The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 19: Lunar Reactor

Luis was still in the warp all this time while the others were just getting out of Tiberius Station. Luis began to wonder would this warp hyperspace continue on forever and would he be subject to not being able to see his family ever again. Luis began to close his eyes as he began to accept that he was stuck in this strange dimension forever. That is until Luis sees a white hole and he covers his face bracing for impact. Before he knows it he was on solid ground again, trying to catch his breath Luis discovers that he has been warped to the Polaris Outpost on the moon the opposite side of Tiberius Station.

Luis reads the sign which says "Polaris Outpost" breathing a sigh of relief; Luis now understood what Maria was saying about black holes and that he was lucky to have find a warp that lead to a definitive location. Luis says to himself "Wow what a ride that was, let me try to page the others." Luis tries to page Angel and he gets an answer from Angel. Angel answers Luis's page saying "Hey Luis is that you?" Luis replies "Yes Angel it's me. I'm in an area called the Polaris Outpost any idea where that is?" Angel responds "No I don't but if I got your page than you must be in within the area." Samantha tells Angel "I know where he is but he is on the opposite side of us, tell him to meet us at the Dreadnought attack ship which should be located at the exit out of Polaris Outpost and then from there will use the ship to go to main alien base that the gloobas have built." Angel tells Luis "You heard all that?" Luis says "Yeah I can hear her I'll meet you there then, glad everyone's ok!" Angel says "Yup everyone's still alive glad to hear from you." Luis replies "10-4 to that!" Luis begins to explore the Polaris Outpost.

Luis starts out in the hallway where he sees some salamander troopers and sentry drones. He takes them all down in the hallway, he notices all the doors need keycards except for one that says "Restricted Area", so he goes inside. What Luis finds is that is a big bathroom with some iguana troopers and salamander troopers. Luis says while taking out the aliens "Looks like we gonna need some toilet paper to clean up this alien shit!" He finds a blue keycard inside one of the cabinets behind one of the toilets; then hears "Suck it down!" That can only mean one thing owl commanders, Luis goes out and sees a couple of commanders, he notices he can charge his plasma cannon. He uses his weapon all charged up shoots it and then boom the view in front of him turns white for a few seconds. After the light goes away Luis also sees that the owl commanders also disappeared out of the blue and says "Wow that's crazy, it's time to say goodbye alien scum!" The door in front of Luis needs a blue keycard so Luis uses his keycard to open the futuristic looking door that open up and down instead of out.

Luis enters a semi dark hallway then the shaft behind him breaks and a group of slimers pop out of the shaft. Luis takes care of them but then some slimers come from behind him, Luis runs towards the door to get a view of all the slimers. He decides to save his plasma cannon preferring to use his shotgun to take care of the little critters. After that Luis continues on down the hallway until he sees a shadow of a familiar creature, it was one of a BattleGlooba. Luis charges his plasma cannon like last time, meets BattleGlooba and says "Surprise sucka!" shoots his cannon. After the dust settles he sees the outline of BattleGlooba's body disappear into a shadow form with stars surrounding it. Basically the plasma cannon just destabilized the target sending it to an unknown location. Luis moves on after dealing with some sentry drones with ease and he finds the sleeping quarters for the lunar defense forces. He gets into a gunfight with some salamander troopers and iguana enforcers, after a few minutes Luis finds himself outnumbered. However Luis gets help from an unknown person along with that person Luis is able to kill off the rest of the aliens. Luis wanted to know who this person was. The unknown person revealed him self as Bill. Bill would introduce himself "My name is Bill and I'm the leader of the Four Horsemen team we are the supreme force in the universe!" Luis says "Ok... So can I trust you? Where are the other three horses?" aiming his gun in Bill's face. Bill calmly says "No need to worry my friend I helped you didn't I?" Luis responds cautiously "Yeah you did thanks." Bill says "You see that shaft let's go inside follow me! This should lead us to the way out of here; we're on the same team aren't we?" Luis with caution decides to follow Bill down the shaft.

Luis escapes the hyperspace into the Polaris Outpost and to his relief everyone else in the squad was still alive. They would meet each other at the Dreadnought battle ship, sounds simple enough. However Luis meets Bill who claims to be the leader of the Four Horseman squadron, hmm the Four Horsemen aren't they supposed to represent the end of the world? Knowing that Luis was understandably questioned Bill about his loyalty and where his allegiance is towards or if they are a neutral force trying to take over Earth for themselves. By Bill's cocky attitude and the fact he was so calm about things also trying to convince Luis that nothing is funny with him but yet he wants Luis to trust him without revealing much about himself and his team. Luis has no choice however as Bill did save his hide after being outnumbered, so he had to tag along with Bill. Could Bill be an actual ally to the cause or is Bill trying to fool Luis for information to take out our heroes. In short have the Four Horsemen been paid off by the gloobas to be mercenaries and if so what was their reward? Finally who were the other three members of the Four Horsemen squad; something does not smell right here at least in Luis's eyes.

Bill jumps in the shaft first right away with Luis trying to catch up, Luis says to Bill “Hey wait up for me!” Luis jumps into the shaft but he loses Bill but sees a path way out anyway. He heads through but notices the walls to his left and right begin to come in towards him trying to crush him. Luis dives through just before the wall behind him closes and then he finds Bill waiting for him on the other side. Luis says angrily towards Bill “Why didn’t you wait for me? I almost got killed by that wall, listen I don’t trust you very much don’t push my buttons or else!” Bill replies “Sorry but that wall is a trap area it has a sensor that senses when somebody tries to get through, it would be to risky for both of us to go through.” Bill was standing in a certain area though like he was trying to cover something it was a switch but what did it do? The two are on a cliff of the moon looking down there is nothing but pitch black going down. They see a platform on the other side at a slightly lower elevation; they decided to jump down to the platform and they find a cave. Luis and Bill make it to the platform and Luis grabs the yellow keycard then the two of them move on. They see a group of salamander troopers in front of them but at the same time the cave they had entered begins to collapse crushing the aliens. Bill leads Luis to a vent where the two safely get in before getting crushed by the cave. When the two go through the vent part of the bottom grate breaks, while Luis is able to make it through Bill on the other hand falls through. Luckily for Bill he has a jetpack which he uses to stay afloat and tells Luis “I’ll go find the exit to this place and my partners and we’ll meet you at Dreadnought sounds good?” Luis says “Ok I’ll see you there, I guess.” Then he says in his head “Something’s not right with that man, he just jetted off, maybe he just was in the right place at the right time and he has no idea of what’s going on.” Luis moves through the vent until he finds the exit.

Luis finally finds his way out of the vent into a pool of glooba goo, probably where the goo is being produced. He sees some poisonpus’s and takes them out easily with his shotgun, he finds a pair of protective boots to protect him of the toxic nature of the goo. He heads through the goo until he sees a passageway to his right which he goes in and finds a teleporting salamander trooper who he beats in melee combat. He finds the exit to the passageway needs a red keycard, too bad he had a yellow keycard. Luis says “Damn to find that red keycard might be buried under this damn goo for all I know.” Luis heads back down and heads right then sees a small room in front of him but a big gear stands in his way. Luis would have to time himself perfectly by getting in the gear in its opening then jump out quickly unless he wanted to be crushed. Luis gets into an opening inside the gear then waits till he gets rotated into the room; he sees iguana enforcers and salamander troopers when he kills them off he sees the red keycard. Luis heads back to the door that was previously inaccessible. He opens the door which leads him back to the main hallway where he first entered. Luis is ambushed by an owl commander and he gets swiped by its deadly wings. The owl commander starts to flaps its wings more furiously as it begins to prepare to finish Luis off…

Luis followed Bill and so far Bill hasn’t led him to any traps although he still appears to act weird like he has something to hide from Luis. Luis couldn’t concern himself with that however he had to find his own way out of the outpost to meet the others. Now however Luis finds himself in another dangerous situation, an owl commander trapping him and Luis without any ammo to defend himself braces for impact…

Shots were heard killing the owl commander, it was Bill again. Luis while grateful but questions Bill “Thanks again but I thought you were looking for the exit? Why are you here?” Bill replies “To help you of course that’s two you owe me. When I heard the commotion I decided to jump into action. Now are you convinced?” Luis responds “I guess you have convinced me you saved my ass twice, so I guess we can team up.” Bill replies happily “That’s the spirit, I still gotta find the others but we should stick together.” Luis still a bit cautious says “I agree with that at least.” Luis finds some more ammo for his shotgun and plasma cannon which he desperately needed. Luis opens the door requiring the keycard with a sign that says “Reactor Core”. They open the door and two BattleGloobas are found inside, Bill takes care of one of them while Luis took care of the other BattleGlooba. After the battle, Bill claims that he was hit by a bullet from a BattleGlooba then shows Luis his wound. Bill says “I’ll take care of it by myself don’t worry about it you keep on going, I’ll catch up with you later, trust me.” Luis says fine “I’ll go but please be careful these aliens are sneaky.” Bill says “Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Then Bill puts on a strange smile on his face.

Luis continues on down the stairs where he kills a few iguana enforcers then sees the door to the reactor core. He enters the reactor core which is full of glooba forces, he gets into a gunfight but Luis doesn’t have a hard time picking the aliens out one by one because of the many hiding spots in the core area. Luis figures out this reactor core is one of many power sources that are powering the alien base but Luis doesn’t see the reactor core. Luis continues to investigate until he sees an orange switch that opens up the core which is a core that is putting out thousands of volts of power. Now Luis had to find something explosive to blow the reactor to shreds, he finds some TNT. He lights up the TNT throws it inside the reactor then goes into one of the shelters for cover. The TNT goes off which blows up the reactor, the blast is so powerful that it blows up the door leading to the exit. He sees an owl commander flying around; Luis uses another load of TNT to blow up the commander and says “Scratch one bogey!” Luis goes back to get Bill so they can escape together but to Luis’s suspicions Bill is no longer where he was. Luis becomes somewhat suspicious again, he says in his mind “Hmm this man saved my butt twice but then he disappears off the face of the Earth. Either he works alone and likes it or he’s trying to lead me to a trap. I gotta watch my back with this guy, anyway time to meet the others at Dreadnought.” Luis heads towards the exploded door then he notices the hallway begins to collapse, Luis sees the transport to Dreadnought he sprints inside and activates the transport while the outpost begins to implode. Luis is now being transported to Dreadnought.

After being trapped by the owl commander Bill saves Luis again, so it seems like Bill is on Luis’s side. After they beat the BattleGloobas Bill is slightly injured but insists that Luis keeps on going. After the reactor explosion Luis notice Bill is not where he was before, perhaps he was healed and went back to look for his partners. Luis feared thought that Bill was trapped in the outpost to die because the outpost was beginning to implode and collapse. One side of Luis’s conscience feels bad for Bill that he was probably dead inside the outpost probably looking for his partners but the other side says it was probably for the better due to Bill’s suspicious attitude. However Luis is unable to draw any conclusions of Bill’s whereabouts and assumes his condition is inconclusive. However Luis could not be concerned with Bill as he was moments away from arriving at Dreadnought where he would meet the others.

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