The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 30: The Grisly Depths

Angel, Luis and Mariano took the south exit out of the castle which lead them to the place known as the Grisly Depths where dead people probably sacrifices of the Cabal were drowned underwater. Our heroes needed to be prepared to see a lot of the undead looking to exact revenge on the living humans even if it’s our heroes. Just like the castle this place had a dark and ominous feel to it.

Angel, Luis and Mariano arrive at a set of wooden double doors which they open and find a couple of behemoths hiding out. Luis shoots them down easily with his crossbow. Mariano sees a couple of undead knights patrolling downstairs, while Angel sees the same Cabal symbol he saw in the trap room. Angel says to everyone “Wait lets shoot that symbol I’ll bet you it’ll spring a trap and kill the knights instantly.” Mariano shoots the symbol and all of a sudden a wooden platform comes crashing down crushing the two knights. Angel says “See what I mean, now if every enemy were that easy to take out.” Angel finds a strange weapon know as the thunderbolt a gun that shoots out electricity which he found strange because electricity wasn’t discovered until Ben Franklin. However Angel knew this was a “virtual world” so it wasn’t going to necessary follow what history has written already. Also Angel realizes that if he uses the weapon underwater he will be electrocuted along with his partners. Angel sees a dock where there are behemoths spitting at the heroes, Angel tries out his new weapon and he fries the behemoths with one shot. The dock cannot be reached from where the heroes are, so they head underwater to find an alternative route. They go in an underwater hall then they resurface back into a small hallway where they see ogres at the ready. Angel makes quick work of them with the thunderbolt; Luis tells Angel “Hey sparky better take it easy with that save that weapon when it counts the most.” Angel says “Yeah I guess you’re right.” The heroes proceed through the hallway.

When the trio get further in the hallway which is green and murky in nature which was to be expected in a dock they see a group of cultists with crossbows. Angel uses his flare gun to burn one of them, Luis shoots an arrow through the heart of another one and Mariano uses his life leech to send the last cultists to hell. They see an elevator which they manually pull up and when they get up they see a bridge where undead knights come after our heroes. Mariano uses his nailgun to take out some of the knights out, the last remaining knights take a swing at Angel but Angel dodges the knight's attack and pushes him down the bridge to his death. Mariano with his quick reflexes swipes the sword of one of the knights and uses it to cut off the head of the last two knights. Angel sees a switch which opens the door at the ends of the bridge then several cultists come out of the door firing with no mercy, one of the arrows hit Mariano’s arm. Angel uses his thunderbolt to clear the room of all the cultists. Luis takes out the arrow out of Mariano’s arm and then finds some supplies in the dock station to at least relieve the pain because medicine wasn’t as advanced as it is now. At the same time Angel relieves the pain on his legs and says “Much better, I feel good.” Mariano says “Same here.” Luis also finds a key in the station as well.

Angel, Luis and Mariano find a dock where the Cabal would use to transport soldiers and supplies to other islands and foreign lands. Angel finds a special weapon that seems to be out of place in the time period our heroes were in. A weapon that was able to shoot lightning and one that Mariano was amazed of because electricity was just beginning to be discovered back at his time. Our heroes find a key which looks like it leads to small fortress at least that’s what the note by the key indicated. Where was the fortress was another story looks like another dive underwater was going to be needed.

The heroes saw behemoths up ahead by the dock landing; Angel uses his flare gun to burn them alive. The trio sees a big arrow in front of them the heroes were not sure where the arrow would lead them to because the sign was written in the special Cabal language. However our heroes had an idea that it would lead them in the right direction and there was no other way to go. Our heroes dive back underwater then go through the underwater passage and when they get to the other side they rise out of the water. When they get out of the water a couple of hungry fiends looking for blood, one of them jumps towards Luis and Angel pushes him out of the way then the fiend falls underwater and drowning in the process. Mariano takes care of the other fiend with the nailgun and says “You aren't so tough!” Angel says “What’s waiting for us inside the fortress?” Luis says “No idea my brother but we’ll about to find out now.” Mariano replies “Well just like every other obstacle we’re get through what ever is inside waiting for us.” Angel uses the key to open the big wooden door and the trio heads inside the fortress.

The trio opens the wooden door and is nearly ambushed by a swinging blade trap luckily they ducked down in time. After the trap swings through a Cabal phantom in fact two of them attack our heroes with Angel’s X-ray goggles he is able to guide the other on where the ghosts were. One of them uses his skull blast on Angel but with the spirit armor he is able to deflect the blast back onto the ghost causing it to disappear into thin air. Luis and Mariano work together to take out the other Cabal phantom. After the encounter they head further into the fortress they see a room with a small platform surrounded by water fill with alligators. Angel says “It’s quiet here.” Luis follows with “You mean it’s too quiet.” Mariano says “Look out!” The walls open on the upper parts of the left and right sides which reveal Cabal cultists aiming for our heroes with crossbows and nailguns. Angel says “We can’t stay here they’re have us cornered if we do; we got to make a run for the elevator on the other side without falling into the water of course.” The trio makes a run to the elevator while dodging arrows and nails, by a miracle none of the projectiles hit Angel, Luis or Mariano and the trio are able to make it to the elevator. Angel pulls the chain as quickly as he can to bring the elevator up while the cultists were still shooting in their direction. When the trio gets upstairs they are met with more undead knights who after a long melee battle are able to kill off. They head for the door but it is locked, Angel realizes that this door is opened by hitting the floor switches in the room, when he takes a step he sees a spike come out of the wall. Angel realizes that he had to be careful and time his steps carefully so he wouldn’t get hit with a nail from the spike traps.

Angel carefully hits all five switches without getting hit and the wooden door opens. Our heroes go through the door shoot a few cultists along the way then they see a stone bridge leading to a bell tower but the railings on the sides were broken and it was a long fall down. Our heroes start to cross the bridge slowly and all is quiet until a group of gargoyles attack if heroes. The gargoyles miss their initial attack giving our heroes time to make a run to the bell tower. Angel’s leg that was injured from before gave way causing Angel to fall and trip Mariano. Luis was able to make it to the other side just fine and he tries to shoot down the gargoyles to save Angel and Mariano. He manages to kill a few of the gargoyles but their numbers were too much and he had run out of bolts; he says to the others “Come on guys get up, I’m coming to get you guys!” Angel and Mariano get up while Luis came to get them but before Luis was able to get to the other two the gargoyles attack. The gargoyles force Angel and Mariano off the bridge then down to the bottom, Luis can only look with agony saying “Angel! Mariano! Shit damn it!” Luis has no other choice but to assume that Angel and Mariano have fallen to their death, he heads for the bell tower just to get away from the gargoyles but has a defeated look to his face.

Angel, Luis and Mariano explore the docks, find a key that takes them to a fortress which was guarded by fiends. When they get inside they go through every possible obstacle that gets thrown at them, including spike traps, swinging blades and ambushing cultists. Once they get to the bridge to the bell tower all hell breaks loose for our heroes. They are ambushed by a group of gargoyles the trio tries their best to get to the bell tower. However an injury Angel took on the leg by an arrow back at the castle causes him to fall down and lose his balance while tripping of Mariano. Luis did everything possible to save Angel and Mariano but it wasn’t enough as Angel and Mariano fall off the bridge probably to their death. Luis heads in to the bell tower all by his lonesome. Could it be that Angel and Mariano are dead forever or will the long fall take them into another an unknown area of the lands? For now we can only assumed they are dead.

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