The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 23: Overlord

The heroes arrive at the main enemy base which is just outside the moon preparing to meet the enemy and to get the third part of the anti-matter ball. When the heroes get inside they see a huge door which can’t be good, probably a surprise waiting for them and many slimer eggs. Then a loud roar although sounds much different than the BattleGlooba, could it be another one of the gloobas secret weapons?

The heroes when they enter find a big room surrounded by slimer eggs along with capsules full of green goo used to feed the slimers. The heroes begin to shoot the eggs but Maria accidently shoots one of the capsules. The capsule exploded and caused a chain reaction which destroyed the rest of the capsules and slimer eggs. Angel says “Nice shot! You got all of them in one shot, now what’s behind door number 1!” Our heroes got ammo packs in the base and reloaded their weapons and then they heard that loud roar again. Luis says “Something doesn’t sound right here!” Maria says “What the hell is behind that door?” Samantha replies “It’s probably the leader of the attack here on the moon!” Dayvon says “Whatever it is we gotta take it out, it’s probably guarding the anti-matter ball part, everyone ready?” Everyone says yes, then they slowly approach the door and what they see is the next freak of nature they have to face. Angel says “Oh a big ass toad with rocket launchers on its back, I’ll rip your head off then piss down your neck!” Dayvon says “What the hell is that, Maria watch it!” Maria gets out of the way before a rocket hits her. This creature was known as the Overlord a toad that has been mutated with a huge human body and rocket launchers on its arms. Just like BattleGlooba he was big enough to crush our heroes, unlike BattleGlooba; Overlord has no chain gun just a rocket attack which was easier to dodge. Overlord says to the heroes “Hahaha you dare come to my base, now you shall pay for encroaching on my lands!” Angel replies “Your lands? I never knew a toad could be a leader!” Dayvon responds “Don’t even listen to that frog face, he’s full of it!” The battle between our heroes and the Overlord was ready to begin.

Angel and the others found themselves running around in circles trying to avoid Overlord’s missiles. Overlord would shoot a volley of 20 missiles at one time then stop for a few seconds. Angel began to see a pattern in the way that Overlord attacked and notices that Overlord doesn’t move much. However he had to be careful about getting too close or else get crushed. Angel says to the others “When he stops shoot him and watch when he begins to stiff his arms to shoot!” The others pick up on Angel’s advice and slowly they attacked Overlord. However Overlord began to realize what our heroes were trying to do, so he stopped shooting missiles. Instead he started to go after out heroes trying to crush them. Our heroes begin to run around in circles to try and gain some distance from Overlord. Overlord corners Maria and he grabs her then launches rockets at the others. Maria screams "Let me go you frog freak!" Angel says "Crap he's got Maria I can't just shoot him though, gotta think of another way!" Angel notices he can't shoot Overlord because he may harm Maria in the process.

Our heroes continue to run helplessly with Overlord saying in a cocky tone "Heh Heh what's wrong?" He continues to shoot rockets at the remaining heroes while holding Maria tightly in his grasps. Angel and Dayvon spot 2 red spots on Overlord's neck area and wonder if that's his weak spot that they need to target. While Angel and Dayvon continued to think of an idea Samantha trips on a crack then a missile hits close to her sending her flying to the other side. Angel says "Samantha! Luis keep Overlord distracted me and Dayvon have an idea." Angel and Dayvon would try to get onto Overlord's back while Luis was distracting Overlord. Then Angel and Dayvon would strike Overlord's two red spots in hopes that it was his weak spot therefore killing him. Luis says "Come on dudes can't keep this guy distracted much longer!" Angel and Dayvon jumped onto Overlord's back and began to climb up on Overlord. However Overlord feels the two of them climbing up on him, so Overlord begins to shake his legs while Angel and Dayvon try to hang on for dear life. Luis then pretends that Overlord had kicked Angel and Dayvon to the ground by saying "No Angel and Dayvon are you guys ok? As for you froggy come and get me!" Angel and Dayvon continued to climb on Overlord's back slowly to avoid suspicion. Overlord says to Luis "Hmm I got those two that only leaves you but blasting you will be too easy I wanna have some fun with you!" Luis replies "Do your worse!" Overlord begins to chase Luis around the room.

Angel and Dayvon continue to climb on Overlord but Overlord's constant movements make it tough for the two as they have to make sure they don't fall off. Angel gets to the right part of Overlord's leg and Dayvon follows climbing up on the left side. Overlord grabs Luis and says "Hahaha I got you guys, you guys along with the others are going to make decent meals for me to eat, any last words?" Angel replies "Yes I do or I should be the one asking you any last words?" Dayvon says "Game over froggy!" Angel and Dayvon shoot Overlord's red spots in which the shots begin to weaken Overlord significantly to the point Overlord begins to fall. Overlord asks "How did you guys get on my back I thought I kicked you off! Who the hell are you guys?" Angel replies "You thought you kicked us off, you made an assumption, you maybe big Overlord but not very smart!" Dayvon says "If you want to know we are your worse nightmare!" Luis and Maria are able to break free from the grasps of Overlord. Everyone begins to shoot Overlord's neck area until a hole is made which bleeds out goo and Overlord says "You human bastards..." then dies. Maria says "Way to go Angel and Dayvon!" Luis says to Angel "That's our leader!" Dayvon says "Gotta admit Angel you did well and you Luis making Overlord believe we were gone that was clever! Look the anti matter part over on the other side of the door!" While Angel goes and gets the third part of the anti-matter ball, the others make sure Samantha is still alive. Dayvon asks Samantha "Are you ok? Get up come on get up!" Maria says "Look she's opening her eyes!" Luis tells Samantha "We did it we defeated Overlord and Earth is safe for now." Samantha replies "Oooo I got a headache but I'll be fine, now to find a way to destroy this base." Angel replies "I took care of that already I activated the self-destruct sequence, lets get going!" The heroes rush out of the base before it blew up.

Each hero gets into an alien ship and escape the alien base, a few minutes later the base along with the death ray are gone. Angel says "Boo-ya no more death ray and we're only one part away from putting the anti-matter ball together!" An alien voice probably the emperor interrupts Angel saying "Don't get too excited, while our attack on the moon was a failure it was a distraction for our main attack back on earth in Hollywood!" Angel says "Sneak attack huh well we'll be there soon to kick your ass! Come on Samantha tag along with us." Samantha replies "I'll have to decline Angel; I have to stay here to make sure the aliens don't ever come back here." Angel says "Ok I respect that good luck and take care." Samantha says "Thanks goodbye everyone at least for now!" Dayvon says "When we get back down to Earth we gonna kick some butt!" Luis says "I want a piece of that glooba emperor that Andrew was referring to; he needs a serious ass whooping!" Maria says "The bad guys might not think so but we got them on the run!" Our heroes begin to fly back to Earth, until the voice says "No no no! Not so fast you see I foresaw this coming so I built a black hole to take all of you and trap all of you in the past. I'm going to rewrite history in making sure you guys never existed. So close but yet so far, enjoy your trip now!" Our heroes are left stumped not knowing what was in store for them, that they were about to go back in time.

Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis try to turn back away from the black hole but the force of the hole is too strong, as a result all four get sucked into the hole and then the hole closes. All four enter a time warp that goes even faster than the ones they have experienced before, so fast that they are actually going back in time. The force of the warp is so strong the spaceships fall apart and more importantly the anti-matter ball gets sucked into the warp into an unknown time period. Angel says "Shit son of a bitch we lost the anti-matter ball!" Maria replies "That's the least of our worries look down its pitch black! Aaarrrggghhh!" The four fall into the darkness not knowing where they were about to end up at.

Our heroes are successful in preventing the gloobas from using the death ray on earth, defeated Overlord and got the third piece of the anti-matter ball. All of this was a diversion for the gloobas to launch a sneak attack in Hollywood, California. The emperor had another surprise a time loop that was going to send our heroes back in time. During the trip Angel loses possession of the anti-matter ball and it gets lost in time, where it is no one knows." Our heroes have no idea where are they're going to end up at and the location of the anti-matter ball was now up in the air. With the heroes going back in time what challenges await them, what will be of Earth when they get back and most importantly will out heroes get back in time? Or are our heroes doomed to be stuck in the past while Earth will be subject to a full takeover by the gloobas. What seemed to be the final push to save Earth now turns into a battle against time, as 3 days have passed already leaving only 7 days for our heroes to reverse Earth's impending destruction can they get back in time?

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