The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 2

The chosen ones grab their guns and begin to move inside the building they were on top of. The intensity of the snow had slowed down considerably but there was about 10 inches of snow that had accumulated. The gang realized they were still in their orange jumpsuit that was put on them back in death row back on earth. They needed to find clothing that would keep them warm. They approach the roof door and go inside the building. The building is used for a financial company. They come to an office area its quiet then a thing approaches Maria from behind, Angel turns around and finds that it’s a…

Angel’s tells Maria “Get Down!” Maria ducks and Angel shoots what appears to be an alien in the head instantly killing it. The heroes take a minute to see what the alien looked like. The alien was a salamander looking alien armed with a laser gun and long tail for sweeping attacks. Angel decided to call it the glooba salamander trooper and says “Guys were in for a long battle.” The heroes search the office for any survivors then Dayvon finds a closet, the closet contained clothes. Clothes probably belonging to the employees of the office, each member took clothing. Angel found a leather jacket and a pair of army colored jeans, Maria found a fur coat and a pair of yoga pants to put over her orange jumpsuit pants, Dayvon found himself a hoody sweater and sweatpants and Luis found himself a snowboarders jacket and pants. The four gathered together and started to make a plan of how to approach the situation. However they were interrupted by a gang of salamander troopers Angel says “Hey they come, looks like the war is started!”

The troopers shoot off their lasers while the heroes found cover but Luis noticed a laser had ricocheted off the glass and headed towards him luckily he got out of the way just in the nick of time. The laser then hits one of the troopers. Then at the count of three Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis popped out and defeated the troopers easily. However more troopers come crashing in through the windows, Maria says “Don’t get too comfortable guys we got more company.” The heroes shoot and kill the troopers but for as many troopers they killed more kept appearing. Angel noticed that his gang was being outnumbered 12 to 4 so he ordered everyone to run out and get out of the building. When the heroes got outside it was a wintry picture but not one that you would see on a Christmas postcard, but one that was overtaken by an army of glooba aliens and damage to buildings was a common sight as well. All four heroes continued on 8th Ave killing any troopers that got close to them while dodging lasers from the spaceships. All the heroes could do is run until Dayvon saw a movie theater relatively unscathed and says “Everyone into the movie theater!” So everyone went into the theater hoping to find some cover until they could form a new plan of attack.

Eventually the heroes decided that to find the anti-matter ball faster they would split up in teams of two. Angel says “Ok it’ll be me and Maria as team 1; team 2 will be Dayvon and Luis.” Dayvon says “Aww Angel has a little crush on the $5 prostitute; you two sure do look together.” Maria says to Dayvon “This $5 prostitute is gonna bust a cap if you don’t clean up that smart mouth of yours.” Luis says “Wait a minute you guys are still fighting, how are we going to survive if we can even act like grown ups, although what gave Angel the right to make the teams.” Angel says “Look! Me and Maria have no love connection ok I just figured this would be a good plan of attack.” Dayvon says “Fine as long as I get to stay away from the hoar, she’s your problem Angel or I should say “captain” Angel.” Maria says “Dayvon you are such a jerk!” Angel says “Me and Maria will take the downstairs level, you guys look upstairs, we’re cool with this?” Everyone says yes. So the heroes split up and begin looking for the anti-matter ball as stated by the Elder God.

Angel and Maria begin their search at the ticket booth they find nothing but dead bodies of former employees. They are attacked by salamander troopers but Angel and Maria make quick work of them. Angel and Maria say in unison “Hello anybody here, anyone?” No answer was received; the team continued to the 1st level snack shop, killed a few troopers and continued investigating. Until they heard a scream but it was accompanied with a sound of a pig. Maria says “Sounds like a pig but where?” Then a person in a police uniform comes towards Angel and Maria with a shotgun but only it wasn’t a person it was a wild boar! Both Angel and Maria teamed up to take the boar down, studied the body and found that the gloobas are planning to replace the police force with these boars by the looks of it. Meanwhile the young movie employee that was attacked was down and bleeding though his legs. Maria went to get something to stop the bleeding, the employee said to Angel “Doomsday has approached, the book of revolutions is coming to life before our eyes and…” The employee dies before he could talk anymore to Angel and Angel says “Damn these alien bastards are gonna play for messing up my day!” Then the two are ambushed by troopers while the troopers were taken down Angel was sideswiped by a laser on his arm. Angel says “Damn this shit burns I’m not bleeding much but the burning is too much.” Maria went to get ice to put on Angel’s arm to cool the burn. Angel says “Ahh much better, well that’s one I owe you” Maria says “Yeah don’t mention it and actually its two you owe me the first came when I saved you from Pinnacle.” Angels comes back and says “Oh yeah that’s right I forgot silly me.” Maria says “Its fine don’t listen to Dayvon I’m not a jerk like he says I am.” Angel says “I know he’s full of it, gotta admit we make a good team, I don’t want to lose you. Anyway let’s keep investigating.”

Meanwhile Luis and Dayvon start to investigate the upstairs’ level starting with the hallways leading to the auditoriums. They’re ambushed by salamander troopers and boar cops the aliens attack and force the duo into separate bathrooms. Boar cops chase Dayvon he wrestles a shotgun out of one cop and blasts another with the same shotgun. A third cop tries to shoot Dayvon but he is able to summersault up avoiding the bullets; he grabs the boar and stuffs the boars head in the toilet and blasts off the boars head. He says “I always wanted to know what lard looks like when it gets flushed down the toilet and is even more disgusting than human crap.” Luis enters the women’s bathroom finds a vent above one of the toilets shoots it down and quickly uses his upper body strength to pull himself up. The salamander troopers rush into the bathroom but when Luis is nowhere to be found the troopers become confused and ask amongst themselves in their native language “Where did the enemy go, earth to mothership we’ve lost the target.” Luis then shoots all three troopers in the head and says “I was in the vent suckers, what’s this? A radio to their mothership “hey earth to mothership I’m the target your guys were looking for and I’m coming for you soon enough!” Hey Dayvon where are you are you good?” Dayvon responds “I’m fine Luis thanks in fact that was actually fun, hey want some popcorn and soda it’s in the house.” Luis says “Boy Dayvon you think of the most insignificant of things meanwhile we almost got killed just now, but then again I didn’t have breakfast so sure I’ll use something in my stomach now.” Dayvon says “Ooo Kit Kat’s my favorite, well hey we gotta eat while we can we might not have another shot of eating something for quite a while not knowing where we’ll end up next.” So Luis and Dayvon stop off at the snack shop eat some goodies take a much needed break at the same time watching their backs for any additional gloobas. Luis asks “Wonder how the others are doing?” Dayvon responds “Hopefully Angel is ok and even though I still say that girl is just looking for a quick hit hopefully she’s fine as well.” Luis then says “Ok as relaxing as this is we gotta get moving lets split up and investigate each auditorium and see if we find any survivors like the God said they may be of great use to us.” Dayvon responds “Cool you take the left and I’ll take the right.”

Angel and Maria continue on their investigation out of the ticket area and heads towards a big room which reads “Food Preparation and Meat Packing Room”. Angel says “Wow never knew movie theaters had such a room, ewww what the hell is that hot dog meat looks like some processed crap made into a hot dog. Wow makes me think twice before I ever eat hot dogs again at a movie theater.” Maria agrees and says “I agree this room is giving me the creeps look at the soda machine turns what looks like goo into the soda we drink; I think I’m going to be sick…” Maria vomits a little and says “I’m fine Angel lets just get outta here.” Angel says “No survivors here lets get moving.” A sound of a boar is heard and another is heard right after, then a group of boar cops show up. Angel says “Looks like we’re the choice cuts in today’s future presentation, well not on my watch.” Angel and Maria pump rounds to the boars but with no effect to the boars who keep pursing the two. Some boars armed with shotguns are aiming towards Angel and Maria luckily none of the bullets hit either Angel or Maria. Then Angel finds a box which reads “In case of emergency open box and use the weapons inside” Angel opens the box and finds a Remington special issue riot shotgun and for Maria a MPK 9mm sub-machine gun. Maria says “Ah here’s some firepower! Have no idea what the box is doing in a movie theater but let’s clean up this swine!” Angel agrees impetuously says “Couldn’t agree more honey, as for you boars looks like your the choice cut special on today’s menu, hang on Maria it’s about to get real nasty here!” With their new acquired weapons Angel and Maria began to eradicate the boar cop army all of the blood of the boar was flying around the room and the squeals of the boars dying could also be heard. One boar cop got away and grabbed Maria from behind. Angel says “Take your dirty hands off my girl you dirty hog!” Angel grabs the boar and throws it to the meat cutting machine used for the hot dogs went on to activate the machines blades, the blades would come down on the boar and the boar was decapitated. Angel grabs Maria down and says “Heads up this is gonna get nasty and we’re probably gonna be cover in blood.” After the remains of the boar come busting out of the machine Angel jokily says “Care for some bacon my dear.” Maria responds “No I hate bacon especially one that tried to kill me, last thing you should be thinking of is eating.” Angel says “Okay I was joking with you no need to get so defensive. (In his head) Ah girls can be so stubborn sometimes.” Maria says “Damn I need to use the bathroom where’s a bathroom around here.” Angel says “Really like it matters no ones here but if you must know there’s one by the snack shop beyond this room, let’s go I guess.” So the two walk to the snack shop and arrive to the restrooms a sign says the men’s bathroom is out of order. Angel and Maria head to the women’s bathroom, until Maria blocks Angel from going in. Angel puzzled says “Are you serious girl you are not going to let me in oh for the love of God there’s nobody here and you worried about a man being in the same bathroom as you at a time of war. Maria sometimes you are such a… Maria cuts Angel off and says “I’m what? Ok Angel I trust you lets go in together. So the two use the bathroom then Maria says “Hey let me use this opportunity to put on my makeup gotta look good for the post game.” Angel furiously says “Makeup? Maria are you outta of your mind who in the hell are you trying to impress the King Glooba himself nobody gives a hell how you look and especially me!” Maria says “Well “Angel” I’m a beautiful hero and don’t female heroes gotta look good when saving the world. I’m going to be on every magazine Maria the female fattle.” Angel responds “Sure female fattle my ass more like Maria the best looking corpse if you don’t even make out of here alive or at least you’ll look good pushing carts around if you become a slave. Listen I’m not standing here watching you try to impress me knowing darn well those aliens may just ambush us in here, I’m going to be outside guarding come out when your done acting all Hollywood.” Maria says “Fine I’m better off alone doing my makeup anyway you would make me nervous.” Angel says “Whatever!” After 10 minutes pass Angel says in his head “Damn how long does she take to do makeup is this her routine everyday, I really think she wants to impress me better go check in on her and apologize to her.” Angel walks into the bathroom screams Maria’s name but no response then he approaches the sink where Maria’s machine gun is laying down but no sign of Maria. Angel looks everywhere but Maria is no where to be found. Angel says “Oh that’s great Maria’s missing and I got no idea where she can be probably got captured by one of the gloobas. NO! My phone has no signal so I can’t even let the others know to be on the lookout for her. I got no choice but to go upstairs and catch up with the others.”

Maria has gone missing but how nobody knows. Angel now has a new problem to face. Not just finding the anti-matter ball but also look for partner Maria lest she is been killed already.

Luis and Dayvon split up to look in each auditorium for more evidence and possible survivors. Luis finds more boar cops and salamander troopers which he easily blasts with the weapons he took from their dead corpse. Dayvon in the other auditorium hears a scream he rushes to the voice and finds a young man ready to be blasted. Dayvon takes out the aliens threatening the man, he asks for the person’s identity. The injured person identifies himself as Quentin and begins to tell how he’s thankful for saving his life. Quentin also begins to describe his job working at Virtual Labs Inc. Dayvon says and points his gun towards Quentin “So you were one of the four responsible for building the machine, right now I ought to blast you to hell me and three others took the blame for what you and your partners did with project “Virtual” better start explaining!” Quentin calmly but anxiously at the same time says “Listen while it’s true I did know what project “Virtual” was all about but our intention or at least mines was to simply make a virtual reality game based on earth. However my other three partners betrayed my trust and decided to use the machine for evil purposes. I attempted to whistle blow on them but I was fired on the spot and even threaten with my life. Somehow I found out that whatever happens here will happen on earth as well within a period of 10 days I know how to reverse the effects, I know what the anti-matter ball is I designed it but it was stolen from me. A spirit told me to jump into this warp into the virtual world that I would be part of the army to stop the evil from spreading. However not enough of us were able to get into this world and the spirit warned me not to trust everyone due to a shield being built to keep the good in. Somehow I had the anti-matter ball in my hand but it was taken by these alien creatures, I just have no idea were the machine would be located. Anyway I will prove to be a big help to you.” Dayvon lowers his gun and says “I see pieces are coming together slowly, you are one of the Gods soldiers he sent don’t worry man I got your back, to answer your question the machine is in the Himalayan Mountains in India.” Quentin says “Damn and I know the exact formula but we need that anti-matter ball first.” Dayvon asks Quentin “You know how to use a gun?” Quentin answers “No, but I’ll learn along the way.” Meanwhile Luis, Dayvon and Quentin meet at the hallway and Luis says “who is he?” and Quentin answers him and tells Luis the same thing he had told Dayvon. Luis says “Ok, let’s go down and let Angel and Maria know of our findings.” Quentin says “Hey you got his number I can call him, oh never mind my phone has no signal, in fact none of these phones I see on the floor have any signal, must be the effect of the shield surrounding this world.”

Luis, Dayvon and Quentin don’t have to walk far to find Angel however. Angel comes rushing in saying out of breath “Dudes… We got a problem… Maria… She’s missing and there are a whole bunch of blood thirsty aliens hot on my trail!” A whole army of at least 15 soldiers were after Angel the four realize that they are out numbered and decide to make a run for it. They run for an elevator luckily for them the elevator was open and they go down on the elevator. While in the elevator Angel is introduced to Quentin and asks “Hey I know you from somewhere don’t but I can’t quite grasp who or I’m thinking of the wrong person.” Quentin says “Sorry no time for explanation we need to find the anti-matter ball and bring it to the Virtual Labs Inc. laboratory and I have to formulate it a certain way… Angel says “Just like the Elder God said, Quentin say no more you are the last piece of the puzzle you are the one we need to protect to save earth. You Quentin or call I call you “Q” anyways are the brains of the operation and the three of us are the brawn, there was one more but she has gone missing.” Quentin says the little I understood when they took the ball from me they were heading towards the “Red Light District” in Hell’s Kitchen a new strip club in town along with “Rawhide” a sex store.” Luis says “So that’s where we’re heading then.”

When the elevator doors open chaos is seen the gloobas have gotten complete control of the city. Dayvon says “This is gonna to be one heck of a dog fight!” All four rush out the elevator and start taking out as many aliens as they can, then an alien on a hovering ship shoots fire towards Quentin and Angel pushes him out of the way. Luis is able to get on high ground, time his jump and take out the alien on the ship; the ship makes a crash landing on a hot dog stand. Dayvon says we can’t stay out here it’s too dangerous. Besides the ball may be inside the sex store, everybody get inside!” Unfortunately for our heroes they weren’t alone the gloobas had taken the sex store for themselves. So Angel commanded Quentin to hide at a corner then Angel, Luis and Dayvon took the aliens out whether it was face first, shooting them or ducking and using the counters as cover. By the time the gunfight was over the store was completely ransacked however Quentin took some time checking the XXX magazines and he looked amazed. Angel boldly told Quentin “Ah hate to cut into your pleasure time “bro” but this is certainly no time to be getting horny over some hot looking… Quentin showed Angel the woman in the magazine and all of a sudden Angel got in the mood. Luis and Dayvon both smacked Angel and Quentin and told them that they needed to be focused on the mission. Quentin said “If the ball isn’t here then we need to go to the strip club, but I know you gonna need an access card if you want to get in.” So the four men searched high and low for a keycard, nothing was found on the lower level. So they went upstairs where they found a bedroom probably belonging to the owner of the store. A salamander trooper sneaked behind Angel and Quentin screamed to Angel “Watch your back!” Angel took his shotgun and shot the trooper backwards and says “Thanks but I sensed him from a far.” His partners looked impressed at his skills with the gun. Then Luis found a blue keycard on a corpse the keycard said “Access Card for the Red Light District” Luis says “Well we got the card now time to find that anti-matter whatever it is.”

The snow picks up in intensity once again even more than when the blizzard began and the winds were starting to howl up to 55mph gusts. This made finding the strip club much harder to find; this combined with the aliens attacking made it even worse. Eventually our heroes would find the Red Light District however because it was so cold the access card machine malfunctioned and wouldn’t take the card therefore the four would have to find another way to get inside. The blizzard was getting worse and the men’s body temperatures were decreasing rapidly. However the four stood strong when all of a sudden an alien ship shoots down the building across the street from the club. After the building finished collapsing Quentin saw a circle on the floor of what seemed to be a manhole. Angel says “Well lets go explore the manhole it’s a whole lot better than freezing our butts out here.” So all four men saw the manhole completely open and went inside to the sewers of NYC.

The four find themselves in the sewer staying put for a few minutes in order to regain their equilibrium. Dayvon says “God damn this is a big place where in the hell do we begin. Listen I’m not splitting up again ok! I almost got murdered in that movie theater!” Luis says in frustration “Dayvon shut up you mean I almost got murdered in that theater! You are such a little crybaby!” Angel says “Enough both of you we all almost died in that theater, now while Dayvon may be acting like a little kid he is right it is far too dangerous for us to split up and we only have one flashlight with limited battery life remaining. Now the club is across the street so we have to go…” Quentin boastfully says “We have to go east guys; you see where we are on 9th Ave is the west side of the street and to get to the strip club we have to go east so let’s go through this tube.” Dayvon sarcastically says “Nice job poindexter all you had to say was to go through the right tube or you just wanted to play teacher.” Angel tells Dayvon in a bold tone “Can it Dayvon at least Quentin has an idea ok or do you have a better idea!” The scene remains silent and Angel says “That’s what I thought lets go!” The four go through the sewers find themselves complaining how bad the smell is with Luis saying “For a virtual world it sure got the smell right God damn it’s horrible!” Quentin says “Now it’s just the matter of finding the sewer entrance to the club.” As the heroes continue their journey through the stink hole know as the sewers of NYC they hear a strange noise and all of a sudden they see the shadow of something, a shadow of an octopus?

As the creature got closer it was indeed an octopus that has been mutated to shoot ink that contains deadly toxins and strong arms to crush their prey’s lungs. The octopus shot ink towards the four and the ink although not a direct shot strikes Luis and he goes down into the water. The octopus uses his arms and grabs the remaining three. It starts to apply pressure to all three. However Angel spots a weak spot on the octopus’s head a soft spot on the right side, but Angel’s hands are tied up. Dayvon uses a laser gun to shoot the octopus’s arm to loosen its grip on him; he is able then to break free. Then Dayvon finds a crowbar in the water and uses it to strike the soft spot on the creature. The octopus starts to bleed out blue goo and eventually dies on the spot. Angel and Quentin are free and give Dayvon their thanks, but Luis was poisoned by the ink from the creature. Luckily for Luis Quentin had a small amount of antidote in his pocket that he had developed to cure toxins, he applies it on Luis and Luis slowly regains his equilibrium. Luis says “Ah thanks poindexter that’s much better, lucky for me you had that antidote.” Quentin says “Your welcome but please be careful next time that was that last of my antidote.” Angel studied the octopus and decided to call it poisonpus naming it for the creature’s high levels of deadly toxins. Eventually the gang finds the sewer entrance to the Red Light District strip club.

The gang finally arrives at the strip club; Luis is still feeling the effects of the poison ink and tells the rest to go on without him till he recovers. While Angel is reluctant to leave Luis but agrees that time is of the essence and finding that anti-matter ball was priority, he knew him and his partners only had 10 days to reverse the destruction. Angel, Dayvon and Quentin decided to look around found nothing interesting. Then they arrive at the bar area and find the aliens are having drinks and are having a party possibly celebrating their takeover of NYC. Angel barges in and says “I wouldn’t celebrate too hard if I was you guys, the party’s over and we’re the crashers!” That would set up a huge bar shootout that only escalated on upstairs to the main dancing floor of the club all of the strippers ran from the scene and tried to hide from the action. A few of them were killed while trying to run. After all dust settled the aliens were defeated, Angel then sensed his heart pounding hard like the spirits were trying to lead him to the ball. Angel says in happiness “Guys the ball is the back room lets hurry, once we get the ball we will come back for Luis.” Quentin asked “How about the girl?” Angel says “You mean Maria forget her for now once we get the ball and put it in the machine the world will be saved. Quentin I know what you’re going to say it’s a long way to India I know that’s why it’s a good thing we’re getting the ball now.”

Despite the fact Maria was missing and Luis injured our heroes were close to finding the ball of anti-matter which meant all that had to happen was the correct formula to be put in to the ball and go to India to put the ball in the machine. Our heroes are close to saving Earth and fulfilling the prophecy of winning the thousand year’s war and that Earth would be spared from darkness that their ancestors were forced to endure. It all seemed too easy a few injuries here and there but Angel could sense success in the air. Will the mission be this easy or are there more twists that will jeopardize the mission.

“Guys we are so close to being the heroes of earth, sometimes I wondered where Maria is if she’s ok. It won’t matter though after we accomplish what needs to be done we will all be able to return to our normal everyday routine lives.” Angel says in great confidence. Dayvon says “Ah Angel “bro” to be honest I know I’ve acted like a jerk these past hours, but I have to say in only a few hours I’ve come to like you, Luis, Quentin and yes even Maria as friends; please forgive my transgressions against you and Maria, when we return to Earth lets all hang out together.” Angel says “You are forgiven my brother and that sounds like a plan I could use a bit of R and R after this adventure.” Quentin says nervously “I’m nervous don’t mean to be negative not at all, but don’t you feel this has come to us all too easily. I mean why these guys would attack so hard and yet leave the ball of anti-matter out in the open so easily for us to take, almost like they want us to come.” Angel says “I have to agree we are gonna have to approach this with a careful tongue, hate to say it this could all be a trap but time is not on our side. Let’s move guys!” Angel, Dayvon and Quentin all move towards the room containing the ball of anti-matter. They enter the room which is surrounded by green brick, Angel grabs the ball but notices a funny feeling and that feeling is nothing almost the ball appears to be weak or a phony.

Angel says with great concern “I got a funny feeling this is not the ball we seek its quiet too quiet like we’re in for a surprise. This doesn’t feel right, whoa!” The right wall turns and reveals Maria chained to the wall saying “NO! LET ME GO! SOMEBODY HELP!” Angel says “What is this, what is going on?” Then he see’s two salamander troopers holding Luis who is unconscious, they throw Luis towards the direction of the heroes. Angel attempts to shoot the salamander troops but his gun jams up on him and an alien voice says “Nice try Angel but yes indeed you have fallen into our trap and nobody try anything funny or else.” Angel says in a defeated tone “Shit they got us good this time, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do we are surrounded by them, we are theirs for now at least.” Then a huge gate closes behind our heroes and then the front wall opens showing an army of gloobas with their guns drawn. The alien voice says “Hahaha we got you now and we’re gonna fry your asses. Guys take them into the ship and take them to death row I’m going to enjoy seeing these guys executed and as for you Mr. Medina try to get out of this one!”

It was indeed too good to be true the anti-matter ball was nothing but a phony disguise to capture Angel and his friends in a trap. As the skies turn dark, snow continues to fall at a good clip and as nightfall arrives our heroes thought they were close to completing their destiny. However the gloobas had other plans, although Maria was finally found but now our heroes find themselves in a helpless situation. The gloobas are taking our heroes to “death row” which is the maximum security prison in Rochester N.Y. the same prison Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis broke out back on Earth, however this time the enemy isn’t human. Death Row is a place our four heroes have been to before and they smelled death during their last visit. They found a way to cheat death one time can our heroes break out of Death Row and cheat death a second time? The people on Earth are oblivious to the destruction that has plagued their lives, nobody on Earth have any idea who or what’s behind the destruction. Little do the people on Earth know that their fate is in the hands of our heroes finding a way out of “Death Row”.

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