The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 25: Phantom Express

While Angel missed the train, Maria, Dayvon and Luis were on the train or at least on the outside when the train pulled out. The heroes have no idea where this train will lead them but they hope it will lead them to either the anti-matter ball or at least give them a clue to the location of the anti-matter ball. As out heroes were about to find out, they weren’t alone on this train neither. The heroes were about to get the ride of their lives and literally as well.

Our heroes find themselves outside of the train heading inside to grab a seat; to their surprise though the train was filled with cultists and zombies. Dayvon says “Get the hell off our train!” Our heroes take care of the numerous enemies inside of the train. They decide to explore the train further to see if they can gather any evidence of what the train is carrying or where it’s heading to. Our heroes’ notice that the train is moving faster than what a normal train would go. They proceeded to the next car which was a hallway filled with cultists whom they kill, doors can be seen but the doors are locked with an emblem of a sword. The sign above the locked door says “kitchen”. They then move on to the next and final car of the train which was a full blown bar area filled with cultists and other cultists in gray hoods. The guys in gray hoods were called frantics who were the high priests in their religion what ever sick thing they were worshipping. These bad guys carried Tommy guns instead of shotguns giving them more firepower and some were armed with TNT sticks to blow their enemies away. Our heroes were in stored for a good old fashioned bar shootout with these crazy men in hoods.

The cultists and frantics wasted no time in attacking our heroes while saying kill them and other sentences in their native cultist language. Maria took cover in the bar area to the left while Dayvon and Luis flipped a table over to use as cover. Dayvon says “I have no idea what they are saying but even I know it must mean they want us dead!” The heroes and bad guys exchanged gunfire but no one was shot it was a stalemate for a few minutes. One of the frantics threw TNT at Maria; Maria sees the TNT and quickly gets away from the blast radius. However the blast was strong enough to destroy the bar stand that Maria was using as cover and therefore making her vulnerable to attack. Luis sees that Maria is in trouble and begins to empty his gun; he takes out a few enemies before they start to return fire. Luis says “Damn we can’t keep up like this; they have us like sitting ducks! Dayvon says “The hell with hiding I’m going after them right now!” Dayvon by accident grabs a crystal ball and starts to shoot at the bad guys. The cultists shoot at Dayvon with every bullet hitting him but to the cultists surprise Dayvon doesn’t die, go down or even bleed. Dayvon had grabbed the crystal ball of invincibly which made him invincible, Dayvon notices it as he is cover in a blue light and says “Now you guys are going to get it, I’m unstoppable!” Dayvon mops the floor with the enemy with his newly found power and makes sure that the room is clear. He asks everyone if they are ok, they respond yes to him.

Maria finds a key with a sword etched on it meaning that they could now enter the kitchen area. Meanwhile the blue light surrounding Dayvon had dissipated; Dayvon says “Well it was good while it lasted.” The heroes back track to the door leading to the kitchen, Maria opens the door and the heroes are inside the kitchen where the meals were being prepared. However they notice something disturbing, a dead body on the table covered in a blanket that was decorated with a giant grey looking gargoyle. It may be a clue to who their god was or at least who their sacrifices were for. Angel says “These are some sick individuals!” Maria says “However we may have been sent here to see what life would be in the past if evil was to prevail or these people were trying evil back into the world and it’s up to us to make sure history isn’t rewritten.” Dayvon replies “Sounds like the alien bastards want to make sure we don’t even exist so no one can stop them at our current time period and Earth would be there’s or what ever higher evil is making all this happen.” After finding out the idea of why they were sent back in time several axe zombies approach the trio. Maria takes a frying pan and takes out the head of one of the zombies, Dayvon simply blasts the head off another zombie and Luis takes fried oil throws it at the zombie therefore burning the zombie back to the dead. Maria spots an elevator which goes up to the dining room. Once they get out of the elevator they find more frantics and ogres waiting for them, Maria shoots a chandler down taking down most of the enemy while Luis and Dayvon took care of the rest. Maria goes into the bathroom and looks in the mirror the image of the gargoyle she seen on the blanket pops up but then she looks behind and nothings there. Maria goes into shock and says “Whoa! It’s just me.” The heroes continued to investigate the conductor makes an announcement on the loudspeaker. The announcer says “The next destination of this train is “Nowhere” that’s right this train will go on forever, however we will pass several attractions such as circus to remind you of what you are going to miss. Please enjoy your ride and the rest of your life!” The trio realizes that they got to find a way to stop the train or they would be stuck inside a forever train ride hence the name “Phantom Express”.

While Maria, Dayvon and Luis were able to board the Phantom Express their fate was no better than that of Angel’s. That’s because they were doomed to be stuck in the train that will never make another stop ever again. It would pass a few attractions, however our heroes have to be quick in stopping the train before the train goes too far. Their best chance was to get to the front of the train and derail the train or at least stop it.

Luis says “So we’re stuck here if we can stop this train?” Dayvon says “That’s what it sounds like to me.” Maria says “We need to get to the front of the train and get control of this train to stop it.” Upon their discovery in the dining room, Luis finds a key to the front of the train on one of the dead cultists. The trio backtracks to the front of the train while going they are met with resistance by the enemy. They head back outside where they are attacked by a group of gargoyles one of them grabs Maria and tries to get away. Luckily for Maria a well placed shot by Luis causes the gargoyle to drop Maria back onto the train. One of the other gargoyles attacks with spikes with a few hitting Dayvon but none of them strike him directly. The heroes had a tough time figuring out the attack pattern of the gargoyles due to the fact they were constantly flying around. They notice that the gargoyles leave themselves open to attack when they are throwing spikes and trying to attack with their claws. Noticing those patterns our heroes eventually defeat the gargoyles, while at the same time the train was passing by what looked to be a hotel. Maria says “Come on we don’t have much time!” The trio opens the door to the front of the train and then they enter.

When our heroes head to the front of the train they see the coal is burning inside the furnace to keep the train moving. After killing off some zombies and cultists they get to the engineers room, what they find inside is disturbing. Our heroes find absolutely nothing inside the room not even an engineer, in otherwords this train was moving by itself but yet the voice of a conductor could be heard. What our heroes don’t know is that the “Phantom Express” is what it says it is a train that is moved by a paranormal force aka a ghost or phantom. Our heroes are shocked that they are being driven by that is essentially a ghost. Maria tries to hit the controls including the brakes but the train doesn’t do anything and it doesn’t slow down not even a little bit. Maria says “Oh man we gotta find another way to stop this train!” Dayvon spots some TNT nearby and says “Well the only other way to stop this train is to blow up the engine, must be where the coal is burning.” Luis replies “Why not shut off the fire the coal is burning?” Dayvon responds “We got no time that coal is going to take too long to cool off and by then we might be in the middle of no where! Which means we’re be stuck here forever we gotta take a chance now!” Dayvon and the others head back to the engine room; Dayvon lights up a TNT stick and throws it inside where the coal is burning. After a few seconds our heroes head back outside then the TNT explodes and the train begins to derail. Our heroes hang on to the rails on the outside of the train. After the train derails completely the heroes head through the debris of the train to what seems to be a lot or something but no one could be sure what it was.

Once the trio realizes that the train was a forever train that would never stop, they would find a way to stop the train. They finally got a first hand look at the gargoyle creatures that attacked Angel back at the platform and caused him to fall behind. Even more disturbing was that no one was driving the train and there was no conductor, it was an actual ghost calling the shots. Not wanting to find out much more Dayvon derails the train by destroying the engine forcing the train off the tracks. Our heroes get off the train to a lot and then see a sign which says “Carnival” perhaps the circus that Maria had seen on the sign back at the train station. With time being of the essence our heroes wasted no time and went towards the sign.

One thing was for sure many zombies popped out of the ground and some ogres came down the rocky hills to attack the trio. Our heroes surrounded by the enemies make a run for it instead of dealing with the creatures. They entered the passageway to the carnival; Dayvon uses TNT to blow up the entrance blocking the persistent creatures from getting inside. A sign is shown once they are though which says “The Dark Carnival”. Maria says "That doesn't sound like a good name for this carnival, sounds like we're in for a freak show." Once the heroes get in they are met with a few cultists and they kill them easily. Then they see a dock area and a whole group of frantics and ogres on the other side of the dock. Dayvon uses his last TNT stick to blow up all of the enemy troops, once the enemy was taken care of the heroes moved on to the ticket booth. What they also noticed was that the water was full of piranhas; Luis says "Who's feeling lucky today?" Maria and Dayvon say in unison "Not me!" The trio enters the ticket booth which leads them to the carnival where zombies are awaiting them. Our heroes deal with the zombies then they see several mini games to play one is a shooting range. Maria plays the shooting range game where she wins and her prize is a life seed which enables her to take more shots from enemy fire. Dayvon plays another mini game which is to kick zombie heads into a hole, Dayvon says "No wonder why this is called the Dark Carnival, this game is sick!" Once Dayvon wins his game he finds another crystal ball of invincibility just like he had found in the train. However this one was a bit different as Dayvon found out when he and the others went to the food court.

With Dayvon leading the way the heroes approached the foot court where there were a gang of cultists and frantics. Dayvon notices that the bullets being shot at him were reflecting off him and back to baddies shooting him. With this limited time ability Dayvon and the others cleaned house in the food court. Just like everywhere else the heroes have gone to there were almost no people except an annoying mime. Luis punches the mime and says “I hate mimes!” Then there was a shoot the bottle game where Luis simply shot all of the bottles, his prize was a cloak where he was invisible for a limited period of time. He sees a zoo area goes through all of the zombies and ogres without being seen by them. Then he opens the door on the other side and the others see where he comes out then try to follow him the best they could. Luis uses his voice to lead his crew to where he is, they enter the circus area where the acts would take place. Luis sees a large group of cultists and frantics just sitting there, Luis tells the others “Wait here I’m going to give these guys a shock of their lives!” Luis heads to where the enemies were and started to shoot some of them while he would punch others in a way that he got the enemies to fight among themselves. Eventually he clears the circus area just in time before the cloak wore off and he was visible again. Maria sees a key at the very top of the room but a tightrope had to be crossed and at the bottom was a pool of burning hot water. Maria says “I’ll go get the key I’ve walked a tightrope before.” Luis replies “If you say so be care one false move and you’ll be toasted literally.” Maria says “Relax it’s not like I wearing high heels you know.” Dayvon says while laughing “Like everyday trying to get Angel’s attention, trying to get a quick hit…” Maria cuts Dayvon off saying “Listen I’m not even going to stoop down to your level, I’m going to get that key one way or another.” Maria ascends to where the tightrope begins and she gingerly walks the tightrope until she gets to the other side. Once she gets to the other side she grabs the key and says “Tada! Impressive huh?” Luis and Dayvon look at her and each other in complete shock; they were all too impressed by Maria’s ability to walk the tightrope perfectly. Before Maria got a chance to come back down however a gargoyle attacks her forcing her off the platform. Maria falls off the platform lucky for her Dayvon is able to catch her before she hits the ground. Maria tells Dayvon “Thanks Dayvon, I guess you’re good for something!” Dayvon stays silent as he focuses his attention towards the gargoyle. With their combined efforts the heroes are able to defeat the gargoyle.

The heroes head back to the front gate of the carnival which they look for a door with the picture of a clown as indicated by the emblem on the key. They find the door with the picture of the clown which leads them to a side exit from the carnival. On their way they see some frantics after killing off the frantics they proceeded to another dock but they don’t see anyway out. Luis says “The way out of here is probably underwater, looks like it’s time for us to go for a swim.” The trio dives underwater carefully because of the many piranha’s underwater. One of them attacks Maria; Luis is able to shoot it down. Our heroes see a clear path to the exit but a whirlpool comes out of nowhere and swallows Maria up taking her away from the others. Luis and Dayvon look on helplessly having no idea where she was heading to. Luis and Dayvon kept on going through the underwater passage until they saw a light above them; they swim up to the surface. They see a couple of gargoyles that they defeat easily. What they see in front of them is what seems to be a hotel as the sign indicates to them. As for Maria the whirlpool takes her through a secret underwater passage that she is eventually able to resurface out of. When Maria gets back to the surface she finds herself in a cave with a stone with symbols in front of her. The symbols are that of a spider, fire, moon, sword, skull and eye. The stone says “Enter the first three symbols to open the secret house of horrors.” Maria tries to understand what the puzzle is asking for until she gets an idea which is the symbols of the keys that she has found. She remembers the first key to the funeral home was a skull key, the second was a fire key to get out of the home and the third one was that of a moon to get to the train platform. Maria enters the symbols in that same order then the stone lowers and a secret wall begins to open. Maria enters the passageway opened by the secret wall.

Our heroes visit the dark carnival which ends up living up to its name, presenting challenges such as kicking zombie heads, gargoyles, another whirlpool and of course you can forget those delicious rat burgers at the food court oh don’t forget the mimes as well. Dayvon and Luis find their way to a hotel while nothing special in today’s world but back in the 1800’s many hotels had a bad reputation of being haunted or used for sadistic religious practices. Luis and Dayvon may be walking into hell itself. Meanwhile where was Angel, still nowhere to be found? Maria gets pulled into a secret cave where she solves a puzzle that opens up a secret passageway, where would it lead to? Maria has no idea but decides that she has to go inside to find out whether for the better or worse.

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