back." Angel says "OK... We'll see you soon." Angel, Dayvon and Luis continue through the hallway where more sentry drones are waiting along with some salamander troopers. After taking care of the enemy the three of them step into a transport system, they activate it the system which transport them to the other side of the ship probably the engine or mechanical area. They go into the mechanical area with the generator is located kill off some iguana enforcers and salamander troopers. The three of them are ambushed by a couple of sentry drones then the drones trap the three in a corner. However the drones are shot down before they could harm Angel, Dayvon or Luis. It was Maria; she says "I'm back! I thought I was gonna be stuck in time, you see we gotta be careful because there are black holes here." Dayvon says "Say what?" Luis replies "Yeah black hole, stuck in time?" Angel responds "I think what Maria is saying we gotta keep an eye out for black holes, we are in space and we all read about them I'm sure" Everyone says yes to Angel's question. Angel continues "These black holes can suck us in and send us to a time loop that is infinite which we will not be able to get out. What I'm getting from Maria is that she was sucked into one but luckily the hole she was sucked into wasn't a true black hole it was simply a warp to another part of the ship. I have a feeling we're gonna to be crossing into more of these warps to get around this space base and just hope we don't get stuck in time." Maria shocked says "That's what I was going to say; wow you're smart I like that." Angel replies "Thank you, anyway just another obstacle in our way. Here's another keycard, lets stay together now." Angel grabs the keycard and our heroes head back to the other side to continue exploration.

While the four continue to explore more enemies spawn and our heroes kill them whether it was Angel's Devastator, Maria's Shrink ray, Dayvon's Freezethrower or Luis's Shotgun. The four of them head back to the other side, go back down and head through the door that was next to the elevator. When they get through they see a BattleGlooba, they all have to dodge to the left for cover when the BattleGlooba starts to shoot its chaingun. Maria decides that she will try to shrink him; Maria pops out and is able to shrink BattleGlooba. Maria says in a cocky tone "Ha you're so tough anymore are you, its time to show you who's really the tough one here. While Maria is crushing the shrunken BattleGlooba an alien voice is heard saying "Die Human!" Angel rushes in to push Maria out of the way; a missile barely misses the two. Then the missile launching creature says "Suck it down and Die!" before launching a missile from its mouth. Luis comes in and shoots it down then the creature makes a loud noise during its death. Dayvon says "What is that an owl on speed?" It was indeed an owl who's been mutated to join the glooba alien race; its mouth is big enough to shoot a missile. It also had spikes on its wings so it could flap it wings to kill its prey as well and a headset on their heads as if they were giving orders. Angel decided to call this creature the "Owl Commander" or just Owls. All of a sudden another owl comes in flapping its wing trying to pull in out heroes; Dayvon shoots ice at the owl freezing it then broke it to pieces. Angel uses the keycard that he got from the mechanical room to open the triangular shaped door.

They open the door and find a few iguana enforcers that they take out with ease. They go up the escalator up to the top and they enter a big circular room with a big window showing them the planet Earth. They see a group of iguana enforcers and sentry drones. Maria and Luis take care of the drones while Angel and Dayvon handle the iguana enforcers. After clearing the big circular hole they explore a room in the core of the circled hallway, inside they find a switch when Angel views the camera he sees a force field covering the cylinder spinning around the elevator deactivating. While the four of them step out Angel spots a transport system which says "Transport to Area 4 defense zone" then Angel decides having radios it maybe a good idea to split up. Angel says "Me and Maria are going to explore the cylinder, Dayvon and Luis you guys head for the transport to Area 4. We got radios that work so we can always contact each other if anything or if one of us finds the third piece of the anti-matter ball." Dayvon says "Cool this is a big base we gotta cover as much ground as possible". Luis says "Wait over there!" Luis spots a weapon on the wall called the plasma cannon an iguana enforcer spawns, Luis shoots the plasma cannon and the enforcer just disintegrates out of the blue. He reacts shocked and says "Whoa! Now this is a force to be reckoned with, looks like the playing field has been evened up." Angel tells Luis "Gotta admit it's a super weapon but still you gotta watch your back the gloobas know these lands better than we do, for all I know they could be watching us right now." Luis says "Don't worry Angel me and Dayvon are going to be fine. Now you should get moving your girlfriend there looks impatient." Dayvon laughs and Maria blushes. Angel says sarcastically says "Hahaha Luis very funny like I said Maria is not my girlfriend, I just want to make sure she doesn't fall into another black hole." Dayvon says "Sure you do Angel sure. It's not that you want to sneak a passionate kiss between yourselves without us watching, aww its ok Angel you just becoming a man that's all." Maria tells Angel "Don't mind those clowns hun they got nothing better to do besides we work better together anyway." Luis says "Hey you two watch it wouldn't want you to kiss each other then fall in a black hole." Luis and Dayvon continue to laugh at Angel. Angel says "Fine you guys get to laugh now but when this is all over I'm kicking both your asses!" After all the small talk the four split up into the teams of two.

Angel and Maria head back downstairs with Angel leading the way back to the room with the cylinder surrounding the elevator. The two get to the room and Angel carefully jumps to the top of the cylinder with Maria following him. Then the two jump from the top of the moving cylinder wall down to where the elevator is. Angel and Maria then take the elevator, when they get down they enter a small circular room that's full of iguana enforcers. Angel takes care of one side of the room with Maria taking care of the other side of the room. After the room is clear the door in front of them is a strange alien green color and shape. The sign above the door reads "Fusion Station". Maria then asks Angel anxiously "Hey Angel how do you feel about me?" Angel replies "I feel like you are a cool girl. You're tough, kind and protective of me, it's like you said we work better together. Why do you ask?" Maria responds "I just wanted to know because I think you're a very cool person as well, you're also smart which I really like and you know just a random question." Angel replies "Are you sure that's it, if you have feelings for me its fine I'm cool with that I'm not with anyone right now. I kind of like you as well..." Maria says "I like you Angel there you go, I said it I like you Angel a lot! I don't want to lose you" Maria hugs Angel with great emotion. Angel says "You're not going to lose me I promise that ok. If you love me Maria it's fine I think the same way about you but we have to keep these feelings to the side right now because we first have to make sure we are not going to be glooba slaves if you get my drift." Maria laughs and says "Angel you make me laugh with that for that I'm going to reward you. I can't hold it back any more I been dying to do this with you." Maria grabs and kisses Angel with great passion, Angel then follows her. After five minutes of kissing the two stop and Angel says comically "Wow that was hot! I going have to take a shower, I gotta tell you I was dying to do that as well." Maria says "I knew you would like that, well believe it or not Dayvon and Luis were right about us. Should we tell them when we see them again that I'm officially going out with you or never mind we should make them wait." Angel says "Yeah I agree, lets get moving before we lose our focus" then says in his mind "YES! Score! I did it I got a kiss from the hottest girl on my block, can't wait to save the world now. I got big plans for this girl." Maria says "Ok no problem glad we got that out of our system. Now let's go kick some alien tail right babe?" Angel and Maria entered the fusion station.

When the two enter the fusion station they enter an alien like hallway full of glooba grass and strange glooba markings. They take out a few salamander troopers, as they continue down the hallway they can see out to the outside which has lava at the bottom and many platforms going up and down. They are attacked by alien turrets, so they decide to duck down and crawl till they get to the other side. When they get to the other side they kill some more salamander troopers then open the door which opens sideways. They finally get inside but after hearing the sounds of sentry drones from an unknown location they quickly rush across the bridge not wanting to risk an ambush attack. Angel and Maria get into the elevator takes it; Maria shrinks the enforcer that awaits them at the bottom. The two of them find themselves in the power room of the base, where the power gets distributed throughout the facility. Angel takes care of the iguana enforcers while Maria finds a small shaft which leads her to a power panel. The panel says “Set the five switches up or down to the point where the final power level is 80 to open the next door.” Maria sees numbers under each switch on switch on she sees 15, the next 30, the next after that 45, the fourth one is 15 and the last is 35. Maria plays with the switches but the power either comes out too low or too high. So Maria did the math in her head and is able to come up with the same solution. She flips switch one up, number 2 down, number 3 up, number 4 up and number 5 up until the power level hit 80 on the nose. Angel hears the door down the hall unlock and says “You got it babe good job, now come on out.” The two head to the door kill the enforcers and find an elevator then they take the elevator up.

Angel and Maria head up to the elevator and end up into a big room with a pool and turbines spinning inside the pool. Angel says this must be where they get their power from. Maria sees across the room and finds an elevator that is blocked by pillars. Angel decides to dive into the pool and see if he can get to the other side of the room. He finds a hole within the wall with a switch and he resurfaces. Maria tells Angel there is still a set of pillars blocking the entrance, so Angel dives back underwater and finds a second switch. He presses the switch which lowers the remaining pillars blocking the elevator, then several iguana enforcers and salamander troopers show up to attack. Angel and Maria team up to kill off the aliens and afterwards proceed into the elevator. They use the elevator and continue on their way up through the alien base. This time they come to a bridge that is only halfway complete, Angel says "Wow that's a long way down and it's too far to jump across." Maria replies "Hey what if you hit that switch." Angel says "Good idea because these crazy robotic bombers are getting close!" Angel shoots the switch then the half of the bridge they were on moves to the other side of the platform. They quickly get into the next room on the platform in order to avoid the sentry drones. What the two see in the next room stuns them, its capsules of a new unknown creature and capsules of poison ivies as well. Angel says "Shit this looks like where they fuse all the elements together to make these sick creatures hence the name fusion station." Maria says "OMG! More slimer eggs everywhere we're surrounded!" Angel and Maria destroy all of the eggs while getting some slime on themselves at the same time. Angel reads the description of the unknown creature inside the capsule "Slimer protector, the end result of a slimer completing its maturity cycle. A hybrid alien/human creature this creature can jump like a human but a greater height, a powerful slash attack and the ability to shrink its targets." Maria says "Sounds scary thank goodness it's stuck in the capsule. So that's what happens when the slimers eat humans alive and grow that's the adult slimer." A cracking noise is heard...

While Dayvon and Luis were heading to the Area 4 defense station via a transport ship, Angel and Maria find themselves at a power plant and alien lab. They finally show their feelings for each other however they do not have much time to enjoy their love. They explore what is perhaps the source of the gloobas and figure they can land a big blow to the glooba ranks. However what they find is much more disturbing than what they were expecting, a creature that can shrink human beings was bad enough. The cracking noise that was heard were two of the capsules beginning to break, were our heroes going to get a sneak peek at the new human hybrid?

The two capsules cracked opened but the capsules that broke were not those of the slimer protectors instead those of the poison ivies. One of the ivies grab Angel with its vine but Angel shoots the ivies mouth killing it and Maria shrinks the other one then crushing it with her foot. Maria says "Babe lets get out of here before anymore of these capsules decide that they want to break for no reason!" Angel follows with "Yeah you said it!" The two move into the next room which is a greenish alien looking hallway that explodes when the two reach the middle. After the explosion several iguana enforcers pop out of the wall and attack our heroes, our heroes easily defeat the enforcers then move on. They enter a hallway that leads them to actual outer space with a view of Earth but the two quickly begin to lose their breath due to the lack of oxygen. They go inside the elevator which leads them to a room that has a pool of blue and green goo probably representing the living liquids inside of the gloobas. Angel says "That is what they use to create their armies while using living creatures such as iguanas as their hosts, these guys are sick wish I had some C-4 to blow this place up." Maria says "So do I, but we have to be careful because we also have to find the death ray and more importantly the third piece of the anti-matter ball." Another thing that can be seen above the pool is a slimer protector sleeping; Angel and Maria try to sneak to the door without waking up the creature. However the wall in front of them explodes.

Out of the wall comes a couple of iguana enforcer which our heroes easily deal with. However the explosion was loud enough to wake up the slimer protector who opens his eyes and turned his head towards Maria. He makes a loud roar and shoots a shrink ray towards Maria but Angel pushes her out of the way just in the nick of time. Maria says out of breath "Thanks babe another second more I would had been a mini Maria and not midget size but bite size." Angel says "Time to put this alien bastard out of his misery!" The slimer protector jumps and takes a swipe at our heroes but our heroes are able to get out of the way. Angel uses his devastator against the slimer which weakens him then Maria finishes it off with her machine gun. One thing our heroes failed to read was that a slimer protector could be found usually near slimer eggs and most importantly could not be shrunk. Angel hits a switch that opens the next door back to the outer hallway where the dreaded sentry drones were still on the loose. Angel finds a jetpack on the platform and while carrying Maria flies to the other side where they find a power reactor. The reactor core opens up and Angel shoots rockets destroying the reactor core causing the door to an elevator to explode up, behind the door was an owl commander which Maria quickly takes out with her shrink ray. In the reactor core room our heroes found more ammo for their respective guns. Maria decides to jump in the elevator first but as soon as she steps in the elevator automatically starts to descend down at a quick pace. Angel screams out Maria name while trying to find a way to bring the elevator back up. However there was no button to bring the elevator back up. So not only did Maria go missing once again but now Angel had to find another way out of the fusion station.

Meanwhile Maria was going down on the elevator until it stops. Maria was expecting the worse such as another black hole or a time warp but luckily Maria did not find any of those things. In fact Maria had found an alternative entrance to the Area 4 defense station, Maria tries to page Angel but with no luck as she has gone to far down. Dayvon and Luis on the other hand took the transport ship to Area 4 overall the ride was rather comfortable and the two got to enjoy some downtime. Luis says "I bet those two love birds are already making love to each other." Dayvon laughs and replies "Yup they were crazy for us to leave but even with that I hope they are ok." Dayvon and Luis continued to relax until they arrived at Area 4.

Angel losing Maria and his way out of fusion station looked for another way out realizing he was probably going to end up at a different part of the space base. Angel takes a look at the outer hallway and sees a metal door at a much higher level than he was lucky that he had a jetpack. Angel uses his jetpack to get to the metal door while at the same time trying to dodge the numerous amounts of sentry drones. Angel finally gets to the platform with the metal door with an ominous picture of the face of BattleGlooba. When the door opens two BattleGloobas are found inside, Angel quickly uses his jetpack to fly away from the fire of the BattleGloobas. From a safe distance he's able to take one of the BattleGloobas out as for the second one though he had a tougher time. To add to the problem the jetpack was beginning to run out of fuel, luckily for Angel the second BattleGlooba went down just as the jetpack ran out of fuel. Angel enters the green alien like room and sees a transport says "To Tiberius Station" Angel says "Just as I thought another part of the space base, this base is everything but linear." Angel hops on the transport and begins his journey to the Tiberius Station.

Despite strong love for each other Angel and Maria once again find themselves separated from each other. A new enemy was discovered the slimer protector which has proven to be even more dangerous than the other glooba alien types. It was the end result of a glooba experiment putting their blood into a human begin or a slimer finishing its maturity cycle. What would Area 4 bring for Maria, Dayvon and Luis and what is Angel in store for in the Tiberius Station. Meanwhile the gloobas were making their final preparations on their death ray already picking out locations to attack with the ray. Our heroes have to hurry before the gloobas use their death ray and who knows if Earth can be saved by then.

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