The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 17: Spin Cycle

The switch Dayvon hit back at Area 4 led him to a hidden room with a black hole. Now he finds himself clearly stuck in another dimension as the outside is spinning like crazy. Meanwhile he’s in a “Spin Cycle” where the room has a conveyor belt that keeps spinning in a circle and the colors on the wall weren’t normal colors you would see on everyday walls. Dayvon assumes all he has to do is find a way out by finding the hole that led him to this dimension in the first place. However what Dayvon doesn’t know is that the black hole exit in the center of the room is beginning to close and evaporate. If he isn’t quick enough getting to the hole, the black hole will close and Dayvon will forever be trapped in this dimension that clearly isn’t his.

Dayvon takes a look at his surroundings and sees alien troops riding around the conveyor belt going around in a circle. Dayvon tries the best to keep his vision in check as the background is constantly moving, probably because of the effects of the new dimension. Dayvon gathers his thoughts together and he tries to get to the core of the room. However when he gets to the middle of the room it's a dead end that is full of alien troops. Dayvon takes care of the aliens easily and he sees strange looking switch hears a sound but nothing happens. He then goes across the conveyor belt again to the other side, with what Dayvon was able to see he sees the sign above the area where the aliens were it said "Alpha Sector". Dayvon says in his head "Maybe there are four sectors and I have to activate each switch in each sector to open the core at least that's how it in the movies." So Dayvon looks and finds more ammo for his freezethrower along with his laser pistol. He heads to Beta sector with yet more enemies waiting for him however he has to peek and shoot because owl commanders are shooting missiles at his direction. Dayvon then finds a weapon that shoots light which kills all the gloobas in one shot, Dayvon shocked says "Whoa! In this dimension light kills or that was a missile I shot at them." It was indeed a missile but because Dayvon was in a dimension million of light-years away the missile in his vision was light with a rainbow color. Dayvon heads to Beta sector and he presses the switch inside hears the same sound. Dayvon out of nowhere passes out...

Dayvon explores the out of dimension world or at least outside the dimension we human currently populate. However the air, gravity, light and even smell were all different than what we human are used to. Could it all be a glooba hologram to fool Dayvon into thinking he's in another dimension by playing with the different elements to crack his mind into oblivion. Dayvon is lying still on the floor and it was not a trick by the gloobas the black hole in the core was slowly closing up, if not quick enough Dayvon will be stuck in this dimension never to see his family ever again. Dayvon remains unconscious but he sees Serena his girlfriend along with his daughter and newborn son but how?

Dayvon in shock says "Serena baby I'm here honey how's my daughter and son?" Serena responds "I'm fine baby why are you acting like something just happened?" Dayvon responds "Whoa Serena when I say I been on a trip I mean it. I must have had a horrible dream that I was placed in a virtual world where whatever happens in the virtual would happen on earth but now that I'm back with you I must have saved the world or I was just in a really bad dream." Serena says "Yeah baby you were dreaming we are just fine and nothing has happened in fact it's your day off today. Let's go to the park with our kids. Dayvon responds "Yeah that sounds like fun, I like the idea of playing tag with my daughter and peek a boo with my little man, lets go!" Dayvon was excited but at the same time felt that something wasn't right in the air, like his walking felt abnormal. It gets even weirder when he sees parked cars but no people. Dayvon says "Hey babe looks like we got the park to ourselves, I wonder why? Don't you just find it weird that this park is empty like this even a little?" Serena says "No I don't because we are the only ones here just our little family away from the world and all the chaos, this is truly a utopia!" Dayvon says "Wow I must be on LSD or this is my new life with the one I love to repopulate earth or to live in paradise forever. This must be heaven, if I'm dead thank your lord!" A voice says to Dayvon "You fool this is not real this is just an illusion, you are not in your dimension right now. Please listen to me don't fall for that woman, it maybe your love on Earth but this is not Earth. This is all a mind trap!" Dayvon says "I knew it but this feels so good, I don't want to leave." The voice replies "Yes you do want to leave because this is all just an illusion, soon all this will be gone and you will return to the nightmarish dimension that you are in. Please trust me this is not what it seems like, you must return to your body if you don't your only escape route out of this dimension will close and you will forever suffer in this dimension of nothing but illusions. You are currently many light-years away from Earth or even the solar system for that matter, you are my friend outside the boundaries of what the universe is. You will live a life of illusions of your dreams but you will never get to live them because they will just be images and illusions being displayed by the dimension to trap you. Good Luck..." The voice stops talking and all of a sudden Serena and Dayvon's kids disappear and the background turns black for a quick second before Dayvon is able to regain his conscience.

Dayvon for a minute thought he was outside the virtual world and that the quest was over after he was "reunited" with his family. It all felt real even when he hugs his girlfriend, daughter and his baby son. Dayvon thought that this new dimension was simply a wormhole back to earth and somehow he had gotten back to his regular life. However everything around him was just nothing but just an illusion used to fool Dayvon into getting deeper into the dimension so he could never escape. Luckily the strange voice possibly that of the Elder God's warned Dayvon to focus his energy to his actual body that was lying and he had to act quickly or this would be his future a illusion with no end.

Dayvon gets up from where he had fallen and resumes his quest to escape the spin cycle. Dayvon finds the next sector which is the Delta sector where he would find more alien creature but they were in the form of rainbow light as the dimension was made to mess with ones mind. He takes care of the creatures with relative ease; he hits the third switch still nothing happens. After Dayvon hits the third switch the same voice speaks "You need to activate one more switch to open the core and get out of here, you need to be quick the hole is beginning to close!" Many enemies this time of completely different shapes and colors pop up, Dayvon shoots them down but as he moves along they keep reappearing. Dayvon races to the last section which is the gamma section but the light of the dimension is so bright Dayvon has trouble finding the last switch. The strange voice says "Go to the left the switch should be there." Dayvon goes to his left until he feels the switch in his hand hits it then the core opens up and Dayvon can see the black hole which is shrinking rapidly but before Dayvon can get to the hole two BattleGloobas in light form show up and begin to attack Dayvon. Dayvon finds himself surrounded by enemies that looked like they were not actually the glooba race but those that inhabited this dimension. The voice told Dayvon "Don't waste your time with these creatures they will just keep appearing they is no end to these guys they will keep reappearing. Jump inside before it's too late." Dayvon says "Well here goes nothing!" Dayvon jumps into the black hole just when it was about to close for good. Dayvon then travels through the warp which hopefully takes him back to Earth or at least in the virtual world. After going through the warp where he once again seen pictures of his family diluted as he was traveling too fast he falls out of the hole back in the space base. He finds himself in a bathroom and sees a sign saying "Tiberius Station". Dayvon says to himself "Whew that was crazy I thought I was back in my normal life but it was just a really bad dream. I'm sure the others won't believe me well at least with the exception of Maria that is." Dayvon uses the bathroom and ponders his next move.

After Dayvon gets trapped inside a black hole and going to a far dimension called "The Dimension of Illusions" which had fooled him into believing he was back on Earth and everything was fine. However it was an elaborate illusion created by the dimension to trap Dayvon inside forever. Dayvon somehow found it in himself to fight the urge of joining his "family" in the strange dimension. After that he was able to find a black or white hole to get back to reality. Dayvon now had knowledge of what power the black hole possessed and it had the power to send him into parts of the universe that normally wouldn't even be mentioned by any human. Dayvon finds himself in Tiberius Station hoping to find his teammates.

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