The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 18: Tiberius Station

Maria and Samantha took the transport from Area 4 after discovering that Luis and Dayvon had gone missing. Luis was stuck in a black hole loop of his own having no idea where it would lead him too or if he was doomed to an eternal time loop of despair. Angel had taken the transport from fusion station directly to the Tiberius Station therefore missing the events that took place at Area 4. Dayvon had just gotten out of another dimension barely getting out of it with his life and found himself in the bathroom.

Angel gets out of the transport and finds himself in front of a wall with a radioactive sign with a shaft over it. He breaks the shaft and goes into the Main hallway. He sees a group of salamander troopers along with some that are flying with their jetpacks. Angel shoots down the troopers easily then goes to an armory to collect some more ammo for his weapons. After he leaves the armory he hears a loud noise coming from the transport station downstairs. Angel sees a transport car heading in his direction; Angel assumes its more gloobas on their way so he prepares to ambush them. To Angel’s surprise while performing the ambush the transport did not contain any aliens. Instead the transport was carrying Maria and Samantha, Angel unaware draws his gun out. Maria says “Hey it’s me baby!” Angel says “Oh its Maria, I’m glad you are ok, thought you were gone after that trap elevator.” Maria says “It was a trap if it wasn’t for this girl next to me I would have been gone forever. We got into a big fight with the attacking gloobas in Area 4; they were relentless Dayvon even got shrunk by those creatures back in fusion station luckily for us the girl next to me had a cure but Dayvon and Luis have gone missing probably getting trapped inside black holes. Anyway how did you end up here?” Angel responds “I just used my jetpack to get to the highest floor and took the transport. Damn though this place is becoming dangerous as we progress hope Dayvon and Luis aren’t stuck in time. Wait a minute that meant you guys got together, so how did those two disappear weren’t you watching them!” Maria starts to cry and say “I’m sorry we were looking for a way out and we separated for a second then when we came back both of them were gone. Forgive me I didn’t mean for this to happen!” Angel responds calmly “Relax babe they’re show up sooner or later besides there wasn’t anything you could had done. We can’t just stand here dwelling about what happened it’s happened before and we always seem to find each other. So gather yourself stop crying because at least you have me and let’s keep a positive attitude!” Maria replies “You’re right Angel I feel better already, I love you!” Samantha says “Aww that’s cute.” Angel begins to question Maria of who Samantha is.

Angel asks Maria “Who is she? Sounds like a person of interest.” Maria says “Angel this is Samantha solider of Area 4, Samantha this is Angel my new boyfriend. I’ll tell you because I trust you like a sister to keep it a secret from the others.” Samantha says “Thanks Maria that means a lot don’t worry Angel we’ve been through a lot already you can trust me.” Angel replies “I do trust you; it’s this world that I don’t trust what other secrets does this place hold? Well let’s get moving.” The trio sees a big door that is unlocked by pressing a switch up the ramp; Angel goes up to the switch which opens the big door. The trio proceeds inside to a hallway full of salamander troopers which they kill off easily. A turret from the control room aims for the trio; Angel, Maria and Samantha run towards an elevator leading them to the control room. More salamander troopers for the heroes which were just becoming target practice for the trio. Angel disables the turret from the console and says “That should take of that!” Maria spots an access card on the counter which says “Service Area Access”. After that the trio heads to the next door and they head into a darker hallway. Dayvon after using the bathroom heads out to the hallway and sees a couple of sentry drones. He shoots both drones easily then he heads through the right door then spots Angel, Maria and Samantha. Iguana enforcers show up but they go down easily with the combined efforts of all four heroes.

Dayvon is ecstatic when he sees the trio and says “I hope you guys are real and not of an illusion.” Angel perplexed asks “What are you talking about of course we’re real, what have you been?” Dayvon replies “Funny you should ask I was stuck in another dimension, yeah I got swallowed by a black hole, I seen illusions of my family thinking they were real then I found out they weren’t and I just got out of there in time before the hole to get out closed.” Maria responds “Hmm like the Elder God said we will see many black holes that will send us to places that are unheard of. I understand you Dayvon.” Dayvon replies “I figured you would all I saw was rainbow light and even the aliens were in the form of light.” Samantha says “Interesting we were developing or at least looking into wormholes and space travel to help us get to different places much faster. However the research did not continue due to lack of support from the government, but yet we are in a virtual world that breaks natures law. A crazy paradox isn’t it?” Angel replies “Yeah I’m losing my head now, always knew the government had something to hide from us. Anyway we should get going before anymore weird shit happens here and let’s try to stay together this time. Hopefully Luis is ok and hasn’t been…” The heroes continue their journey through Tiberius Station.

The heroes continue through the hall that Dayvon had shot down the drones when he got out of the bathroom. Dayvon showed the rest of the crew where he had ended up after he got out of the time warp. Everybody laughed and Angel added “Damn bro you were really in the dumps!” Dayvon replies in a sarcastic tone “Haha very funny Angel!” They continue into the hall which explodes out of no where and some iguana enforcer’s pop out of the wall which our heroes take care of easily. They arrive at the service area door, Maria inserts the card to the card reader the door opens. The four head inside the service area. The service area is a huge cress pool of green slime probably glooba liquid for the aliens to live on. The area is filled with poisonpus’s which is no surprise as water or sewer areas are their native habitat. The heroes take care of the poisonpus’s with their various weapons at the same time Dayvon says “Hey you what? I wished we had the light gun I used in that other dimension I was in, it took out all the aliens in one blast!” Angel asks “So why didn’t you bring it?” Dayvon replies “Once I used it there was no more light or whatever, the gun did not wanna shoot!” Angel replies “That figures well at least we can still kick some alien ass!” After defeating the poisonpus’s the heroes see the bridge is split, Samantha finds a switch which brings the current up and forces the boxes to line up straight for the heroes to cross. Several iguana enforcers try to ambush the heroes but to no avail as the heroes are able to fight them off. They notice the door up ahead requires a red keycard, they see in the camera next to them that the keycard underwater or under the green goo.

Dayvon says “Oh come on so we gotta go under the garbage water full of poisonpus’s like I hadn’t enough of them already!” Angel says “Ah yup we got to go underwater.” Then he whispers to Maria and Samantha “Hey I’ll push Dayvon into the water he’s the best swimmer but I gotta make it look convincing.” The heroes head back to the bridge and Maria actually trips then pushes into Dayvon forcing him down into the water. Angel says “Well that wasn’t what I had in mind but ok.” Dayvon says “What the hell? Man screw it I’m getting the keycard!” Dayvon heads underwater where he has trouble seeing due to the dark nature of the water. He can see numerous poisonpus’s after him; he shoots a few of them but more come out chasing him. Dayvon finally sees the keycard and he tries to resurface he is right next to an elevator but the elevator is in the up position. Dayvon yells for the others to activate the elevator, Angel comes and activates the elevator to go down. Dayvon was about to get on the elevator until a poisonpus tentacle grabs his leg trying to force him back underwater. Angel aims his laser gun to the tentacle which causes it to lose its grip on Dayvon and Dayvon is able to get on the elevator. Angel calls the elevator up and Dayvon rejoins the crew with the keycard in his possession. Dayvon angrily says “What was that all about pushing me into the water, I nearly got eaten alive down there. I should throw you into the water!” Angel says “Stop! No need to fight although it was funny to see you fall in the water Dayvon but Maria simply tripped into you ok that’s it at least I saved you and you got the keycard.” Dayvon replies “Well of course you’ll defend Maria I forgot you guys are lovers. Isn’t that cute?” Angel says “Enough! Let’s just go ok we made it this far, besides you are the best swimmer even better than me ok?” Dayvon replies “Well at least you got that right, fine I’ll be cool but I’ll get you back hehehe.” The heroes go back to the locked door where Dayvon uses the keycard to open the door; they cross the bridge and hear a loud roar all too familiar.

It was the sound of a BattleGlooba behind the door talking in the native glooba language to his soldiers. None of the heroes could understand what the aliens were saying but it had to do with getting rid of them. The door was still closed, the heroes wanted to catch the BattleGlooba off guard and surprise him. Maria decided that she would try to shrink the BattleGlooba from behind. Angel opened the door slowly and seen that the BattleGlooba has his back turned. He orders Maria to shoot the BattleGlooba, Maria shrinks the BattleGlooba, then the others come in to finish off the rest of the aliens. Angel says "Yeah baby that worked perfectly, about time something goes our way. Now it's our turn to kick some ass!" Samantha laughing asks Maria "Is he always like this?" Maria replies "I only known him for a few days and I can see he's an excited person all the time. For me I kind of find it to be cool." Dayvon says "I know why you find it cool, trust me I do." Angel finds the switch to find the door in front of them leading to the lunar base and says "While you guys were busy arguing with each other for the millionth time I found a way to the lunar base where I think the death ray is being made and the third part of the anti-matter ball is located. So you guys are coming or what?" Dayvon says "Fine I got no other choice anyway." Maria whispers to Samantha "Dayvon can be such a jerk some times." Samantha blushes and says "Nah I kind of like him." Maria shocked responds "You can't be serious he's a jerk." Samantha says "Only to you because you won't tell him the truth about your prince charming." Maria says to Samantha "Girl you better chill out with that "I like Dayvon" because he's taken already and he has kids. So sorry to burst your bubble but I rather you know now than have to find out later." Samantha disappointed says "Thanks for being honest with me, well there's another one down the drain." Maria cheers Samantha up saying "Hey girl don't put yourself down like that, your a tough girl somebody is there for you I can promise you that. Anyway let's catch up with Angel before he suspects something." Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Samantha head for the lunar base. However Luis was still missing...

Dayvon makes it back to the others or at least Angel, Maria and Samantha and together they make it out of Tiberius Station. Now the four were on their way to the lunar base in hopes of finding the gloobas secret weapon before they decided to use it. While Maria has disclosed her love for Angel to Samantha she refuses to reveal it to Dayvon and who can blame her? Meanwhile Luis was still in the black hole warp or was he trapped in an infinite loop where he would suffer forever. Luis was viewing all of his childhood memories from when he was raised in Brooklyn N.Y. and wondered would he ever get out?

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