The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 22: Dreadnought

While Angel was still in the black hole escaping the dimension of lost souls, Dayvon, Maria, Luis and Samantha were still looking for him inside the Dreadnought battleship. Will Angel warp back to Dreadnought or is Angel doomed to join his father in the afterlife? Finally what else is lurking in the ship and once they touchdown at the alien base?

Maria, Dayvon, Luis and Samantha are looking franticly for Angel searching every inch and killing any aliens that might be lurking. While they look for Angel the four also look for the controls for the battleship to get it started so they can set it on course for the alien base. On their way to the control room they run into an incubator room where they find slimers, slimer protectors and iguana enforcers. The heroes start to clean house with the alien troops however Samantha gets slashed by one of the slimer protectors and she goes down. Dayvon kills the slimer protector but Samantha is seriously injured after the attack. Dayvon asks Samantha “Sam are you ok?” Sam replies in a weak tone “No that alien hit me good, I’m in bad shape I may not make it.” Dayvon says “Come on Sam don’t think that way you are going to be fine!” Maria and Luis go on forward to find the main controls while Dayvon tries to take care of Sam’s injuries. Dayvon takes a cloth and ties it around Sam’s injured arm where she was slashed, Dayvon then uses some ointment he had found in the Tiberius Station and applying it on Samantha’s wound. By a miracle Samantha is able to make a full recovery and hugs him then says “Thanks Dayvon you saved my life, how can I repay you.” Dayvon replies “There’s no need to thank me, just help me out in my mission and that will be fine.” Dayvon and Samantha jump down the small waterfall to the lower level as a shortcut to catch up with the others.

Meanwhile Angel finally gets out of the time warp which leads him to an underwater hall that he begins to explore. He sees several poisonpus’s which he takes care of along the way. The hall was rather long and at one point Angel thought that the hall was never going to end. After five minutes though the hall does end he sees a circular area full of poisonpus’s, Angel opts to ignore them and resurfaces above water. He’s in a strange looking circular room, probably the swimming pool area for the staff. He takes care of some iguana enforcers and salamander troopers when he gets up to the dry ground. He then finds four switches that he has to push in a certain way to open the door next to him or at least it was indicated on the instructions. Angel is able to figure out the switch combination (1- On, 2- On, 3-Off and 4- On) then the door next to him opens. Angel walks inside the hall way but is approached by a BattleGlooba and then the door behind him closes, Angel is unable to open the door. Angel finds himself trapped in the hallway with the BattleGlooba. Out of no where the BattleGlooba shrinks in front of Angel, it was Maria that shrunk the BattleGlooba and Maria says “If you don’t mind this guy’s gonna get squashed!” Then Maria hugs Angel and says “I’m glad you’re ok, I thought you were a goner!” Angel says “I thought the same thing as well, I also saw… Well nothing but I think I know who killed my father, I got a good feeling that it was Bill and the Four Horsemen. I was in this weird world where I had seen my father alive.” Luis and Maria are shocked by what Angel says but at the same time they understood because they had gone through the same thing before. Then Dayvon and Samantha show up afterwards and they are glad Angel is alive.

Dayvon asks Angel “Where did you go?” Angel responds “I was just saying to the others I fell into a black hole just like you saw your family Dayvon I saw my father body and everything. He helped me out before disappearing into the air; whether it was real or just an illusion I can’t answer that for you.” Samantha replies “Whatever it was I’m glad you’re back and now we can get this ship started.” Luis says “Right now where’s the control room?” The heroes head back to the swimming pool area where they see a door locked but no switch around or anything that would open the door. Angel sees a vent above the door and says “Maria I’ll piggyback you to the vent and then you can see where it leads.” After being piggybacked into the vent Maria sees a group of salamander troopers guarding the area, after taking care of the troopers she realizes that she is in the control room. She opens the door that was locked inviting the others in and in no time they get the battle ship to start. Angel with his technical skills programs the ship to fly to the alien base and says “Alien base here we come!” Dayvon says “Now it’s our turn to kick some tail!” Luis says “Save your prayers gloobas!” Maria says “Don’t worry Maria’s here!” Samantha says “Time to get rid of these aliens forces once in for all!” Dreadnought begins its route to the alien base.

While the Dreadnought is on route to the alien base the ship begins to experience turbulence part of it is the wind but then the turbulence gets even worse. Then the automated voice of the ship says “Dreadnought is under attack!” Angel says “Under attack by what?” Then Angel sees the outside of the ship and sees a group of glooba spaceships attacking the ship. Luis says “Oh come on we are so close to the alien base!” Samantha says “That’s exactly the problem we are close, so they are gunning for us to make sure we don’t make it!” Maria says “Here they come!” Dayvon says “Time to show them whose boss!” A combination of different classes of glooba aliens broke into the ship at the same time the spaceships were trying to shoot Dreadnought down. Angel says “One of us has to go find the controls for the attack guns of the ship so we can take down the enemy ships, if not they’ll take us down!” Samantha says “I’ll look for the controls I know where they are, you guys try to hold the enemy off here!” Our heroes find themselves in a fight for their lives once again. Angel and Maria take one side of the pool area while Luis and Dayvon focus on protecting Samantha while she moves towards the defensive controls.

Samantha heads upstairs back where the heroes first came inside the ship; she shoots down the aliens in her way. Angel and Maria were having an easy time taking the aliens as they were coming in and even easier when Luis and Dayvon came back to give them a hand. The only problem was that Dreadnought was starting to get damaged badly on its side due to constant fire by the space ships. Angel said “Shit this things gonna crash, come on Samantha hurry up!” The number of gloobas was also starting to multiply even faster and our heroes were getting outnumbered badly. Luis says “Sam’s gotta hurry up or we’re toast, running out of bullets here!” Samantha rushes up to the control room as fast as she can but the constant moving of the ship slows her down somewhat but eventually she does get to the defense controls. She activates them and starts to man the main gun shooting down the ships as fast as she can before any more damage can be caused. Eventually Sam is able to take down all of the ships and the number of aliens coming into the ship slows down significantly. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis breathe a sigh of relief and Angel says “Yes Sam did it, she just saved our butts!” The Automated voice says “Dreadnought has damage to the left and right engine, autopilot has been disabled. Prepare for a crash landing the main pilot should be at the main control to land the ship.” Luis says “Don’t get too excited this things going down and we better make sure it lands at the alien base. Anyone knows how to pilot a ship because I don’t, I only know about cars.” Sam comes back down and says “I’ll lead this baby to the base, prepare for a bumpy ride though!” Sam guides the battleship the best she can while the others simply brace for impact. Sam is able to guide it with great patience and the ship crash lands but most of the impact is felt below, so the only impact was our heroes getting bumped around during the landing. Angel tells Samantha “Wow that was a pretty good landing for the lack of no engines, you are a good pilot!” Samantha says “Thanks! Guys we’ve made it to the main alien base. I can already see the death ray.” Dayvon says “Let’s go in there and blow this joint up!” Angel says “Easy there my brother, we gotta find the last piece of the anti-matter ball as well.” Maria says “With out Dreadnought how are we gonna get out of here once this place does blow?” Luis says “Hey alien ships, we’re just “borrow” those ships to get out! Well what are we waiting for lets go in!” The heroes head inside the alien base which was in the shape of a top and the death ray on the peak of the base aiming for earth.

Our heroes finally get into the Dreadnought and indeed Angel returns from the warp to join the others. None of what they were looking for is found on the ship but they managed to start the ship and fight off the glooba forces that tried to take them down. After the crash landing they finally land at the alien base and see the death ray the gloobas plan to use. Angel’s heart starts to pound once again which is saying the third part of the anti-matter ball is also inside the alien base. The gloobas last stand in space at least begins here.

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