The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 28: The Overlooked Hotel

Angel escapes the Cabal temple with Mariano, Dayvon and Luis get to the hotel after fighting through the dark carnival and Maria along with Caleb get out of the haunted house attraction through a secret passageway that leads them to the hotel. Our heroes were about to make contact with each other but the question is what does the “Overlooked Hotel” have in store for out heroes? The hotel has a reputation of being haunted by lost souls and many other paranormal events. For our heroes though they knew that this hotel isn’t going to be like the ones they are used to back at home.

Dayvon and Luis walk from the carnival exit and begin to walk to the hotel. They notice zombies popping out from every direction, they kill a few of them but the amount of zombies is multiplying too quickly for the heroes to handle. So they make a mad dash to the front door of the hotel, get inside then lock the door. Luis decided to put a bookshelf on the door just in case the zombies manage to break through the door. Dayvon says “Where do we check in, ding ding ding anyone home?” Luis responds to Dayvon “Well this hotel is obviously abandoned so we shouldn’t expect anybody to answer, who knows these crazy bastards probably use this hotel for their rituals.” As they expected several cultists give the duo their “Housewarming”, Luis says “Well here comes the welcoming committee, let's give them hell!” Luis and Dayvon take out the cultists as they come down, after that they decide of how they were going to explore the hotel. Dayvon remembers that he still has the radio, he hopes that Angel has his and that the radio will still work now that they are at a time period prior to the invention of the radio. Dayvon pages Angel and says “Well here goes nothing.” Luckily for Dayvon that Angel does answer the page and Angel responds “Hey Dayvon I’m surprised that this radio works here, where are you guys?” Dayvon replies “I’m in this hotel and it's big and haunted.” Angel says “I’m outside the hotel and by the strength of my radio you guys must be really close, how about waiting for us.” Dayvon replies “Yeah sure we are in the front door area. Have you heard from Maria? We lost her.” Angel responds “No I haven't, I’ll try paging her as well and 10-4 we’ll be at your location in a few.” Angel and Mariano were preparing to meet Dayvon and Luis in the hotel.

Dayvon meanwhile pages Maria and he actually gets a response from Maria as well. Maria responds “Dayvon its you! That’s the last thing I would expect, where are you?” Dayvon tells Maria the same thing as he told Angel. Maria tells Dayvon “Ok cool, I found a survivor although I must warn you he’s a little loco.” Caleb says “As long as you stay out of my way of my mission to take out my ex-leader, you won’t have any problems with me.” Dayvon says “Hmm he’s one of those loose cannon guys who’s going to help but not because he the same intentions as us, we going to have to keep an eye on him.” So Dayvon waits for the others to meet up and then decide how they would explore the hotel. While waiting for the others Luis finds a map of the hotel and actually locates the back exit which might lead them to more answers. Then the Elder God makes a brief appearance saying “Head for the back exit of this hotel, the anti-matter ball is not here you are going have to travel further back in time. There should be a time warp at the back exit of this hotel. That’s all I can tell you for now as I’m limited in my abilities to be here, good luck.” After a few minutes the others catch up and everybody was together again at least for now. Luis says “I found a map of the hotel we should head for the back entrance, like the Elder God just told me, lets go!” Everyone follows Luis to the back entrance but as they all thought that it felt too easy there was a caveat and it was that the door needed three keys one fire, one water and one wind. Angel says “That figures I should have knew that it felt too easy finding the back entrance so fast but at least we know where to go. Now it’s time to split up again but I would everyone to first meet Mariano his father was a former Cabal member...” Caleb cuts Angel off saying “I remember him real well his father, me and him were good friends or at least we used to until he became the Cabal’s leaders puppet.” Mariano replies “Watch your mouth there Caleb my father may had been a scumbag but he was still my father.” Caleb responds “I won’t hold any grudge against you for your father as long as you stay out of my way.” Angel says “Listen we gotta work together here guys no need to hold or even talk about old feuds. We gotta get these keys, obviously I’ll stick with Mariano since he has friction with Caleb and we’ll take the second floor. Maria and Caleb take the first floor and the team of Dayvon and Luis will take the basement. Once you find a key lets meet up here is everything understood?” Everyone understands and accepts the plan; the squad once again splits up in search of the keys.

All of the members of the crew manage to find each other in the hotel by some miracle. They are instructed by the Elder God to look in the back entrance to find the warp to go back further back in time, to the 12th century to be exact to find the anti-matter ball. The door has three separate locks however which mean our heroes have to explore the hotel in order to find the three keys of fire, water and wind to open the door to the back exit. Also the relationship between Mariano and Caleb is revealed and more about the Cabal cult is revealed, however the relationship seems to be sour at best. Our heroes split up once again to find the three keys to open the back exit. What hidden secrets does the hotel contain and will Caleb’s relationship with Mariano prove to be hindrance to our heroes.

Angel and Mariano head up to the second floor which mostly contains the sleeping quarters and a few casino areas. Angel and Mariano check the rooms one by one find enemies along the way but they find nothing useful. Mariano and Angel explore the casino where they get into a gunfight with cultists and frantics, beer bottles and barrels of wine start to break; it was a Wild West scene. After the long enduring gunfight our heroes encounter a bartender who is seriously injured ready to die at any moment. Mariano recognizes the bartender as Colonel Carper at least that was his nick name, Mariano never found out his real name. Mariano asks Carper if he was okay and Carper says to Mariano “Hey young buck I’m not going to be here much longer, I always liked you more than your father but these Cabal maniacs have overtook the town. Here’s a key that I think you’ll find useful…” Colonel Carper then dies and Mariano is left emotionally broken but angry at the same time. The key Mariano was given was not any of the keys our heroes needed to open the back exit but it may lead them to what they were looking for, too bad Colonel Carper died before he could say anymore. Angel says to Mariano “Well we just gotta keep moving, he seems like a good guy but crying isn’t going to get us anywhere. I’m sure he would like us to take the Cabal out” Mariano agrees with Angel and the duo leaves the casino area back out to the hallway.

Maria and Caleb stay on the first floor and begin to explore the different rooms on the first floor. They started out behind the reception area take out a few bad guys then find a key leading them to the kitchen. The duo move on to the next room which was a swimming pool area with a waterfall delivering water to it, which they find several ogres taking a nice dip in the pool. Caleb says “Row row row the boat gently down the stream time to turn this pool into a beautiful pool of blood.” They deal with the first set of ogres just fine until some ogres try to ambush from behind, Caleb takes the chainsaw from one of the ogres and uses it against the ogres trying to attack Maria. Maria after the save takes out a few cultists trying to attack them from the upper level of the pool area. The pool which once was blue had turned red from the blood of the ogres, Caleb drinks the blood to Maria’s disgust and says “Hmm this better than kool-aid” Maria says in her mind “My God I’m teaming up with a crazy man, lord have mercy on this man.” They find nothing of interest in the pool area so they move on to the entertainment room where people would have drinks and unknown musical bands would get their one shot at fame. However what the duo would find in the entertainment area was anything but entertaining. They encountered many cultists doing a strange ritual and also several fat ugly men with hatchets in their hand. Caleb took care of his fellow Cabal cultists members while Maria dodge a hatchet thrown at her by these strange men. These men were known as Cabal Butchers and their job was self-explanatory to butcher who ever dared to approach them. While they were armed with hatchets, they could also spit out green globs of a toxic substance which would poison the target. Maria made quick work of them however with here napalm launcher blowing them into pieces. After dealing with the enemy a picture frame opens out of nowhere and a loud scream can be heard. Then a ghost of what seems to resemble the grim reaper can be seen for a quick second but then disappears, it reappears in front of Caleb ready to strike…

Meanwhile Dayvon and Luis find themselves exploring the basement they begin in a storage room where normal gardening equipment could be found except for what looked like to be a voodoo doll. Dayvon grabs it a few cultists come in and Dayvon pinched the doll with the needle and all of a sudden all the cultists die instantly. Dayvon is shocked and Luis says “Wow that actually worked never knew this voodoo stuff could actually kill you, I never believed in this shit.” Dayvon replies “Well you better start believing because this world is not ours and like the Elder God said this world can and will break nature's laws. Lucky for us I got the voodoo doll and not the other way around.” They head outside and find themselves in a hedge maze where they try to find their way out but keep on running into dead ends. Along the way zombies would pop out and attack along with the Cabal Butchers. While the zombies were easy to take out but the butchers prove to be more of a challenge in fact the poison spit of one of the butchers hit Luis poisoning him, Luis begins to vomit violently and has pains in his stomach. Dayvon says “Damn Luis aren’t you the one to get poisoned every time.” Luis replies “Well instead of talking about it how about finding a cure, look a botany book see if you see a plant that can help.” Dayvon takes a look at the book and finds the herb known as the “Devil Plant” while the name may sound ominous but its effect is actually very useful. It’s eaten and the antitoxins kill any toxic substance inside the humans body, all Dayvon had to do was to find a Devil Plant. Dayvon also read that the natural habitat for a Devil Plant was near a pool of green water, according to the map the pool of green water was at the end of the maze. Luis still had the energy to keep moving along with Dayvon, so the two kept on looking for a way out of the maze. Eventually the duo finds a way out of the maze but before Dayvon could pluck a Devil Plant the duo was attacked by gargoyles. Dayvon uses his voodoo doll to kill off the gargoyles but began to notice the effectiveness of the doll was starting to wear off. There was still one gargoyle left unaccounted for, with all of his strength Luis takes out the last gargoyle with his Tommy gun. Dayvon is able to feed Luis the Devil Plant and in seconds Luis begins to feel much better. After that the duo keep moving towards a small cabin to see if anything useful can be found.

The heroes split up to find the three keys needed to open the back exit door. Mariano found an old friend his bartender that had been killed by the Cabal but was able to give Mariano a hotel key. Caleb continues to show his anti-hero actions towards Maria, they clear an entertainment room until they are ambushed by a ghost of the grim reaper but have trouble tracking it. Dayvon and Luis get lost in a maze where Luis is once again poisoned but with Dayvon’s quick thinking Luis is able to get healed before the poison got deeper into his system. The journey continues for our heroes inside the Overlooked Hotel.

Maria and Caleb met what was a ghost with a scythe who resembled the grim reaper. However the “ghost” would cloak himself as he moved and only revealed himself when he was in close proximity to our heroes ready to strike. Our heroes shot at random but none of their landed on this ghost, until the ghost got close to Maria and was ready to strike with his scythe. Caleb notices the ghost showing himself and when he sees the ghost he shoots it with his twin shotguns, the ghost shrunk and disappeared into thin air. Caleb says to Maria “I’m not afraid of ghosts, are you?” Maria replies “What kind of question is that? Of course I’m scared; I see ghosts' everyday of my dead family members.” Caleb says “These ghosts are simply dead souls of the Cabal trying to “reclaim” me” Maria replies “You sound so sure about this, like you enjoy it.” Caleb responds “It’s not that I like it I just want my revenge and the souls I took away are simply trying to get revenge on me that’s all there is to it buttercup.” Maria stops asking questions then they enter the kitchen where they see Cabal Butchers and moving hands or Hell Hands which are simply hands of the dead that Darkgaryl resurrected from dead body parts but couldn’t quite resurrect the entire body the hand though was deadly enough on it’s own even with out a body. After the duo takes out the Butchers a couple of the Hell Hands come jumping towards them, Caleb catches his the hand going towards him and throws it into a meat grinder then grinds it. While the other hand begins to choke Maria but Maria is able to grab the hand throw it down and shoot it. Maria says in a panicked tone “What the hell now we got hands that move by themselves, oh God have mercy on me!” Caleb replies “Oh get a grip sweetheart, if you’re scared now you are better off dead because it’s only going to get worse or in my case more fun. You see Darkgaryl is a formidable opponent but no match for me. Let's get moving shall we?” Maria and Caleb continue through the kitchen till they get to the downstairs dining room where they meet a couple of “ghosts” (We shall call them Cabal Phantoms from here on out) that they have trouble seeing only recognizing them by their screams. However our heroes started learn the attack pattern of the ghosts and when they got close simply dodge

and shoot. That’s exactly what Caleb and Maria do to take out the ghosts and after they take out the ghost they enter a storage room where food is kept. Maria finds the fire key and says “Got the key! Now let's go back to the back exit.” Caleb says “Oh man I was starting to have fun with these guys!” Maria ignores Caleb’s comment and keeps silent.

After witnessing the death of his former bartender Mariano vowed to avenge the death of his friend. Angel and Mariano go back out to the hallway until they get to the end of the hallway where a picture of President Ulysses Grant can be seen. They check some more bedrooms where they find many of Cabal rituals being done including lit candles and even dead animals. They also encountered the same ghosts that Maria and Caleb had bumped into; one of the Cabal Phantoms nearly takes Mariano’s head off before Mariano was able to duck down just in time. The phantoms chase the duo out in the hallway while cloaked; our heroes use the key to open the library where they decide to hide. The problem was that the duo was trying to find an enemy that could not be seen even with their own eyes. Angel finds a pair of goggles that give him an x-ray view of his surroundings but more importantly he is able to see the phantoms in plain sight. Angel says “Don’t panic Mariano; you see these ghosts aren’t as good as they think when it comes to hiding who they are.” Angel shoots his flare gun to the phantoms causing one of them to disappear and gives off the location of the second one which Mariano uses the life leech to send the lost soul back to hell. The library that they entered was big in size but the thing that throws Angel off even more is why there is even a library in the first place inside a hotel. Angel and Mariano investigate the library further while killing off several frantics and cultists. Then throw in some ogres in there and the library became a battle zone, eventually our heroes win the battle. They notice an overturned bookcase look behind it and notice a hole big enough to fit in a human, it was a secret passage. Angel and Mariano go inside the secret passage which is actually rather long and ominous looking. At the end of the secret passage a disturbing discovery is made, a ritual room full of dog, cat and horse heads, lit candles and plenty of cultists in the middle of a ritual. Angel says “You guys aren’t very good in keeping yourselves unnoticed, let me put you out of your misery!” After killing off the cultists performing the ritual Mariano says “Damn so this is what my father used to do when he was with the Cabal, these guys are nothing but a huge group of Satan worshippers look at these poor animals, still can’t believe my father was involved in this.” Angel tells Mariano “At least you were strong enough to deny your father’s invitation to the cult, at least you are better than your father and your kids will be even better when we take out the Cabal cult!” After the short conversation the duo finds the wind key, Angel says “This may seem like hell right now but I got a feeling that it’s only going to get worse when we go back even further back in time.” Angel and Mariano head back to the back exit to meet the others or at least that was the plan.

Meanwhile Dayvon and Luis head to a cabin after getting out of the hedge maze. They kill off the cultists guarding the cabin and then they go inside the cabin. When Luis and Dayvon go inside the cabin they find out it’s much more than a cabin it’s actually a lumber mill. They arrive at warehouse where the wood is being stored and the duo asks amongst themselves why would there be a lumber mill next to a hotel. Before they could diverge towards answering the question some ogres along with some butchers come in to ruin the duo’s train of thought. Dayvon finds another voodoo doll but this one was in the form of an ogre, he sticks the needle inside the doll which kills all of the ogres leaving just the butchers to be dealt with. Luis cleans house with the enemy with his Tommy gun. Luis and Dayvon progress to the next room which is a big wood chipper, the duo tries to shimmy along the wall in order to avoid falling inside the chipper. However Luis loses his balance and falls inside, meanwhile a cultist who was watching activates the wood chipping machine. The machine starts chipping away at the wood that was inside Luis tries to get back up but doesn’t reach the top of the platform. Dayvon once again with his quick thinking finds a fire extinguisher and throws it inside the machine. After the machine eats up the fire extinguisher the machine begins to malfunction. Then the machine stops working altogether, the cultist in frustration tries to restart the machine but no such luck the machine was out of order. Dayvon finds a switch which brings down an emergency ladder that Luis uses to get back up. Dayvon tells Luis “That’s two you owe me!” Luis replies “Yeah I know don’t worry I got you later.” The two of them then enter the wood processing room where the wood was brought in and where wood was also cut to make furniture. That’s when Luis and Dayvon realize that the hotel was simply a front for a Cabal HQ where they would do their rituals and use the lumber mill to finance their operations. Luis also finds a Cabal handbook lying around which is full of useless information about being a Cabal member but there was one important thing in the handbook. The handbook indicated that the Cabal has been in existence since the 12th century around the same time period that the anti-matter ball was located at least according to the Elder God. Luis also sees that their main goal is for world domination the same goal the gloobas have. Could it be that this evil force was able to convince the two evil groups to work in unison or was it simply a coincidence? Dayvon finds the water key at the back of the room but before they could get out they were ambushed by a group of gargoyles. Dayvon tries to use the voodoo doll but it gets knocked out of his hand and he gets clawed by the attacking gargoyle but only slightly. Luis tells Dayvon that they should just run for it, so the two of them run out of the wood processing room back to the wood chipper room. Then the duo makes a leap of faith to the other side knowing that they were still be chased by the gargoyles. Eventually when they get out of the lumber mill they are able to lose the creatures in the hedge maze, the two of them catch their breath once they see that the coast is clear. Once they finished catching their breath they went back to the back exit to open the door.

Each of our heroes faced different challenges to get their respective keys and at the same time either learn the truth of the Cabal or just get freaked the heck out by the Cabal’s rituals. This world had one common theme for all of our heroes it was mostly populated by the undead, lost souls or people who have lost faith in humanity and have sold their souls to Darkgaryl. Now our heroes needed to go back in time even further to find the anti-matter ball and prevent the Cabal from even existing like it was written in actual history.

Dayvon pages Angel first for an update and Angel says “I’m good bro besides finding out these guys have no heart and are Satan worshippers I’m okay. Oh I got the wind key so I’m heading back to the back exit.” Dayvon replies “Cool I’m on my way there as well.” Dayvon then pages Maria although the signal sounds more static he is still able to comprehend Maria’s words. Maria replies to Dayvon’s page “Hey it sounds like static… but if you can hear me… I got the fire key and I’m… on my way to the…” Dayvon replies “I got you I’ll meet you at the back exit.” Maria replies “Okay.” All of our heroes head to the back exit of the hotel, each of them anxious awaiting their next destination hoping to find the anti-matter ball. All of our heroes make it to the back exit of the hotel; each uses their key to open the three locks on the door. Then the door opens and the Elder God awaits them inside before they could go inside the warp. Angel says “Honorable Elder God what do you wish to tell us?” The Elder God responds “I just want to give you some more info about your mission going back to the 12th century.” Angel says “Carry on Elder God, what we need to know?” Elder God responds “The anti-matter ball is in the possession of Darkgaryl but he is back in the 12th century and so is the exit warp to take you back into the current time. In essence you are in another level of this virtual world and you have to go even deeper into the virtual world. I know this is probably confusing you but the evil is trying to change the past without anybody noticing since it’s been able to cause any destruction in your current time period. This could all be a diversion to lock you guys away while Earth is being taken over but without the anti-matter ball your efforts will be wasted.” Angel says “You’re right Elder God I am confused but with your guidance and as long as we work together we can defeat this evil.” Dayvon says “I just want to go back to our time to go kick some alien butt!” Maria responds “I know so do I, what I’m seeing here is freaking me out.” Caleb says “Interesting in other words the Cabal has been dead already for hundreds of years and we were worshipping to a dead leader what a waste.” Mariano replies “So all these rituals are for nothing innocent people are getting killed for someone that’s non-existent.” The Elder God replies “True but with enough faith and enough evil deeds Darkgaryl could be resurrected or at least that what these lost souls here believe. Even worse the gloobas may be trying to bring back the evil leader to be earth’s new ruler therefore plunging the world into another period of darkness like I was telling you guys in the beginning.” Angel says “Thanks Elder God, looks like there’s only one thing to do, let's jump inside the time warp and try to write history the way it was meant to be written.” All of our heroes including Caleb and Mariano jump into the time warp.

Once again our heroes are lectured by the Elder God and learn that Darkgaryl had been dead for many centuries. That the Cabal members were worshipping a dead leader perhaps they knew and were trying to bring him back. Why was Angel able to hear Darkgaryl’s voice if he was “dead” it was perhaps his spirit trying to haunt Angel or he wasn’t actually dead. Our heroes prepare to go deeper into time and into an even deeper level of a virtual world that had to be created to reenact the world piece by piece even the smaller details. Meanwhile back on earth in today’s time Hollywood greatest stars are being killed off one by one and the “President” who was controlled by the gloobas in the virtual world has declared a nuclear war against North Korea and Iran. A war so devastating if our heroes aren’t quick enough in reversing the actions, there may not be an Earth to return to.

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