The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 20: Lunar Base

While Luis gets out of the Polaris Outpost on his way to Dreadnought meeting what seems for now a friendly acquaintance, Angel, Dayvon, Maria and Samantha were heading for the lunar base on the moon itself. They were hoping to find the death ray the aliens were going to use and the third part of the anti-matter ball. However the question still remains, who is Bill really in relation to our heroes and can he be trusted? Where are the other members of his so called “Four Horsemen” squad? Perhaps it will be our other four heroes than find the other three members. However Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Samantha have no idea about this squad, it remains to be seen where the “Four Horseman’s” allegiance is.

Angel, Maria and Dayvon and Samantha get out off the transport and enter the lunar base. Once they get in they see a poisonpus guarding some slimmer eggs, Angel takes care of them with his Devastator. They see nothing of interest except for a blue keycard they find under some slimer goo that they clean off. They take the elevator going down stairs where they see a dead boar cop, Angel says “Hmm haven’t seen these guys for awhile, they were probably mutated humans.” They open a door leading out to the moon and the entrance to the main base. They are surrounded by iguana enforcers, salamander troopers and sentry drones. With their combined efforts they defeat the aliens and enter the main hall of the lunar base. They see three doors, two on opposite sides of each other and one next to them which is an elevator. The heroes find out that only one door is locked and needs a yellow keycard and red keycard, while the elevator needs a blue keycard. Angel decides that they should split up into teams of two, it would be Angel and Maria staying on the first floor going to the Alpha sector and Dayvon and Samantha going up the elevator to the gamma sector.

Angel and Maria enter the Alpha transport sector; take care of some salamander troopers. Then they see a train car to transport them deeper into Alpha sector. When they get out they go towards the hall into a crater with a door on the other side. However when they get close to the door the crater starts to move and collapse, iguana enforcers attack from behind which Maria shrinks down to size. Angel takes care of the iguana enforcers that are found in a small cave along with some ammo for him and Maria. They both enter what is the research and development part of the base which is where new discoveries are made and new life forms are created or at least discovered. Angel says “This must be the gloobas factory of freaks, let’s clean up this mess!” Maria replies “Right on babe!” The duo sees a large group of salamander troopers who Angel and Maria empty their bullets on. After taking care of the alien menace they start to investigate and they see a door to the surgery room but it’s locked. Angel says “Another locked door, we gotta find another way inside.” Maria sees a crawl space on the counter which is actually a small conveyor belt and Maria sees red light at the end perhaps another room. She tells Angel “I’ll go in you wait here, we both can’t fit in here.” Angel replies “Ok I’ll see what I can find here maybe we missed something before. Be careful babe.” Maria goes inside the crawlspace to see what’s beyond.

Meanwhile Dayvon and Samantha go up the elevator to the 2nd floor where they take out a couple of salamander troopers, after that they begin to small talk to each other getting to know each other a little better. Dayvon and Samantha get out of the small room back outside, now they were at the top portion of the lunar base. They can see a couple of owl commanders heading their way, they decide to avoid the confrontation and go inside the gamma transport train. After catching their breath Dayvon says “Good… we’re inside hopefully when we get back they’re be gone, they didn’t see us.” Samantha says “Good because those things are ugly and scary!” After taking the short ride Dayvon and Samantha get off kill a couple of iguana enforcers and then they find an elevator that takes them down. After going down they enter a path with a blue and white color, a wall then explodes and an iguana enforcer jumps onto Samantha’s back trying to slash her. Dayvon punches the enforcer off from Samantha and chokes it to death. He says “Nobody messes with a girl, next time pick on somebody your own size! Oh I forgot there is no next time for you. Are you ok Sam?” Sam responds “Yeah I’m ok, thanks!” After that they enter a room where there is a pool of goo and a broken bridge where they have to jump across to the other side. At the same time they have to dodge turret fire and the tentacles of poisonpus's. Once they get to the other side they go through the door where they kill a few iguana enforcers, then they get to a control room where they get into a heated battle with salamander troopers and owl commanders. Samantha killed off the troopers while Dayvon froze tore apart the owl commanders. They see the access card in the upper level of the room, but the ladder leading up was broken and neither Dayvon nor Samantha could reach it.

Maria goes inside the crawlspace which leads her into a cress pool of blue goo; she falls underwater but quickly resurfaces. She sees a poisonpus guarding the elevator that she shrinks then crushes. Maria pulls her weight up into what is indeed the surgery room where she sees a dead boar cop on the table getting cut up for some kind of experiment. Maria finds the red keycard on the table as well but when she grabs the card all of the small trap doors open and several slimers pop out that combine themselves to turn into the slimer protector. Maria says "Lord have mercy! I'm trying to shrink it but I can't Angel help me!" Angel hears Maria's voice on the other side of the door, when he goes to the door it unlocks and he goes to help Maria out. He says "Hey freak pick on a man for once!" Maria says "Angel baby help me this disgusting thing is trying to kill me!" Angel dodges a few shrink rays by the slimer protector and says "Missed Me!" Maria finds a pair of scissors with Angel distracting the creature Maria stabs it in the back. All of the green goo was coming out if the creature and then Maria begins to vomit out of disgust. While Maria is vomiting though more aliens come in to the lab, Angel says to Maria "What a bad time for you to vomit because we got company! Ah I'll take care of them myself!" Angel shoots the first wave with his devastator and takes them out easily but then a couple of slimer protectors show up. Maria finally finishes vomiting and finds a destabilizer gun which was an experimental weapon that would destabilize the target similar to the plasma cannon but to a larger degree. Maria took a chance with the gun because it was never tested before; she says "Well let's give this puppy a shot!" Maria shoots the beam which ends up destabilizing the slimer protectors into molecules that eventually evaporated into the air. Angel says "Nice shot! This weapon is nice too bad it's experimental so chances are that we won't find any more ammo for it. Oh there is some ammo here for our weapons though." Maria and Angel page Dayvon that they have found the red keycard that they would wait for them in the main hallway and Dayvon said fine that they were about to get their keycard.

Dayvon and Samantha come up with a way to get the keycard. Dayvon would piggyback Samantha in his shoulders so that Samantha would be able to reach the keycard. Samantha gets to the keycard but once she does the power reactor in the other room explodes. The explosion causes the ground to rise and causes some of the TV screens on the ceiling to come down. Dayvon and Samantha get out of the way before the floor below them turned into a sink hole. Dayvon says "That was a close call; we were almost six feet under figuratively and literally." Samantha sees aliens coming from the door and says "It's not time to celebrate just yet, these guys don't quit!" Dayvon and Samantha defeat the wave of enemies that come into the room and then they escape before the whole room exploded. Dayvon and Samantha simply went back the same way that they had came while dodging enemy fire. Once Dayvon and Samantha get back to the main hallway, they finally meet Angel and Maria. All four head to the gamma sector door insert their respective keycards and the door opens. They blast the few salamander troopers that are in the transport station. Angel pages Luis and Luis answers "Hey you guys there yet?" Angel responds "No not yet but we're on our way soon enough." Luis replies "Ok well I'm fine I'm almost at Dreadnought but I must warn you of a man named Bill who is the leader of this squad called the "Four Horsemen" helped me out. However I can't seem to see his real feelings in otherwords he's very secretive and honestly even now I can't trust that man. So if you see his squad or people who claim their alliance with that squad watch your back." Angel says "Thanks for the warning! I'll see you there." Then he says to himself "Bill where I have heard that name before, my former boss's name. Nah can't be him." The four were heading for the gamma sector which would lead them to the death ray or at least the path to Dreadnought.

Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Samantha so far have navigated the lunar base without any incident. Luis was on his way to Dreadnought while warning the others about Bill and the "Four Horsemen". Are our heroes going to bump into Bill or the "Four Horsemen"? Or was all this just hearsay that Luis had heard from Bill? For now our heroes were one step closer to getting to the Dreadnought battleship which is believed to be the location where the death ray is located and maybe the anti-matter ball. However what else lies in Dreadnought? Finally a monkey wrench in the puzzle, is there a dark side to the moon that our heroes will run into?

Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Samantha get on the transport train to the gamma sector. When they get out they see several salamander troopers they shoot and kill the troopers. They head to the hallway and are met by a couple of slimer protectors and sentry drones. The gang shoots the drones first; the explosion of the drones causes the slimer protectors to explode along with them. Once they clear the hallway they enter the supply/armory room which they clear the few gloobas that are guarding the room. When they head outside to the moon’s surface they notice they run out of breath quickly so they back inside. Angel sees some oxygen suits similar to those worn by astronauts and says “Here some oxygen suits that should keep us breathing even with the lack of oxygen on the moon.” Maria says “Does it have to be so bulky? What a fashion killer!” Dayvon replies to Maria “Oh here we go again, why when we are in the middle of a life or death situation are you worried about how you look? You don’t look any better without it!” Maria says “Well FYI I just happen to be the most beautiful hero on Earth, so sorry that bothers you and furthermore…” Angel cuts Maria off and says “Maria hate to say but I gotta agree with Dayvon and say you are out of your mind damn Maria you won’t look any better if you die.” Samantha says “No Comment.” Angel says “Time to go play in the moon my friends; wonder if we get to fly with the lack of gravity? It will be so cool if it’s true.” The four head out to the moon’s surface as they get closer to Dreadnought.

The heroes go out to the moons surface where the Dreadnought battle ship is located just straight ahead but just like Angel suspected the heroes begin to levitate due to lack of gravity. Angel says “Yo this is mad cool look at me doing flips!” Dayvon says “Oh yeah watch this a 720 degree summersault!” Maria says “You both are corny I’m flying like a bird!” Samantha responds worrisome “Ah guys I think play time is over we got company and lots of it as well.” A large army of sentry drones and salamander troops begin to pop out of the core in the middle of the area. Angel says “Nice welcome!” Maria begins to shoot down aliens saying “You’re not getting away from me!” Dayvon says “You guys are dead meat!” Samantha says “You guys are mines!” The heroes continue their battle with the aliens having an easy time with them at first almost toying with the aliens. Angel says “Hey we should get to the ship while we got the chance.” Dayvon replies “Relax lets have a little fun first!” Samantha says “I just kill about the last few aliens left in the area! Yup there he goes the area is clear let’s fly off to the ship now.” However before our heroes could get moving more gloobas begin to pop out of the core. Maria says “Why are aliens coming out of the core continuously?” An automated voice says “A bomb has been place on the Dreadnought battleship.” Angel says “Shessh can anybody take care of it?”

“Can’t let you do that Angel!” an unknown voice says later revealing himself as Bill, the same one who had helped Luis out. However this time he wasn’t by himself he had three other guys with him, Angel assumes these guys are the four horsemen. Indeed these are the Four Horseman and Luis’s suspicions are true that these guys are not on the good side.

Leon one of the members who was skinny but probably the smartest of all the crew says “The emperor has ordered us to take you down!” Then Will the third member looked like he was well built body wise but wasn’t too intelligent and was a rather greedy person says “Well Angel long time no see!” Then Andrew who was balanced body wise and intelligence wise says “The emperor’s enemy is my enemy!” Angel says “Just what I needed to see my former boss and his family! Let’s take care of these guys first!” Dayvon says to Bill “I guess you selling your soul to the devil himself, must have given you quite the reward!” Maria asks “Why are these guys attacking us?” Samantha says “That's because they got paid off by the leader of the gloobas they’re too weak to think for themselves!” Will then says “Blah that reward money is as good as mines!” then begins to attack Samantha. Leon goes after Dayvon and Andrew goes after Maria. The Four Horsemen are actually a mercenary force hired by the glooba emperor to take out our heroes. In short the squad was not aliens but humans that had entered the virtual world and have turned on the human race on Earth for their own benefit. They were armed with high power laser rifles just like the one Samantha but were modified to shoot armor piercing rounds. The heroes would get into a heated battle with the Four Horsemen and to add to that glooba troops were still coming out of the core plus the Dreadnought was going to blow up. The Four Horsemen shoot our heroes, all of our heroes are hit but luckily for them that the suit they were wearing gave them some protection but not too much. Dayvon says “Shoot I’m taking damage” Maria says “Oh no!” Samantha says “Damn it this bastard!” Angel says “Hold together guys we gotta counter attack!” Eventually our heroes were starting to turn the tide of battle but slowly as they had to contend with other glooba forces.

Bill taunts Angel as says “You’ll be seeing your father soon Angel!” Angel says “What is that supposed to mean?” Bill replies “You know what I mean or did you forget?” Angel says “Whatever dude you’re going down I don’t care what you know about my father!” Leon says to Dayvon “I’ll take care of you!” and Dayvon replies “Sure you will.” Andrew tells Maria “ Bow before the great emperor!” Maria replies “I will rather die in dog shit than bow down to you!” Will says to Samantha “That reward money is gonna to be sweet to count once I take you out!” Samantha says “What a shame you rather sell your soul to a bunch of aliens and stab your own kind. Well I think that’s pitiful!” The battle continues and it’s tough for our heroes especially with the low gravity. These guys are very tough their weapons are slightly superior to those of our heroes and at one point they have our heroes in their hands. Then an automated voice says “One minute until bomb detonation!” Angel says “Crud we got no time to waste, it’s now or we won’t have a ride to the alien base.” Bill says “You’re not so tough!” Angel replies “Oh yeah I’ll show you tough!” Angel shoots his devastator rounds at Bill while none hit him directly he goes down and says “I can’t lose!” Angel says “You just did stupid!” Maria says “I got you now!” she shoots down Andrew; afterwards Andrew says “My emperor I’ve failed you!” Dayvon says “You’re dead meat pal!” Dayvon takes down Leon in which he says in disbelief “This can’t be happening!” Samantha shoots down Will and says “Where’s your reward money now, tell your emperor to shove it up his…” Then Will says “My beautiful reward Aaarrrggghhh!” After the battle the Four Horsemen fly away from the lunar base with Bill saying “You may had won this time Angel but next time you will end up like your father!” Angel says “I’ll be waiting for you! Ok now that those clowns are taken care of you guys deal with the remaining aliens and I’ll page Luis to disarm the bomb.” Dayvon, Maria and Samantha kill off the remaining aliens. Angel pages Luis “Hey Luis are you at Dreadnought yet?” Luis responds “Yes I am, what’s good?” Angel says “There’s a bomb inside the main power area, disarm it or we won’t have a ride!” Luis disarms the bomb successfully and Dreadnought has been spared.

Angel says “Everyone report in!” everyone says that they are ok with Dayvon adding that it was a close call. Angel tells everyone “Luis has already made it to Dreadnought, so that’s where we’re going! Let’s go!” The four of them head to the battleship; however Angel begins to fall behind a little. Then a space storm hits the moon while Dayvon, Maria and Samantha are able to make it Angel gets caught in a strong wind and says “Ahhhh!” Maria says “Angel!” Dayvon says “We got no time lets go before that wind gets us!” Meanwhile Angel was being driven around by the wind until he hits a black hole that swallows him up. Just like the others Angel finds himself in a time warp or wormhole at least, Angel has no idea where the hole will lead him to. Only thing that he sees is the pictures of his dead father with him when he was younger. Angel’s father was murdered while Bill and Angel’s father did have a hostile relationship due to having competing businesses Bill was never charged or even accused of the murder; in fact the murderer hasn’t been caught. Yet Bill liked the idea that Angel’s father got killed and he wanted Angel to die like his father, which gives Angel the idea that maybe Bill did kill his father, that the Four Horsemen were responsible for Angel losing his father and the takeover of his fathers business. Although Angel received no physical pain during the loop but emotionally he was hurt when he saw the pictures of his father knowing he was never going to see him again. Angel says “No! Father I love you I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you, if this is my death let it be.” Angel continued to travel deeper into the black hole. Dayvon, Maria and Samantha met up with Luis and give him the news that Angel has disappeared. Luis says “Damn probably got caught by a black hole, we’re not taking off until we find him!” Maria says “Yeah that’s right Angel is our leader!” Dayvon says “He’s saved my ass so we gotta look for him!” Samantha says “Angel’s gotta be here somewhere!” Our heroes began the search for Angel.

The Four Horsemen were finally exposed for who they really are, traitors to the people of Earth all for a dollar. Meanwhile Luis thought Bill was a semi-friend after Bill helped him out, Bill just wanted to get Luis on his good side so he could ambush our heroes. Our heroes defeat the Four Horsemen for now; they vow to come back at a later time. While everyone is in the Dreadnought battleship, Angel gets stuck in a time warp but maybe an important one as it may reveal secrets of his dead father. After his battle with Bill, Angel becomes increasingly suspicious that Bill is his father’s real killer. However that’s a problem for the future, right now Angel has to see if he even gets out of this black hole.

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