The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 31: The Ogre Citadel

While Luis was going to the bell tower by himself losing Angel and Mariano in the process Maria and Dayvon get out of the castle of the doomed into a small cave. This cave according to the sign would lead our heroes to the Cabal Citadel. Once the duo got through the citadel it would lead them straight to the bell tower which would eventually lead them to the Elder Temple.

Maria and Dayvon entered the cave killing a few undead knights now with their new weapons the knights went down much easier. Once they get out of the cave back outside a fiend attempts to ambush Maria but Dayvon sees the fiend and blasts it with his hand cannon. Dayvon says “Damn for a prototype of gun its sure good at close range!” Maria says “I’m just grateful that it works or I would have been that creature's next meal.” The duo sees the entrance of the citadel of the cabal cult but the drawbridge is up preventing our heroes from getting inside. The two see the same distinctive Cabal symbols on the wall on each side of the door, Dayvon shoots both symbols then the drawbridge starts to lower. After the drawbridge lowers ogres and cultists await the duo on the other side of the bridge. While the duo takes care of the enemies rather easily, a strong gust of wind starts to blow causing Maria to fall down to the moat below. Maria survives the fall as she lands on water and not solid ground however hungry alligators are below just waiting for a piece of meat. Dayvon says “Damn there’s no way I can get you back up is there.” Maria replies “Doesn’t look like there is a way for me to get back up but I know moats and there’s usually another way back up, go on inside without me I’ll find my way out of here.” Maria and Dayvon are separated once again with Dayvon heading into the citadel by himself and Maria finding a way out of the Moat.

Dayvon heads inside the citadel and at first it seems to be quiet but when he sees a picture of Darkgaryl’s head it starts shooting nails out, Dayvon backs out of the way just in time to avoid being shot. Dayvon notices the trap is motion sensitive; so every time Dayvon got too close trap would activate. He notices the other side of the hall was to his right and not straight ahead. Dayvon decided to shimmy along the wall until he was straight facing the other side of the hallway. Unlike the other traps before this trap shot nails at every level of the body head, body and legs. So Dayvon had to rely on his speed to out run the trap but Dayvon decided to dive ahead instead the spike traps activate. By the time the nails hit the wall Dayvon had already made it to the other side of the hall. Dayvon went on to the main hallway of the citadel where a group of knights and ogres were awaiting him. Dayvon used his hand cannon to take care of the ogres but ran out of bullets when the undead knights approached him. Dayvon fought off a few of the knights but found himself out numbered badly so he runs to the right side to a huge door which needed a gold key to open it. Dayvon went up the small ramp but when he got up there more undead knights were awaiting him. Dayvon found himself cornered preparing to fight to the death, one knight takes a swing at him although missing him Dayvon trips then the other knights come to him ready to cut him up. Dayvon braced for what was possibly his death…

Meanwhile Maria falls down into the moat but she doesn’t have much time to relax as the alligators are heading in her direction. Maria notices her ring still hasn’t recharged; so she tries to run on the wall which she is able to do successfully until she falls back down into the water. By then though she has already reached the other side and she sees an elevator. Maria rushes inside the elevator pulling the chain to get the elevator to go up; the elevator goes on its way just when the alligators were beginning to catch up. After going up the elevator Maria finds herself still in the moat but she can see the next elevator which would probably lead her inside the citadel. Cultists begin to shoot Maria with crossbows from above, Maria swims for her life while dodging arrows. When Maria gets to the elevator the elevator goes up by itself and the wall in front of her opens by itself as well. Maria had found a way out of the moat and inside the citadel; when Maria gets inside the citadel she can hear the screaming of what sounded like Dayvon who was in trouble calling for help. Maria follows the voice of Dayvon’s scream.

Maria runs to the direction of the screaming as fast as she can until she sees what is going on. She sees Dayvon is being surrounded by undead knights and she says “I think it’s time to even the odds a bit don’t you think?” Maria grabs the double swords from her back and uses them to behead several of the knights. Maria gives one sword to Dayvon and the duo would get into a sword fight with the remaining knights. Eventually after a long enduring battle Maria and Dayvon do win the battle; Dayvon is grateful for Maria’s save saying “Thank goodness you came along I almost became canned meat!” Maria says “Don’t mention it you can thank the fact that you scream like a little girl with a temper.” Dayvon replies angrily “Oh you were just dying to get another insult in there; you just couldn’t resist it right?” Maria laughs saying “Relax killer it was just a joke, just pulling your leg.” After the battle the duo goes up the ramp where Dayvon tried to go up in the first place. They find themselves on the upper level of the citadel where they were able to pick off the cultists that were shooting at Maria when she was stuck in the moat. When they get to the end of the hallway the wall behind them comes in and pushes them down into a lower room where the gold key is located but it was also a trap room. The room was filled with zombies that would continuously pop out even though the duo would kill several. Dayvon says “It looks like we are never going to see the end of these guys; we better find a way out of here.” Maria replies “Hey one of those symbols, shoot it!” Dayvon shoots the symbol which opens the gate and the duo escapes out of the trap room.

Dayvon and Maria bump into the Ogre Citadel and from the start both heroes are led into booby traps. Maria falls into the moat while Dayvon is out numbered by undead knights. Dayvon is nearly killed by the knight until he was saved by Maria. While they still have their disagreements but its clear the relationship between the two is starting to improve slowly but surely. Now the two needed to get out of the fortified citadel and try to catch up with the others.

Maria and Dayvon escape the trap and go back to the door that needed the gold key. They open the door and are on a platform on top of the moat, they are attacked by cultists and a fiend. Maria uses her ring to take out the enemy, Maria was starting to get used to her rings power and limitations. The two of them notice the platform starts to go down slowly; they had to get to the other side before the platform went down causing them to get stuck. Dayvon is able to jump to the other while Maria trips, Dayvon gives out his hand then pulls Maria up before the alligators got a chance to bite. The duo heads out and sees the bell tower just ahead however the path ahead was broken probably due to earthquakes or catapult fire from outside forces. The duo had to jump onto the platforms one by one until they got to the other side, while the first two platforms were easy for our heroes it would get tougher. Gargoyles came out ready to knock down our heroes the duo decided to dodge the jump as the gargoyles would be too hard to take out. Maria is able to get to the platform where the bell tower was but Dayvon was hit by a gargoyle. Dayvon was still able to stay on keeping his balance; Dayvon jumped to where Maria was but his jump is a bit short so he grabs on to the edge of the platform. Maria says to Dayvon “Grab my hand I’ll pull you up!” Dayvon responds “You sure?” Maria gets angry and replies “Trust me Dayvon just grab my hand I got you, you are not going down today!” Maria grabs Dayvon’s hand and pulls him up to where she is. The gargoyle that was chasing Dayvon crashes into the wall falling to its death, once our heroes reach the bell tower the gargoyles retreat. Dayvon says “Can’t believe I’m saying this but we are becoming a great team.” Maria responds “So I’m not that five dollar hoe like you were saying before?” Dayvon takes a deep breath saying “No you’re not I’ll admit you are more than just good looking. I can see why Angel has taken a liking to you.” Maria says “Thanks.” The duo now prepares to enter the bell tower.

Dayvon and Maria were beginning to learn how to work as a team now was it because it was out of mutual respect or because their lives depended on it remains to be seen. The duo was heading into the bell tower the first stop to the final destination which was the Elder Temple. Maria and Dayvon have no idea that Angel and Mariano have fallen down a bridge probably losing their lives. How would Maria react to the news that her new found love was possibly dead or at least until the effects on Earth were reversed? Finally what did the bell tower have in store for our heroes; were Angel and Mariano really dead or just disappeared to another strange location

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