The Thousand Years War

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Chapter 33: The Palace Of Hate

After escaping the bell tower barely with their heads Dayvon and Luis run inside a building that is unknown to them. The building they were inside was a palace for the Cabal but by the name “The Palace Of Hate” there was going to be everything and anything but a holy grail or a grand reception!

Dayvon and Luis after catching their breaths explore the entrance of the palace. They see a ramp going up where they see a fiend walking along; they ambush it and kill it from behind. Once they go up the ramp they see the “Royal Hallway” but the hall looks anything but “pleasing” in fact it looks like the devil’s playground. The hall was rather big but the duo decided it was too risky to split up since things have been taking place that aren’t correct. They were met with a mix of behemoths; undead knights those of the regular kind and of the death kind and cultists. Luis says “Well looks like we’re about to get the royal treatment!” Dayvon says “Well when it comes to a welcoming committee this isn’t what I had in mind.” The duo face a long and enduring battle using whatever cover they can find. First on the hit list were the behemoths as they were the easiest targets to take down, what did make it difficult was the constant fire of the cultists and shooting fireballs from the death knights. So the duo had to peek and fire but they couldn’t stay in one place for too long as they would get chased by the knights. Luis says “Damn these guys mean business I think we better take these knights out and ignore the hooded freaks for now. Then find our way around here.” So the duo kills off the knights and they decide to go down a ramp where they could not be fired at by the cultists. After they go down the ramp the approach a small hallway which at first is nice and bright but when they walk through the hall gets dark…

The hall turns dark then the walls on the sides open up revealing fiends and the duo is caught unprepared for the fiends. The fiends jump on Dayvon and Luis attempting to cut our heroes up but the duo fights off the fiends with the little they have. Dayvon is able to use his leg strength to flip the fiend on its back then kills it with his hand cannon. Dayvon then assists Luis by killing the fiend that was on him; Luis says “Thanks for that, we were almost chopped meat there for a moment.” The hallway lights up again and the heroes follow the path of the hallway up to the second floor hall. Upon arriving at the second floor hallway the duo is able to see the cultists that were shooting at them. Dayvon says “Surprise!” Dayvon and Luis take out all of the cultists that were shooting at them on the first floor. After taking all of the cultists out the duo explores the hallway until they see a bridge leading into a green stone hall. Right under the bridge however were some hungry fiends and one big bad shambler walking around sensing his next victim. Dayvon says quietly “Oh shit I think this must be the asylum not a palace this place looks crazy!” Luis replies “Not even that there are a whole lot of things that want to kill us and I think none of them are even human!” Our heroes go across the bridge quietly without attracting any attention from any of the creatures lurking below.

Dayvon and Luis get an idea what why the palace got the name “The Palace Of Hate”, because there was nothing but hate trying to kill our heroes. So far our heroes have managed to conquer the first phase of the palace but they knew that more was in store for them. To add to the misery they had to learn their way around on the go, there was no rest for the weary in this case were our two heroes.

Dayvon and Luis went inside the green bricked hallway only to be greeted by an ogre that nearly beheads out heroes. Luis uses his nailgun to take out the attacking ogre. Dayvon and Luis went inside the green bricked hallway only to be greeted by an ogre that nearly beheads out heroes. Luis uses his nailgun to take out the attacking ogre and then our heroes move down the hall. The hall is rather dark so the duo has to tread carefully; a fiend attempts to ambush our heroes but Dayvon takes it out in mid air. The two of them head further down the hall where they meet a behemoth who tries to use its tail to take down the duo but Luis and Dayvon jump in time then Luis kills off the creature. Our heroes arrive at another guillotine but this one covers the walkway and there’s no way around this one, so our heroes turn around in attempt to find another way. Dayvon and Luis turn around and they find another hallway they had missed when they head into the hall the walls open on both sides. All of a sudden undead knights come out of the walls to surprise our heroes; Dayvon and Luis dodge the constant swipes by the knights as the fact they were in a small hall didn’t help matters. However our heroes are able to use their weapons on the knights killing them and after finishing the knights they see a hole covered in gray. Dayvon says “What do you think is there?” Luis replies “Well we got to take a chance and jump in. May just be the warp out of this place.” The duo jumps inside the gray hole not knowing what was awaiting them.

Once our heroes jump into the hole they are transported to the other side of where the guillotine was. Luis says “Well looks like we found a way around that bad boy there.” Dayvon says “Hmm a strange looking switch on the floor lets see what it does?” Dayvon presses the switch which makes a wooden bridge come out on the lower level in the pool area. The duo jumps down to the pool where the Cabal probably bathed but the pool was filled with piranhas. Also the room was surrounded by Cabal cultists with crossbows trying to take the duo out. Luis and Dayvon clean house and kill off all of the cultists. The duo knowing the water was full of piranhas they try to jump to the bridge from where they were. They both jump while piranhas were jumping out of the water trying to get a piece of the two. The two were able to get onto the bridge then they cross it where they see a bunch of behemoths on the other side of the bridge. After killing the behemoths they find ammo for the nailgun and hand cannon plus they find a sliver key but they had no idea where it needed to be used. Dayvon finds a switch of the same kind on the wall which brings out another wooden bridge which went in the same direction but in another hall.

Once they got the key they jumped onto the other wooden bridge and then went to the other side of that hallway. On the other side of the bridge they found a shambler waiting for them, although the creature could not see them the duo were close enough that the creature was able to sense their presence. The shambler shoots a bolt of electricity which the duo dodges then the shambler tries to chase Dayvon but Luis shoots it in the head weakening it. The shambler takes a slash at Luis but then falls down due to the blows it took to the head. The duo escapes from the room then go up a set of stairs where undead knights try to ambush them. The duo simply run as they try to get away from the shambler who was waking up again after going down. Dayvon and Luis who were simply running and then they trip into a pool, when they get out the two feel regenerated like all they muscles felt like new. When the undead knights came in pursuit of our heroes our heroes easily defeated the knights in melee combat. After finding what seemed to be a healing pool the duo finds their way back to the main hall where they first came in.

When the heroes arrive back at the hall they find another hallway which has a picture of a small key on top of the hall giving them the idea the door requiring the sliver key was up ahead. When the heroes went inside the hall it looked all too familiar, it was the lower level of the bridge they had crossed on the second floor. Luis says “Looks like we’re walking into the lions den here!” That’s because they remembered that there were fiends and another shambler running around beside the one they had gotten away from then lost. Luis and Dayvon prepared for one tough battle, Luis took on one set of fiends while Dayvon took on another set of fiends. However what they didn’t know was that this hall was rigged with cultists throwing dynamite at out heroes, a stick of dynamite is thrown towards the duo. Dayvon and Luis are able to jump out of the way but at the same time the dynamite kills off all of the fiends so the cultists actually did a favor for our heroes or at least killing the fiends off. However the cultists were really aiming for our heroes so our heroes had to make sure they weren't going to be blown into pieces. So the duo sprinted across the hall until the bumped into the shambler which they so wanted to avoid.

Luis says in a nervous voice “Well hello there big guy, why don’t you just chill out and lets us walk by we won’t hurt you.” The shambler doesn’t fall for Luis’s sweet talk and instead begins to attack the duo. Dayvon says “I don’t think he wants to be friends with us, he wants to make us his next meal!” The shambler tries to shoot a bolt of lighting at our heroes and he misses them. Dayvon uses his hand cannon on the shambler head which knocks it down to the floor; Luis decides to finish it off with the nailgun with great emotion. Luis goes one to say “Well I offered to be your friend and you declined so that’s what you get!” Dayvon replies “Just consider yourself lucky that we were able to kill that thing, because there are bound to be more of them around.” Luis responds “Yeah you’re right but we can handle them just like everything else!” The duo uses the sliver key on the door in front of them which opens and leads them inside a brown wooden room once again with the ominous looking Cabal symbols on the walls.

Dayvon and Luis explore “The Palace Of Hate” which lives up to its name dealing our heroes nothing but hate towards them trying to make sure they fail in their mission. The palace is full of many dark rooms which made it prime real estate for ambushes which our heroes endured much of. However despite all of the challenges put in front of our heroes they survive or at least for now. Now they enter a wooden room and begin to explore their next labyrinth of survival horror. What was next for Dayvon and Luis? One can only guess what was next.

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