The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 24: The Way Of All Flesh

Area 4 - Time Hell

Our heroes were caught in a time hole so extreme that it caused them to go back in time. They found themselves in 1888 in Texas inside a cemetery, they seen a grave keeper trying to kill them. They run away from them as their weapons got lost during the warp trip. They are able to hide in a mortuary where it was surrounded by dead people getting ready to be buried. The heroes are able to lose the grave keeper and come out when they see the coast is clear. Then the Elder God somehow shows up to greet and advise the heroes...

The Elder God says “My children you have been trapped in a time loop which has led you back in time. You must get the anti-matter ball; it may be in this time period or it maybe it’s stuck in another time period.” Angel asks “So if it’s in another time period, how would we get there?” Elder God responds “All I can say is there is a portal here that will lead you further back in time but then there is a portal that will lead you out of this loop and back to the current time period. However I must caution you that number one it won’t matter if you get out if you don’t have the anti-matter ball and number two you only have one day till the portal closes for good. Luckily for you in the time loop you are currently in time moves extremely slow, in fact time here moves 4 times slower than normal. Finally you won’t have access to the weapons that you had back on Earth; you’ll have to utilize the weapons from this time period. I wish you good luck, I must go now!” Angel says “Well looks like we gotta explore this cemetery.” Maria replies “This is freaking me out already!” Dayvon responds “I agree I’m no fan of dealing with the dead!” Luis says “We got no choice though unless you want to be stuck here forever.” The heroes carefully explore the cemetery and they spot a tomb which they begin to walk towards.

The heroes enter the tomb all they see are stone coffins and nothing else special. Until Angel finds a flare gun behind one of the coffins, he takes it for his protection. The others find pitchforks and other garden items to protect themselves. The heroes find nothing else useful in the tomb, so they head out through the other exit back outside. They see tombstones and out all of a sudden a couple of corpses pop out of the ground attacking our heroes, both of them having an axe as a weapon. Maria and Luis strike the undead with the items they found and the undead creatures go down easily. Dayvon says “Yo those guys are zombies, no doubt about it!” Luis says “Yeah no doubt we have gone back in time and the evil glooba emperor is trying to resurrect the undead from this time period.” Our heroes go down the stairs through the double gates and see a whole bunch of tombstones where a whole group of the axe zombies were rising out of the ground. The heroes are able to defeat the zombies and the see a door to a funeral home but the door is locked. So our heroes keep exploring the grave site then they see a hooded man in a brown cultist outfit trying to shoot them with a shot gun and talking in a cult language that was not understood by our heroes.

Angel shoots the hooded man with his flare gun and the flare set the man on fire burning his body. Upon discovering the corpse the heroes find a key with an emblem of a skull probably for the funeral home, the guy’s shotgun and a revolver. Angel also found a box of flares nearby for his flare gun. The heroes go open the doors to the funeral home and enter they find several zombies inside the entrance. One grabs Luis but he’s able to fight it off, another tries to cut Maria with his axe but Maria dodges out of the way then sticks her pitchfork on the zombies head. Dayvon gets bitten by a zombie but it wasn’t a major deal as Dayvon is able to fight back. After dealing with the zombies Angel lead the way deeper into the funeral home and the heroes see a bunch of hooded cultists performing strange prayers perhaps to there sadistic deity. Angel says “Alright weirdo’s your little prayer is not to my God’s satisfaction, time to send all of you to hell!” Angel shoots his flare gun that sets three of the five cultists on fire, Maria with the revolver and Dayvon with the shotgun took care of the other cultists. Luis finds a tommy gun on one of the dead men and takes it for himself. Luis says “Looks like we got company! More of these devil worshippers!” A gunfight starts in the prayer room along with what was a dead man cover in blood on a table uncovered like he was a sacrifice to these cultists. Our heroes are able to kill all of the cultists with Maria saying “These guys scare me like what were they trying to do?” Angel says “I don’t know, I don’t care and I don’t really want to stay here and find out!” Dayvon responds “I don’t even know half of what they are saying anyway!” The heroes head upstairs in the home.

The heroes go upstairs find more zombies that they kill off easily. They run through the hallway and find a door on the top level of the prayer room leading to the exit but it was locked, it also has a fire emblem on it telling our heroes they need a key with a fire symbol. Angel says “I seen a small room back in the hallway that we didn’t check, maybe the key is there.” Our heroes backtrack to the room and they find a couple of cultists waiting for them. Maria shoots one of them, while Luis grabs the other cultist and throws him into the blast furnace. Luis says “Crispy!” The room is where the dead bodies are stored also an eerie looking room with saws, chemicals and surgery type tools. Maria says “This room gives me the creeps!” Dayvon replies “That furnace must be where they cremate the dead that choose to be burned. Whoa! They keep dead body parts inside of bins? These guys must be some kind of ritual, anyway I found the key lets get out of this place!” The heroes head for the locked door, head for the exit but they find an open stone coffin where a zombie ambushes them from behind. The zombie jumps onto Angel’s back and tries to bit off his neck. However Angel grabs the zombies throws it while Maria kicks it at the same time. Angel says “That was a close call!” Maria spots a crate of TNT explosives and she spots two cultists standing by what seems to be an abandoned railroad depot. She lights up a TNT stick and throws it to the cultist’s surprise which blows them up. Maria says “They sure went out in a blaze of glory!” The heroes explore the railway depot.

Our heroes find themselves in a Texas cemetery back in 1888 wondering what direction they should go. Having no idea where to go they explore a funeral home and already they make several disturbing discoveries such as the cultists the way they speak and their rituals. Who were they praying and worshipping to? At least our heroes have found a way to survive here but to find out the rest of the puzzle such as how to get out and getting the anti-matter ball that would be a different story.

The heroes head out of the funeral home to the railway depot and find several zombies already popping out of the ground. However our heroes were ready to take care of the zombies and they do easily, however when they were killing the zombies Luis accidently shoots one of the red barrels which explodes and makes a hole in the back of the train. Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis head inside the abandoned train and find more body parts inside barrels to their displeasure along with some zombies. When they’re finished with the enemy Angel spots a switch which turns the train or at least the platform 180 degrees. Upon further exploration they see a door that wasn’t there before they open the door which looks rusted out, upon opening the door a group of bats come out but cause no harm to our heroes. Maria was scared that she ran back into the train, to everyone’s amusement. Maria says “Oh so you find that funny huh some bats eat people you know!” Dayvon replies while laughing hard “You must had watched too many of those old Dracula movies, can’t believe you are actually scared of those movies and bats!” Angel says to Dayvon “Ok Dayvon can it will you, while it was funny but in this world you never know! Maria I know bats are scary looking but trust me they are harmless.” Maria responds “See at least there’s a person who acts like a man rather than a boy. That’s why I respect you Angel.” Luis replies laughing “More like in love with him. Come on just admit it already!” Angel says “We got bigger fish to fry, we can joke around all day but it won’t get us anywhere. Lets get moving.” The heroes continue into a semi-dark pathway.

The four head through the pathway where they kill some zombies and more bats show up harmlessly. When they get out they see the entrance to a train station guarded by cultists along with several innocent bystanders. The heroes tried to minimize the amount of innocent casuistries however a few innocent people were killed along the way. When the heroes finally get to the train station a voice says "Everyone the phantom express is due to arrive in 10 minutes!" Angel says "Phantom express huh? Think we better get on that train and see where it leads us." Everyone agrees with Angel and the heroes begin to fight their way through the train station. However the heroes have to hide and then shoot due to the amount of cultists in the area shooting bullets in their direction. Angel shoots flares to the cultists shooting from the top level which causes a chain reaction of cultists catching fire and spreading it to their former friends. Angel says "These guys must have a burning sensation for each other quite literally I must say!" The heroes still approach the ticket area with caution because they have no idea if they are being setup by the cultists. Dayvon blasts the cultists behind the ticket window with his shotgun while saying "Can I get 4 tickets to the phantom express, guess not I'll just punch my own ticket." Maria says "Dude do we seriously need a ticket to get in we'll just blast our way in." Luis says "Ticket or no ticket we got a train to catch!" Angel replies "Your right but I have no idea where the actual platform is this isn't New York, I know nothing about Texas and even less in 1888." The heroes look inside the ticket booth and find some ammo for each of their guns then they move on.

The heroes see a waiting room up ahead with many cultists and what looked like ogres in the waiting room. Angel says "Oh great ogres now? Oh and there the ones with chainsaws in their hands, never remembered reading that in books!" Maria and Dayvon deal with the cultists while Angel and Luis dealt with the ogres, the ogre try to cut Angel but Luis pushes Angel out of the way. Then Luis shoots the ogre with his Tommy gun while Angel shoots and burns the other ogre. Angel tells Luis "Gee, I've been saved by Luis how swell!" Luis replies "You're not going to die today!" After clearing out the waiting/sitting area a phone begins to ring, Angel goes to answer but when he answers all he got as a response was "Welcome to the phantom express station, we hope that enjoy your visit while you wait for the ride of your life!" Angel replies "Ride of your life huh, at least the operator is honest." Dayvon says "Well I'm not amused, this station is big where can the platform be?" Luis says "Well there are no signs nearby guess people here didn't believe in signs or direction." Maria says "Looks like we gotta split up again!" Angel says "I'll check down here, Maria you go straight up, Dayvon you take the left and Luis you take the right." Our heroes split up once again in search for the train platform.

Angel stays down stairs and heads into a restaurant/bar where he sees some cultists eating. Angel says "Hate to barge into your dinner but you forgot to invite me!" Angel cleans house with the cultists but is grabbed by one while the other grabbed a beer bottle trying to strike Angel. Angel is able to break away and the cultist ends up hitting his partner with the bottle, Angel uses the cultist's shotgun killing him. Angel says with some humor "Yo ho ho and a bottle of dumb. I'm in a bar with a bunch of drunken Satan worshippers, please lord have mercy." Angel looks for anything useful such as maps or at the least some ammo which he finds but no map. Angel goes towards the back of the bar where he sees a couple of ogres waiting for him, he shoots one of them, then grabs the other ogres head and forces it to the stove burning its face. Angel says "Hmm rat burgers with some ogre fries, sounds odd but tasty!" Angel searches the kitchen area but once again nothing useful. Then out of nowhere a moving hand with no body at all pops out of one of the cabinets which then tries to choke him, Angel tries to grab the hand which he does then he slams it to the stove at the same time burning his hand. Angel says to himself "Damn this shit burns but its better than choking to death, a random hand tries to choke me what other weird crap does this world have to offer." Angel finds nothing of interest not even a key or a map, so he heads on back to the waiting room to meet the others.

Maria heads straight upstairs towards the upper level of the ticket area where the cultists were aiming for her at one point. Doors to the right open with ogres coming out trying to ambush Maria; Maria is able to dodge the chainsaw of one ogre which ends up cutting up his fellow ogre friend. After the first ogre gets cut in half Maria shoots the other ogre in the head with the revolver causing the ogre to fall over the wall to the floor of the ticket room. Maria heads forward to a room full of ads for a circus, church and bookstore but it's also full of zombies and cultists. With one stick of TNT left Maria lights up the TNT throws it in the room blowing every enemy into pieces. Maria sees a gate with the emblem of a moon blocking her way to what was the actual platform of the train but without the key there was no way to get to the platform. Maria sees the ad for the circus which reads "Come see the world's greatest show on earth!" Maria says to herself "Greatest show on earth huh, hopefully the animals aren't sacrificed." Then on the loudspeaker the announcer says "5 minutes until the phantom express's arrival towards the platform." Maria goes back to search for the key.

Luis heads to the right door of the waiting room which leads him to a bookstore where many enemies await him. He starts by shooting the cultists by the cash register; he opens the register and sees there is no money. Luis says this must be the "broke bookstore" but no wonder there's isn't any business here. Just look at this place!" Luis is referring to the scenery of the bookstore which had more of a feel to that of a religion store but with references made to the devil to himself. Even the title of books such as "Satan's Dark Delight" and "Satan is great" are enough to scare or at least intimidate him a bit. Luis was looking for any maps that would lead him to the train platform. However due to the nature of the store having bookshelves and aisles he was in a prime spot to be ambushed. Luis begins to slowly kill off cultists one by one being careful about his surroundings. Then an ogre from the top of one bookshelf jumps down barely missing Luis with his chainsaw. Luis rips the chainsaw from the ogre and uses the chainsaw to cut the ogre into three pieces. Luis says in a cocky tone "How's it feel being killed by your own weapon?" Then two cultists try to push a bookshelf to crush Luis, Luis sees the bookshelf moving and jumps out of the way then kills the two cultists and says "Nice try guys but I'm too smart for that obsolete trick, you see I'm from the future, looks like clean up on aisle 3!" Luis heads to the back of the store where he eventually does find a map of the station and he's able to pinpoint the exact location of the train platform. However Luis has no idea that a key was needed to open the gate leading to the train platform. Luis heads back to the waiting room to meet the others.

Meanwhile Dayvon finds himself heading to the right of where the heroes spited up. He goes up the ramp where he sees a few cultists which he blasts easily; the hall he was on was the other side of the ticket area on the top level. Although the part of the hall he was on was a bit darker than the other side. He enters a room which was a small library with a small window looking at the ticket booth; he was in the security room. Once Dayvon goes inside of the room completely the lights go dim and the door behind him closes and locks. Then the walls on both sides break and zombies go after Dayvon, he shoots the first few zombies but runs out of shells for his shotgun and there were still a decent amount of zombies surrounding him. Dayvon says "You guys want a piece of me, well here it is!" Dayvon engages in melee combat with the axe wielding zombies while avoiding their axe attacks. Dayvon aims for the head of the zombies as that's how they die and never resurrect. He would punch, kick or even rip the zombies heads out until all of them were defeated, after they are defeated the door unlocks. Dayvon opens the small cabinet and finds a key with a moon etched on it; it was the key Maria needs to open the gate. Dayvon has no idea what the key is for but heads back to the waiting room to meet the others.

Our heroes find a train station a creepy one at that. The phantom express is due to arrive soon at the station; our heroes are unsure where the main platform is. Dayvon finds the key, Maria is able to find the location of the platform as well as Luis and Angel just has a jolly old time at the bar while grabbing a few drinks on the side. Our heroes prepare to meet each other, will our heroes get to the platform in time for the trains arrival?

All of our heroes meet each other at the waiting room telling each other of their discoveries realizing where they need to go to catch the train our heroes head for the platform. They head to the room where the gate it, Dayvon opens the gate. After opening the gate a whole group of cultists arrive to attack the four. The four get into a gunfight with the cultists, they kept on holding back the enemy until the train arrives at the platform. The four begin to get on the train however a gargoyle comes out of nowhere and attacks Angel pushing him back onto the platform. The train was ready to pull out; Maria says "Come on Angel before the train pulls out!" Angel replies "I'm trying but this flying bastard keeps attacking me!" The train pulls out of the station; Angel tries to run and jump onto the train but misses the train. He looks at the gargoyle and says "You!" and starts to shoot at the flying gargoyle. The gargoyle has sharp claws and throws spikes as projectiles at his victims. Angel dodges the spikes and claws of the gargoyle then blasts it with the flare gun casing the wings on the gargoyle to melt. The gargoyle falls then Angel finishes him off with a shotgun blast and says "Now to find another way out of here." Angel goes inside the station maintenance room but he finds more than tools inside, he finds a cave where it would lead him was a chance he would have to take. Angel goes inside the cave and begins to explore, while Maria, Dayvon and Luis were onboard the phantom express.

Our heroes find out where to catch the train and while all of them are on the platform when the train arrives, a gargoyle attacks Angel causing him to miss the train. Angel kills the gargoyle and finds a cave which he has idea where it will lead him to. Maria, Dayvon and Luis have no idea neither where the phantom express was going to lead them. There is no way to know who is going in the right path or if any of our heroes are going in the right path. The name of the game for our heroes is simply survival.

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