The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 1

January 21st 2015. A normal winter day in Brooklyn N.Y. it’s Cold and some snow coming down, meteorologists were predicting a major blizzard to hit the area that particular night. The story begins with Angel just getting up ready to open up his computer repair shop for the day. Angel grew up in a privileged household at least relative to people who were raised in Brooklyn, a straight A student in high school. Angel is an aspiring business man and one that likes to take many business related risks in his life. A very intelligent and established young man although his body built isn’t going to intimidate anyone.

“Oh come on it’s 6 in the morning already, I’m pressing snooze! Another 5 minutes won’t hurt me” said Angel. Five minutes came and gone, then five minutes turned into a half hour. Angel’s looks at the time clock reads 6:35am, Angel proceeds to become hysterical. Brushing his teeth halfway, taking a half shower and just putting clothes that simply matched. Usually Angel wouldn’t fret, however his car is in the repair shop for the next two days to fix numerous problems on it. That meant Angel would have to endure the “fun” of NYC public transportation. A 15 minute trip would now turn into a 45 minute trip especially with the buses being unreliable.

Angel walked five minutes to the nearest bus stop and proceeded to wait for the bus. There he would meet three people who couldn’t be anymore different and of course he never met since he never took the bus. First was Dayvon who was a man who grew up being a “player” when it came to girls and had no respect for no one, he grew up running the streets. Those days were past him though he became a family man had 2 kids and has a future wife. Dayvon was on his way to work as a Low Voltage Technician with security systems, so he has a very high IQ when it comes to breaking into computers and high security clearance areas. The second is Maria a hot looking Puerto Rican woman; don’t let her charm fool you though she’s a tough cookie. You see she comes from a family plagued with domestic dispute issues, so if it seems she is nasty sometimes it’s because she is. However she does have her soft side though, she’s seen Angel a few times in the neighborhood and has a secret crush oh him but refuses to let her feelings known to anyone. She is an aspiring journalist on her way to school at La Guardia College. Finally there was Luis a tough to the bone Puerto Rican who was “raised” in the streets, knows what jail is and knows the life of being a drug dealer. This once ex-convict has completely changed for the better, has a daughter and a loving wife. Luis runs a used-car dealership and is exceptionally strong in fact he can lift 200 lbs easily. A tough one to make friends with but he has his good side and most importantly he is honest.

So the four of them wait on the bus stop for like a good 10 minutes in which they only said good morning to each other in the process. Angel becomes anxious since he has to open shop at 8am, then turns from anxious to angry and says, “Oh you gotta be kidding me it’s bad enough that it’s cold out here waiting for this stupid bus to come and oh great it’s snowing! I’m gonna be late uggghhh why me!” Maria calmly says “Sweetheart calm down ok, being late one day isn’t gonna kill you ok things happen.” Then bullishly Dayvon says “Yo kid quit wining and complaining nobody got time for that it’s 7 in the morning and the last thing I wanna hear is you wine. Suck it up like a man or better yet grow a few balls, looks like you need them” Angel comes back “I don’t know who in the hell you think you are but I happen to be on my way work and if it wasn’t for my car breaking down I wouldn’t have to be here.” Dayvon says “Some psycho look like he got up on the wrong side of the bed today.” Angel says “Yeah you happen to be right about that and if I were you I would cut your smart talk right now or I’ll… Then Maria cuts Angel off and says “Honey don’t listen to that man he’s just full of hormones looking to show how tough he is meanwhile he’s all talk and no action” Dayvon says “Oh the kids got a little girlfriend the neighborhood hoar, oh Maria shut up and stop hitting on random men.” Maria angrily says “Just because I look good doesn’t make me a “hoar” you’re just jealous of me and no I’m not that kids boyfriend but I rather be with him than a jerk like you.” Luis unable to take the argument says “Would everybody just shut the hell up, damn all of you grow up! Now I would like to just wait for the bus in peace, is that possible?” The other three say in unison “OK”.

Twenty minutes pass since the argument and still the bus hasn’t arrived, the snow begins to pick up in intensity. Then Dayvon says “Hey wait why are we even waiting for the bus, we can take the dollar van I’m sure we’re all going the same way or at least the same direction. Everyone follow me lets go to the corner of Flatbush Ave and Canton Ave, they be mad dollar vans out there.” Angel says “Finally you come up with a smart thing to say, the lord must love me today, let’s do this.” Maria says “Ok whatever you jerk, whatever gets me away from you quicker.” Luis says “I don’t care as long as I get to work and the rest of my day can be more peaceful.” Dayvon says “Kid between you and your hoar girlfriend I’ve had enough I’m doing this just to get to work, consider yourselves grateful that I’m in uniform.” Angel says “FYI I’m not a kid I have a name it’s Angel Medina and that’s Angel to you smart ass!” Dayvon says in a nasty attitude “OK “Angel” whatever you say, I’m sure you and Ms. Maria are planning to hook up later after work and FYI just make sure you pay her.” Maria says and rushes towards Dayvon “Oooo if I ever get my hands on you, it’s over like Donkey Kong. I just want to stick my high heels up your… Luis blocks Maria and says “Enough is enough if I wanted to see a triangle match I would have stood home and watched Jerry Springer all day! Stop fighting, damn people can’t act civilized even when waiting for a bus. FYI to all of you if I was still a criminal all of you would had been buried alive by now, so don’t even start testing me is that clear.” The other three stood silently and continued walking to the dollar van stop.

The four are at the corner of Flatbush Ave and Canton Ave waiting for a van to pick them up, a dollar van is a cheaper alternative to the bus however they only go a certain distance and some of them are not looking to do legitimate business. Eventually only five minutes later a couple of Cadillac Escalades pull up. However the men who pull up are FBI agents and the lead agent only known as Bill says “You four are coming with us whether you like it or not, guys grab them!” Angel says “Hey man if you looking for terrorists you sure got the wrong people, the black man maybe but not me.” Maria says “I may be sexy, but I’m not a prostitute or sex trafficker! You guys better let me go or you will be hearing from my lawyer!” Dayvon says “Hey this isn’t 1970 racism is over I didn’t do anything, it’s illegal to arrest someone cause they’re black you know! But hey that $5 prostitute you can keep her she was probably going to “make her money.” Maria says “Dayvon screw you, I hope you burn in hell!” Luis says “Hey guys I’m just a normal American taxpayer don’t know bout the other three, but I’m clean, the truth shall set me free!” Lead agent Bill says “Shut up all of you, white boy and your girlfriend can come with us. Boys take blackie and the Mexican thug in the other car.” Maria says “HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!! How many times do I have to say it?” Angel says “Maria I know we’re not together but I think its best you just shut up and listen to what they have to say. We’re in the position that if we say anything we are gonna get the book thrown at us, so just be cool ok, by the way though you do look kinda hot hehe.” Maria says sacristy “Thanks a lot Angel; I’m so flattered well I’m not!” Angel says “Sorry just trying to make the best of a really bad situation.”

Meanwhile in the other car Dayvon and Luis try to break free of their handcuffs with little success. Dayvon says “I guess you guys got nothing to do in this snowstorm but to arrest a black just trying to live his life, I was always afraid of law enforcement for this reason.” Luis only says “Listen we’re no Mexicans these “Mexicans” have names you know, we’re Puerto Ricans damn it!” An agent says “Shut up both of you if you guys want to live, you guys are in a deeper hole than you can comprehend.” Dayvon and Luis say in their minds “What did they mean by that?”

After an hour drive the four arrive at a FBI interrogation office in Albany NY. The four all look confused and scared, meanwhile the snowstorm turned into a full-fledged blizzard. All of the four were interrogated by Agent Bill starting with Angel. Agent Bill asks Angel “Ok Mr. Angel I’m going to ask you once what do you know about project “Virtual”, what secrets you hide?” Angel says calmly “I know nothing of the project I don’t even know what the project is at all, what it is? A new virtual reality weapon of some sort. I’m a business man not a weapons expert ok.” Bill says “Liar Mr. Angel but its fine your justice is coming soon enough, boys take him away.” Then it was Maria’s turn to be questioned “Mr. Agent “Bill” I’m a journalist so if there was a project “Virtual” I would had know about it by now. Can I have my lawyer now?” Bill says “Take her away!” Next was Dayvon to be questioned “Listen “bro” just because I’m a man of color don’t give you the right to accuse me of any crime, I don’t got shit to tell you alright big boy!” Bill says “That smart mouth attitude won’t get you far “boy” as far as I concerned you as good as dead.” Finally Luis was questioned “Guys this “Mexican” has his citizenship already so leave me the hell alone.” Bill says “Mr. Luis we know you and your friends were dying to use this project for a new world order, we been watching you guys since day one.” Luis says “Boy now I know where my tax dollars are going, to pay these fools!” Bill says “Ok we shall see what happens in court how innocent you guys really are, tomorrow will be judgment day!”

For the next two days the four were kept behind bars at the FBI office, the court date was for the next day, but due to the blizzard it was pushed back two days. At the Supreme Court at Albany court day arrived or judgment day as Agent Bill said during the interrogations. Proceedings started with the defense claiming they had no knowledge of project “Virtual” and idea of a new world order. Then the prosecution comes up with their evidence and opening statement. After an hour of statements a recess was granted for about 30 minutes, where the four discussed plans to escape if they were found guilty and figure out what in the hell is going on?

Meanwhile back in N.Y. Luis’s wife Erica and Dayvon’s girlfriend Serena tried to get in contact with their respective partners. No one answered, nobody knew where they went and nobody saw the four being taken away by the FBI. Therefore both women reported Luis and Dayvon missing that day, they asked police if they had seen these men, no one answered. However there was this one officer named Ismael who was at the scene when it happened and he saw it with his own eyes. However when asked if he had seen anything all he had said was that he hadn’t seen them.

If Ismael had seen everything take place why did he not say anything to the ladies? Had he been paid off or is this part of a much bigger conspiracy that has many levels and to a degree Ismael is involved somehow. Have our four regular Joes been setup or have our regular Joes been planning to take over the world from right under our noses?

Back in Albany recess was over and proceedings resumed. The prosecution came up with what was the “star” piece of evidence at Virtual Labs Inc; a virtual rendering of the earth was being created at the main lab. This virtual world was so similar to earth that it actually was earth at its current state. In fact anyone with desires to take over the world could walk in move and remove anything from the world. Anything from the Hoover Dam to the World Trade Center could be destroyed from the virtual world and no one on earth would be the wiser. Terrorists groups such as ISIS could walk in and make the world theirs because whatever happened on this world would happen on earth. The prosecution went on to say that the only way to reverse the effects of the virtual world was an anti matter molecule would have to formulated with the proper formula and inserted into an anti matter machine within 10 days to reverse the effects otherwise the effects would become permanent and nobody would know why and how the events took place.

Prosecutors then released the DNA results taken from the machine and took them to the Judge. The Judge would open the envelope and read the results “In the case of Mr. Angel, Ms. Maria, Mr. Luis and Mr. Dayvon the DNA match of these subjects is 100% the same to the DNA found at the lab.” The crowd stood silent and the four were shocked. Angel got up and said angrily “NO WAY your honor I don’t even know anything, I bet none of us know where Virtual Labs is even located, someone stole our DNA and set us up. None of us are even scientists!” The defense lawyer said “I object your honor these results.” Judge says “Objection overturned!” Then Agent Bill gave the Judge the video taken from the DVR at Virtual Labs that day on January 19, 2015. The Video shows four people at the lab tampering or working on the machine, but the video doesn’t clearly show the faces of the four people. Another recess was given by the judge in which after the decision would be made of whether Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis were guilty or innocent.

After an hour of recess both parties were both asked to enter the courtroom. The Judge would read his decision “After careful review of both parties statements and evidence; I have reached a decision. While the video does not show the faces of the four clear enough to see their identity, the DNA results and the fact that it matches to the fact their were four people on January 19, 2015 and the results state the fingerprints were left there that date, I’ve reached this decision. In the case of Mr. Angel, Ms. Maria, Mr. Luis and Mr. Dayvon I find the party of four are GULITY as charged of all charges including conspiracy, attempted terrorism and attempted genocide. The sentence carries the death penalty; as a result these four shall be executed no later than February the first of this year.” Angel tries to defend himself but he is cutoff by the judge who announces that the court has been adjourned.

Since the case was televised nationally both Serena and Erica finally found out where Dayvon and Luis were. They were both in shock that they couldn’t move for about 10 minutes and then they started to cry in agony saying “This is wrong that they have the wrong men, I swear to God this is all wrong.” Despite all the crying and fuss Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis were taken to the Maximum Security Prison at Rochester N.Y. Then they were taken to Death Row, the four were in agony and fear knowing they were framed for a crime they did not commit and that they were only days away from death. Meanwhile both Erica and Serena both started to make preparations for what would be the funeral of the men they have loved, knowing they would have to live without them forever.

Were these four regular Joes actually innocent or were they actually guilty of trying to form a new world order. If they were innocent how will they get out of death row? Is the prophet that the elder God was talking about going to come true, is this project “Virtual” the new evil that will threaten Earth, the same evil that plunged earth into darkness for many centuries over a thousand years ago. Perhaps these four regular Joes are the chosen ones that will see the warp to this virtual world and possibly stop whatever this new evil may be.

Days passed and February the first arrived for the Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis. In only a few hours they would all be executed for a crime they believed they did not commit. They were due to be killed at exactly 3:30 in the afternoon on national television where their loved ones would be able or wouldn’t want to see them be executed. 3pm arrives and the guards come to each cell and begin to escort each of the accused out of their cells to the execution room. While many people were protesting that capital punishment was not constitutional in the state of N.Y. the senate and congress passed an act that allowed anyone convicted of terrorism and conspiring to take over the world to be legally executed in any state including Puerto Rico. In other words the execution was going to happen and no person of power will be able to stop the execution.

While the guards began to escort the soon to executed four, they had no handcuffs for some reason so they used tie wraps. Angel noticed his tie wrap was tied very poorly which meant he could easily breakout and he whispered to his mates that he was going to break out. Angel had to break away carefully because the guards were heavily armed. When they arrived at the stairway for level 3 to head down to level 2 where the execution was to take place at. Angel loosened the tie wrap ever so slowly as to avoid suspicion from the guards, when they went down the stairs Angel was able to break free. He kicked the first guard down the stairs then disarmed the second guard of his rifle, punched him, took his handgun and gave it to Maria since she had mentioned while locked up in the car that she had handgun training. Angel shot the two guards, broke the others free of their tie wraps, then the four went into the warden’s office where they found a map of the prison. They went into hiding trying to figure out the best escape route they found the best route was an underground door in the sub-basement which led to an underground passage that is unknown to many people.

With the entire prison after them even the prisoners themselves after being told that they would either be let go or have their sentences lowered if they found and killed the four escapees, the four began their attempt to break out. It was easy going until they found a gate that was locked and couldn’t be opened with out a specific keycard with the proper credentials. However Dayvon recognized the system and claimed he knows how to hotwire the system to open the gate without a keycard. However he had to be quick because the guards and prisoners were closing in while Angel and Maria managed to kill several guards and Luis fought with the prisoners. Problem is Angel and Maria were running out of ammunition and the prisoners were starting to overwhelm Luis. Dayvon guided a laser he found in the wardens office through the circuitry, but had to be done at a certain pattern otherwise it wouldn’t open plus the laser was running out of juice and the enemy was starting to catch up in numbers. Dayvon carefully moved the laser at the same time he was very nervous, his heart rate started to increase at an extreme rate, but he knew he couldn’t fail here or it would mean his death.

Eventually just as the laser had run out of juice Dayvon was able to override the gate system and the gate opened the four quickly ran forward. Eventually they got to the sub-basement and proceeded to find the escape door to get out of this hell hole they were in. They finally find the exit door but the door was locked and then the gate behind Angel closes. Then the warden known as the ruthless Adam Pinnacle came out the side door and confronted Angel. Pinnacle was a huge built man and extremely strong but very slow, however every prisoner feared and respected Pinnacle. Pinnacle says to Angel arrogantly “Looks like it’s the end of the road for you Mr. Angel and your little friends, so why not make this easier on yourself and just give up peacefully you are just delaying the inevitable.” Angel says “Looks who’s talking the man who can barely stand up straight and is the poster boy of today’s obesity epidemic. Look if you want me come and get me if you can. I would rather die here than give you the satisfaction of executing me. Well come on Pillsbury doughboy get me!” Pinnacle says “Oh Angel why couldn’t you just give up like a normal person.” Angel says “Because I’m not a normal person!” Pinnacle says “You will regret those words, you’ve become too much of a thorn on my side!” Pinnacle chases Angel.

Angel is able to dodge Pinnacle’s tackle and then Pinnacle chases Angel again, but this time Angel trips on a crack on the floor and then Pinnacle begins to choke Angel. Pinnacle says “I hope this was the death you desired HaHa!” Angel then pokes Pinnacles eyes and he’s able to regain his conscience but barely. Angel then jump kicks Pinnacle and the force of the kick only pushes Pinnacle ever so slightly. Pinnacle says arrogantly “Ouch that tickled, you’re going to have to do better than that.” Then Pinnacle grabs Angel by the throat with one hand and begins to choke Angel again. Angel begins to lose consciousness, begins to turn blue and is ready to pass out. Maria screams from the other side of the gate “Angel get your ass up! I don’t want to lose you!” Maria says these words with great emotion as if she’s showing her feelings towards Angel indirectly. Then somehow Angel is able to regain his consciousness and kicks Pinnacle in the groin area. Pinnacle quickly recovers and throws a haymaker towards Angel, Angel is able to dodge his haymaker then jumps on Pinnacles back and begins to choke Pinnacle and says “How’s it feel to get a taste of your own medicine huh big man!” Angel begins to lose his grip on Pinnacle due to his sheer size and Pinnacle is able to force him down. Meanwhile Maria takes a second look at her handgun and notices it has one bullet left. She begins to think if she can get a shot across the gate and hit Pinnacle that she maybe able to kill him. Maria lines up the gun to the gate and begins to put her finger on the trigger. Maria says in an angry tone “Hey bully screw you, I’m taking you out right now you bastard!” Maria squeezes the trigger and the bullet lands right in Pinnacle’s heart, Pinnacle lands hard on the floor face first. Angel proceeds to say “The bigger they are the harder they fall and Maria by the way that was some nice shooting there.” Maria says “Thanks, you weren’t too bad yourself.” Dayvon says “I’ll admit Angel you were good.” Luis says “For a small dude you got skills there brother.” Angel searches through Pinnacle’s jacket and finds a key that unlocks the gate. Then they proceed to use the same key to unlock the door leading to the underground passage. When the door is open all that can be seen is a bright white light that blocks the view beyond.

Angel and the gang then heard a godly voice say “If you are to survive and save the world jump into the light.” The four decided it was better to jump into the light than to get shot by the guards so one by one each of them jumped into the white light not knowing what would be next…

Voice of the God that spoke to Angel “Well done my four children you have escaped Neropos’s trap, which was set up to kill all four of you. Soon you will learn that the FBI agents that took you in were not human in nature, that they were actually being controlled by Neropos himself; some of them forcefully, others by bribing them promising them part of the world when the conquest was over. Neropos targeted you because it seems like the way you stick up for each other although you don’t necessary get along well, it seems that you four Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis are the chosen ones that saw the warp to the virtual world of earth itself. You are the ones that destiny has chosen to serve as the soldiers of everything good and you are the ones destined to protect earth from what is the next big threat to mankind. I sense Neropos is sending in an alien race known as the Gloobas to launch an attack on virtual earth and attempt to recreate the dark ages of history that followed the fall of the roman empire around 476 BC. The fact that you saw the warp that other mortals couldn’t I’m now convinced that the mortals of earth now have a chance to defeat this new evil threatening earth as I speak. Don’t worry young ones once you cross the warp it will all be explained to you.”

Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis enter the warp are transported through an area of different colors and shapes not knowing what’s ahead of them. Finally the four are transported to the top of a high rise building in the middle of Manhattan and say to themselves what just happened. Angel says “Where in the hell are we!” The voice of the Elder God cuts Angel off and shows a bright white face of it’s self. The Elder God says “My children you have arrived, you are now on Earth well at least the virtual world which replicates the same Earth you currently inhabit.” Angel says “What so you saying project “Virtual” is real! This must be some joke.” Elder God says “No Angel this is very real the danger is very real and the enemy is very real. Let me explain you see the FBI agents that grabbed you, they are not human.” Angel says “They looked human to me.” Dayvon says “They spoke like humans.” Maria says “They acted like humans.” Luis says “They thought like humans, so what do you mean?” Elder God says “While they showed human like capabilities but their hearts are not human they are being control by a great evil force. I don’t have enough time to elaborate on this force, but I will say this, the Earth will soon fall to the next great evil shall the four of you fail. This next great evil is a an alien race known as the gloobas from an unknown planet, but they come to this world to take it over and then copy what happens in this virtual world onto earth. Take that building for example.” Luis says “Wait isn’t that Lenny’s the sandwich shop I love so much.” Elder God says “Now watch…” An alien ship shoots a laser to the sandwich shop completely destroying it. Luis says “No! They just destroyed my favorite sandwich shop.” Elder God says “And that sandwich shop will be destroyed on earth for good unless you four can stop the glooba race in their conquest. In 10 days if you are unsuccessful what you see here will be your future and you four will be forever indebted to the gloobas. The earth will be plunged in darkness for centuries, possibly thousands of years or even for all of eternity.” Angel says “So wait you’re saying we only got 10 days to stop all this and if we don’t Earth will be taken over and nobody in the world will be aware of it.” Elder god says “Precisely, also these aliens have the ability to make clones of important figures on your world and kill them off with out any notice. Furthermore nobody on earth will know how that person died or anything that happens for that matter on this virtual world.” Maria says anxiously “So how do we even stop or reverse the effects of this world on our Earth?” Elder God says “Only an ball of anti-matter formulated in a certain way being put in an anti-matter machine which is somewhere in the Himalayas in India before the 10 days are up can reverse the destruction.” Luis says “Where is this anti-matter ball you are talking about sounds like a lot of crap to me.” Elder God says “Unfortunately all I can say the ball is in the possession of the gloobas, where exactly I cannot say. Your mission will be to find this ball, formulate it and put it into the machine. While you are on your quest you must also make sure that the gloobas do not cause any more destruction to this world, too much destruction will make the reversing process impossible. This virtual world is sparsely populated but you may find some of my soldiers that were able to get in to the world who may prove to be a big help in your quest. That is if they haven’t been captured by the gloobas or turn into traitors themselves.”

Angel asks the Elder God “No offense but aren’t you supposed to be a “God” aren’t you supposed to just jump in and send in your soldiers and clean house? Maybe there is something I’m Missing here or not understanding.” The Elder God says “That would be correct Angel you see when I said some of my soldiers were able to get into this world; well this is because the world has a spiritual shield which keeps the purest souls out and only allows the most sinister souls or mortals such as yourself, in other words I have no power to help you out directly.” Dayvon says “So to put it simply we are Earth’s only hope right now and those bastards back on earth tried to make sure we couldn’t barge into their plans.” Elder God says “Although bashfully put you are correct, also don’t expect this world to be like yours in that certain rules of nature maybe able to be broken such as jumping from heights and surviving. This war has a meaning that is far beyond your comprehension and I don’t have time to elaborate the enemy is quickly approaching. My children my time has come to leave but I will leave you with this message “Approach every situation with a careful tongue” I wish you the best of luck the fate of Earth depends on you. Goodbye!” The white light disappears into the sky.

Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis watch as the glooba space ships attack the city and alien soldiers jump out of the ships attack the sparse population that inhabit this city. Maria says “How in the hell are we gonna defeat these guys with our hands?” Angel sees boxes opens them and finds several handguns and ammunition giving one gun to each person including one gun for himself. Angel says to Maria “Honey this is how we are gonna to defend ourselves.” Angel crocks his gun and says “These alien bastards want war lets give them war!” Luis says “Yeah we’re not going down with a fight!” Dayvon says “Despite our differences back on earth we got no choice but to work together and put aside our differences.” Maria holds Angel’s hand and says “Let’s do this!”

Our four heroes finally understand their mission and know that what was supposed to be just a normal snowy day has turned into a virtual adventure that will determine not only their fate but that of Earth itself. They have no idea what these creatures will look like but they know there’s no turning back now in their quest to find the anti-matter ball and reverse earths destruction. Time is of the essence! The survivor horror adventure begins here!

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