The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 21: Lunatic Fringe

Angel continues the journey through the black hole and after another minute he gets out. When he gets out though he sees the shadow of a person, when Angel looks up to see who it is he is shocked and speechless. It was his father or was it simply an illusion just like what Dayvon was seeing back in the "dimension of illusions". Angel still could not believe he was seeing his father again, he went to hug him and his father hugged him back. Could it be that Angel has resurrected his father back to life? He found himself in the living room of the house he grew up again.

Angel says "Father is that you?" Angel's father says "Yes my son it's me or at least the spirit of your father, but I love you the same as if I was still alive." Angel cries and says "I thought I would never see you again or even hug you for that matter. Let me ask you something." Angel's father says "What my son?" Angel asks "Father who really killed you, I have my suspicions of who it could be I think it was Bill. Bill always wanted you out because you were hurting his business." Angel's father replies "Listen it's time that you know the truth, yes Bill was the one that killed me along with three others, the ones who call themselves the Four Horsemen." Angel says "Damn I just fought him but I didn't finish him off, I promise I will avenge your death." Angel's father says "Take it easy my son you'll get your chance but don't let your vengeance get in the way of your mission on Earth. You got good friends that will help you out and Bill will get his!" Before the two can finish their conversation the wall behind them opens and a circular room can be seen, a sign can be saying "The forgotten base". After that several glooba forces come and attack the two. Angel's father says "I can help you out here so you can return to where you belong." Angel happily accepts saying "It would be an honor pops to fight along side with you." Angel and his father explore the forgotten base.

Angel and his father take out the salamander troopers that attack them. They move on and notice the base is a continuous circle that leads him back to where he started from. Then iguana enforcers try to ambush him from behind but his father sees them and shoots them. He says "Like I said I'm still watching over your back." Angel replies "Yeah thanks pop." Angel sees two switches where he is he pushes them but nothing happens. Then the two of them go around the base again taking out more aliens that pop out. Angel reaches the "other side" and hits the two switches then a loud sound like a boat motor. The core or at least parts of the core begin to open then the BattleGlooba roar is heard. Angel spots two BattleGloobas his father stands in the middle and surrounds himself with a force field while Angel shoots down the BattleGloobas. Despite the heavy fire neither Angel nor his father are hurt or sustain any injuries after the battle more aliens pop out to attack the two.

Angel and his father come out of the core to take care of the aliens however the numbers game was starting to take its toll on the two of them. Angel says "There's gotta be a way outta here!" Angel's father grabs his hand and leads him to the upper portion of the core. Angel perplexed asks "Why did you take me here? What is up here?" Angel's father says "Never give up just trust what your heart says!" and then his father vanishes into thin air. Angel screams "Father! Where did you go? Well it really wasn't my father proper and I'm sure there something up here that's important. Angel begins to search for a way out while still getting attacked by aliens on occasion but he deals with them easily. After several minutes Angel does see a switch with a footprint on it, the footprint looks like one that a glooba alien would have. He presses it but he sees no open doors or anything until he sees a green ray shooting out of the wall on the side he started on. However right below him were a couple of BattleGloobas that just came out of the doors on the lower part of the core. Angel did not want to alert the BattleGloobas since he did not have his father to back him up anymore.

Angel was also still unsure of how he was actually going to get out of the base, he seen a green ray but that's it. Angel carefully jumped from one platform to the other the BattleGloobas were still unaware of Angel's presence. Then Angel carefully timed his jump took a deep breath and jumped out of the core to where he started from or at least close. Angel then walked slowly towards where the green ray was shooting out from. Angel then noticed a small hole he kneels down and takes a look at the hole on the other side he can see the black hole or "white hole" which was his ticket out of this place. Putting 2 and 2 together Angel realizes he has to let the green ray shrink him to size to fit in the hole than use the vitamin x to get himself back to regular size then jump in the hole. Angel steps in the way of the ray letting the ray shrink him down; Angel looks around to make sure no aliens were waiting on the other side to crush him. There were no aliens beyond, so Angel continued and when he got close to the hole he takes the vitamin x which grows him back to regular size. After Angel turns back to regular size he says in his head "Thanks father for everything and thanks for leading to the way out of here back where I belong. I have and always love you. I promise over your dead body that I will avenge your death! Bill if you can hear me you are not going to get away with killing my father, you will pay for your sins I swear you will!" Angel jumps into the black hole and warps back or at least he hopes to warp back to his teammates and finish the job.

Angel was warped to the forgotten base but we'll call it the "dimension of lost souls" which refers to the spirit of his dead father. He got to see his father even touch him and got to work with his father even if it was only for a few minutes. More importantly Angel finds out the true killer of his father is indeed Bill himself and now Angel has more incentive to save Earth. At the same time Angel wants revenge on Bill especially when he had him down and he was able to get away. While Angel did get answers to his questions he now has more question such as how did Bill know about the virtual world and when will he get to see Bill again to extract his revenge. Only time will tell.

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