The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 16: Occupied Territory

Dayvon and Luis continue their way on the transport to Area 4, then the ride is over they finally get to the defense station. Maria on the other hand was on a wild elevator ride until it stops abruptly. Maria gets out and sees she's at the south entrance of Area 4, the base looked like it was under attack by the aliens and taken over just recently. Dayvon and Luis begin their exploration through the main entrance.

Dayvon and Luis open the double sliding doors and take out a few slimer eggs. Then enter a room taking out several salamander troopers. Luis presses the switch which opens a huge door behind them and behind them are some iguana enforcers which they kill off easily. They proceed down the hall and open the next door the coast looks clear until Dayvon sees a red object move towards him at a fast pace. After a second Dayvon realizes it's a missile and he pushes himself along with Luis out of the way of the missile. Then an owl commander is heard saying "Die Human! Suck it down!" then makes an ominous tone. Luis pops out and uses his plasma cannon to send the owl commander disappearing. The second owl launches another missile, while the missile misses both Luis and Dayvon its blast is powerful enough to send Luis flying and landing hard. Dayvon dodges a wing attack by the creature then is able to freeze the owl with his freezethrower and shoots it to pieces. Dayvon goes back to check on Luis to make sure that he is ok; he asks Luis if he is ok Luis responds "Yeah I'm fine took a bad fall but I'm ok now, these bastards are some tough cookies!" After that both of them head to the big door, however the door is locked and the other door becomes locked. It was a trap several sentry drones came out of door on the other side of the door. Luis and Dayvon shoot some of them down but their numbers are too much. The two of them do some fancy footwork to draw the sentry drones into the walls to cause the drones to expose. After the drones were taken care of our heroes stop to catch their breath while at the same time both doors have their locks released. After catching their breath Dayvon and Luis continue on their way.

Maria on the south side of the defense base finds herself entering a hallway similar to the one found in fusion station. The walls open and laser trip mines begin to pop out of the walls. Maria sprints her way through the hallway to beat out the laser traps which she is able to beat and she goes through the door into the next room. The next room is ominous looking one that is cover with vines and glooba grass then add aliens to the mix. Maria takes care of the several iguana enforcers that try to attack her. When she goes around the corner she is ambushed by an owl commander along with some iguana enforcers surrounding Maria eventually trapping her in a corner. Until some unknown person shoots down the enforcers and distracts the owl commander buying time for Maria to use her shrink ray. Maria shrinks the owl and then crushes it. After taking care of the creature the unknown person introduces her self as Samantha. Samantha says "Hey there I'm Samantha one of the few if not the only survivor of the Area 4 defense force, glad to see you are on our side." Maria responds "I should be thanking you if not for you I would have been toast, listen we can use an ally like you we are looking for something called the anti-matter ball. To make the long story short this ball will restore Earth back to the way before all this destruction on virtual can take effect on actual Earth. However we only have 10 days to do this, more like 7 days. I know you may think I'm talking crazy but believe me the story will clear up as we go along." Samantha says "As crazy as your story sounds but its clear that it's up to us to stop these gloobas from using the death ray to destroy Earth." Maria and Samantha team up and continue to search in the room for more evidence or any useful items.

Dayvon and Luis meanwhile go through the big door that they tried to go through before. They encounter some salamander troopers including teleporting troopers which have become the nemesis of Luis. Dayvon takes the other two troopers out but the last one teleports out of the way. The trooper gets behind Dayvon with its blade on Dayvon's neck; the trooper warns Luis that if he makes any funny moves that Dayvon was going to die. Luis puts down his plasma cannon, Dayvon says "Yo forget about me bro you go on without me." Luis says quietly "Sssh quiet trust me I got this." Then Luis says out loud "Ok mister alien you got me I'm putting down my weapon now promise me you won't hurt my partner." Luis kneels down putting down the plasma cannon; however on his knee he had a small pistol. While putting down the weapon and the alien distracted Luis pulls out his pistol and shoots the alien in the leg then shoots it again finishing it off. Luis says "How was that? Good huh?" Dayvon says "Yup my brother that was a rather clever move one that obviously saved my life for that I owe you one." Luis says "Ah don't mention it just doing my job." The two head through the next door into a big circular hallway full of enemies. A combination of iguana enforcers, salamander troopers, sentry drones and slimer protectors an enemy that Angel and Maria met back in fusion station but was unknown to Dayvon and Luis. The gunfight was rather long and exhausting Luis says "There's no end to these guys!" Dayvon replies "We can't take them out by ourselves we're gonna run out of ammo, shit better hope Angel and Maria find us or else we're toast. What the hell..." One of the slimer protectors shoots a shrink ray and the ray hits Dayvon shrinking him. Luis was now by himself and he had to be careful to not accidentally crush Dayvon.

Maria meets a new ally Samantha a survivor, in reality the only survivor of the Area 4 defense force. They are unaware they are only a few rooms away from Luis and Dayvon who were being cornered by the attacking glooba army. Would Maria and Samantha get to the other two in time to save the day or was Luis doomed to die and Dayvon doomed to stay miniature size forever.

Maria and Samantha find a red access card and Samantha says "That card is for the camera room where we check out any problem areas in the base, although right now the problem is already inside." Both of them head out of the room to a transport area which they stepped inside the right side and the moving platform sends them to the other side. The other side of the transport system was full of glooba grass and full of slimer eggs. Samantha says "Let me take care of this!" Samantha destroys the eggs with her laser rifle a standard issue weapon for Area 4 defense units. Maria says "Impressive!" Samantha says "Thanks for the compliment but that's the norm for me. I'm an elite solider so I been through this before." Maria says "Ok... What was that?" Samantha says "Sounds like trouble! Let's go!" Maria and Samantha enter the circular hallway that Luis and Dayvon are. They find a gunfight is taking place; Maria spots Luis and says "Luis! You'll about to get some back up right now." Luis says in relief "Yes thanks thank goodness you came now a few seconds later and the aliens would have made toast out of me." Maria, Samantha and Luis clean up the alien mess and finally the long enduring gunfight was done. After the dust settled plenty of dead glooba bodies are found lying on the floor. Dayvon says at the top of his lungs "Hey what about me!" Luis says "Shit I forgot one of the aliens shrunk Dayvon down to miniature size." Maria says "Shit those slimer protectors must have gotten out of their capsules or they were already roaming the space base." Samantha responds "I believe the latter is true and there are bound to be more of those guys lucky for Dayvon I think I have a cure to restore back to size." Samantha grabs mini Dayvon and our heroes go back into the room where Luis killed the teleporting trooper.

Samantha looks inside on of the cabinets and finds a bottle labeled "Vitamin X". Samantha says "This may do the job it's in its beta stage right now, so I can't guarantee that it will help out your friend but we will try anyway." Samantha takes a pill asks Maria to shrink it to Dayvon's size and Samantha asks Dayvon to take the pill. Dayvon says "I hope this works or I'll be living a rat's life." Dayvon takes the pill and after a minute the pill begins to take effect. Dayvon begins to grow back to regular size slowly but surely. Luis says perplexed "I don't believe it the pill is actually working." Samantha says "I agree even I'm shocked "Vitamin X" was only a test pill but I guess its passing the test." After a minute or so Dayvon was restored to full size and a happy Dayvon says "Thanks Sam that Vitamin X sure did the job I thought I wasn't going to be able to eat again." Everyone laughs, Dayvon asks "Maria what happened to your prince charming?" Maria replies "Well if you are referring to Angel we got separated at an alien power plant I got stuck in an elevator and ended up here as for Angel I have no idea where he could be." Samantha says "Wait you have someone else with you guys and Maria who's the lucky hunk like?" Maria tells Samantha "He's simply a very good friend of mines we four are simply caught in a journey of our lives literally and figuratively." Samantha says "I see well no use standing around, let's get moving to the camera room I got the keycard. Last one there is a glooba bastard!" The heroes head to the camera room, Samantha uses the keycard to bring down the ramp and open the door to the camera room.

The heroes enter the camera room and are greeted by not one or two but three BattleGloobas. Luis says “Crap more of these guys!” Dayvon says “These guys are gonna be tough to take down, lets try to take them out one by one.” Maria distracts one of the BattleGloobas leading it back to the hallway; after leading BattleGlooba back to the hall all of the others take care of the BattleGlooba. Maria repeats the same process for the second BattleGlooba and our heroes easily take out the BattleGlooba with their combined attacks. Maria attempts the same process with the last BattleGlooba however Samantha sees something on one of the outside cameras. It was a squadron of glooba ships attacking the base causing everyone to move around and shake the base. The aliens break through the force field and units begin to deploy inside of the hallway. It looks like the heroes were getting ready for the gloobas second wave of attacks while a BattleGlooba is still looming. Luis with the most powerful weapon decided to focus his attention to the BattleGlooba and help out the others if they needed the help. Luis says to BattleGlooba “You are not taking us down today!” Luis begins to attack the BattleGlooba while dodging his fire. When his plasma cannon runs out of energy, Luis takes a risk by running into the BattleGlooba and shooting him in the groin like he did with the one back at the main tower in the Arctic Circle. Luis says after killing the BattleGlooba “These guys may be big and tough but they sure aren’t very intelligent, let me help out the others.” The battle continues in the circular hallway.

After defeating the last BattleGlooba Luis goes to help out his fellow teammates. While the heroes are able to defeat the initial wave, the gloobas continued to come in and their numbers continued to grow. Samantha says “We can’t keep on like this; as long as those ships are still flying more aliens will just keep popping up.” Maria says “Darn gone it, I’m hit!” Samantha says “You guys hold off the enemy while I activate the sentry guns and shoot down these ships.” Samantha heads inside the camera room finds the controls for the sentry guns gains control of them and then she begins to shoot down the alien ships. Samantha says in great emotion “You guys are not welcomed here; you are not taking over this part of the base. Scratch three bogeys, just as I thought you guys are retreating and this time stay out!” Samantha returns to the hallway saying “That took care of them at least for now but until that death ray is taken out and we eliminate these guys for good they'll be back. Maria you’re wounded let me patch that up for you.” Maria replies “Wow thanks you are sure prepared for anything!” Samantha responds “Well I have to be I didn’t get promoted to elite at a young age for nothing, hope that helps out.” Maria says “Yeah its helping out quite a bit, much better.” Dayvon says “Finally now we need to get the hell out of here.” Samantha uses the keycard to open up a door in the core of the hallway which leads to two ramps going up. The heroes go up the ramps and kill a couple of iguana enforcers in the process. When they get to the top of the ramp they see an alien like door in front of them which above says “To Tiberius Station”. However no switch can be found to open up the door.

Dayvon says “We might just need to think outside of the box for this one guys.” He begins to cross the platform and sees a switch at the top of the room; he shoots the switch while the others continue to find a switch. Luis goes on one ride of the ramp going down while Maria and Samantha go to the other ramp back down. After shooting the switch Dayvon sees a hidden door open on one side of the wall with a small room inside. However Dayvon has to jump inside, he jumps inside however before he can react he gets sucked in by a black hole. All of a sudden Dayvon is surrounded by the same colors and shapes that Maria had experience on her visit to the black hole, he is just hoping he has not hit an infinite hole. All of a sudden Dayvon falls to the ground and he begins to explore, he looks out of the window but what he sees is stars, galaxies and what appears to be moons just all over the place moving back and forth. It was almost like Dayvon was on LSD with the world spinning around him if he was even in the same dimension anymore. Dayvon says “Wow this is crazy I don’t think I’m on Earth or the virtual world, I think I’m stuck let me try to page the others!” Dayvon tries to page the others but no answer was received convincing Dayvon that he is indeed in another dimension.

Luis goes down the other ramp back down but he sees a black hole with blue and orange rings surrounding it. He tries to turn back and even screams for the others but by the time Maria and Samantha could come to the rescue Luis was swallowed by the black hole which had disappeared. Maria and Samantha head towards where Luis was but he was nowhere to be seen, not even the black hole that sucked him up could be seen anymore. Maria says in panic “NO! Luis must have got sucked into a black hole, son of a bitch!” Samantha perplexed asks “Black hole?” Maria replies “Yeah there are black holes around here, I have to tell you this is a virtual world or I should say virtual space and many things here are not going to follow the laws of nature.” Samantha asks “So that means Luis is gone forever?” Maria says “Maybe or maybe not it depends on what loop he took, some of them warp you to other parts of the base and others… will send you to an infinite loop of despair which you will spend the rest of your life till you die. So all we can do is hope for the best for him. I see a switch here.” Maria presses the switch which opens the door that was blocking their way before across the bridge. When the two of them go get Dayvon, they realize that Dayvon is not around neither. Maria begins to call out Dayvon’s name but no response, she sends Samantha to look down stairs but Samantha comes up empty as well. Maria says “Damn I can see where Dayvon went and wait I see a black hole!” Samantha says “Stop! What if that’s an infinite loop like you were saying?” Maria replies “You’re right but if it’s not Dayvon might need our help and that’s a chance that we have to take.” Maria and Samantha begin to jump into the room that Dayvon had gone in but by the time they were inside the black hole had already disappeared into thin air. Maria says “We’re too late, girl it looks like it’s gonna be just me and you for awhile until we find the others or we might just be the last survivors here.” Despite their worries about the others, Maria and Samantha head to the elevator to Tiberius station.

While Maria and Samantha were heading to Tiberius Station still in the same “world” or dimension, Luis and Dayvon were both sucked up by black holes to unknown areas. Dayvon ends up in an area that the background is just spinning at least outside but everything still looked solid. He ends up in a huge circular room with a circular conveyor belt and a room inside the core possibly his way out of the loop. Luis was going through his black hole but the background of his hole was that of his family members that are dead and his memories being diluted due to the fact Luis was traveling at the speed of light. Luis takes out strange alien creatures while he’s at it but after five minutes Luis was still inside the hole with no end in sight. Could it be that Luis is stuck in time and has broken the space time continuum? Maria and Samantha do not know that Angel is also in Tiberius Station and chances are that they’re bump into each other again. Meanwhile back on earth the president has been found in his house dead, the president hanged himself or did he? Or did the gloobas control the president and made him kill himself with the clone made in this virtual world. Earth itself was heading into complete chaos, time is running out for our heroes.

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